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  1. Thats what I presumed. Typical Miller twist, I thought.
  2. moosegrinder


    Because the last hitman I hired was a shit shot.
  3. Hang on, he drops a random price in and you didnt ask him to elaborate?!!?!!? HOW DID THE CONVERSATION FINISH!!?!?! Did he backtrack? Did you ask him what he meant? Has this already been covered and I wasnt paying attention?
  4. If you have a pc, why dont you people have Gens for SOR? Not a dig, but a serious question. On topic, it does seem a funky package. Be interesting to see what else they jam in there.
  5. Never heard of it. And Ive heard of some right tripe. Seriously, what is it?
  6. Really? Not noticed Raiden good then is it?
  7. Without turning this into yet another NFSU 2 argument, it really did bore me to tears. The racing was just dull as dishwater. But its my opinion, horses for courses, cliche cliche etc etc. Forza poons everything anyway
  8. hehehe. creative owl. um i couldnt see it anywhere, but is it one entry per person, or can we shove as many high quality entries as we like up?
  9. ok. Had a go tonight aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand........it hasnt grabbed me. Its all a bit mediocre. Not shockingly bad by any means but decidely lacking in the fun stakes. I need instant gratification so I'm gonna stick wi MC3, methinks.
  10. Accidently watched this and I was nicely surprised. On thw adverts I wasnt impressed by the accent, but after watching him do it constantly for an hour it was really good. Shame about the incredibly schmaltzy ending on the Lacrosse field
  11. nay nay and thrice nay. This has always looked bollocks, right form the first trailer. Folk at work say "Oh give it a chance, it looks like fun." I say "Fuck that for a sack of spanners." I'm not the worlds biggest FF fan, but i Know for a fact that Dr Doom should look like he could snap you just by looking at you.... NOT like some pansy fookin halloween reject and thats just the start. The Thing, yes? Clobberin' time indeed. Absolute foamy covered bollocks. IMO they should have CG'd The Thing a la Hulk. No doubt some smart arse will say "But the Hulk looked bollocks", and that may be true (I really liked the CG Hulk, but there you go) but ANYTHING would have looked better than poor old Michael Chiklis shoved into something that looks like it came from the Argos toy section. I wont see it. I could be amazingly scripted and directed and all sorts of wonderfulness could issue forth from, it (obviously not from what Kerraig said) but if they cant get what the aesthetics right, then i dont wanna know. End rant.
  12. Sin City as a whole (comics and film) is brilliant. Proper OTT dialogue, and its stylish as hell. Its a bit marmite, but the Frank Miller always was.
  13. moosegrinder


    It IS a beautiful thing. The missus finds it hilarious that I can have lengthy amusing conversations with people I "dont know" but i fucking love it and HOW DARE PEOPLE PLAY GAMES SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! goddamit, i thought games were a bit of fun? Pah, i say, PAH TO THEM ALL! Bring on teh Burnout 3 and Outrun 2. More fun than you can shake a monkey at oh yeah, and Tuesdays are good for me too.
  14. aw come on, its not that bad. Ive had a rumble on it this morning and initial impressions are fair. at least the cars have a sense of weight, as opposed to some other street racing game I could mention. Ill be able to tell more after ive had a proper go at home, but it looks like a "better-than-NFSU2-but-worse-than-MC3" effort.
  15. Im up for this. Time to get creative
  16. Play.com say youll be waiting till September
  17. moosegrinder


    well that was awsome. Halo 2 was fun for a while, but mainly due to the company. I dont see why people think its so amazing when its populated by utter cunts. anyway was fun and Dalvado may have sussed this compatability problem, 'Pimp. well try it out soon.
  18. moosegrinder


    i wanna see mastodon.
  19. you're more than right. look at the shit lines they've pumped out with Transformers slapped on the box. Big bag of wank.
  20. some of the ideas sounded fantastic. its a wank industry, this.
  21. moosegrinder


    i may have to ditch this game. i dunno if i got the time to get the most out of it
  22. wouldnt it just have been easier to put this in the other thread?
  23. id still like one too, but i have a cheeky request. how much would you charge to paint another picture same size as this but of my 1000 more fella you drew?
  24. if it wasnt so twitchy, had a map, and fairer time limits/restart ammounts itd be a whole lot more tollerable.
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