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  1. My Dr Robotnik cosplay is complete.
  2. I've not played Sunless Skies, I was waiting for a sale then the console version was announced.
  3. Can you get sandals in this? Like proper ones, not flip flops?
  4. Posted in its own thread but excellent Lovecraftian rogue like Sunless Sea is coming to switch and Xbox this month.
  5. Tbf there's complaints about this before the lite even came out.
  6. They released the vinyl remasters on bandcamp last month too https://datadiscs.bandcamp.com/album/streets-of-rage-2-remastered
  7. https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-04-09-sunless-seas-nautical-terrors-seeping-onto-switch-and-xbox-one-later-this-month?__twitter_impression=true WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE! Switch and Xbox bound.
  8. Ok, I'll unlock some other cars and see how we go. The sliders, though. They're fucking weird thing to add in an arcade racer.
  9. Reading between the lines he's got a Lite.
  10. Yeah I regret buying Rise now. It just feels like I'm fighting the physics engine no matter what I do. And sometimes you'll bump the side of the track and go flying, or you'll get spun out and there's no coming back from that.
  11. Stranger's Wrath is down to 18 quid.
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