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  1. Yartek

    Borderlands from Gearbox

    Physical copy on Gearbox's store was £24.99 so expecting it'll be the same digitally.
  2. Yartek

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Have you equipped a two-handed weapon? Those will show in both columns. Absolutely loving the Switch version, I put over a hundred hours into the 360 version, then the PS4 and am very impressed with the Switch version. I've seen people elsewhere claim they've lowered enemy counts but having played up to L21 greater rifts, I can only assume they are talking bollocks.
  3. First one has co-op for two players. It's a lot of fun. Edit: correction, Switch version has 4P co-op, I'm maybe thinking of the old 360 version.
  4. Yartek

    The Arcade Ten

    Half of my list is entirely down to the local beach arcade having them. 1. Tempest 2. Dig Dug 3. R-Type 4. Gauntlet 5. Star Wars 6. Tron 7. Defender 8. Aliens Vs Predator 9. Street Fighter 2 10.Space Harrier
  5. Yartek

    Almost forgotton superheroes of the 70's and 80's

    Got a couple to add, from the 80s, Misfits Of Science, the pilot episode got a video release in the UK and I rented it out several times, over a decade later I found out there were fourteen more episodes. Features a couple of familiar faces. And I caught this once early in the morning on ITV, the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie.
  6. Thanks, Mag's my main so will have to keep a look out for next time the Prime is unvaulted.
  7. Can anyone tell me which Warframe is the white and gold one being used in the Forum's demo footage? No HUD so couldn't immediately tell if it was some alt skin/model for Mag or not. Talk of the game on a podcast had be jumping back in for a while at least as still.
  8. Yartek

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Just wanted to thank whoever brought up Voez either here or in the Switch thread, I've had difficulty playing most music games for a few years now due to neuropathy and tendon issues in my hands and for the last four years, Theatrhythm:Curtain Call using button controls has been the only music game I've been comfortable with. But I gave the Voez demo a go and got on great with the button controls and immediately bought the whole game, I've been disappointed by so many music game demos that have fristrated me because my hands juist can't cope and so far, on Easy difficulty the songs are just the right level of difficulty. There's a lot more songs than I'd expected too, so great value for money.
  9. Yartek

    Monthly Release Dates - June 2018

    Lego Incredibles has been pushed back to July 13th for EU regions, hat's the date n he PSN store and on the UK website for the game.
  10. Yartek

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    Back in my days of playing Quake III, Bob Funkhouse was one I've never forgotten. Dark Twiglet in Destiny amused me too.
  11. Yartek

    Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, I got my old XBox up and running a couple weeks ago and Otogi (along with Crimson Sea) was a game I couldn't play as well as I'd like because one of the camera axis is the wrong way round and can't be altered. I do, however, seem to finally gotten the hang of controlling Gun Valkyrie. Another lovely surprise was finally playing Crazy Taxi 3 and finding it has the right music and both the Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 cities playable as well. Never knew that back in the day.
  12. Yartek

    RUINER - Neo-Tokyo Twin Stick Shooter

    Thanks to those mentioning Assault Android Cactus, I'd never heard of it, had a look at a couple of videos and instantly added it to my wishlist, looks great.
  13. This is especially annoying since the Story and Extra Battle modes all have a near instant "Try Again" option. THere should at least be the option to quick retry if you're sticking with thesame character. I was halfway through the SF2 arcade course, had to retry and the loading times destroyed any wish to continue further if IU was going to have to have multiple attempts at a fight. It's my only complaint about the whole package, loving all the other additions and tweaks.
  14. Yartek

    MST3K Marathon 2017 edition.

    Might have seen it the same way I did, CHannel 4 showed Overdrawn randomly one night in the late eighties/early nineties, I remember kind of liking it at the time but on seeing it again as part of MST3K, yeah...it's rubbish.
  15. Yartek

    Atari Jaguar

    I decided I wanted to play Tempest 2000, only problem was getting the Jaguar working on either of my LCD tellies with only the RF cable. I know you can get a dedicated SCART cable, but at £16, I n wanted to make sure the console still worked. Luckily I still have the massive CRT I used for a couple of months when I moved in here in a cupboard, so dragged it out into the hall and connected everything up. It works! Also discovered through research it's an NTSC Jaguar, which I didn't know when I bought it for fifty quid with seven games from GameStation back in 2007. It came with Tempest 2000, Doom, Wolfensteins 3D, Cybermorph, Syndicate, Chequered Flag and Hover Strike, but I honestly just bought it for Tempest 2000.

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