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  1. xtremeboat

    The Chase

    On a normal episode there's no audience. The applause is all fake. You never see a wide studio shot. Only on the Celebrity specials
  2. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    Now that Sega have started releasing standalone classic games, any chance we'll see Dreamcast and Gamecube era stuff? The Switch would be perfect for Super Monkey Ball (optional gyro controls!), and classics like Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Daytonaaa! Surely there's no rights issues? Would conversions from this era take much effort?
  3. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    I cancelled straight away. You can do it from the eshop
  4. xtremeboat

    A Quiet Place

    Just saw this and really enjoyed it. I thought the pile of newspapers was a bit strange though. Surely printing presses are very noisy and these would have been ripped to pieces
  5. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    I bought this for an iPad Mini and it works great with the Switch. Playing Rocket League horizontally is life changing
  6. xtremeboat

    All hail the synth!

    Did anyone save this back in the day? I'm sure I had it on a hard drive somewhere!
  7. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    The Rocket League patch is great! The ropey looking maps now look decent, and the framerate seems more solid
  8. xtremeboat

    Cosmetic tat: do you let your kids buy it?

    There's a Spring promotion on in Rocket League right now where you earn points playing online that you can exchange for these add-ons. That's the only time I do it, paying for a cosmetic item is a complete waste
  9. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    I think it’s due to the inherent lag of Bluetooth audio. If you watch a video on iOS, Mac OS, Windows etc. the video is delayed by a few frames to match up with the delayed Bluetooth audio. You can see this when starting a video as it takes longer to get going. With gaming it just wouldn’t work
  10. xtremeboat

    Rocket League

    Use ball cam! Someone posted on this thread about the best camera to use, turning off camera shake etc. I used these settings and my game improved a lot
  11. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    Got this case on Amazon and it does the job. The outside is reassuringly solid unlike the fabricy official case
  12. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers, official one is £20 on Amazon so ordered. Was gonna chance it with a high wattage wall charger but no point then
  13. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    What kind of wall charger do I need to plug a USB-C cable into to charge as fast as the official adapter? To play undocked in bed
  14. Completely new to MK8, I’ll be on around 9pm tonight!
  15. xtremeboat

    Nintendo Switch

    This is magical. After I turned off auto-steer

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