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  1. For someone with a French name, who was born in France to French parents and lives on a vineyard in rural France, his attempt at a French accent was extremely ropey. Other than that I enjoyed it, especially the progression for Raffi's character.
  2. I knew my Minter comments were a bit of a hot take but come on, this is just too much
  3. Alternative Minter analogy. He’s often released titles that are the gaming equivalent of Crazy Frog does Axel F. These contains the gaming equivalent of samples that aren’t actually samples, but are carefully reconstructed snippets of classics. These are then overlaid with other not wholly original but less derivative elements that are influenced by others examples of the genre.
  4. I only just realised your username was camel... You don't live in a farmhouse in Wales do you?
  5. A lot of those dodgy Top of the Pops covers didn't sound much like the originals
  6. I think the most well known would be: Gridrunner - Centipede Llamatron - Robotron Andes Attaack - Defender Defender 2000 - Defender (this is an official cover I assume) Lots of Tempest clones (some official, some not e.g. Space Giraffe) He's done originals too, but his best known and loved work is very heavily influenced by the work of others. At least he's learned from the best! (See also Archer McClean's Dropzone and many others from that era)
  7. Jeff Minter's back catalogue is the gaming equivalent of those Tops of the Pops compilation albums from the 70s & 80s that contained cover versions of hit songs.
  8. Today's trip to the second hand record shop got me these 12"s (amongst others)
  9. Made a start today to physically sort my records. I've got two distinct collections: Old stuff (original purchases from my formative years, plus a big chunk of second hand bought more recently via discogs to replace old discs or releases I missed first time round) New stuff (bought in the last five years) I don't want to mix the two sections on my shelves as a lot of the old stuff shows its age and it seems a shame to put nice new releases against manky old 12"s. I added pretty much everything to discogs and categorised each one via discogs folders called "new" and "old" to help in sorting them in more detail. I exported it all as a spreadsheet and then added genres to sort by as discogs export doesn't include genre info for some reason. I kept the genre choices fairly small as it's too easy to go down the many variations on house/techno/electro/trance that exist these days so it's pretty simple. I did have some minor subcategories for specific labels or series releases. 1) Chart/pop/rock 2) Hip Hop 3) Electronic/dance/a million and one sub-genres 3a) CPU Records 3b) De:Tuned (DE:10:0x series) 3c) Phuture (35-00x series) 4) Soundtrack So far I've re-arranged all my new stuff, within the categories the sorting is alphabetical by artist, then each artist's releases by release date. I've got a lot of stuff by Depeche Mode so they get kept separate from chart/pop/rock or electronic. Again, sorted by 12" in release order then albums in release order. Still got to do the old stuff, that'll take some time....
  10. cubik

    The electronica thread

    One other tip if you like buying rather than streaming is use bandcamp's filter to narrow down their recommendations or best sellers and check out the previews. https://bandcamp.com/?g=electronic&s=top&p=0&gn=0&f=all&t=downtempo Only thing to watch is the "is it classed as downtempo/idm/ambient/instrumental" dilemma.
  11. cubik

    The electronica thread

    The Ghostly Swim and Ghostly Swim 2 albums are on spotify, well worth a listen. The latest Telefon tel Aviv album is worth a listen too.
  12. cubik

    The electronica thread

    Sorry, some of these are well known classics. Some aren't though (Syne and Dalham especially) Plaid - Spokes/Scintilli/The Digging Remedy/loads of others Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92/Selected Ambient Works II Dalham - Janus/Heat Death SYNE - SYNE Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth/Stasis Boards of Canada (again) - Their other albums - start with Music has the Right to Children Edit - A couple of others you'll find on Bandcamp. Concretism - For Concrete and Country 36 - Loads of albums to go at Craven Faults
  13. These are the king of salt & vinegar: They don't seem to be available in supermarkets though, I've only ever seen them in pubs
  14. Other than a sit down original Star Wars arcade cab, followed by an original Robotron cab, a more achievable holy grail (although that therefore means it isn't really a holy grail) is a Vectrex in great condition. As a kid I had one with loads of games, and for some reason lost interest after a couple of years when the next thing came along and my mum & dad got rid of it. I have a dream I'll just stumble across one in a junk shop and get it for a fiver or something.
  15. There's a conspiracy theory around NIN and Tori Amos, with various common lyrics, titles etc. so here's an underappreciated track by her. http://www.thanatopsic.org/music/trivial/ttcon.html Edit - I should add that most of these conspiracy theory points are just clutching at straws or tenuous at best (both used the sound of a dog on an album etc.) but it gives me an excuse to post this vid.
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