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  1. Jonathon Davies ruled out for Wales. That’s a huge loss but I’m still (nervously) hopeful.
  2. Wales threw it around too much but did well in the end. Biggar is out of the next game but should be ok after that. Hope Jonathan Davies isn't injured, he’s world class and his defence is key for us.
  3. Just started this today and watched the first three episodes. Really enjoying it so far. Danny McBride is channeling his usual Powers/Gamby and that’s fine by me.
  4. Season 4, the final season, has just started. I can’t decide whether to hold off for a bit and binge or eek it out by following an episode a week.
  5. Wow! Great result for the hosts. Terrible for my betting balance!
  6. I would love* to see Japan win but surely Ireland will have too much for them in the last 20. * most importantly I have money on stockdale to score. As long as that happens I will be happy.
  7. Scrum feeds will surely continue? I don’t think scrum half’s actually know how to put it in straight anymore.
  8. Just completed the ‘main’ game. Short but loved every minute and worth every penny. What a triumph! So many lovely moments with appearing on the TVs one particular favourite...
  9. did you find a solution to this? I’ve been put off getting a lite until I better understand the limitations
  10. Are you saying you lost everything pre-death? I’ve always found the auto saves are frequent but I used to manually save before fights, etc
  11. there’s no ‘right’ way but I tended to focus on unlocking the map by working my way through the towers.along the way I would do the odd quest, find food, get in fights and try to get Shrines so I could power up. But essentially I just wandered and got sidetracked which was an amazing experience! I don’t think I actually took on any divine beasts until I was about 80 hours in!
  12. I picked it up on release. It’s fun but pretty limited, with a loose interpretation of football. The main mechanic is the sliding tackle and the jump (to avoid sliding tackle) which you can’t get penalised for which (except in the penalty area). Scoring goals is pretty easy and you will succeed with 50% of shots (probably more) if you give it a good smack.
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