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  1. I've had bells in inventory but might not have had shovel in hand.... Cheers!
  2. So I dug the money hole but it won’t give me the option to plant money in it again. I haven’t filled it in. Any ideas?
  3. I just gave 2016 a go on gamepass and I agree, it feels very watered down in comparison
  4. Tried to visit but assume I can only do that if you’re online?
  5. How does one do this? Why does everyone have better clothes than me?
  6. You can plant money trees?! Also, I think the algorithm or whatever it is for Bunny Day is off. It’s just silly now. Used a nook mikes ticket and went to an island where all I could farm were earth eggs, all I could fish were water eggs etc etc. And it all looks so ghastly.
  7. If I did up or reel in one more sodding egg...
  8. That **** sold me some white chocolate flooring on a blind buy. I hate him. Do fish tanks automatically have lights? I gave my football fish to the museum.
  9. How the hell do you get all this stuff. I get so much fomo visiting this threat, the damn Able Sisters haven’t appeared back after their initial visit yet.
  10. The Easter bunny creeps me the fuck out and I don’t want his decorations and I want to dig up fossils, not Easter eggs. rant over
  11. They gave the initial release an ‘essential’. Bit odd
  12. You have a code already? Let me investigate if it’ll work
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