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  1. Visually, it looks awful in comparison to the other versions and with (even) more pronounced pop in etc. If you can get past that you might have some fun.
  2. Regardless of any other settings, putting it at 60fps on steam deck just gives me a constant strobe light flickering. Did you find a way to get rid of this?
  3. What settings are you getting and what performance? It runs pretty badly on mine - I get a reasonably steady 30fps but a fuzzy resolution and lots of lighting issues.
  4. There’s a new campaign/story dlc and a horde mode to watch them in.
  5. I went with that one already. Base is slightly cheaper but no voucher!
  6. The studio head said fans were asking for more death animations so that’s why they’re making them. Though I’m not sure how you can even be a fan of a first entry in a franchise* that you haven’t played yet from a studio on its first release and also apparently need more death animations when you don’t even know how many there are to begin with so I suspect said fans is actually 1 person with 3 different accounts on Reddit. As an aside, I think a lot of people would just naturally assume, without giving it any real thought, that any story expansion that would have new enemy types and environmental hazards would pretty much HAVE to include some new death animations but hey ho. *I think they have plans for further games beyond the first entry assuming it sells well.
  7. I don’t know. That’s just what they call them these days. Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, countless others are primarily single player games and have season passes. I assume it’s used when the new content drops in waves rather than all in one. Nintendo don’t tend to call them season passes.
  8. I think they probably have an idea if they’re going to be any good* or not. They’ve presumably already made quite a few and are well versed with the method and would have a good handle on what works and what doesn’t work. I mean, I’m not a developer or animator but I suspect if you can make beheading animation 1, beheading animation 2 would follow a very similar development pattern. I don’t know the developer or what they’re QC process is but hopefully if they are somehow shit* they wouldn’t ship them or make different ones. I mean, this argument comes with any season pass with extra content you buy at launch. You don’t really know if the Xenoblade 3/Mario Rabbids/Assasins Creed/BotW dlc is going to be any cop but many people buy it because they know they’ll be happy enough with the main game that more of it, or extra outfits etc, will appeal. You’re buying a bit blind here and this is nothing new. The season pass includes extra campaign levels, a horde mode and these new (emphasis on new) animations. I think the studio/publishers dropped the ball on their messaging here as a lot of people assumed it was locked off content. *beyond technical issues and effort I’m not sure how you judge how good or bad a death animation is.
  9. Not according to the developers, who plan to start work on them in the new year. They’ll be part of the DLC https://www.eurogamer.net/callisto-protocol-dev-insists-season-pass-25-death-animations-arent-cut-content
  10. They haven’t cut the animations as they haven’t made them yet.
  11. The devs have gone on record to say that they haven’t even made said animations yet, so it is additional content. Personally I wouldn’t pay for extra character death animations because I’m an elite g@mer and don’t die in games.
  12. I had my link on a direct email (from noreply@steampowered.com)
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