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  1. If anyone has the patience it can be worth checking out turnip.exchange. After sitting in a queue for about 40 minutes and then a few minutes of boarding frustration I got to an island that was buying at 603 bells.
  2. Yes, but on the 13th they are introducing Part 2: "Nazareth week" where some beardy guy drops by in white robes and asks you to collect 500 pieces of hardwood to make a cross. I've got so many sandals from fishing and hitting rocks it's ridiculous.
  3. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    But due to lack of cloud support in Animal Crossing presumably it will be a faff? I also wonder if it will somehow differentiate the purchase of the two AC purchases (which would be very Nintendo) and still have issues with the whole thing of a user not being able play another users games when it’s not the primary switch.
  4. It’s obviously going to be a full DC emu and complete software catalog on one super cheap Switch cart.
  5. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Multi/switch question that I’m hoping someone can answer... I’ve got a full size switch and tomorrow I’m picking up a lite. Myself and the two kids have profiles on the main switch. If they both want to play Animal crossing at the same time I believe I need to buy a copy for each machine. Presumably if I’m buying digital it needs to be done on two different profiles. I’m making the assumption that you can’t buy the same game twice with the same profile but not 100% sure of that. But... can the kids swap switches and still get access to their own save? Or do they need to stick to the switch they first play it on?
  6. So, having paid $80 so my daughter can play this my son is now addicted. I’m going to have to buy him his own switch and game at this rate. Plus I had no interest in this game and haven’t had a chance to play but I’m getting addicted by osmosis. 3 switches you say? Nintendo, please understand... Edit I can get two switch lites with my air miles. Weeks of happy isolation here we come!
  7. We have one switch... My daughter started this today on her profile and then my son started it on his profile on the same switch. It automatically puts him on the island my daughter created. Is there any way to stop this and have his own island? If so, is there any reason not to do that?
  8. Just watched the new episode. It’s as bonkers as ever! Fun though, looking forward to seeing where this is going. Was it just the broadcast I watched or was the sound mix awful for everyone? Impossible to follow half the dialog.
  9. Not if you’re Welsh! France played with so much aggression, Wales ignored the basics again and the ref was awful.
  10. Haven’t watched England Scotland game yet but Wales were disappointing. Not enough build up play and they didn’t deal with Ireland’s aggression quickly enough. Ireland were so fast off the line and we looked like we were back peddling from the kick-off. Tompkins made some bad missed tackles but also put in one enormous hit and some of his running lines were good. He probably deserves and needs another start though. Fair play to Ireland, they stuck with what worked and did it very well.
  11. Some great individual performances I thought but North was exposed in centre a fair bit and we gave up serious yards. But we made some great chances by being bold and creative. And glad to see us not give a single point away
  12. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    did you watch it?! Amazing. Every Nintendo and Sega game free?! Incredible.
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