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  1. I forgot about SOTC. I have it in my PS+ library but never got round to really getting stuck into it, I'll make amends over the holidays.
  2. I've already played and finished God of War, TLOU, Uncharted 4 & Infamous Second Son. I'm jealous of those that haven't played through these before and are getting them for free (I know it's not technically free but you get my drift). I'll be focusing on finishing Control which I bought from the PS Store last week, and then on to The Last Guardian and Days Gone. I'll be on the lookout for cheap copies of Miles and Sackboy.
  3. Sorry for the lack of pet pic but my cat doesn't go in for doing what he's told. After a week of ups and downs thanks to Currys chaotic (or to be more accurate, shite) ordering and fulfillment system, I have a PS5. I almost didn't as the DPD driver can't read numbers and took it to the house next door. Luckily I saw him before he left it on a pensioner's doorstep. First impressions of the console: Not actually as massive as I thought it would be. Mainly because I'd spent a week reading about how it was humongous, and it's not. It's just big. It's quiet. N
  4. Mine is here and working and a thing of beauty. Time to leave this thread and join the general chat in the PS5 thread. To all still waiting, godspeed to your courier. See you on the other side!
  5. Double posted in here and the despatch thread purely because I'm quite pleased with how this stupid idea turned out. I'll be joining you all later today for next-gen shinies. Exciting times!
  6. It's been emotional, almost time to play this blockbuster:
  7. 1 more sleep! It might even encourage me to order a new tv tomorrow on Black Friday
  8. I think Currys are having a laugh at my expense now.. Just got this email from them: We hope you're loving it? Cheeky feckers.
  9. I ordered it on Thursday when the website said 3-5 days, and got an order acknowledgement straightaway. After a while I got the "it might be a bit longer" email, and then eventually got an email saying it would be by the 15th. At that point I was resigned to the fact that it was mid December before I could drool over Spider-Man's reflection. On Friday, the status changed to "Despatched" and the internet was full of comments from people seeing the same change and getting DPD tracking numbers. Obviously at this point I got excited as mine had despatched so I'd be getting
  10. I ordered mine about 6:30. I’m not expecting miracles, just an email saying what is going on. That’s the bit I don’t get, a single tweet or message would clarify it all
  11. My PS5 order from Currys which has been "Shipped" for the last four days now says "In Progress" so it's going backwards. I only found out because I checked, I've had no emails or updates or anything from them, and looking online it appears to be a random lucky dip if you get any information at all, let alone a console that they took the money for 30 seconds after I ordered it on Thursday. I don't expect them to have enough PS5s to get everything out on the day but there's been zero communication since launch day. Thousands of customers with no idea what's going on and a
  12. Whoever they were I got the impression they were “showbiz” pals of VCM and they seemed to get much longer than the other team to answer after hitting the buzzer in the first couple of rounds
  13. That group of whatever comes after Z-listers are on again and I don’t think I’ve ever hated a team on a quiz show more
  14. Worked for me 5 minutes before I posted. Sorry for getting anyone’s hopes up
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