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  1. I've played the tutorial with the intention of getting into it but I just...haven't.
  2. One day I'll upload something that I haven't/doesn't get compressed to fuck.
  3. https://zealandardor.bandcamp.com/track/erase The new Zeal and Ardor track is here to kick your fuck in.
  4. I'm replaying Dead Space at the minute and I have to agree with the "it doesn't really need to be remade". Obviously it looks a bit ropey but the art direction shines through the lowish res. It's still very very good.
  5. I wonder if he doesn't mean port in the literal sense (he worked on the original Dead Space and not the remake so I doubt he's too privy to the details of what they're doing.
  6. I think I've only ever had like 3 Contraverse holds whereas I've had literally ALL THE OTHER EXOTICS A MIILLION TIMES. Or so it feels. I've got the final tier of armour seeing as I got the boring shit like Wrathborn hunts out of the way aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm still not sure if I can be arsed with Master/Grandmaster Nightfalls and a Raid. I'll keep my eyes open if anyone's about and I can be arsed.
  7. The community will gravitate toward whatevers the closest to Metro and do that 24/7 with 18 million tickets.
  8. Yeah the new Maiden is typically mid paced plod. Ace video, mind.
  9. That's Diablo IV binned for me then. Not only are they fobbing the accusations off they're pulling a right wing bullshit excuse out of their arses. Fuck these people.
  10. Do you want to play it with friends, do you want to play it on the bog and do you want the DLC immediately?
  11. It looks about par for the course. Mainly cosmetics and there's the usual barrage of daily/weekly quests for currencies and stuff. Not looked too deep as I can't stop playing Dead By Daylight but I'm gonna give it a go tomorrow.
  12. Anyone downloaded Pokemon Unite yet? Only done the tutorial but it's.... Pokemon the MOBA. My entire experience with MOBAs is Heroes of the Storm so it'll probably be right up my street.
  13. If you have to think about it you don't want it that much.
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