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  1. The visuals look alright but they didn’t blow me away. They remind me of all the other next gen games we’ve seen released so far - they look good and better than last gen but not a huge leap. It was like this with the PS4/Xbox one when they came out. I also suspect Village will look a lot more impressive once there’s more enemies, faces on screen and wider open areas. At the moment it has a bit of a tech demo vibe, albeit a rather terrifying one.
  2. Finally went back to it in the last few days and finished it. Some of the battles get a bit repetitive (though they are usually quite satisfying) and the lack of any real gain apart from coins (which you’ll have tonnes of by the end) makes some of them a bit meaningless but other than that, it’s pretty great. Very well written and I laughed a lot. I think I said it before but Olivia is the best new character Nintendo have had in years. I hope, as unlikely as it is, they put her in smash bros.
  3. It looks pretty enough and runs at 60fps but, no, I didn’t see anything especially incredible during my short, terror filled gameplay.
  4. Started the demo. Then I decided I was rather tired and needed to go to bed and will play it tomorrow when it’s daylight. Spoiler: I wasn’t tired.
  5. I sent mine back. If you already have an external drive that works I don’t really see the point in spending £220 to save a few seconds on loading time/some under telly real estate. Unless you’re the type of person who plays loads of different games simultaneously I wouldn’t bother for now.
  6. For some reason (likely I didn’t read the article properly) I thought the patch for Jedi fallen order would give me 60fps 4K on series X but the 60fps mode is limited to 1080p. Shouldn’t it be able to do it?
  7. PS5 mostly yes because I’ve had some next gen games and, having always been an early adopter, am used to the slow trickle release of new games at the start of the life cycle. Xbox Series X not so much because I haven’t had any next gen games on it. I don’t count optimised for series x stuff (which is cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not like getting a brand new halo or something)
  8. Are you playing the Italian version?
  9. But who wouldn’t want to play Super Mario Fucking Dick Smasher
  10. Next Nintendo Direct has leaked.
  11. I could only dream of a constant pocket from Mercy in most games.
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