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  1. It looks like they're about to drop an album via bleep https://bleep.com/
  2. Phone is currently updating so no pictures but this just arrived and is currently spinning: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/177991-black-meteoric-star-ghost-frequency https://soundcloud.com/gavinraynarussom/sets/black-meteoric-star-ghost It's a nice mix of crunchy synths and techo/electro tinged instrumentals, by Gavin Rayna Russom from LCD Soundsystem
  3. Just watched this and loved 2/3 of it. A lot of the bits with the class and teachers didn't work that well for me, the MJ/PP relationship was handled well though and the superhero movie bits were great. I'd happily pay good money to see a version that removed this guy from it though. He's the Jar Jar Binks of the MCU
  4. TLOU was great, I'll probably play it through again. As for that rounders game, I'll pass
  5. It just didn't click with me. I started playing it on the bog and didn't even end up with dead legs from sitting there too long.
  6. Still there (I think it’s probably moved since then) and still one of the best around. I’ll be there on Saturday to pick up some preordered albums, the latest by 65daysofstatic and Telefon tel Aviv
  7. Seeing as how today is the 20th Anniversary of the moon being blasted out of earth's orbit, how about some classic 70's TV - Space:1999
  8. Good call - On the subject of a sequel too far, how about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? The trailer had that iconic music plus that hat. I was excited when I saw the trailer. The film had Indy surviving a nuclear blast, aliens, a babbling John Hurt, awful accented Russian baddie and Shia "Poochie" Leboeuf
  9. There's a couple for me that have already been posted: TLJ (sorry to everyone who loved it) - The forced humour (a joke about ironing!) is top of my list of things I didn't like, followed by the Casino planet. As also mentioned, GOTG2. @Gord nails exactly how it felt. Just an amplification of everything that was good to the point where it got annoying. Give it 12-18 months and I'm sure I'll be editing this post to include the Coming to America sequel that's allegedly supposed to be happening. Just leave it alone please Hollywood.
  10. Two bargain releases for tonight courtesy of the Piccadilly Records sale. Both RSD releases (2018 I think) that were being sold off cheap. I already had the Rob Base album from first time round but my original isn't in the best condition, the FSOL release is something I haven't heard before and is excellent. Only compliant I have about it is that it didn't come with a download code and doesn't appear to be on Spotify. Attempted arty shot of the FSOL album in motion.
  11. Looks good with the exception of the folding/swinging lightsaber which looked like it was created after focus group research
  12. I think it's more air conditioner meets Bose stereo meets futuristic prison. Looks good.
  13. I love the point in the console release cycle where the new model is definitely happening but nobody knows anything concrete so they just make shit up. Behold, the PS5! https://bgr.com/2019/08/21/ps5-release-date-gets-closer-playstation-5-design-might-have-leaked/ I for one would love to have this weird perspective "MC Escher when he was 13" type monstrosity under my TV. I just wish it had even more USB ports and LEDs. Edit - Apparently it could be a real dev kit. Still looks like Homer's car though.
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