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  1. Yeah, I just did it.
  2. Oh I’ve done all that. I didn’t think the estate was a different route, it’s just a section you clear and leave. Right?
  3. There’s a different route?!
  4. I want him dead. Fucking dead.
  5. Done all that. Tried hiding for a bit but his deathstrike recovers. Damnit. Didn’t have much luck with the flame but I’ll give it another try!
  6. He’s the guy straight after chained up ogre in the courtyard. He’s a mini boss, I believe. Has 2 deathstrikes. Firecrackers?
  7. Someone help me with General tenzen
  8. Strafe

    Nintendo Labo VR

    It is cheaper to buy the Base set and two add on packs than it is to buy the single set which includes everything. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-labo/nintendo-labo-vr-kit.list
  9. Oof. Does dying less/killing more help reset it? If not, everyone is fucked.
  10. Took down the first boss after 20 or so tries. What’s unseen aid and dragon rot, exactly? The more you die the less and worse they both become respectively.
  11. How does one do these?

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