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  1. Rampancy and what looks like High Charity. They’ve nicked a bit from Halo.
  2. Meanwhile, Yves Guillemort is pacing up and down his office, holding his mobile in the air waiting for a call that never came “Strange, I have 5 bars” he says.
  3. Fair enough, it just read like you’d only considered CoD.
  4. Anyone who buys a PS5 solely for playing CoD deserves everything they get, tbh.
  5. He said activision only puts out call of duty (in itself not exactly accurate) but the deal buys blizzard (and King!) who have some huge franchises.
  6. They make considerably less money regardless if it completes or not. Though you might argue that the announcement will slow down their software sales somewhat.
  7. So the deal doesn’t close until June (?) 2023. I assume that means we won’t see anything on gamepass until then.
  8. Presumably AB’s share price has been hammered with all the news and not shipping any games, thus making this possible.
  9. FOR FUCKS SAKE I SPENT 5 minutes trying to get a gif to work and then gave up and put a still in instead.
  10. The only thing I thought this morning was how they basically omitted
  11. I loved it. Got quite a few ET vibes from it with the fractured family angle.
  12. There's no thread for the Anacrusis. And that is a good thing, it's fucking dire. I know it's early access but I can't see why you'd want to put out a game in that state for people to play.
  13. I imagine that, using F Zero as an example, Nintendo haven’t given up on the idea of revisiting itself at some point. If they give it out to a proven developer they’ll still (I think) have to foot the development cost. If they hand it over to an indie team then they’d have to pay for that and also end up with a game that might ruin the franchise’s appeal and make making a proper follow up an even harder proposition because everyone remembers the last f zero as being shit. I can’t see the the market for a low budget f zero being that high.
  14. Doesn’t sound so baffling then
  15. I think Nintendo often say they don’t make sequels for the sake of it and don’t want to make a new game if they can’t do something new, so they might be of the opinion that they can’t take F Zero any further (and maybe experimented with some new mechanics that weren’t fun enough.). It didn’t really stop them with splatoon 2, though (not that I am complaining). They probably whip out the calculator and realise that they can make just as much money by re releasing the same game each generation. I mean, you and I and any other sane person would be happy with the same gameplay, updates graphics and new tracks - same deal as @kensei said with starfox. But Nintendo gonna Nintendo.
  16. That's a deal breaker. I guess if Sony intro an official one you would be able to remove it at will.
  17. Yep. I didn't know you could use it on other devices though, thanks @Sarlaccfood I also have the official charging dual sense, like Mike says it's nothing special but I think it looks pretty good. The only caveat is it needs a wall plug for power thanks to UK/EU voltage requirements even though you could get enough power from a single USB socket.
  18. I'd be keen but I reckon I'd make a hash of it. I had enough trouble replacing the bumpers on my xbox elite v 1. I hope Sony bring out an official attachment like the DS4 one.
  19. Fancy paddles on the back of your Dual Sense?
  20. My favourite videogame conspiracy theory is that Phil Harrison is a Nintendo sleeper agent.
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