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  1. Unfortunately, I live on an exchange and have far less chance of getting fibre than you. Fibre is not supported for direct exchange connections. Go 50 metres up the road and 50m plus is available.
  2. Traditional consoles could, using virtualisation, but it certainly isn't as easy as virtualising this in a cloud system. Of course they would have to make a limit, to avoid too much capacity being taken up with hundreds of game states for each person. One thing that I hadn't fully thought about is the potential to locate online multiplayer servers on the same hardware/close hardware as the clients. Quite obvious really but I hadn't considered it. So for a multiplayer online game, the path would be controller->client->server->client->display. Essentially, compared to the current situation where the biggest delay is between client and server and back again, the biggest delay will now be between controller->client and then back from client->display, so the overall delay for online multiplayer games shouldn't be that different. What I'm not sure on is the bandwidth requirement for controller->client and client->display compared to client->server->client. client->display will be the biggest by far but I guess the youtube infrastructure is already in place to handle this.
  3. BeeJay

    Xbox one recommendations.

    If you are comparing it to psnow, prepare to have your mind blown.
  4. BeeJay

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    Nintendo seem to have got in to a bit of a 'skip every other generation' rut. Having skipped the wiiU, I don't feel like I am lacking for switch options. However, having played a lot of wii, the wiiU never got to the point of having enough games to warrant purchase. By skipping a generation, there is nothing that I feel I have missed out on, apart from pikmin 3, which will undoubtedly get the switch treatment at some point. For want of a better description, not 'punishing' gamers for skipping a generation can only be a bad thing, right?
  5. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    I thought I should talk about the positives about this game. The trials university is superb, it really does help learn the techniques. I've never really been very good at flat box bunny hops but the training focussed on this really helped me. It also feels like something that still has a lot to give too. I like the concept of practicing a technique which requires successive application in harder and harder scenarios. My only criticism would be that some of the moves are so much easier with momentum so I'd have preferred it is they had enforced a stationary phase between each obstacle. Also, now I have made it to the hard tracks, they are really starting to what I want from trials, requiring calm, composure and precision. I'm looking forward to what the coming levels offer. It is still a shame that I have had to grind so much to get there though.
  6. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    How can I phrase this better...The names of the 'players' are the same. My 'best' opponent is always Top Canine. However, the time that they set on the stadium races is not the same for all players and not the same for me between the individual event and "all 3 in a row" combined event. I've read that the line that the ghosts take is based on your ability. So the ghosts aren't real players, but take the lines of players that are just a bit quicker than you. This makes sense because they want you to have a reachable target and have close races. The one that is bugged for me is bali blast x-cross. On the individual event, I can complete the track in 38 seconds and come 5th, by a clear margin. I guess that the Top Canine ghost is finishing in around 33s (It is very difficult to tell as they are so far ahead). The top 4 all pull off a jump that I currently can't do and even if I could, they get there a second or so before me anyway (there is a steep hill, then an indented tabletop, which, if you get enough drive off, means you can clear the next ramp, making a massive difference to the run). 13s into this video: This dude is against the same calibre of opposition that I face but they only have 3 doing it, I have 4. Notice how they come 4th but go sub-33s (the winning ghost achieves 28.9, (46s in the video)) which is identical to the number 1 time in the world on the leaderboard). The ghost in that guy's race are not real people, but they are based in the times of real people. Hence, the identical time. As an aside, you can clearly see that the number 1 time is glitched, because the bike is not with the top 3 as they go over the line. Now watch this video of the same track: Notice how none of their opponents do the move (24s in) and they easily win despite being 8 seconds slower than the player in the first video, and get a gold medal. I am 2 seconds quicker than this person, but I cannot get the medal, because 4 of my ghosts use the move in the first video and finish ahead of me. On the combined event, on the same track, the top 4 do not make the same move and hence, go a lot slower, so I can win easily. TLDR: The ghost are different for everyone and even different for people between the individual event and the combined event, on the same track. The ghost are built based on the lines that real players take.
  7. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    Nope, the stadium ghosts are different depending on your previous performance. In my case the individual first track is currently impossible for me to finish as the top 4 are all top 50 time ghosts. Coming 5th is classed as a failure, regardless of time. So even if I achieve a time quicker than another player who is able to finish in the top 4, I cannot get the medal for it. I can achieve a gold time regularly but it doesn't count because I finish 5th. In the combined event, on the first track I have won it easily, with none of the ghosts on screen, and went on to win the series in first place each track, fairly comfortably. In the combined event a 45s would achieve the win, on the individual track, a 38s time does not even make the top 4 cut.
  8. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    Thanks, explained perfectly. DS is associating number of people achieving diamond to lower difficulty which makes some sense.
  9. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    You say obviously, but I need this explained. The more people that make the diamond time, the easier they are to get? How and why? I also read that the stadium event difficulty is based on how well you have done on other tracks/stadium events? The ghosts are selected based on times just a little bit better than yours? That would explain why my one is completely unfinishable if they have decided, for some bizarre reason, that I should be up against the top 50 times in the world, to even make it to the top 4 of 8.
  10. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    I genuinely wonder if the initial design included people having to complete each track at each medal level to unlock the next medal. Then they decided this was a stupid idea but forgot to rebalance the XP. The XP is obviously structured to require multiple replays of every level. The whole progression system just seems more like a bug than intentional design.
  11. ODST is probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite halo campaign, behind the first and possibly the 3rd. I'm not sure where the DLC thing comes from but I remember at the time, the same being said. Maybe because it wasn't given a full number? Far better a game than halo 4 or 5 imo. I don't remember playing reach though so either I haven't, or it made little impression. Hopefully the former and I can play it when it comes to game pass.
  12. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    As much as it pains me I have noticed that certain challenges reward a lot of do, so I will focus on them, even if it is "do 11 backflips and 8 front flips". No joke, that was one that I did. A complete joke.
  13. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    Completely, this is what is really shit about it. All golds (apart from the glitched track) and a few platinums and still required to grind to open up later tracks. Its bloody infuriating. I've spent quite a bit of time going through every damn track trying to find the ones that I haven't yet golded. The progression system is completely broken if getting golds consistently, track after track is not enough to continue progress to the next set.
  14. 5th, I played it for a few minutes way back in early beta and it was so bare bones I never played it again. I've been told that a lot has changed.

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