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  1. Glad I hadn't just bought Horizon Chase Turbo when it was in the last sale :/
  2. It's fun, if a little soul-less. It's also an absolute bastard of a grind, especially for gold which completely gates off a late game progression. There's only one thread someone started last week, which is weird because I'm sure we talked about it on here but all the discussion could be buried in the Game Pass thread.
  3. It wouldn't surprise me if it comes at the end of July. Just a guess, but it feels right
  4. Yeah it was discontinued before FFG lost the license. You could try board game geek marketplace.
  5. Since they stopped doing the timed offers during sales its been lacklustre. It needed kicking in the head because the timed offers were ridiculous and it couldn't be sustainable. I'll finally pick up Mushihimesama and DoDonPachi seeing as I'm never getting any Cave shooters on Xbox backwards compatibility now. I'd like Sunless Skies but I've only put 4 hours into Sunless Seas. Also quite fancy Demon's Tilt.
  6. They even changed the combat system so you can choose between the new way and old way. I think the reviews were a bit harsh tbh. I've seen it on Postabargain for a little as 12 quid which is an absolute steal.
  7. I got the one I was missing from eBay shipped from japan. I was worried it'd be a knock-off but it wasn't and it wasn't much more than rrp but unless Nintendo specifically reprint and you manage to blah a preorder you're looking at 20 quid apiece.
  8. Absolutely not worth the money it was launched for but it's charming as hell and is quite compulsive.
  9. The hype when it was announced was massive. Open world Destiny-lole looter shooter with Iron Man tendancies? Sounds awesome. It's ironic that one of the last things implemented (the flying) is one of the best things about it.
  10. Apparel the undead expansion where you get zombie slaves prisoners with jobs makes the grind less tedious but I haven't tried it myself.
  11. Escape The Dark Castle is like a Fighting Fantasy book as a board game and is good in single player. Escape The Dark Sector is currently on Kickstarter and is space themed if you fancy that. A lot of people like Arkham Horror but a similar amount don't like it, which probably doesn't help you but it's an avenue to check on YouTube. Zombicide has a single player mode but it involves you playing six characters which can be a bit cumbersome. I'll have a rummage through the rest of my games in a bit
  12. This just in, Satan to use snowmobile to get to work.
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