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  1. Arguably the game content is significantly lower in this - you create the courses yourself. The cars are, in the physical world, quite slow but from the Kart’s position, low on the floor, there’s a great sense of speed.
  2. I imagine they’d need to do a lot of work to bring it up to standard to look decent on a TV etc
  3. I think it’s probably my favourite Mario game.
  4. Anyone got any thoughts on the gameplay?
  5. Don’t forget, it’s free to play on switch currently (till the end of the month, I think)
  6. I don’t really play him but I do not like Soldier’s recoil. Was there ever any recoil or was that added reasonably recently?
  7. Steve seems pretty bewildering to me. From what I can tell he can’t edge grab?
  8. Have it on PSVR! Either way, I'm not convinced Tetris -e even mega trance version - is going to be the best game to show off my shiny new console.
  9. What games should I be getting for my series X, baring in mind I have a PS5 coming a week or so after that?
  10. Anyone configured HOTAS on PS4? I have a Hori one but it seems like it’s set up like a dual shock pad.
  11. yes, it’s a free character from the company that charges you full whack for last gen ports.
  12. I am softening to it a bit
  13. Well, it is a bit of a calamity but not the one you were hoping for.
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