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  1. Hardspace is something I've wanted for a while but I think my creaking dinosaur of a PC won't run it very well. Vampire Survivors is a nice addition but it's so cheap anyway it seems a bit daft to add. Still, if more people play it then yay.
  2. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/fortnite-battle-royale-v20-40-update-sideways-showdown-week-plus-shield-bubbles-vs-balloons Some changes n shit.
  3. The consistency across their stores is woeful. The dashboard store tells you how many days/hours there is but nowhere else does.
  4. I had to google how to get I to Save The World because I couldn't find it
  5. Her Story has been added to PC game pass apparently. It's on the New section of the app.
  6. No you can install any game from the Xbox app regardless of whether you own it.
  7. Been uhming about the RoboCop skin but there's a few good ones at the moment. Been really enjoying Zero Build but now the quests have all but dried up and I'm waiting for the next to unlock. I've still get 20 levels to go as well.
  8. Fuck it, meant to buy it so thanks for the reminder.
  9. Garlic is better in early game I think. Bible crushes in the late.
  10. It's listed on switch now apparently. Not sure when it's coming.
  11. I use VPN.lat. just remember to shut chrome/whatever browser before you boot it so it knows your IP has changed.
  12. There's no cheap pc codes that I could find.
  13. I agree with point 2 but I think the new one looks the absolute dogs danglies and is the reason I stopped my replay of the original. For a game that's 15 years old they don't need to update the movement or base gameplay much. If it comes through with a massive atmospheric overhaul but basically the same I'll still be happy.
  14. Can you force 60 frames with an emulator on PC?
  15. Yeah it just hit full release.
  16. Ooooooh Obra Dinn Time Extend. Lovely.
  17. Ah the eternal bane of solo queueing.
  18. People keep picking Cheryl! This has never happened to me before, no fucker picks the medic. Ever!
  19. Sorry yeah when they're bleeding out and you can pick them up the prompt doesn't come up. I've not figured out how to ressurect people yet. I assume it's something to do with the swirly icons on the map. Also don't forget you can convert the point under the overall level bar into XP and skill points for any character.
  20. Then yeah it sounds like there's something wrong with your dock. It should charge while you're using the Switch in the dock.
  21. It absolutely wouldn't come up and it's happened more than once. There's a delay on picking shit up which is really annoying but trying to revive people is the main reason matches fail because we just get annihilated. Which I hope will balance out as people get better at the game, but now it seems the stages are absolute piss right up until you have to protect the Necronomicon, then it becomes a horde rush and you get fucked.
  22. Is there a bug that prevents you from picking people up? Numerous times I've gone to pick up someone who's bleeding out and can't get the button prompt up.
  23. Yeah the vast majority of the game is online.
  24. Oh it's been done with a ridiculous amount of reverence for the source material. I like that every character in the classes aren't just reskins of one skill set, and I like how you can remove and re-apply skill points at any time with no cost or penalty. I'm definitely having fun with it. Also don't forget to do the solo missions to unlock other characters. One thing I do find funny is there's a £24.99 season pass with absolutely NO indication of what content it's going to have.
  25. I'm maining Cheryl because she's a healer. No cunt goes for medic so I don't have to fight for an Ash like most seem to want to do.
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