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  1. Currently 91% on opencritic Downloading now and looking forward to giving it a go.
  2. I might have to try and get Breathedge finished but nothing else leaving that I'm particularly bothered by.
  3. I feel like I got left behind by racing games when they split in to 'arcade' and 'simulation'. I don't want to have to buy a simulation setup and also worry about real clutches and gear sticks. But I also don't want the 'arcade' approach of style over substance. The xbox/360 golden era was before the split when the market was still about pursuing driving accuracy while also maintaining accessability. Now, you either have to be a serious simulation gamer and spend thousands on a rig that takes up loads of space, or make do with the latest forza horizon. EDIT: I know it isn't quite as black and white as that but that's how I feel about it.
  4. The combat actually gets really, really good. I've never been a fan of long battles in games, mostly because they just involve damage sponges most of the time but they have really nailed the combat in this. I can time my parrys well for the most part but also feel like I am one mistake away from death against most late game enemies. A battle against certain boss-type enemies can take 10 minutes, but it doesn't feel like it at all.
  5. I re-started recently and absolutely flew through the early game because I knew where stuff was, which enemies to take on with what equipment and which ones to avoid etc. Discovery is absolutely key to the enjoyment of the game so playing co-op with people at your level of experience is vital. But it does play brilliantly solo anyway. I'm so glad that they are continuing to add new content and keep working on QOL improvements.
  6. I use both my chromecasts loads. All our household watching choices are down on our phones and then cast to our TV of choice. I was doing laundry in the front room, watching the football and before I went upstairs, I could get it playing up there without leaving the front room and then transfer it back downstairs, all remotely. I have a smart plug upstairs too so turn in all on and off after use.
  7. Got 2 wrong here, do I keep my nerd badge? Or more importantly, my physics degree?
  8. Shame, I thought so but Paulando gave me hope
  9. I'm considering the streaming level, what ps5 games are streamable? I don't have a ps5. I can't find any definitive list online.
  10. I realised earlier that I can use my points to get amazon vouchers and can then buy psn credit to then buy psplus, so can probably get game pass and psplus posh from rewards.
  11. It worked for me but I just guessed my way through and got about 3 correct. Seems like a lot of work for 100 points and apparently it is different for everyone so no way to cheese it.
  12. I've just had a refund for £0 for Crayta premium edition. So it seems that they are refunding everything, even free stuff. Makes sense I guess but still a bit odd.
  13. But as far as I can tell, isn't able to be bought with play credit.
  14. I've just had one of my stadia premium refunds. I used freely aquired google play credit so now I have £50 in google play credit. Anything that I can get physical with that?
  15. Totally, if you are paying full price then I'd probably do every other month or every 3. No reason not to. If there is a game that I want to play continuously then I'd buy it regardless.
  16. I'm still playing daily and hit my highest rank ever yesterday at champ III. I also got carried hard to a tournament win. It was obvious from 30 seconds in to the first match they we were going to win the tournament. We were about 4-0 up and my team-mate's individual skill was a world above normal champ level. They were clearly either on a smurf or playing for someone else. I've honestly never experienced anything like it. For some reason, we struggled in game 2 of the semi final, after them forfeiting early ( at 5-0 in game 1) and lost it 2-0. I'm assuming my team-mate handed the pad to someone else for that game because game 3 started and we again blitzed them early on and they quit out as soon as possible. I went back to my normal champ III level afterwards and the drop in pace and quality was immediately noticeable. It was really nice to see what the really, really good players in this game are actually capable of, first hand.
  17. Why I've not even played it yet, I'm sure I'd love it.
  18. The number of different games released and the constant differing names makes it really hard for someone who doesn't follow the series to know which is the latest or any differences between them. So this is the 'latest' one released last year? But not the 'best' one? I tried last year's for a couple of hours and thought it was just terrible but that's probably as much to do with how my gaming interests have changed as it was to do with the quality of the game. I still hold out hope that another battlefield at some point in the future will be good enough to drag me back in.
  19. Yes, looks like channel 4 will be showing it.
  20. Also Country Friends, which doesn't appear to have a trailer yet. Some of games are just existing mobile games with the IAP removed (like Flutter Butterflies which was flutter: butterfly sanctuary pre netflix) or clones of existing big mobile 'whale' games. The choices are interesting because they are actually getting games out a decent rate and they are technically decent as far as I can tell, but many are free-to-play games with the 'wait 4 hours to unlock this, or buy it now' mechanics, but with the final 'buy here' bit removed. So they include mechanics that we designed to nudge people to spend real money, but they can't. The 'money' is provided through other means. I can imagine the devs are massively confused by it all.
  21. 'Today' tends to be a variable feast depending on the whim of the devs, publisher or whatever. It might not show up until late our time.
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