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  1. g wings

    Xbox Game Pass

    does that mean we get the whole game or a limited demo?
  2. Production time, scheduling or he’s just teasing.
  3. I had a One S a while back but sold it when I moved to Oz. The live gold account is still active. I’ve just purchased a One X. Does anyone know if it’s possible to still use the account and just change region? Will I still be able to access the digital games I purchased in the UK?
  4. g wings


    here we go... from the BBC
  5. g wings

    Xbox Game Pass

    I sold my One S when I moved overseas a couple of years ago and have been 100% switch ever since. I’ve constantly had the Horizon itch and seeing Britain rendered so beautifully in trailers and play through videos has been torture. A couple of days ago I pulled the trigger on a One X, almost exclusively to play FH4 (and PES (and maybe madden )). As much as I love the switch I really miss Horizon and there is nothing close to filling the gap on switch. Will have to wait a while longer though as I’m moving house this week. Roll on the long Christmas holiday...
  6. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    @Dr NookieMy 7 year old daughter loves it. I would agree that joycon accuracy isn't the strong point of the game but I think that helps her have a better experience with it ot be honest.
  7. All I really want is Ridge, SEGA Rally and F355. Is that too much to ask?
  8. I downloaded Rise today and had a few races. It’s good fun and certainly more engaging than other racers I’ve tried on switch including the awful V-Rally and the technically very competent but charmless GRID.
  9. England were immense in just about every aspect but their line speed in defence was insane. NZ just never had a chance to get to the gain line, let alone break it.
  10. Jonathon Davies ruled out for Wales. That’s a huge loss but I’m still (nervously) hopeful.
  11. Wales threw it around too much but did well in the end. Biggar is out of the next game but should be ok after that. Hope Jonathan Davies isn't injured, he’s world class and his defence is key for us.
  12. Just started this today and watched the first three episodes. Really enjoying it so far. Danny McBride is channeling his usual Powers/Gamby and that’s fine by me.
  13. Season 4, the final season, has just started. I can’t decide whether to hold off for a bit and binge or eek it out by following an episode a week.
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