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  1. Why are Argentinian codes so cheap?
  2. Kinda fucked it if you share libraries, mind.
  3. As long as you've connected your accounts right all your Fortnite shit should be available on the Xbox version.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Favourite bit was Also Raimi directed horror film starring Elizabeth Olsen pls.
  5. Cloning Clyde comes up with a price for me. It's the only one I don't own.
  6. Riverbond is less than 2 quid https://www.dekudeals.com/items/riverbond
  7. I thought levelling the battle pass was piss and then I saw the extra unlocks for when I presume you hit 100+ and fucking hell how can they lock the sweetest colour ways behind that? That's not fair
  8. The new Chaos minis are Rad As Shit (tm)
  9. The quests for the emblem are about for a week. Finished them last night. I'm really enjoying Zero Build. It just confirmed my theory I'd love the game if it didn't require mad ninja building skills and I do. Got about 3 solo VRs but if I'm honest I'm really playing for the lizard brain gratifying quests and unlocks.
  10. I saw an article yesterday where one of the bods high up at Embracer was saying the continuation of the licensed ones depended on striking a deal with Disney but it was filled with so much vagueness it didn't seem worth sharing. That they lost so much on them isn't surprising.
  11. The 'trial' that I've for the Series X has just been upgraded. I can't try it as the hour has run out and it's not been on sale since. But, y'know, a heads up regardless.
  12. I'm not. They are. It copies the headline before the link.
  13. TechRadar: One of the most annoying Xbox Series X problems has now been solved. https://www.techradar.com/news/one-of-the-most-annoying-xbox-series-x-problems-has-now-been-solved Also this. I hadn't really realised how much I'd acclimatised to expecting a game I haven't played for a while to kick me back to dash for an update.
  14. Yeah I'd just noticed shit that was leaving tends to be in the weekly Gold sale, like Enter The Gungeon went on sale today. Probably just up to the publisher or whatever and not a trend.
  15. Also Final Fantasy X/X2 and Remnant From The Ashes.
  16. That's really frustrating as it was still on Game Pass on the first. I thought they'd changed their mind as it's happened before. It also obliterates my theory of shit being on sale before it disappears from Game Pass.
  17. Yeah, I more meant they won't do it for actual real money because holy fucking shit can you imagine?
  18. I thought Streets of Rage 4 was leaving? Have they changed their mind on that?
  19. I'd put Bollocks (capital B) on everything that's wrong with Avengers being on the suits, be it Marvel or Squeenix. I don't see how anyone gives a developer with no live service experience a license like that and expects it to go well. It's not like they have a raft of developers like Activision do to pick up the slack in relevant areas like they do on CoD. And if they do and I'm being pretty myopic it's obvious that Square have absolutely no idea how to utilise the talent that they have with regard to Western games. It's odd that this gets my knickers in a twist as much as it does. I don't have any particular investment in any of their games. Maybe it's because they squander so much potential.
  20. I don't think it'll be real money linked to skip into roles. That'd be walking back everything since the real money auction house in Diablo III.
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