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  1. 18 hours ago, Opinionated Ham Scarecrow said:

    've been mulling this over whilst walking around Aldi


    The important thing we need to know isn't what the hell you're thinking making middlecore, sub-Ubisoft dreck* your GOAT but what you bought from the middle aisle? It's not a successful Aldi trip unless you went in for essentials and came out with essentials, an angle grinder and a trampoline.

    *I'm kidding. Kind of.

  2. Just now, Wiper said:


    Not great for those of us who like reading a summary of a game and reliably knowing what it is, though, is it! Like the person who described Monster Train as a roguelike to me, leading to me solidly ignoring it for half a year until it appeared on Gamepass and I realised it's a fucking deck builder, not a procedurally generated dungeon crawler.

    But that's not even an accurate shorthand. It leaves our a fucking humongous part of what the game is.

  3. 43 minutes ago, Ry said:


    Ah fuck it's PC only. God damn it. 


    It's currently developed by one dude so I don't know if this means Microsoft have given him the money to get it ported because it's controls are literally movement buttons and confirmation of menus/upgrades and that's it. We can hope.

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