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  1. cubik

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    MARRS - Pump up the Volume I've fixed the link so it works but it's audio only. The video for the song appears to have been taken down
  2. Friends don't buy friends Spectrum Vegas. You can emulate a Spectrum really well on the Nintendo DS. http://zxds.raxoft.cz/
  3. This looks amazing. I bet they eventually do a British version hosted by someone from Hollyoaks where the masked celebs include Cheryl Baker and H from Steps.
  4. "You've got to keep the energy levels up" This twitter account has some great examples, including "Hitler's Holocaust Railways with Chris Tarrant" which I thought was a piss-take title but was actually real. https://twitter.com/partridgeideas
  5. Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank, Arm Wrestling with Chas & Dave, Ladyshapes and of course, Monkey Tennis. Who could forget such timeless concepts, sadly overlooked by the cruel injustice of Alan not getting a second series and his subsequent and rapid mental breakdown resulting in shoving a large cheese in Tony Hayers face. Channel 4, 5, ITV3 etc are now full of these terrible shows, and I'm "lucky" enough to be on the mailing list for a ticket company so I sometimes get early invites to see them. I'm up in the North and most of the really interesting ones are in the South so I do miss out on what may be a new golden age of TV. I've just been invited to this: STARS IN THE DARK Stars in the Dark is a brand new studio entertainment show hosted by Warwick Davis. The UK’s favourite celebrities will battle it out to win money for charity in a series of unique challenges... IN THE DARK! On Friday 18th January, our celebs will be: Lesley Joseph, Anthony Cotton, London Hughes & Peter Andre. As the audience, you’ll get a truly unique viewing experience, being the only people in the studio who can actually see what our celebs are up to, thanks to our special night vision technology. This is NOT to be missed…unless you are afraid of the dark! The show tapes this Friday, 18th January 2019 at 4.15pm at BBC Elstree Studios in Borehamwood. If you would like to join us for an afternoon of celebrity fun, then apply now! Just...Wow. Imagine seeing all your favourite celebs including her off of Birds of a Feather and some other people in a game show, in the fucking dark! BAFTA glory surely awaits. Is this really any worse than things used to be though? Prime time on Saturday used to involve Jim Davidson hosting a snooker based quiz for example. What other glorious ideas that actually made it to screen would Alan be proud of?
  6. cubik

    Project iGame

    A flat panel in this would be a shame - Can you get a colour CRT that would fit?
  7. cubik

    Gaming Predictions 2019

    Death Stranding doesn't come out in 2019. TLOU2 doesn't come out in 2019, rumoured to be moving to PS5. FFVII is never mentioned again by Sony in any official capacity. Shenmue 3 is barely mentioned and doesn't come out in 2019. Some form of Ridge Racer remake/reboot is teased at TGS by whatever Namco are called these days. EA/Activision come up with a new form of monetisation that really really pisses everyone off. Huge backlash ensues. PS5 is teased by a short clip of Aloy looking out over a vast and massively detailed wilderness. No real specs but launch date of mid 2020 is announced. XBox next-gen teased but no real details. VR still doesn't become mass market. MAD box (or whatever it's called) announce a kickstarter to fund their badly shaped bonkers console thing. Spectrum Vega+ saga carries on but not a single one of the people who essentially stole half a million quid from backers suffers from any kind of legal or criminal repercussions.
  8. cubik

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    After the mentions in the one hit wonders thread, I had to start digging out some old school 12"s. First up is this beauty which also made it into the halls of Amiga soundtrack fame. A look at the label for those that don't recognise it in motion. Next up - Airport 89 by Wood Allen Edit - Now playing - 20 Seconds to Comply by Silver Bullet
  9. cubik

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Another absolute banger: Technically, they did have a follow up hit, Slam which reached the heady heights of number 54. Still got both of these on 12"
  10. cubik

    Do you cheat on games?

    Are there cheats on console games nowadays? The old days of a particular button sequence giving unlimited everything seem so long ago. I finished PS4 God of War and found it bloody hard at times (default difficulty setting). It did suggest a few times on the reload screen that I could drop the difficulty but I didn't. I guess that would have been a form of cheating. So no, I don't cheat in-game (infinite lives, ammo etc.), but I have looked at walkthroughs for games. Zelda on the SNES mini was a recentish one that I'd never have finished were it not for internet guidance.
  11. cubik

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    As much as I love Bomb the Bass, they're no one-hit wonder. Say a Little Prayer, Winter in July and Don't Make me Wait made the charts, and don't forget the ultimate Amiga game soundtrack that was Megablast. All top ten hits. Later on they had Bug Powder Dust which made the top 30.
  12. cubik

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    A genuine, stone cold classic that is still an outstanding piece of work. Edit - The actual video for this isn't on youtube anymore for some reason, so here's audio only.
  13. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Apparently it'll be £900 which is better than I thought. I'm glad I got my GR in the sale for less than that or else I might have been a bit miffed. I was considering paying more at one point but luckily I waited for a deal. They're bringing the SL1500 back too, the original of which is coincidentally what I've just upgraded from and will be selling soon. I think that should be a good seller for them, should be much more affordable than the 1200. Sony and audio-technica have both announced new models, some decent looking kit at decent prices. It's good to see the entry level getting a bit more choice.
  14. cubik

    Are AAA games killing themselves?

    This reads like that HMV article from the Guardian the other week. I've made my fair share of "in my day" type posts but this is a load of old tripe. In the last 12 months I've finished some great triple A games including Horizon, Spider-Man and God of War and loved every minute of them. Will I replay them from scratch? Probably not, however, "back in the day" I finished plenty of classic games on different platforms like Super Mario World, Secret of Mana, FF7, Golden Sun and have I played any of them for any reasonable amount of time since? No. Did all of them bring me hours and hours (weeks even) of enjoyment? Yes. Were they value for money? Absolutely. All disposable, all bloody brilliant. And I'd much rather listen to Madonna than Bob Dylan any day.
  15. cubik

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    1 - God of War (PS4) Loved every minute of it, even the really hard bits I had to repeat over and over again. Now I can go exploring and killing Valkyries etc.

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