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  1. £41.85 from simply games who are simply great in my experience.
  2. No, the sex dungeon will be in an entirely different room.
  3. There is a mortgage and there’s no cloud saves. Did you even watch it?
  4. I’m going to mortgage myself up to the hilt with several extensions and have a dedicated gym in my house.
  5. I really don’t get how cloud saves allow you to manipulate time anyway.
  6. I heard it as something like “we won’t support cloud saves but we will support server recovery after launch in special cases”. Hopefully you’re right.
  7. I think they said cloud back up - in the form we expect that to mean - isn’t supported. You know what I mean. You’d have to contact them to get it done. What about if someone wants to do a system transfer, not just the save data. That will work, right?
  8. So you’d have to do an entire system transfer?
  9. No cloud saves. Still in the dark about transferring saves from one switch to another...anyone know?
  10. I’m really torn about buying physical or not. On one hand it seems a bit pointless on the other hand I’m expecting the inside of the case to look incredible. Can I use a physical cartridge on two different switches, having a different island/save on each?
  11. Strafe


    Had a go on switch also. It’s rather blurry, on a Witcher Switch level (haven’t played the new patch). Shooting feels alright! Mostly feels dialled in.
  12. Wonder if they’ll include Metroid prime 1-3 remastered in it
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