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  1. Still looks better than Stallone. They'd be better using Sly as Fargo.
  2. Aren't Joe and Rico the same age though? It'll need some good CGI to make Sly look young.
  3. Day 31 - Guilty Pleasure From when pop music ruled the world. Edit - Forgot to add, well done everyone for posting their faves, it's been great to see them and especially to @acidbearboy for starting this thread.
  4. Day 29 - A Great Instrumental UNKLE - Chemistry
  5. Day 28 - A Great Male Vocal I really miss R.E.M.
  6. Day 27 - A Great Female Vocal
  7. Day 26 - Classic album 2000-2009 These guys never really got the recognition they deserved and released three albums, the first two of which were great and the third which was very poor. Their second (Kick up the Fire and Let the Flames Break Loose) is brilliant, and spawned this bonkers Michael Fassbender starring video.
  8. Day 25 - Something you recently discovered This was released yesterday on the Castles in Space label, I've had stuff from their bandcamp before but this is a new artist on me. The album is definitely inspired by BOC, but has enough of its own character to pull it off.
  9. Day 24 - Music That Fills You With Nostalgia There's so much I could choose from; songs that make me think of schooldays, friends old and new, nights out, holidays, family and major milestones in life. Some of them are deeply meaningful, full of melancholy and emotion, or joyous and celebratory. On the other hand, others are just fairly meaningless songs but really hit the spot in terms of memories - This was playing in a cheesy nightclub on my first night out with a beautiful girl who eventually became my wife.
  10. Day 23 - Music that makes you relaxed Someone was bound to pick Boards of Canada so it might as well be me.
  11. Day 22 - Music that gets you pumped I love this song, it needs to be played loud...
  12. “Enjoy your death trap ladies” is a great throwaway line too.
  13. Day 21 - music that makes you sad Not as simple a topic as others, it's easy to stray into the territory of just going for "depressing" bands like Radiohead, The Cure, The Smiths or Depeche Mode. Whilst they can be a bit gloomy, I quite like that and even their sad songs make me smile. This on the other hand is a beautiful song about dementia with a video that can make you cry. Daughter - Doing the Right Thing
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