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  1. Protip: don’t delete the PS4 version as I’ve just found out you need to go into the game to transfer the save
  2. *record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.
  3. There’s no hope for a UK release then.
  4. This looks quite good, whatever it is
  5. I was trying to work out what that was. I can’t remember if I ever had it or I’d gone off games a bit by the time the alleged metal gear solid beater it was touted as actually released. Never played sin and punishment. I want to play f zero x again though.
  6. I did think that, though it kicked up a bit when it went into actual gameplay. It looks like bigger environments so something has to give. I have faith
  7. I have never heard it referred to like that.
  8. Monster Hunter Rise Expansion New 3D Kirby Bayonetta 3 gameplay. Decent. I love splatoon too but find it hard to get hyped about the single player.
  9. Maybe Charles Martinez plays Mario waking up from a bad dream at the end of the film where he was Chris fucking Pratt.
  10. Charles Martinez must be digging a grave to roll in.
  11. Sounds like they might be charging here
  12. I’ve seen all of Metroid Dread now, I think. Like the entire game.
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