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  1. Yup, the creature killing ones make me incredibly remorseful. However there's one little shit of a species on my planet that's going to get eradicated next time I have to take one of those. Tiny, happy, agro fucking bastards, they are.
  2. I find the "invested money so must invest time" thing a little baffling. I kind of get there must be some sense of obligation but why would you spend potentially tens of hours (and maybe even 100+) playing a game you actively don't like? It makes even less sense if you think that the sooner you figure out you don't like it the less money you'll lose by flipping it asap. Anyway yeah, Game Pass is incredible. I'm still baffled at how they're going to make money from it. The one downside is that I get a little bit of what I call "Amiga Syndrome" from it, which is the opposite of what I was talking about above; I've not paid for the games and because there's an abundance of them I probably don't give enough of them the time they deserve and kind of abandon them. My Game Pass Pin screen is strewn with half played games.
  3. It sounds like they're trying summat different, that's got to count for something.
  4. Maybe they'll just run 2 universes. It could end up like Hulk where he doesn't have his own film (thanks Universal) but is used extensively in ensemble/other features.
  5. Physical versions are mega cheap, as low as 25 quid. It's almost punt territory.
  6. He's show running it, not writing it. He's got the enthusiasm to point it in the right direction, and he's got the writers who should be able to do it justice.
  7. Can anyone tell.me how to get the Plasma Grenade to work? It says LB but it does nothing.
  8. I think so, you might be able to break them down for nanites though before you confirm the new multitool.
  9. Looks like the relevant little PC ones bundled together. Also I just had a rock I was mining sprout legs and run off. What the fuck?
  10. Don't you have to dismantle it to do that though?
  11. Not as gross as I originally intended, but it made me giggle. TeePublic link if it's allowed.
  12. Sounds about right. I'm loving this game and playing on console doesn't mean I've had the headache PC gamers have had, but some of this shit is basic stuff. It's a good job money isn't the grind it once was.
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