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  1. Yartek


    Eschatos listing has appeared on the UK eshop, out next Thursday at just over twenty quid. Will be double dipping as PC version is one of my favourites. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/ESCHATOS-2101407.html
  2. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is great fun in co-op, daft plot so Dynasty and Samurai characters can meet, has a bunch of its own characters, over 150 characters in total and each of you gets to pick a team of three you can switch between at any time. My favourite of the twenty or so Musou games I've played. Seen it going for between £15-20 in CEX and other places.
  3. Yeah, I went looking and the Switch version's been delayed to January 28th. https://www.crunchyroll.com/en-gb/anime-news/2021/12/10-1/record-of-lodoss-war-deedlit-in-wonder-labyrinth-switch-version-delayed
  4. I got myself a cheap, refurbished small form factor PC earlier this year, i5-3470, bought a low profile GTX1050Ti for it and added a 2Tb drive I had lying around for a nice, capable wee machine that's my first PC that could be called a gaming PC for fifteen years. Didn't cost much more than an XBox One S and seems to be about the same performance wise. Got Alan Wake running high settings at 60fps and it seems to be handling the Master Chief Collection nicely. Had few of the problems that out me off PC gaming ages ago and it's been an absolute joy to play on. Absolutely binged on the Steam summer sale, buying as many shmups as I could and some old faves from the 360 era.
  5. Well I own and have played Anarchy Reigns, Revengeance, Vanquish, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Nier:Automata, Astral Chain, Transformers:Devastation, Legend Of Korra and Infinite Space, so wondering what I've missed?
  6. Yeah, edited that as it made it sound like I was saying the TMNT game had a good reputation when I meant The Wonderful 101.
  7. Thanks to Strawdonkey for the couple of keys. I have a spare key for Battle Chasers:Nightwar if anyone would like it, already own it on Switch.
  8. First Kickstarter I've backed as it's one of only two Platinum games I've never played, the other being the TNMT game that vanished quickly and didn't exactly get good reviews. I've maybe only seen ten minutes of gameplay overall so have little idea of what's in store, but know it's got a great reputation. EDIT: The Wonderful 101 that is, not the TMNT game.
  9. GOt my first PC that I can call a gaming PC in fiteen years a few eeks ago and one of the first things I picked up was the PC version of this which is absolutely wonderful. Probably still my favourite KArt racer, just because I have a bit more nostalgia for Segas than I do for Nintendo.
  10. Yartek


    They fixed the music in a previous patch back in September.
  11. Voez got button controls patched in at some point, it's simpler and easier than using touch screen but for someone like me with hand issues, it became an absolute joy to play.
  12. Physical copy on Gearbox's store was £24.99 so expecting it'll be the same digitally.
  13. Have you equipped a two-handed weapon? Those will show in both columns. Absolutely loving the Switch version, I put over a hundred hours into the 360 version, then the PS4 and am very impressed with the Switch version. I've seen people elsewhere claim they've lowered enemy counts but having played up to L21 greater rifts, I can only assume they are talking bollocks.
  14. First one has co-op for two players. It's a lot of fun. Edit: correction, Switch version has 4P co-op, I'm maybe thinking of the old 360 version.
  15. Half of my list is entirely down to the local beach arcade having them. 1. Tempest 2. Dig Dug 3. R-Type 4. Gauntlet 5. Star Wars 6. Tron 7. Defender 8. Aliens Vs Predator 9. Street Fighter 2 10.Space Harrier
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