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  1. Charlton Heston put it best. Damn dirty ape.
  2. If there’s a more satisfying move than hitting a monster over the head with a giant hammer, I haven’t experienced it.
  3. How does the temporary item box work? I’m assuming I’ve filled up my inventory and have no more room but where does everything get sent?
  4. Can I get my owl to take photos of me and my boys posing over the kill? Sort of thing people get Facebook hate groups dedicated to them in the real world for standing by an elephant they just shot type thing. (nb: I do not condone shooting elephants)
  5. I played the first demo for 20-30 mins and killed the monster first time. On this some giant greenish badger type thing killed me twice before I took it down. Was I levelled up in the demo? Can you improve your own stats for weapon handling etc? Like strength, dexterity etc
  6. Ah, I thought you meant to write ‘includes’, not sure what incus is!
  7. The game card case is the same as the standard edition but includes a couple of DLC scratch cards (though the us version seems to have a different cover, the deluxe version). Leaving the stickers and badge sealed for now.
  8. yeah, good point, everyone else stuck in a steel book and keyrings with the standard edition.
  9. Finally. Though thinking about it £90 is a bit steep. Even at full RRP the game Is £49.99 and the amiibo RRP’s at £21.99. That’s an expensive set of dlc armour and metal pin and you don’t even get a steel book.
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