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  1. cubik

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Popular stuff can still be terrible, some people don't watch anything else in the same way that some people only listen to Radio 1 or their local independent FM/DAB station. I don't really watch anything too out of the ordinary so my choices are all fairly mainstream. My main choice is something that wasn't popular but probably tried to be. It's a film that my girlfriend at the time (now wife) made me watch many many years ago after renting it from the video shop on VHS (yes, I'm old). Teen Witch - A terrible film that jumped onto the Teen Wolf bandwagon but in a not so novel twist, made the lead character a witch instead. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt00098453/ After looking on IMDB, the only person in it who I've heard of is Marcia Wallace (the voice of Edna Krabappel). Other than a Simpsons legend, everyone else seems to have faded into bit part cop drama and Hallmark film obscurity. Complete and utter tripe from start to finish, I'm still bitter about wasting my time watching it after nearly 30 years. Close runners up: The A-Team film - So, so shit. The last Fantastic Four movie - Taking the piss levels of shitness. Disney's Home on the Range - Went with the family on holiday while it rained and I fell asleep in the cinema. I seem to recall it had yodelling cows, even my kids didn't like it.
  2. I thought 2 was pretty bad, not Thor 2 bad but Iron Man 2 kind of bad. I've not watched it since, maybe I need to give it another go.
  3. cubik

    Star Trek Discovery

    If time travel is totally illogical and impossible to even comprehend, let alone make happen, why do "time crystals" just exist as (I assume) a naturally occurring thing?
  4. cubik

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Wild ride is ok, Castle is the winner though.
  5. cubik

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Would those old games have even been on Jamma boards? Defender, Mr Do! etc?
  6. cubik

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    What impressed me most about those old school clones is just how close they were to the originals but were pretty much all written by people who'd played them in the arcades and had to copy them from memory. I doubt any of these coders would have had access to in-depth technical details, sprites or movement code but they managed to make some pretty good versions.
  7. cubik

    Mr Do! - An appreciation

    Mr Do! is great, Mr Do's Castle is even greater.
  8. As much as I'm not particularly interested in replacing my console with a streaming service and agree with the usual "latency is the problem" crowd, that reads like an "old man yells at cloud" thread. His comment of "We are then presented with this controller. Glossing over its physically uncomfortable design, the fact it only works over WiFi and doesn't connect to the device you're playing on is asking for higher input latency/dropped inputs." is completely wrong isn't it? Technically, you're playing it on Google's server, so a direct connection is better.
  9. cubik

    Star Trek Discovery

    Magical space mines - They only way to avoid them was by shouting out numbers and letters like they were playing a big game of Battleship whilst slowly moving to one side then the other.
  10. cubik

    Star Trek Discovery

    I'm still enjoying this but it was definitely a shame how they finally fleshed out a character and then did that to them, all within the space of 45 minutes.
  11. I'm not bothered about being a total knobber, usually when I end up paired with some level 999 types I end up being the weakest link and we lose. Still enjoying it though
  12. I must be a total knobber then. I am rubbish at FPSs to be honest, but I keep coming back. Had a random game today and both my teammates got killed within seconds after jumping into some stupid hotspot. I couldn't go back to get them so they both quit within 30 seconds, I spent the rest of the game on my own cautiously wandering round trying to pick people off as slyly as possible and came a very close second. Still no wins though.
  13. cubik

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Looks like it, we're derailing this thread. As long as it contains a post on the merits of Holiday on the Buses.
  14. cubik

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Blackadder 4 had Speckled Jim, which gives it a top ten slot in the comedy hall of fame. Can't disagree on Father Ted though, 100% quality throughout its brief but entire run.

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