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  1. Dangerous Driving out Spotify functionality in instead of making a soundtrack for good reasons, maybe @CrashedAlex can shed a bit more light on it.
  2. All the models are the actors who play them (aside from Pope I think), so you tell her she looks weird :p tbh she has a long face. anyway turns out I went through 99% of the game without being able to make anything above level I mods. Still, enough dropped that I was powerful enough by the end. Barely used Charge, used Pierce a lot. Threw about 18,000 tonnes of masonry at Hiss. Shit was a good time. I think I might actually go back post credits and mop up all the side shit, which I never do. so yeah tl;dr - Excellent stuff.
  3. Remember how I was having problems with upgrades because I had no House Memories? Turns out the upgrades were for the craftable mods. I've just realised I've finally got enough House Memories and so upgraded them then pissed through the next 3 or 4 levels only stopping because I've run out of Souls or whatever the currency is called
  4. 2 is the best if you played it at the time. It's definitely still the "purest" racer of the Burnout series as it doesn't have takedowns or the power up nonsense in the crash junctions.
  5. It's ok man, thanks for your help. I used Display Fusion because for the longest time Windows didn't do this. I've also disabled a shit load of nonsense on start up, checked overlays on the Geforce Experience and that. Resolutions are standard, they've definitely not changed recently. One monitor is portrait but it's been that way for a very long time. I think it's just one of those things I'm going to have to deal with, it just doesn't seem to be resolvable without third party apps.
  6. It allows different wallpapers on the monitors and other shit I don't care about. I thought I'd tried this and ending the exe didn't actually do anything but I'll try again right now.
  7. 4th July 2020 Call of Cthulhu (Xbox one) 7h21m As a game this is pretty woeful. As interactive fiction it's pretty great. Maybe only if you have a predilection for Lovecraftian bullshit. It's incredibly atmospheric but technically wonky, with models clipping through things and lips that don't sync to the words. I wish there was a world where a triple A developer could make a game like this and it would sell, but to call it 'niche' is putting it lightly. I might go through it again with a guide to get the other ending. There's at least one. I'm not sure what effect some of my decisions had on the game though. Just don't leave it a year to finish it like I did or you'll lose some of the threads.
  8. They Are Billions I can't get past the first mission on the campaign. I know what I have to do but I just get overrun. It doesn't help that when you fail it's 40 minutes gone down the drain. It's a shame.
  9. Balls, Civ VI on Epic is the only other game I've got installed and it does it on that too. Hades DOESN'T do it. So is it Windows? Is it the GeForce driver? Is it because Sagittarius is fucking rising or some shit?
  10. Restarted Steam and it's not worked, I'll do a full reboot and see if it takes hold.
  11. This might need to go into ATF but it seems to be a Steam issue. I have a 3 monitor setup and recently my mouse cursor is escaping the game even when the game is in fullscreen only. It seems to be isolated to Steam as Epic launched games stick inside the main monitor. I've googled it and come across some work arounds like Win+P (that seems to make Display Fusion shit itself) and I really didn't want to go for a third party application option. Has anyone else had this, heard of this or has any idea why it would start doing it recently?
  12. Yeah, this is the main problem I have with all stuff like this. Valiant is the same (but the reason I don't play that is that I don't enjoy Counterstrike). It just looks like it's been managed into oblivion from on high. At least games are colourful these days, mind.
  13. I managed to get to the first horde (day 22 on the first scenario) and had a wall and everything but from what I can tell it doesn't give you towers from the off. I think some technology is locked behind the skill trees. So I'd got my small settlement locked down and about 23 rangers but it wasn't enough to deal with the horde. Next time I'll have to build 2 barracks things and make sure I have enough workers to churn out Rangers.
  14. Cheers. Yeah I've done most of that, I didn't wander off, tried to get to the quarry as quick as possible so I can start making more military and that and I only get attacked by small groups of zombies and they kill me so easily. I'll keep a-giving her, see if I can find the rhythm.
  15. Long story short bought this ages ago, never played it more than an hour on survival. Loaded it up to give it a go and there's a story mode but I'm getting my tits kicked in. The starting Rangers aren't very good so before I can get the quarry up and running to farm stone so I can build some military zombies come along and overwhelm everything. It's not even a horde, it's just a couple of shambling arseholes that my Rangers can't seem to deal with. Is it just bastard hard or unfair or am I being shit?
  16. I can see why Forza Horizon 4s structure (or lack of it) is off putting. I also wish the races actually meant something but the breadth of what there is to do means there are plenty of goals, you just have to set some of them yourself.
  17. That's right! Shit, that's that theory thrown out of the window. I'd totally forgotten about those two. Which isn't hard, really /shade
  18. Oh yeah, but I wouldn't put anything past Bethesda tbh.
  19. It's still got the same microtransaction bullshit (which is worse thanks to the premium subscription having shit that should be in the base game) and the game itself is still mired in the same turgid systems and weak as shit gunplay that Fallout 4 was. I guess if you just want more Fallout then you'll dig it. I thought I wanted more Fallout and it turns out I didn't. Edit: what this does mean is that Doom Eternal won't be coming to the Game Pass anytime soon as, looking historically, Bethesda only have one game at a time. Could be wrong, mind.
  20. Vastly is stretching it a a bit...
  21. Fallout 76 is fine but that's as far as it goes. It's just not a very good game, never mind a good fallout game.
  22. https://www.teepublic.com/user/moosegrinder https://www.redbubble.com/people/moosegrinder Couple of new designs on Tee Public/Red Bubble
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