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  1. Hot take: Whilst it feels good, the carbine isn’t that great. Especially rising pitch which takes an age to ramp up and hinders movement. It’s a lot better with the armour piercing/heavy ammo upgrade that turns it into a semi auto with a smaller magazine. Second hot take: The pistol side arm is rather good. I used one to take down the third boss. Complaining about the “starting pistol” shouldn’t be a thing because it’s level will be matched to the enemies you’re fighting against early doors.
  2. Data cubes have to be put into a data cube machine - there is one of those machines per level. (On the first level it's after Phrike so if you find a data cube in area 1 you'll have to murder him again). Data cubes must be put into a machine in the same biome they were found in. eg: If you pick up a cube in area 1 and go to area 2 you'll lose it. You can only carry 1 data cube at a time but can deposit multiple if you find more than 1 in the same biome (I've found 2 in an area once and deposited both successfully). If you pick up a data cube whilst carrying one, it will replace
  3. Completed it, mate. I’m going to say that the final boss isn’t particularly hard. None of them are really once you get the patterns sorted. In fact I died most on the first one but I guess that was because I was new to the game. I died far more times during the levels than I did at the bosses. 1st boss was probably 5 or 6 attempts. 2nd boss first attempt 3rd boss second attempt 4th boss first attempt 5th boss second attempt - though I used a reconstructor so was able to go straight back to him after the first fail. You’re at the mercy of
  4. I did it first time reading this guy so I knew what his patterns would be. Maybe it’s cheating but he’s dead and I’m not (well I am, about 28 times now but you get my point) I only found the third phase tricky so hopefully you’ll have a couple of health canisters by then. https://www.powerpyx.com/returnal-boss-guide-all-bosses/
  5. If it makes you feel any better I did Ixion on my first attempt.
  6. Its a code you redeem though the PlayStation store that provides you with some Returnal DLC that you get with your preorder.
  7. If you’re sold on playing it portable then the switch is the one to go for, though being a multi platform port it won’t look as good as breath of the wild in comparison. Also, I thought as a game it wasn’t great but many disagree.
  8. I didn't think you could use ethernet in portable!
  9. I’m even later to the party. It’s pretty good so far, reminds me of monster Hunter crossed with Pokemon but better than that sounds. For a 3DS game it’s certainly a looker.
  10. If anyone’s looking at building/expanding your collection then CEC is pretty good (though despite all the games being boxed some of them will be label re-prints. If you’re ordering online then I don’t think there’s a way of telling but you can always return them.) Amazon can be useful - the Luigis Mansion remake is the French version (which runs in English if that’s what your machine is set to) and was £12 cheaper than the UK version. There’s often some occasional flash deals so keep an eye out. Then there’s eBay obviously. And Argos!
  11. Basically back in late January I decided to get a new 3DS XL off eBay so I could play Mario 3D land again. Its fair to say it snowballed somewhat, involving buying a brand new, new 3ds XL SNES edition, an official Japan charging dock and even eventually managing to get a copy of Monster Hunter Stories this morning. There’s probably a few more left to get but I’ve got the main ones I wanted.
  12. Started from the bottom now we here
  13. My PS4 comp performance is, on paper, terrible. I’ve hit gold on all 3 classes but never stayed there for long. Now I’m mostly hovering around 1750-1800. I was platinum on switch most of the time. You could say the skill barrier on switch is lower and it’s full of bad players but the PS4 has plenty - I should know, they usually end up on my team. I know gold medals aren’t the be all and end all but I’ve lost count of games where we’ve lost and I’ve had 3 or 4 at the end. It’s frustrating. The amount of smurf players seems to be pretty high too.
  14. Am I the only one who didn’t have a bad experience with days gone at launch? I don’t recall any crashes, glitches or poor performance beyond the usual occasional bugs. My only issue was how the flashlight beam was disconnected from the flashlight on the guy you play as.
  15. Charlton Heston put it best. Damn dirty ape.
  16. If there’s a more satisfying move than hitting a monster over the head with a giant hammer, I haven’t experienced it.
  17. How does the temporary item box work? I’m assuming I’ve filled up my inventory and have no more room but where does everything get sent?
  18. Can I get my owl to take photos of me and my boys posing over the kill? Sort of thing people get Facebook hate groups dedicated to them in the real world for standing by an elephant they just shot type thing. (nb: I do not condone shooting elephants)
  19. I played the first demo for 20-30 mins and killed the monster first time. On this some giant greenish badger type thing killed me twice before I took it down. Was I levelled up in the demo? Can you improve your own stats for weapon handling etc? Like strength, dexterity etc
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