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  1. Surely online multiplayer is just going to be like other N64 games on Switch i.e. split screen and you’re confined to one quarter of the screen
  2. After being flakey for about a week, everything now works again
  3. None of the quizzes have loaded for me over the last 2 weeks with adblocker off. Started using a fresh verison of Edge with no extensions, same issue
  4. Thanks, Surgeon Sim 2 was doing my head in
  5. Pains me to say it but it works in Edge. Also the updated Microsoft Rewards bot now installs and works in Edge...
  6. Anyone having any issues getting the quizzes to load from the Rewards web portal? All my pages seem to be loading in a mobile view
  7. Bought $10 US store credit to play Ridge 6 on Series S, changed the region on console to USA and downloaded it. Unfortunately seems like the region has to be set to USA for the game to launch. Not a dealbreaker but worth mentioning in case anyone else is considering it
  8. Limited as in does exactly the one job I bought it for. Anyway, had it over a year, highly recommended
  9. Intense release schedule for the Expansion Pack!
  10. Will this be available digitally?
  11. Same with a fake Pro Controller. You can turn off Rumble in the N64 app settings
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