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  1. You done the spin offs? And do you have a 3ds?
  2. Fair enough. It's probably completely academic. Just thought it was relevant.
  3. Its fair. It's just that there's an audience beyond the original readers. My mates 9 year old daughter is entirely hung up on Harry potter. She went nuts for the studio tour, went weekend one for the new film. She's 'immune' to Rowling's fuckery. She doesn't know because it's not in her sphere of influence. I dunno. I don't think this a binary or absolute thing. There's so many factors into it. If it fails it could be because of Rowling or because the Venn diagram of Potter fans and video games don't fall over each other. I just think Rowling being the cunt she is had more of an affect that either we can quantify. Especially for a forum full of middle aged men that have no clue about the current gaming landscape as it is
  4. If you want to do an expedition start a new save select the expedition option and fly. Worry about everything else as you go.
  5. I think it'd be daft to exclude the fact Rowling is a very prominent transphobe and had made a lot of noise in places where young people spend a lot of time. Though it had to be said if the diminishing returns of the second film is anything to go by then this will take about 400/500m. I do think a line can be drawn between Rowling's fuckery and the decline in popularity of major franchise vehicles though. Especially seeing as quality of said vehicles means precisely fuck all in how much money they take.
  6. The phase rewards give you lots of free space upgrades. And as you'll be hopping systems you can get a suit space upgrades at each station. I had a Twitch drop ship I could redeem at the Quicksilver vendor so that sorted the space out for that.
  7. Oh man, that's a rookie error! I'm glad I figured out relatively early to use the free ones for cargo because fuck me that cost ramps up quick.
  8. Finished the expedition the other day, 14 hours all told. The last couple of phases were much quicker than a lot of the earlier ones. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. I like having direction in a game like NMS Does all the shit you unlock do so across all characters or is that my main play through now?
  9. I know it's not relevant to Hogwarts Legacy specifically but it does tie in to the discussion surrounding how the Harry Potter franchise beyond the books themselves fares and, well... It's just shy of $208m worldwide which is fairly catastrophic ten days into release
  10. What was their BR entry? Hyper something? I can't be arsed to google it.
  11. You can't even make a decent living off selling retro stuff these days as every cunt knows what they've got. Long gone are the times of giving 50p a cartridge and selling it for like 13 quid. Rent's too much, wages are too much, all the trappings that go with employing help is too much. It's more grief than it's worth.
  12. It's like they're trying to get someone to buy them by being fucking awful.
  13. Splatoon 2 was the reason I bought a Switch so Day 1, obviously.
  14. I only went back to playing recently and stuck to arcade. I should try the normal mode, I've never played role lock.
  15. When you're the only healer 6v6 is a pain in the arse. Not sure if just removing one player fixes that.
  16. Yeah I knew they made it BC. I tried to get RR6 the moment they announced it from CEX but they emailed me the next day because I think everyone did the same thing and they oversold their stock. Prolly just gonna have to get lucky in a charity shop.
  17. Fuck me, the 360 version is like £30 on eBay.
  18. Fiddy wants his diamond encrusted skull back.
  19. I thought Blood on the Sand was more like Gears/Army of Two?
  20. It's the subtitle of 4. 2 was shit when it came out, I'm not sure making it free will make it better.
  21. Yep but that's the world we're in now. TBH they couldn't lean any further into the idiocy after 4 so going back to 2 (in spirit or so it seems) seems sensible
  22. Usually although some places like ShopTo have codes as well. CDKeys tend to be the cheapest or at least have parity with everywhere else.
  23. Yep, get three 12 month cards, load up and the option to convert for £1 will be somewhere on the dash.
  24. The difference between Saints Row and GTA is that GTA is stupid and tries to play it as satire where as Saints Row is stupid and is entirely unapologetic about it with no pretence whatsoever.
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