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  1. g wings

    NFL 2021!

    I read a couple of articles that pointed out the thinking that might have been going on. He was worried that the Cowboys would take a timeout and get penalised for something stupid at the next down. Would have only taken a false start or something similar, back 5 yards and then you're screwed.
  2. This is fun but given the amount of time invested on backstory I wonder where this goes, only one episode left.
  3. Will they definitely be able to be redeemed now though?
  4. g wings

    NFL 2021!

    Yes, really positive start and plenty to be excited about. The running game was a no-show but that’s not a big surprise against the Bucs. Surely Collins’ ban will be overturned. It’s unprecedented to ban a player for just missing tests (4% missed over 18 months apparently). Gallup out for a few weeks though which isn’t great.
  5. You have to be a subscriber to get that unfortunately.
  6. @Mortis those are simple one stage ones but they released two full mystery cases with multiple cards. They were initially given away as a promo apparently. Lots of available on eBay but with shipping to Oz the price of silly.
  7. We finally got delivery of MicroMacro crime city this week, it’s been delayed countless times here in Oz. The whole family loves it but we are racing through the cases. In the UK they released two extra crimes as a promo but they never made it here. Does anybody have them? I would love to get a photo of the cards if possible. I can buy them on eBay but it will be over $50 which is silly for two mysteries.
  8. My boy adores the Lego games and can't wait for this. The very long wait after endless delays better be worth it!
  9. g wings


    I’m living overseas and not on social media much so this has passed me by. Is there some supposed reason he’s being targeted or just people being cunts?
  10. I reckon you can overthink these films. Like I said earlier it exists just to tell a story in the same way that legends and fables do. They are basically a collection of Macguffins! Yep, some resumé!
  11. This is interesting and the same conversation I had with my wife after watching it. In lots of ways (not least that it’s based on poem) it’s a very straight translation of story to film. Myths, legends and fables often exist for no reason other than to tell a story; Bean stalks, dragon slayers, betrayal, honour, greed, blah blah. Much of the film dawdled and some elements were confusing and open to multiple interpretations but I loved it.
  12. Watched it last night. My viewing pleasure was tempered only by the fact I was watching it with my wife and I knew after about 15 minutes she was going to say it was “one of your weird films”. I loved it. It was beautiful to look at, had a great score and had a sense of weirdness and dread that felt authentic. I didn’t know about the mythology or the poem beforehand but read about it afterwards. Really Interesting. Oh, and I thought Dev Patel was excellent. I look forward to watching this again at some stage (by myself).
  13. Is this basically the BBC version of Banged up Abroad?
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