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  1. I thought Random Access Memories felt more like a Nile Rogers album than a true Daft Punk one at times. It does have some great tracks and is beautifully produced but it's not my favourite. Mind you, my favourite is the Tron:Legacy soundtrack so what do I know. All I do know is they helped to shape dance music and will be missed.
  2. Things to climb up will be conveniently colour coded. Loose items that might break when I grab them will be a slightly different colour too
  3. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    It's authentic in so much as a random company genuinely made 60 of them. Whether that company has a link to the original record company or John Lennon is another matter. UK gold records aren't made in editions of 60 and are issued by the BPI. US equivalents are by the RIAA. The rosette on the certificate (or sticker as I like to call it) is straight from clip art 101. This looks like a bog standard "limited edition" that you'd find on a late night shopping channel. Here's a copy of the Joshua Tree that looks much the same, except they missed the H
  4. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Sorry, I missed one very important bit of info. My boxes are exactly the same as yours, my picture is of the lid. The lid is the issue if you get the 19 Litre XL then leave enough space for things to sit at an angle. This website shows the box & lid: https://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/uk/html/onlineshop/rub/b19_0litreXL.php You can see the lid has the ribs I was on about and the top edge of the record sleeve can get indented. If you're buying taller Really Useful boxes it shouldn't be a worry but this is the most common size tha
  5. Gutted. I was hoping that the often rumoured Tron sequel sequel would see these guys on soundtrack duties again I wonder how they’ll make appearances when promoting their solo work. Are the helmets a genuine thing of the past for them?
  6. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Are you looking to keep that existing cabinet? If so I'd be tempted to just figure out a way to add a few vertical boards in to divide up the existing space into 3 or 4 smaller ones.
  7. cubik

    Tekken 7

    I must admit I googled who the current Polish PM was too.
  8. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    One important note about those really useful boxes - Before I had my current Kallax, I had a few of these, full of albums & 12"s. They have four ribs on the inside that will dig into your record sleeves if you don't put a suitable liner in first. I initially tried cardboard and the weight of the albums eventually pushed through it. I ended up cutting some 12" x 12" squares of plastic from 3mm sheeting we had at work. Plywood would do the job too. You can also minimise the risk by putting as many in a box as possible so they stand perfectly vertically. It's when
  9. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Ikea Kallax is pretty much the default answer to this question. It's certainly my storage method.
  10. A samurai who is bound by a very strict honour code has no issues whatsoever with stealing supplies from every single house or temple he visits.
  11. Could this be the author? https://github.com/eliseubaldo They've contributed to other retro related projects and have a retro NES Excitebike avatar. Their linkedin lists them as a UI developer with a background in computer science. https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliseu-baldo-a6820955 Might be worth dropping them a message.
  12. The only time I would expect to put the stylus cover on is if shipping the turntable, boxing it up for storage or before removing the cartridge. For normal use, don't bother.
  13. Until I saw @teddymeow's post above, I didn't know Tsushima was a real place. Obviously the whole story and characters are fictional but it's great to see that some of the places like Castle Kaneda are based on actual locations.
  14. Just finished this after 47 hours. What a game and absolutely beautiful on PS5.
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