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  1. Well I own and have played Anarchy Reigns, Revengeance, Vanquish, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Nier:Automata, Astral Chain, Transformers:Devastation, Legend Of Korra and Infinite Space, so wondering what I've missed?
  2. Yeah, edited that as it made it sound like I was saying the TMNT game had a good reputation when I meant The Wonderful 101.
  3. Thanks to Strawdonkey for the couple of keys. I have a spare key for Battle Chasers:Nightwar if anyone would like it, already own it on Switch.
  4. First Kickstarter I've backed as it's one of only two Platinum games I've never played, the other being the TNMT game that vanished quickly and didn't exactly get good reviews. I've maybe only seen ten minutes of gameplay overall so have little idea of what's in store, but know it's got a great reputation. EDIT: The Wonderful 101 that is, not the TMNT game.
  5. GOt my first PC that I can call a gaming PC in fiteen years a few eeks ago and one of the first things I picked up was the PC version of this which is absolutely wonderful. Probably still my favourite KArt racer, just because I have a bit more nostalgia for Segas than I do for Nintendo.
  6. They fixed the music in a previous patch back in September.
  7. Voez got button controls patched in at some point, it's simpler and easier than using touch screen but for someone like me with hand issues, it became an absolute joy to play.
  8. Physical copy on Gearbox's store was £24.99 so expecting it'll be the same digitally.
  9. Have you equipped a two-handed weapon? Those will show in both columns. Absolutely loving the Switch version, I put over a hundred hours into the 360 version, then the PS4 and am very impressed with the Switch version. I've seen people elsewhere claim they've lowered enemy counts but having played up to L21 greater rifts, I can only assume they are talking bollocks.
  10. First one has co-op for two players. It's a lot of fun. Edit: correction, Switch version has 4P co-op, I'm maybe thinking of the old 360 version.
  11. Half of my list is entirely down to the local beach arcade having them. 1. Tempest 2. Dig Dug 3. R-Type 4. Gauntlet 5. Star Wars 6. Tron 7. Defender 8. Aliens Vs Predator 9. Street Fighter 2 10.Space Harrier
  12. Got a couple to add, from the 80s, Misfits Of Science, the pilot episode got a video release in the UK and I rented it out several times, over a decade later I found out there were fourteen more episodes. Features a couple of familiar faces. And I caught this once early in the morning on ITV, the 1978 Doctor Strange TV movie.
  13. Thanks, Mag's my main so will have to keep a look out for next time the Prime is unvaulted.
  14. Can anyone tell me which Warframe is the white and gold one being used in the Forum's demo footage? No HUD so couldn't immediately tell if it was some alt skin/model for Mag or not. Talk of the game on a podcast had be jumping back in for a while at least as still.
  15. Just wanted to thank whoever brought up Voez either here or in the Switch thread, I've had difficulty playing most music games for a few years now due to neuropathy and tendon issues in my hands and for the last four years, Theatrhythm:Curtain Call using button controls has been the only music game I've been comfortable with. But I gave the Voez demo a go and got on great with the button controls and immediately bought the whole game, I've been disappointed by so many music game demos that have fristrated me because my hands juist can't cope and so far, on Easy difficulty the songs are just the right level of difficulty. There's a lot more songs than I'd expected too, so great value for money.
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