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  1. I forget what I was looking for but I used the first word of the title of the game and it showed up like halfway down the results.
  2. Removing the optical port on consoles is a massive, huge bone of contention for me. I've still got my One X but if I switch to a Series S I'd need a HDMI>Optical out
  3. I dip in and out. I prefer it on bass because I'm a cack handed chimp with stubby fingers.
  4. Are you using a normal piece of equipment? WIki says "No Magic, Rare, Set, or Unique items can be used."
  5. It's just irritating they're on a weekly rotation. No big deal though, I just didn't want to hunt for some if they weren't there.
  6. Crazy Taxi. And by remake I mean remaster 1, 2 and 3 with new graphics and soundtrack intact.
  7. New daft Dead By Daylight themed thing. Niche really doesn't begin to cover it. Tee links: New daft #DeadByDaylight themed thing. Tee Public are like £6 off until tomorrow. https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/90012659?ref=studio-promote https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/24548157-crumble-the-bones?store_id=228262
  8. I think it was Dave earlier said the animation reminds him of anime, like the frames that are missing in that way that was peculiar to that style of animation. I really like it but it jars against the 60 frames of the bike moving.
  9. I keep meaning to try Friday as I own it at least twice through Games with Gold and PS+.
  10. Aside from the obvious shit housery of ActiBlizzard I tried the beta and I can't go back. There's been far too many quality of life upgrades to the ARPG template since 2000 to go back to the grind based clunk of Diablo II.
  11. I saw something which posited Demogorgon could be retrofitted as a werewolf. I think they'll just do a new killer though.
  12. It'll take more than that, you soppy bugger.
  13. It's bothering me it's not the same voice actor and I really don't know why.
  14. Any game that's that old has its detritus. I'm not apologising for them, because I think they should stop releasing killers and that every 3 months until they overhaul much of the shit that's wrong, but to say that all that flotsam is a sign that they're lazy, don't care and deaf to fans pleas is just reductive nonsense. Look at Destiny 2. So many Exotics and Weapons that are never ever used but you wouldn't say that Bungie lazy (of course, the internet says exactly that). Making games is fucking difficult. Keeping the people who play them happy is even more difficult. It just boils my piss that everything a company does is reduced to a sweeping generalisation most of the time. Tbh this subject is probably a thread in and of itself. Anyway I'll post the Werewolf vid for this when it goes up for the other person that cares
  15. Don't do that. Don't fall into the Reddit garbage of "Oh BVHR are lazy and just want the money." because that's bullshit and you're better than that. You don't fix the game people will just leave and, queues aside, I don't see people leaving. They just overhauled the matchmaking system ffs. Did you see the update post yesterday? The second part goes up Monday.
  16. Yeah, if you don't use a game for a while it just won't bother.
  17. Small team, presumably early access. I'll give it a go anyway. Modern gaming has desensitised me so I don't expect perfect or finished out of the gate any more.
  18. There's no set amount AFAIK, but it's somewhere between 5 and 10 in general. I think.
  19. There's been a few small Store updates for some reason over the last few days.
  20. Asymmetrical multiplayer games are something of a mixed bag. There's plenty of them about but not many of them are good. So more of them is never a bad thing eye em oh. STEAM BLURB! "Abominations once confined to video store cassettes have escaped the tape and transformed into deadly reality. Experience pulse-pounding 4v1 combat amidst neon-soaked cinematic labyrinths where power shifts unpredictably between Good and Evil, but always ends in a fight-to-the-death climax fit for the silver screen. Monsters follow a script that calls not only for death, but total domination. Be you the Werewolf-- brutal and swift, or the Dollmaster-- creeping and conniving, you are designed to feast on fear, terrorizing your teenage prey relentlessly. Teens scramble to flip the script with weapons fueled by ancient Stigma-- Burn, Shock, Curse, and Purify-- that extinguish Evil. Blast monsters with a faceful of Flame and Fury, dish out a killer jolt from your Raygun or RC Flyer, swing Cursed Swords and cast curses, and harness the glory of a Holy Slingshot or Cross. VHS bleeds 80s horror, and if you’re not careful, you will too." The Dollmaster footage looks better than the reveal trailer. Personally more of this nonsense please. I like the aesthetic and killer designs, I'm not a fan of the survivors being able to fight back (Deathmatch by Daylight? Dead by Deathmatch?) but I'll be watching with interest for sure. There's a Werewolf deep dive going live tonight too.
  21. TBH yeah, the effort that's gone into them has to be commended. It's just every time they go "We've added the the NES and SNES collections!" I look and go "...what?" Entitled gamer first world problems for sure.
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