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  1. I saw that but didn't realise it was the publisher. I should read more. Thanks very much!
  2. Literally the best intro song ever. Has anyone found Cyber City Oedo for preorder at reputable shops for less than the £33 Bezosibub wants? I've pre-ordered it from his house of lies but I'd rather not give him the money if I can go somewhere else that will get it to me.
  3. Hive, Jaipur, Patchwork. All more like 18/20 quid but all crackers. Try to use your friendly local games shop instead of The House of Bezos if you go for anything.
  4. It just struck me that the animations were much closer than BotWs obvious sources but I guess not.
  5. Yeah it's an odd mix up of walking sim and semi survival game. The only massive issue I have with it was there's no warning when the end is coming and I had to load a previous checkpoint as I didn't have enough consumables on me. I only lost like 6 minutes of play do it wasn't that big a deal.
  6. Right, I know what I'm looking for now. Thanks very much. I doubt 2.1 will be relevant for me, I don't have a new enough TV. Or even a Series X yet, but there's no harm in getting things straight early
  7. What are the options for getting optical out on the Series X?
  8. I really enjoyed it. It's a bit wonky but it's worth the 5 hours or so investment.
  9. If I'm honest I'm surprised we got Rock Band 4. I doubt there's much market for this type of game anymore, especially as a jumping on point.
  10. To be fair Swords in general are bent to shit in PvE.
  11. Yeah, they're a fucking nightmare. Not as bad as the Sprint cars but still terrible. Get it on Easy and just get it over with.
  12. Apparently if you paint pink on first the yellow goes on well. Apparently. Anyway it looks fucking rad, well done
  13. Kick the fuck out of the difficulty and just get past it. I'm assuming none of the other cars you can use are 4wd, it's specifically RWD only?
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