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  1. I haven't funded it but have followed the whole debacle with morbid interest. I had a Spectrum back in the day which I loved, but I've never really wanted to revisit Skool Daze or Atic Atac in recent years. That and the fact that this thing always looked like every other generic handheld, but with a rainbow sticker in the corner. There's so many devices that can do what this was supposed to do and much more.
  2. Whatever next? Will we find out tomorrow that the Russians interfered with IGG and diverted the funds to a Facebook advertising campaign, resulting in both Brexit and Trump getting elected?
  3. This is much wider than just stealing backers money. Lying to the police and shaming a disabled woman? Scumbags. I take it the office called Levy is a relative. If so, I bet they're a bit concerned about getting dragged into this steaming cesspit.
  4. I thought sky owned all the important stuff. Maybe all they have is their name and fond memories.
  5. Two C5s, a QL and a slightly damaged box load of Horace goes skiing cassettes.
  6. Absolutely. The smart money with a failing business is to realise that it's up shit creek and shut it down before you become personally liable. The weird thing is that it's plain to see that there is no way out of this so why don't they just call it quits before it gets worse. These guys seem to be digging a bigger and bigger hole for themselves every single day. Oh well, pass the popcorn!
  7. I got fed up of hearing that bloke off the telly say "train go boom" and sacked SP off. Multiplayer seems to consist of me as a low level player repeating a loop of spawn-die-repeat. That's probably down to me being rubbish at online games though.
  8. Late to the party here but story mode in Black Ops 3 is completely rubbish. I know multiplayer gets the bulk of attention these days, SP is utter shite.
  9. Law firms after them? They must be well and truly up shit creek now. I'm genuinely shocked as to how long they managed to drag this farce out for, and it's still not over.
  10. cubik

    Playstation Vita

    Why did I sell my vita?
  11. cubik

    Most impressive use of limited hardware.

    VR is impressive, yes. It's hardly limited hardware though. Hearing the word Yippee! come out of my Spectrum when playing Splat all those years was impressive, even though it sounds like a garbled mess these days. Thinking about it, getting any kind of sampled sound onto those old machines was an impressive thing in itself. We're used to the fact that any PC/phone etc. has a microphone with digital recording built in but to have a C64 or Spectrum talk to you was a real feat.
  12. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. It’s now passed the Langdell level of utter madness and fucknuggetery.
  13. Imagine how many documents will have been leaked by then. Madness.
  14. cubik

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    I just made the mistake of looking at Juno.co.uk for a single 12" I wanted to buy. There's a sale on - £60 quid later I've got a few (8 titles, 9 discs if you count one as a double album) 12" singles and albums on the way

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