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  1. I want that day-glo, neon shit pumped into my eyeballs right now.
  2. Yep. It happens. I usually walk away for a day or so and come back to it and if it's still garbage I start again.
  3. Nah, it's very different.
  4. I didn't realise it until he died but Bob Waklin, like so many have said, shaped much of my childhood through his art. I absolutely bought 90% of those because of the cover. Some money is going to be spent on that Etsy, oh yes indeed.
  5. I tell thee this, it asking if you want to remove the pins when you uninstall summat is fucking god tier* *A very welcome change.
  6. I watched the Westie video and struggled to see what he was rawping on about. I swear to god the community follows the YouTubers outrage. God forbid those cunts said nothing and people would have to make up their own fucking mind.
  7. We tried the 950 and got absolutely pasted. That shit just isn't fun for me.
  8. Went back to this to finish it so I can justify the new one when it launches on console and I can't believe they haven't put any kind of indication where you go next or even what you have to do. If they have I can't bloody find it. I'm in the depths and need the second sword. Anyone remember anything about it?
  9. Today's dailies mean I'm being 'that' guy and running around with a launcher trying to kill people and ruining my K/D. It's fucking hilarious, mind.
  10. It's a good job at least that part of the business isn't affected by those cunts. Vocal minority may get shit changed in game but nobody's getting sack because J1mmy5cr34m3r on YouTube is calling for it. Sending death threats and shit, though? Those people are scum. Absolute shitholes.
  11. Sekiro showed that's not true. Maybe after this one. After many games set I sunny climes it'll be cool to see more barren, snowy terrain.
  12. Didn't realise after void kills and score you needed solar kills and score for the vanguard shaders and emblem. Presuming it's arc after that we well. Nah.
  13. Any word of an 'offline' mode? I hope they do that eventually. I understand a game about pirates should have piracy and the threat thereof but I just want to hoon about the seas doing tales and looting treasure without some dickhead setting fire to my ship.
  14. While a little peculiar in disparity compared to armour I never felt I was ever going to run out of money modding weapons. However the Ada dupe thing should never have got through any kind of testing. At least I'll get my Dragonfly mod now.
  15. Just realise, it's Airship Syndicate but they still deserve our money because Joe Mad and also Battle Chasers was mad fun.
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