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  1. I've backed a few things but usually books or music, not the Vega+ (even though I'm quite vocal about it I have no financial interest in it). I've never had any issues, but I've always been limited to £20ish so it's worth a gamble. Some of the things I see on Kickstarter and IGG are just bonkers. Either totally unfeasible or just reinventing the wheel, there's so many variations on airpods for example that people will throw money at, or this thing: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gravastar-crazy-cool-speaker-with-ultimate-sound#/ $200 for a 90s action movie robot looking bluetooth speaker that is pretty much guaranteed to sound worse than a normal looking one for £50.
  2. What a shower of shit. This was the company who publicly claimed that they'd do something about the Vega+ campaign funds and then did absolutely fuck all. This whole campaign has been a clusterfuck from the start, for all involved parties (except the backers of course). IGG must have been skirting round legality in so many territories over the years, but once again, it shows that those responsible for a mess will usually piss of and leave it for someone else to clean up. I'll certainly never give them any of my money.
  3. Is Indiegogo UK just a shell for UK trading that they could live without so they're letting it die? I assume IGG is in no danger, can't find any bad news about them.
  4. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    I replace inner sleeves on most second hand stuff, and on any new records where the original is a bit poo. I use these, they were recommended here years ago: https://www.covers33.co.uk/shop/for-your-vinyl/12-vinyl/12-paper/12-white-paper-polylined-sleeve-pack-of-100/ Storage wise, the most popular solution is Ikea Kallax. It's pretty much defacto standard. My Kallax acts as a turntable stand for my SL-1210 too.
  5. cubik

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    Just finished this after getting it on PS+ and not really expecting much. Loved it from start to finish, such an emotional game. I've just mentioned it in the PS+ thread but the bit where: I only realised it was by the Unfinished swan guys when she found her brother's paintings. Loved that game too.
  6. At first I thought this choice of games was going to be terrible, then I played Overcooked and realised that my assumptions were correct. Then I played Edith Finch and changed my mind. I know a lot of you have bought and played this, for those who haven't, play it. Lovely game, really sad in places.
  7. cubik

    Designing a cover for a self published book

    Congrats on the book release, and sorry to be all negative but did you notice that your £5 cover still has the Shutterstock watermark in it? It does mean that you're infringing their copyright and they could get grumpy about it. It's unlikely they'll notice but I think you at least deserve a refund from Fiverr guy.
  8. Bomb Jack's cover of The Beatles' Lady Madonna has always been a favourite:
  9. That's a good point. At the very least, the crowdfunding companies could hold the P&P costs back till the product is proven to be ready to ship. For some items (vinyl singles or LPs are a good example), the P&P cost (depending on country) can be as much as the item itself.
  10. I hope so, his head is one of the statues round the stadium in Ragnarok. Anyway, back on to Endgame: saw it today and loved it - Minor complaints: The pacing of the first ten minutes or so (Tony stranded, Captain Marvel appears, Tony is back, Tony meets cap, has a hissy fit and buggers off) felt a bit rushed. I'd liked to have seen it expanded on but I suppose the film is three hours long already. Hulk - I'd like to have seen more smashing and for him to get his revenge on Thanos in the big fight at the end, even just getting a few punches in would have done. Thor - The "fat pissed Thor" subplot worked well at first but felt a bit dragged out as it went on. The whole time travel thing was done well, but again, the way they discovered it was rushed. It just sort of happened with thirty seconds of Stark thinking about Moebius strips and Hulk playing with a console. Once the machine was built though, the actual time travel segments (meeting people from their pasts etc) was excellent. Thor's closure with his mum was quite touching. Things I loved: Nebula's character development over the films. From brainwashed murderous daughter of Thanos to genuine hero. The big fight scene where the portals appear and pretty much everyone turns up. I was so engrossed that I'd completely forgotten that Hulk had snapped everyone back so wasn't expecting it. Cap attacking Thanos with Mjolnir. About time too. Tony's death was really well done - No long rambling eulogies, just "I Am Iron Man", a snap and then that was it pretty much it for him speaking. Pepper's "you can rest now" was lovely. His funeral scene was more emotional than the death I thought. No pomp and ceremony as such, just a long panning camera shot over his extended family. I liked the fact that they didn't try and introduce any new characters - I was worried they'd have someone previously unseen turn up in a pivotal role but they stuck to the existing MCU squad. Old Cap - So glad that they wrote him out in a way that didn't kill him off as such but gave him (in his own words) "a life". A great conclusion to a series of films that have meant more to me (and I'm sure a lot of others) than I thought they ever would. I can't wait to see where they go next, I almost wish they'd be brave enough to start again with a whole new bunch of characters and not try to tie things in to this version of the MCU or reuse characters/actors who've had official screen time. The Fantastic Four were never official MCU so fingers crossed for them vs Doom in the future.
  11. cubik

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    Saw it, loved it. Couple of issues with it but not enough to majorly complain. Off to the spoiler thread.
  12. The majority of the time, you're paying money upfront to a team of people with a genuine passion and work ethic who are committed to producing a product but need to the cash to fund tooling, studio costs, production costs etc. Things go wrong - Manufacturing doesn't scale well, prototypes don't prove to be durable enough and need significant redesign, costs rise, unforeseen things happen. The majority succeed as planned or with delays but projects fail for all sorts of reasons, many of which are unexpected or unpredictable. You're absolutely right though, it is a gamble. If you see every penny spent on reaching the goal but for some reason they don't quite make it, it's a pisser, but that's life. In this instance, it appears that there was very little effort made to actually produce a product, just lies, legal battles, internet tittle tattle and mud slinging. That's not a pisser, it's tantamount to theft.
  13. cubik

    Back to The Future

    What will they do for the Jonnie B Goode bit? Have they got a guitarist and singer?
  14. cubik

    Old School Rave and Jungle

    Never heard this before but the Quadrophonia 12" has been added to my discogs want list. That's one thing I love about the old school rave era, there's plenty 12" singles worth taking a punt on for a quid or two on discogs.

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