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  1. Ooooooh Obra Dinn Time Extend. Lovely.
  2. Ah the eternal bane of solo queueing.
  3. People keep picking Cheryl! This has never happened to me before, no fucker picks the medic. Ever!
  4. Sorry yeah when they're bleeding out and you can pick them up the prompt doesn't come up. I've not figured out how to ressurect people yet. I assume it's something to do with the swirly icons on the map. Also don't forget you can convert the point under the overall level bar into XP and skill points for any character.
  5. Then yeah it sounds like there's something wrong with your dock. It should charge while you're using the Switch in the dock.
  6. It absolutely wouldn't come up and it's happened more than once. There's a delay on picking shit up which is really annoying but trying to revive people is the main reason matches fail because we just get annihilated. Which I hope will balance out as people get better at the game, but now it seems the stages are absolute piss right up until you have to protect the Necronomicon, then it becomes a horde rush and you get fucked.
  7. Is there a bug that prevents you from picking people up? Numerous times I've gone to pick up someone who's bleeding out and can't get the button prompt up.
  8. Yeah the vast majority of the game is online.
  9. Oh it's been done with a ridiculous amount of reverence for the source material. I like that every character in the classes aren't just reskins of one skill set, and I like how you can remove and re-apply skill points at any time with no cost or penalty. I'm definitely having fun with it. Also don't forget to do the solo missions to unlock other characters. One thing I do find funny is there's a £24.99 season pass with absolutely NO indication of what content it's going to have.
  10. I'm maining Cheryl because she's a healer. No cunt goes for medic so I don't have to fight for an Ash like most seem to want to do.
  11. I know what you meant no, there'll be no comeback.
  12. Zero. Well, unless you verbally abuse every sing;e person you play with in the most heinous way.
  13. Bearing in mind I am a complete dickhead that couldn't find his arse with both hands sometimes, but it just wouldn't work when I tried it.
  14. Tunnelbear won't work for me at all. Nord works fine as long as you go here once you've activated the VPN for Argentina https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem?ref=xboxcom&refd=www.xbox.com Don't forget you have to open the browser after you've turned it on. Otherwise VPN.lat on android (I assume it's on the Apple Store too?) and do it over chrome/safari/whatever
  15. It might. It's so difficult to get a foothold in the multiplayer space these days. EDIT: lots of disconnects. Not sure if it's intentional or if it's the game. My co-op buddy DC'd and it said he needed to be online despite him talking to me on Xbox Live.
  16. It's alright. Only played a few games but it seems fun enough. No idea how they're going to keep interest up with the gameplay being the same. I guess it'll come as people get better at the game. We did just get to the final stage without much bother and then got absolutely fucked by the boss.
  17. It's Epic Store only I think?
  18. Totting this up just now and I'm up to like £211. Actually ridiculous as I'm like "I don't spend much on games." Apparently I'm an idiot AND in denial.
  19. Lol it never occurred to check Eneba. Jesus.
  20. I started it and bounced off it but I think I went in with the wrong frame of mind about it so I'd like to try it again at some point.
  21. Jotuun, Prey and Redshift are all free on the Epic Store
  22. Watching some Australian streamers play it and it looks fun, so I've taken a punt on an ARG code from Gamivo for a tenner.I'll install it tomorrow and spend the weekend either being fucking annoyed or laughing like a twat.
  23. Boothjan confirmed for not ever playing any Bethesda game ever
  25. Apparently the first the exhibitors heard about it was when the news broke. Which is very shitty of them.
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