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  1. I’d stick with that and maybe get Mario Kart as well. I was quite happy that Zelda was the only must have game at launch because it just allowed me to get totally absorbed in it. Mario Odyssey and plenty of others are also brilliant but if you end up getting another 100+ hour game you’ll just dilute the experience of both.
  2. Strafe

    Apple Arcade

    Apple Arcade really needs its own dedicated search function. And if it already does it needs to be somewhere a lot more obvious.
  3. Strafe

    Apple Arcade

    That mini roads game would be great if the interface didn’t make it so easy to hit the wrong thing or pull down the control centre every five seconds
  4. Can confirm that Smash without rumble feels wrong.
  5. Yellow lite owners: is the black border on the edge of the screen winding anyone up? It’s what pushed me to cancel and get the grey one instead.
  6. Pretty much, after logging in. It’s marginally easier if you still have the original machine as you can transfer user settings over but in reality that won’t matter. I think trading in a proper switch for a lite is a misfire, though. It’s a superior machine.
  7. I’ve set mine up as the second switch and it was all relatively painless. How do you move saves wirelessly? That will come in handy for animal crossing and splatoon.
  8. Strafe

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Yep, all boxed bar a few of the first ones I picked up and a duplicate Solaire. I’ll probably buy another links awakening amiibo so I can use it in game. To me, they just look nicer in the boxes and will keep their value should I ever grow up and get rid (which is likely never). I can’t say I haven’t been tempted though.
  9. They eventually responded to the tickets a week or so later saying it wasn’t there because it wasn’t ready for release yet but communication up until then was non existent (and it still doesn’t show in my order history, either). They haven’t replied to me asking when it will be available. And same!
  10. Strafe

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    The Links Awakening one went to the wrong address. What a disaster. Still.
  11. Destiny not being in it is not daft and extremely logical if you work on the basis that the person who made the list didn’t consider it one of the best 50 games released in the 21st century, as the title suggests.
  12. It’s a Guardian piece and probably not the first port of call for the more enthusiastic gamer so short and sweet is probably the best way to go. Also, it’s not like they’d have a budget signed off for 5 x the amount of words.
  13. Really weird how no one seems to agree with the list 100%
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