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  1. g wings

    NFL 2019!

    Strange decision by the Cowboys not to go for the field goal to tie the game in the fourth quarter. A big gamble that didn’t have much logic attached. Gutted.
  2. I felt the same way at first but on repeat reads/listens it really grew on me. Still not the best of Partridge but still great; The Beatles when it could have been Wings as Alan would say.
  3. g wings


    I would happily lose most of the players in your outs list but worry we are going to struggle to shift most of them for anything but give away prices. Who’s got the money and bad enough memory to pay Ozil’s wages?
  4. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    I love the idea of it but with the size of the car I can see it constantly bumping in to furniture and getting stuck. That said, I will probably still buy it for the boy for christmas to add to the pile RC cars, Scalextric and Anki overdrive that he never plays with
  5. Watched the first episode tonight (first three available from today). It’s late here, but In short; it’s totally crazy. Properly batshit crazy. A few surprises, plenty of gore and really intriguing. Will be great to see where this goes.
  6. g wings

    Xbox Game Pass

    Excellent. Was just about to pre-order hotshot racing.
  7. Got this on the switch a few days ago having played it on the xbox for the last few months. Lovely to have the convenience of handheld but I do find I'm better on the xbox as the travel of the stick is better for precise movement especially at speed. I've been watching some of the speed runs on youtube. Scary quick times that I will never match as my reactions aren't up to it anymore!
  8. g wings


    Lots of rumours seem to be firming up. Really gutted that AMN seems to be on his way out. Sounds like Bellerin might be off too.
  9. Season 1 is great, 2 is poor and I haven't watched 3 yet. Pullman is a bit of a marmite actor. He pulls it off in Season 1 but his character is dreadful in S2 and I hear even worse in S3.
  10. g wings


    Sounds like it’s been coming for a while. Arteta and Edu will now make all technical decisions while there is one voice from the top. Oh, and it saves some money too.
  11. Hmm, your poem needs some work.
  12. It plays MUCH better than it looks.
  13. g wings

    NFL 2019!

    It makes sense I guess but also feels like a "fuck you, here's a generic name now give us back our sponsorship money"
  14. You've lost it. He's amazing, the modern renaissance man. He could sound like the horrible love child of Cilla Black and Barry Manilow and I will still love him.
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