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  1. I paid £300 for a two sets of twin sticks and £90 for Virtual On:OT Was worth every penny!
  2. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m back in to BOTW, reckon I might finally be done in 2020.
  3. Has anyone with little kids got this? I really want it but then of course the kids will want to play it and not sure how accessible it is? Will a 5 and 7 year old find it too tough?
  4. g wings

    PC Engine Mini

    They’re going the wrong way. I want a Dreamcast mini
  5. I think that’s good news. Hopefully they’ve got a good plan to wrap it up with a strong ending.
  6. This could go on and on. I can imagine it ending with him being paid out.
  7. Bit of both by the looks of it. The gameplay has a number of glitches. Passing can be horribly removed from where you aim, goal kicking is awful but worst of all sometimes when you switch player control too fast all the players glitch and become unusable.
  8. Lords of the rising sun on the Amiga
  9. I think they are valid for a year so no huge rush needed. You could use one to get Metroid
  10. I really want to enjoy it but I’m finding it hard. But the first series was ridiculous and fun but it was brilliantly written and scripted. Characters actions, broadly at least, were believable in their own ‘universe’. Series 2 seems to have no consistent logic even within its own set of rules. It just feels wasteful. There are still till a few great moments, pretty much all to do with Jodie Comer’s performance but everything else is all over the place.
  11. It just bears so little resemblance to early season 1. There’s no subtlety, no subtext. It’s all laid out, sign posted and in most cases literally shouted. of course it’s always been stylised but all the characters are now parodies of themselves. I will finish up this series but I don’t think I will bother if they make more.
  12. Just two episodes of Season 2 left but I’m in no great hurry. It’s been a huge let down. Poor script, huge shifts in character and key plot points that have less than zero logic. Such a disappointment.
  13. Watched this tonight and really enjoyed it. A nice little story and some good performances. Never really seen The Rock in wrestling or films but thought he was great fun.
  14. You’re all ignoring the biggest issue. Look at the state of that nail polish.
  15. With your own twin? just checking because Norfolk
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