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  1. Still got the ARG code sites open with the intention of buying it but DMZ and Warzone are scratching that itch. Also the doomish nature of posts that we get in CoD threads every year puts me off if I don't take the punt before it comes out.
  2. Or people might be enjoying it despite it's shortcomings. It's not defensible that it's so technically inept, but it's also daft to write off a game because of it. Especially if the underlying game is actually good, like most pokemon games tend to be.
  3. Well aye, but what if you don't have one lying around? Just seems like a bit of a daft omission.
  4. So this is the way I was painting the Plague Bastards before. Then I found this wonderfully obnoxious contrast paint Basically I want to make shit as lurid and stupid as possible. Who would I look to for this style of painting? Like almost cartoon ish styles. I don't fancy trial and erroring it.
  5. I keep hammering on about it, but just keep unlocking stuff. More unlocks come from the unlocks so keep unlocking locked stuff until the locked stuff you want I unlocked.
  6. Probably, they're discounted frequently.
  7. It's happened to me. I think if you've maxed the item but haven't picked them up from the floor they disappear. The rings and red arrow thingies I can't remember the name of have disappeared too, but that was on Capella Magna.
  8. I'd say Game Freak are shit/incredibly time limited to make best use of the Switch's aging hardware.
  9. https://www.eurogamer.net/pokemon-violet-and-scarlet-sell-10m-copies-in-first-three-days-of-release The games are only going to get technically worse UNLESS the Switch 2 does appear next year.
  10. Ban request: abhorrent use of 'literally'
  11. I've heard a couple of Bulletstorm comparisons. It'll still be on GamePass in like 3-6 months.
  12. It's definitely something different. I enjoyed what I played of it but it throws most of your muscle memory out of the window.
  13. Flub's got me on ignore, then
  14. Just had an incredibly matched game. We tried to take another 2 man sloop down for, like, an hour and twenty minutes. Maybe a bit longer. Eventually we succumbed to them managing to get onto an island and get some more cannon balls.
  15. I'm just enjoying futzing about and unlocking stuff. It's stupid how cheap this game is. I'm currently in a place where triple A story based stuff doesn't appeal to me in the slightest and I'm absolutely hammering games that are the exact opposite. This game provides so much happy brain juice.
  16. Just got a Game Pass app notification. It's been added but currently shitting itself trying to install. pre submit edit: now downloading.
  17. I haven't done anything in so long. I thought when the pressure was off me to try and come up with stuff to sell I might actually do some drawing but I'm just tired all the time and my brain doesn't want to.
  18. Not really. I more mean the notion of 'seasons' and paid for cosmetics. Splatoon 3 has a battle pass of sorts, without the need to pay. I dunno. The whole thing seems so anti-Nintendo, but they're a strange beast. They've never really marched to anyone's drum. I'm certain they're going to do something along those lines at some point. Mario Kart seems a good bet to do it with due to the abundance of legacy content.
  19. You are correct! https://www.gamespot.com/articles/battlefield-2042-is-coming-to-xbox-game-pass-ultimate-in-season-3/1100-6509245/ Not surprised no-one linked it but I sold my physical copy while it was still worth something when this was announced.
  20. MKT is Ninetdo's second highest earner. $293m over three years. Compared to the $1bn generated by Fire Emblem it's not massive but it's a decent chunk of change. TBH I still think porting the MKT tracks to 8 is a shortcut (loathe to use 'lazy' but...), the fact they're still supporting a game 8 years after its initial release is pretty ace. Still think Mario Kart 9 will be Nintendos first real foray into console live service game country* because, despite it's flaws, there's a lot to like about the structure of Mario Kart Tour. *Someone correct me. Has there been anything on a Nintendo console from Nintendo that's like the Fortnites and Overwatch 2s of this world in terms of content delivery? I'ts very early.
  21. That all sounds pretty rad, actually. It's basically just matchmade pvp. I like the skelly cosmetics.
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