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  1. It’s also very hard to play on the xbox
  2. Do you get surround plugging headphones into the controller like PS5?
  3. I wasn’t aiming that at you. I think if they wanted to stress test the servers more then why make it insider only.
  4. That said, they could have stressed it more with an open beta.
  5. The set times are there to stress test the servers, right?
  6. Overwatch runs at 4K on series x.
  7. No! I just think it looks rather basic. I am not saying it’s a bad game. It is a lot of fun. But seeing as how this can run on an Xbox 1 and most of the effects look to be turned off I don’t think I’m especially wide of the mark. I’m genuinely glad if people think it looks great, I just think it looks bare bones right now.
  8. Overwatch, Titanfall 2, warzone (not that I play it). It has an edge on Valorant though, that’s for sure.
  9. Yeah, it looks fine. Serviceable.
  10. I think you could look at any number of other first person shooters and see it’s not very ambitious in it’s looks. Textures are ok, lighting is very basic and there’s no real scenery. Perhaps when I play a more open map it will showcase the engine more. Currently it looks like an upscale Xbox 1 game on my series x - which is probably what it is right now. Have you shot the fruit yet?
  11. I just expect more visually at this stage. Also, shoot those crates of fruit.
  12. Despite initial misgivings I do think this plays very well indeed. I hope they’ve just turned off a load of graphics and effects for the beta and the release version will see something much more visually impressive.
  13. PM me the number of your dealer
  14. What if stadia has a point, guys
  15. The PS5 can take ages to copy as well, even for smallish updates.
  16. I have a thing where a download will start but it takes a long time before it actually shows you how much has downloaded (and how long there is to go). Only seems to affect small app downloads (which take a relatively long time for their size).
  17. Agreed. Looks awesome when you also consider it’s running at 60
  18. Yes, yes, I already said twice it stemmed from the prioritising thing and I apologise for any confusion caused. That said, I want everything straight away and the Xbox UI is still awful.
  19. I had that too! Double the trophies, half the effort.
  20. That must extend to apps, too.
  21. Yeah I couldn’t workout how to prioritise game downloads. I do now
  22. No, I’m not. When I first wrote that I didn’t see a way to prioritise downloads and it all seemed very clunky. On the subject of always on, it very rarely downloads game updates when it’s in standby mode. Is it like the switch where if you don’t play a game for a while it doesn’t bother? It downloaded the first store update when I turned it on, too.
  23. Maybe for huge games, not so much for smaller updates.
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