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  1. Be fair, he's got a headache
  2. I've been slightly surprised that a new purchasable area wasn't unveiled to go with the launch of the new X and S. Could it be on the way? Forza Lapland with exclusive Santa sleigh available with pre-purchase?
  3. The episode 'Skin' freaked me out as a kid and has stuck with me for about 40 years...
  4. It's a double episode where she also destroys Wales
  5. Don't really know what's going to happen for Wales. Amazing how quickly it feels like we've regressed on and off the field. Never should have let Edwards go and the turn over of coaching staff is worrying. Why did Warburton leave? Supposedly to focus on other opportunities but given how much he loves Welsh rugby it feels like he jumped for other reasons. Could be reading too much in to it of course. Either way we look poor. Fitness seems to be down, basics are bad (scrum, line-out, restarts) and we aren't playing in any way to suck in defenders or disturb defensive patterns. We jus
  6. g wings

    The Bookies

    Don't know how you do it! I get screwed on racing almost every time. I do pretty well on accumulators for NFL and a few other sports but I'm learning to stay away from horses!
  7. It seems nothing in the world exists that can stop kids wanting to play Roblox
  8. I've ordered a Series X and was going to sell my One X but I'm now thinking about being greedy and keeping both. Are there any limitations to us being able to use both Xboxes at the same time using the same account?
  9. Watch Dogs: I went to the toilet in the club and when I got out all my mates had gone Simulator looks great.
  10. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    Feel for the Cowboys today. They stifled the Steelers and pulled off some great special teams plays. I haven't seen a replay but I think the crucial roughing the passer call later in the 4th was very harsh. They deserved this one.
  11. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    That's like a play straight out of Madden 21
  12. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    Dallas (2-5) take on the Eagles (2-4-1) to see who will take 1st in the NFC East. Lol, what a division!
  13. Yes, they look to have gone backward in many areas and I still can’t believe they let Edwards go to France.
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