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  1. That January Direct on its way?
  2. moosegrinder

    The Crew 2

    The first was so close to being good, but ultimately ended up being another mediocre Ubisoft grindfest of icons on a map. Played this ones demo but it seemed to want to be Forza Horizon but without.... the irony? Not sure if that's what I mean, but Forza has all the dude-bro shit but seems to do it with a wink? I dunno.
  3. It's not even guaranteed every month is it now?
  4. To be honest I'm not entirely sure. Summat a bit thinky, or rpg-y. It doesn't matter because I bought it anyway. I'll play it tonight and probably refund it tomorrow knowing me.
  5. There's a demo for it on PSN. Its very entertaining but a bit like "Poundstretcher" iron man with the voices and likenesses and that. Think it's fairly cheap, mind.
  6. I haven't. One fan and one Surfboard. I've stopped logging in to check Nook's Cranny any more, there just doesn't seem to be any point.
  7. Sometime last weekend Control (Xbox One) - anywhere between 12 and 20 hours. Holy shit, is this ever my jam. I love the fiction, I love the world, I love the characters. Every time a new piece of lore turned up I just went "THAT'S SO FUCKING COOL!" because I'm a massive nerd for that Nightvale/SCP bullshit. It also doesn't hurt that the combat is super satisfying. Unlocking powers in a metroidvania type of way has made some people feel like it's got an inverse difficulty curve but I didn't feel that. It definitely wasn't in the league of Shadow Of Mordor in that respect. Strong protagonist, strong supporting cast, paced really well with the world building done through the environment and files you find littered around. I really liked the story. It's just a fucking great game.
  8. Depressingly my creative area is strewn around 3 rooms of the house, much to the chagrin of my OH. The PC is in the front room, then I have drawers/paper/implements to draw with/markers in the diningroom/kitchen and then a shitload of other practical stuff in the top loft room, and all my mini stuff in the second smaller bedroom. I'd post photos but it makes me look like a right scruffy bugger.
  9. Excuse this, but I need somewhere to brain vomit; I've had my eye on Oxygen Not Included for a while. I really fancy it despite the fact it looks entirely unlike something I'd normally play. I don't do very well with 'stressful' games, or games that require something other than "hit button to smash face" (that may be a slight exaggeration but you get what I mean) but I've been hankering for a meaty game, but not like Hearts of Iron meaty. I tried They Are Billions as I bought it aaaaaaaaaaaages ago and I can't get past the first scenario and uninstalled it in a huff after the 6th failure. @robdood recommended ONI after I pondered on Twitter and I had a look through the (admittedly tiny) thread on here but the RPS review from 1.0 launch last year seemed to confirm what I was worried about; that the game requires an inordinate amount of micromanagement and understanding of the minutae of how the systems interlock in the late game. I'm not sure what I want from posting this, tbh. I've talked myself out of it twice while typing this, which I'd thought would bring some kind of closure but here we are. Thanks for coming to my TED talk on indecision and inconsequential bullshit.
  10. ^this would be filed under 'etc'.
  11. There are loads of games like that. Seminal though they may be, they don't necessarily hold up many years on because of design decisions that have move the genres on in the meantime, for better or for worse. When I went through 1-4 a couple of years ago playing the first two was a proper ball ache because of (what I percieve to be) archaic design choices. Best we don't get started on Resident Evil 4, really....
  12. It's intentionally a bad football game. Whether that makes it a bad 'game' game depends on your sense of humour, the price you paid, the phases of the moon etc
  13. Apropos of nothing I had a dream where they announced a price point of £609. There was a distinctly Sega Saturn feel to it all. Woke up in a cold sweat, I did* * I didn't. Fuck knows why I'm dreaming about Series x price points.
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