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  1. I've got the collectors edition of Death Stranding with a bridge baby full scale thing in a plastic briefcase. I have no idea why.
  2. Completed it, mate. I enjoyed the combat mostly but most of the quests felt very uninspired (following/tracking footsteps happens a lot, forced insta-fail stealth missions and having to walk/ride slowly along an NPC talking about your childhood for mostly pointless plot/character exposition), and the writing didn’t carry much weight. A gorgeous world that felt slightly at odds with itself - it was strangely lifeless at times - but fun enough. Sharper combat and no level gating was really the only thing that lifted it above an assassins creed game. An Edge 7/10
  3. I thought it looked pretty good! Though that maybe because it looked like a next gen Halo 1 and that excited me more rather than any extra special graphics. Its open world (right) let’s see the draw distance in the next round.
  4. Maybe slightly OT but I don’t like the word because crafting suggests that you’re doing some sort of careful design or thought, rather than just pressing x because you have collected the right number of materials in your inventory. I do a little eye roll when I hear it used as it suggests it’s some exciting new mechanic rather than what amounts to very little more than a basic shopping list to make something. I wonder if they can make a game where you actually craft something. Like you have to actually hammer stuff or wrap twine around sticks to make arrows or something. Someone make the game and pay me if it sells well (it won’t)
  5. The music in this (and sound design in general) is superb. Real Alien/Aliens vibes
  6. Those electricity boxes on walls. What’re they for? I think some of them might shut down lasers but most don’t seem to do much.
  7. I took that they have special shields and suits you can’t munch through.
  8. I suspect it’s a bit unrealistic for a monstrous oozing blob with no discernible eyes or digits to have a map but, that said, it would probably help a bit. Any tips for navigation or knowing where to go next?
  9. I am RPing the monster as one that takes great pleasure in enacting savage and brutal revenge for locking me up in a jar*. And also is quite peckish. *That's not a spoiler, that is the first thing you see.
  10. Just released on switch and a 15 min lunchtime blast reveals it to be pretty glorious. If you’ve watched the trailers and thought “I’ll have me some of that” then you won’t be disappointed.
  11. You can certainly improve your playing through the game but most improvements come from unlocking more skills and levelling up your equipment so you become a walking tank.
  12. Resident Evil 4 was decent but by no means as incredible as everyone says and I can't understand why people keep buying it over and over again.
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