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  1. Thanks for the heads-up @Gotters. Shamefully I’ve never played Just Cause 2. I will remedy that now!
  2. Get a deck. I’ve been in and out of gaming for years. I buy the latest consoles but quickly realise I don’t have the time to play or have to try and get in before the kids But with the deck I can just grab it and play while my wife is watching TV or I can play in bed or I can quickly play for half an hour during a work break. The fact that it can pretty simply and very successfully emulate so many systems is incredible. I would say it’s worth it for that alone but then you’ve got the huge steam library to pick from. On top of all that I can access Xbox cloud gaming! And because it’s a PC you can mod stuff too. Today I spent ages tinkering with DIY rosters, wrestlers and moves with Fire Pro Wrestling World and I’ve also modded Legend Bowl (non licences American football game) now with a full NFL team roster set-up. It’s all good fun to mess about with. Oh, and because I’m an old git with failing eyes I can play on a big screen using the dock. I haven’t played so much in years and I love it! Edit: I adore the switch but the deck is far more comfortable for me when playing long sessions and BOTW and Mario Odyssey are two of my favourite games but you can play them on the switch emu!
  3. More of the same unfortunately. Pretty depressing to see how far Wales have fallen. The whole system has been screwed for forty years or more but a great squad and coaching team let us go beyond all that over the last decade or so. I’m not someone who subscribes to wanting to see my team lose in the hope of seeing change because everyone in Welsh rugby will carry on regardless. But… all this talk of Gats coming back. I don’t know. I guess he could shore things up and make us more respectable for the World Cup but the system will still be a shambles. I remember Jonathan Davies calling it out back in the 80’s and I didn’t really understand but he was right and nothing has changed.
  4. I was just most impressed by Kellon Moore. His scheme seems to be getting better each game, thank god! They are also finally getting the RB balance right. I reckon Jones will take OBJ for sure if the numbers stack up.
  5. Because being mean to you won't result in broken legs
  6. The score doesn't really back it up but Dallas were great today. The offence seemed to hit its stride quickly and Kellon Moore's offensive playbook was excellent. The defence did it's thing well too and Micah Parsons was a monster as usual. Their run Defence can still be suspect but I really don't think they need to be scared of any team now.
  7. Made quite a few purchases given all the price drops and thought I would give Dirt Rally 2.0 a go, even though it’s been downgraded to incompatible. Nervously waited for the download to complete and I’m happy to say it works perfectly so far and it’s bloody impressive visually. This machine keeps surprising me. Also got Fire Pro Wrestling World or whatever it’s called. I’m sure it will be great once I get in to it properly but for me it’s lost the visual charm of earlier releases (D on Dreamcast being my favourite).
  8. I get the impression that for most Premier League footballers being a player is just a side hustle to being a full-time cunt.
  9. What a shower of shit Wales are. No clear plan at all. We let great coaches walk away, we chop and change our game plan and blood players only to then jettison them. What a waste.
  10. Gotters posted on the previous page. One of the bugs was menus not scaling properly on 4K TVs. I’m assuming that’s the bug that impacts me. I get correct display on my small old TV but on my 4K Imita zoomed in so I only get the top left of what I should see.
  11. Good to read about the dock bug being fixed. That’s the issue I have had. Works fine on a shitty old 22” but not on my 4K TV.
  12. Nah. You’re playing it wrong! In all seriousness it’s no Pro Evo but it has a charm and it’s all about the outrageous goals. My son and I are playing through the whole World Cup (including every pool game) on FIFA23
  13. g wings


    Except people who pay for it via steam etc…
  14. Thanks to the Steam Deck I have thoroughly fallen in love with this game. It was rubbish on the Switch and I just never got time to play on Xbox so being able to do a stage or two at a time on Deck is brilliant. I can see myself replaying time and again to get better times.
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