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  1. yes, my daughter has loved Totoro since she was 5 or 6. Kiki’s delivery service is another favourite.
  2. Yes, that was my point, I just made it badly! I believe QT would write the same words now as he did then.
  3. I haven’t seen True Romance in ages but I wonder how much QT would change the script if It was written today.
  4. A bit scary I reckon. Obviously depends on your kid though, my 6 year old can happily watch stuff that would scare my 8 year old. Do you use common sense media? If you can avoid the extreme reviews (and the far right bible-wielding nutters) you will often find common themes that will give you guidance.
  5. You blew your ending. As for the best of endings... Peter Sellers in Being There.
  6. g wings

    Xbox Game Pass

    Repeat/newbie question I’m sure but having looked around the web I can see different answers to this question... When a game leaves game pass are you still able to play it or do you need to purchase it?
  7. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    I would pay a lot more than £29.99 for powerstone on switch
  8. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Power stone on the switch. 2020 is already shaping up to be an amazing year...
  9. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, no racer has really grabbed me on the switch. A couple are technically impressive or have decent mechanics but nothing with the whole package. I’ve also realised how important analog triggers are despite my early denial! Broken record I know but Sega Rally and Ridge would keep me busy for a very long time. I’ve ended up getting an Xbox again so I can play Forza (plus PES and a couple of other games I will never get time to play)...
  10. “Tori”??? Make your own augmented reality fridge to hide in.
  11. g wings

    Xbox Game Pass

    does that mean we get the whole game or a limited demo?
  12. Production time, scheduling or he’s just teasing.
  13. I had a One S a while back but sold it when I moved to Oz. The live gold account is still active. I’ve just purchased a One X. Does anyone know if it’s possible to still use the account and just change region? Will I still be able to access the digital games I purchased in the UK?
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