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  1. I was genuinely surprised that cross play wasn't announced for when Shadowkeep came out/close after it.
  2. It comes into it's own on box breaking missions and I've also found it useful for hitting speed pads I'd normally drift past like a cack handed chimp.
  3. I'd absolutely use a headset. There's only one game I don't use it for in PvP and that's Destiny because it doesn't matter but every other game I've played uses footsteps as a significant identifier as to where people are. Plus I loved to use Dead Silence and the perk that increases enemy footstep sound* *I can't remember the name of this and just googled it and all the results are "WTF FOOTSTEPS NEED NERFING OMG" for Modern Warfare.
  4. I haven't gone back to it for weeks. I couldn't tell you why except that it's too close to 2, warts and all. I thought that was what I wanted but apparently not.
  5. It strikes me if you're that bothered about a 4k/60 experience you'd be invested enough to buy a PC that can do that. I just don't get how that's going to work consistently with a broadband infrastructure as shit as the UK has.
  6. There's no way to filter K+M without outright turning crossplay off, apparently.
  7. Also apparently there's a mic in the pad.
  8. It shit itself this morning at 16% loading a few times but it's ok now. Tried rebooting your phone and that?
  9. I'd expect the venn diagram of people who would buy a VR headset for a Half-Life game and those that have already bought into VR is a circle.
  10. I have a BUNCH of conspiracy shit running around in my head about what goes on behind the mechanics of this game. Some of it is bordering on tin foil hat territory. For example, I believe if I were to use the rubies for a ten pull on the pipe my shop would get magically stocked the next day with decent things to buy rather than the duplicates I get now. I have no way of quantifying this as I don't have 45 rubies but I think I'm gonna take screenies each day until I have 45 and then see if it changes overnight.
  11. I remember LOTS of people saying it doesn't get good until episode 2 or so.
  12. Aw. I thought this was being released for the Switch with the resurrection of the thread
  13. WW2 wasn't nearly as bad as Infinite Warfare. The funny thing about CoD is that each one is subjective as shit, someone will hate it, someone will love it. Aside from IW, that was objectively trash.
  14. Mario Circuit 3 needs one of the Mario's, someone else and the new Toad in a racing suit to be a top tier frenzy getting beast.
  15. Same, sorry I'm just annoyed by the fucking thing.
  16. I am immeasurably pleased for you. Still tenth after using Diddy Kong. Fuck it.
  17. I absolutely cannot get 5600 (five stars) on the Mario circuit for love nor money. Well, actually if I spent 20 quid to get that fucking Toad I'd get it but fuck that. I'm tenth and cannot scrape any more out of the racers karts and gliders I've got. Between tenth and third is a matter of a few hundred points as well. So frustrating.
  18. And yet none of you have gone back and altered your fucking posts.
  19. Tbh if that was the choice I'd say you did the right thing.
  20. It starts to make sense after a bit bit the menus are fucking woeful. Also if you leave it in suspend mode it counts towards your played time
  21. And maybe for the labels, but not for the bands.
  22. moosegrinder


    It's £7 on CDKeys for bone. Tempted to grab it just because of the story the other day they were working on rebooting it entirely and just in case they update the base game.
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