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  1. I could be wrong! I probably won’t buy it unless it’s on switch myself so I’m hoping it will work out.
  2. From what I can tell the reduction in cosmetic prices is just adding an extra piece for the same price. Eg: you now get a weapon skin and TWO vehicle skins instead of one for rhe same money.
  3. A clause in the Activision contract.
  4. - That looks great - for a game that is ostensibly aimed at kids it looks surprisingly deep and complex. - It’s running on a brand new engine that they’re ditching after this because it’s not liked very much, which gives me concern over how it will run on Switch. The cynic in me reckons quite badly with some severe downgrading. Previous Lego Star Wars games ran in unreal.
  5. It’s not up yet. Preorder cancelled.
  6. When does Banjo go live, does anyone know? It’s not there for me yet.
  7. Guilty Gear Strive and Bayonetta, though the latter especially is so over the top and schlocky that I couldn’t imagine anyone taking it too seriously. Quiet taking a shower in MGSV. You wouldn’t want anyone walking in on you watching that.
  8. To summarise: I can’t see how it’s worth $68 billion as it doesn’t make content I like but I can see how it’s worth $68 billion making content I don’t.
  9. I had to hold myself back from saying that. “It’s not relevant if I don’t like it!” was my takeaway.
  10. - Overwatch and the Overwatch League - Hearthstone and the hearthstone esports - Diablo - Warcraft - Candy Crush* - Starcraft Plus you can safely presume that those teams are working on some new stuff that would have the aim of becoming a big league IP. *it’s something that I doubt anyone on here has any interest in but I shareholders would describe it as “decent and relevant”
  11. They didn't even bother upscaling the text.
  12. I'll leave this here. It's out tomorrow, free* on gamepass *It's not free. Does anyone ever say "free on netflix"? No, of course they don't.
  13. Yeah, they dropped the price then because no one was buying it.
  14. It’s personal taste to an extent but the activision blizzard deal has bought AAA IP’s for sure. Overwatch, Diablo, CoD. You could disagree on the ‘quality’ aspect but these are all tentpole releases. That will sell loads and have a long shelf life one way or another and none of those are dead in the water by any means. It’s interesting that you list Bluepoint as a company whilst saying you want developers that push things forward. All they’ve done to date is remake some old games. I mean, I liked said remakes a lot but come on.
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