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  1. The first 8 hours or so twice. I bought it not long after it came out, didn't really click and traded it back at CEX. Then when it came to Plus I tried it again and kind of liked it a bit more.because I knew what it was but it still didn't grab me. It's just a stew of every video game mechanic ever with a protagonist I can see a seam of good in but ultimately seems like a petulent bell end. Also I like Fix You by Beige: The Band.
  2. It's more fun to play that Hot Wheels. Which breaks my heart a little, if I'm honest.
  3. If Days Gone were a band it'd be Coldplay. Loads of fans but also the most bland, derivative, generic bullshit imaginable.
  4. The difference between cross play being on and off is so stark, man. Anyone who says PC players don't have an advantage should be forced to play with a pad and see what they say after they get lasered in the head repeatedly match after match after match after etc
  5. Edited in case I hurt anyone's feelings. But it is. It's like saying Nintendo only make Mario games. Well, to a degree. I can understand why people don't know about King unless you've read about it but all you need to do is Google "Why did Microsoft buy Activision" to see the billions of reasons why.
  6. That's why I do all my kill shit in Lost Sectors. It's just less grievous.
  7. Thinking that Activision make one game and Microsoft only bought them for it is spectacularly dumb near sighted. Unless RubberJohnny was joking. https://www.pocketgamer.biz/news/80125/activision-blizzard-reveals-its-third-quarter-financials-with-mobile-now-accounting-for-52-of-the-gaming-giants-net-revenue/ Their mobile arm is stupidly profitable. Obscenely profitable. Microsoft get all that shit we hate plus a back catalogue of IP Activision are doing fuck all with.
  8. Yeah I realised after I posted I'd just made it redundant. Anyway the answer is bows are hilarious if you get an explody one.
  9. In the three matches I played last night each had a dickhead with the hammer bouncing about, oblivious to the fact you're entirely defenseless while boinging around like a twat. Are the bows any good? I avoid anything that requires actual skill like bows and sniper rifles.
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