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  1. I completely agree. I've been watching cohh for years and he is a genuinely great person. He is constantly making changes to his channel to share the wealth. He constantly tells people that don't need to subscribe (and the benefits of doing so are almost non-existent). All his donations go to his mods. He employs 3 full time staff and countless others part time. He deserv s all his success and so do many others.
  2. Apparently the spotting is bugged right now but it should work as you describe, it just doesn't always work in this beta.
  3. I know reddit dials everything to 11 but they aren't wrong about it. I watched and played some today and it's not in great shape. It doesn't help that the timing is so close to Halo Infinite, which is an entirely different type of shooter, but performance and bugs-wise is in a far, far better state than this. Being EA, this won't get delayed and release in an awful state, only to be patched and actually be pretty decent 3 months after release.
  4. Interesting, as a non-Battlefield player (since 2 really but I played a fair amount of 4) I am massively underwhelmed by the beta so far. I think I'll try some of the non 128 players modes as my first try at that was awful. Mostly AI enemies, a bug where joining a squad mate in a vehicle spawned me outside the vehicle and left in the middle of a runway as it sped off. This despite being told my spawn attempt was a "success". The gunplay just isn't satisfying. There appears to be no destruction of any significance going on. Plenty of dull looking, warehouses to run in to. (This one is probably my lack of understanding) Huge vertical buidlings with many, many layers but no way to clearly and quickly understand if the enemies are below or above you and also if above or below, roughly how far. This is despite them being spotted on the map. Really not impressed so far. The thing that Battlefield should be great at is feeling like you are in a war, with movement and action all over the place. Right now this is not battlefield in my opinion, but a really poor imitation.
  5. Capture the flag is still annoying playing solo but otherwise, last night was absolutely brilliant. I think the limited hours and focus on one gametype and map actually really helps.
  6. I feel at home here. Just skewered an enemy warthog, 4 kills, love it.
  7. Honestly, I'm still amazed how MS manage to do it so well, so regularly. Just drop AI somnium files like it's not worth mentioning beforehand.
  8. The original is pretty much responsible for my interest in survival games.
  9. Sounds like a good suggestion before the MP servers come back! Edit: Not what I was expecting, I went almost all of 20 minutes without getting killed. Maybe I chose the wrong setting?
  10. Setting wise, yes, Bazaar is very similar to that but the actually MP map based there is very different.
  11. Ah, ok, I played a load of Halo 2 but don't remember the New Mombassa map having a door like that in the middle and 2 obvious streets on either side. Certainly, I've played much more Halo 2 than CS but immediately thought of CS over Halo 2. I'm having trouble googling a video/images of the New Mombassa MP map from Halo 2. EDIT: You mean district? No comparison IMO, Bazaar is much more like Dust in terms of how it plays, in my opinion.
  12. I've enjoyed my time with this so far. I don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves but it is really, really good and I've tried and failed to enjoy the last few Halo games, in MP and SP. The one thing that I hope they don't change is the pacing of combat. The pacing currently feels perfect to me, with enough time after spawning to re-group and think about my movements without being thrown straight back in to the fight. The Bazaar map is interesting because it is a homage to the counterstrike map but feels more than just visually influenced. They are working hard to think about pacing, map size and have clearly been influenced by the more successful shooters of the last 20 years. Big thumbs up so far from me.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm not interested in enduring the struggle to get back in to it, life is too short (saying that I'd love to have a UT that works for the casual player but in my all my years of playing UT I've never known this to consistently be the case and their business model is targetted toward whales and addicts, not casual players). And by 'since Fifa 11' I didn't literally mean Fifa 11, I've played loads since and was active on here until a few years back. I properly stopped at around 16 I think. My point is that I feel like 11 was the peak for me and I haven't really changed my playing style since then. Leave me to be the old git who goes to the cocktail lounge and complains how it isn't a local serving fosters and with a pool table any more. I'm not interested in learning how a cocktail lounge works but like to dip my head in every now and then to check that it still isn't for me. I'll finish my margarita and get out of your way for another 12 months.
  14. As is Tainted Grail: Conquest, which I didn't realise was due and is another game on my steam wishlist.
  15. Every year I try fifa again and every year it feels more alien to me. The intro that I am forced to go through involves social media, then running through some streets or something? I skipped as much and as quickly as I could and it still took several minutes to get to the main page. Then on to UT, which is good, as it was 10 years ago, with a few usability tweaks. I still find the squad building aspect interesting. On to the gameplay... I just, well, I just can't work it out. My brain is still playing Fifa 11 I think, which this isn't. 5 losses in a row, against far superior teams, 1 goal scored, about average 5 conceded per game (this is a big contributor to my dislike of the game, either I am the worst player in the world, or the matchmaking just sucks right now but it's been the same story for the last few years). And I'm out, again. Good luck to those who still enjoy it but I've just been completely left behind, in a big way and can't find any joy in it.
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