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  1. Apparently, google stadia support have said that they intend to get the codes and hardware out asap after 10 Dec. so obviously not launch but hopefully not months later either.
  2. Yep, seems like a good deal to me. The Chromecast is nice for big Tele anyway. I already have the £10 but I didn't realise that the pro came with a month sub, so that is another nice extra. Now I just need to get my full 80Mb internet working nicely with the Chromecast.
  3. Thanks both, when I was trying to get it working yesterday the refresh rate wasn't even an option to select. Edit: managed to get it working by overriding the settings. No HDR with overridden settings unfortunately.
  4. Honestly, my favorite next-gen game so far. It plays amazingly well on SX. I've gone back in and now only have 5 more levels to solo on inferno. The draw distance and ability to shoot stuff from absurd range has always been impressive but now it is ridiculous.
  5. Had a draining day today putting the X in my office (where I did intend for it to spend most of its time). Turns out my gaming monitor is only HDMI 1.4. this means that despite 1.4 having more than enough bandwidth for 1080p at 120Hz (my PC does 144Hz at 1080 on that monitor fine) the series X will not push 1080p 120Hz down the cable, insisting the the monitor isn't 4k120Hz compatible, which I know it isn't. Series X also won't do hdr on it for some reason despite the console detecting that the monitor is capable (I've had the PS4 pro do hdr on it fine). My other monitor is only 60
  6. How is the stadia controller for non-stadia PC gaming? Could I use it to play PC games on other platforms? The internet seems massively lacking in recent information on this, mostly comments from 2 years ago.
  7. I meant that you need to be a continued member of PSPlus to continue to play your PSPlus library. It isn't like games with gold where the games are yours to keep 'forever'. I wasn't talking about playing PSNow games online which I know doesn'ty require PSPlus.
  8. 30 years ago, buying a physical game gave you ownership of the game to play on a console that you owned. The limitation on ownership being the physical longevity of the media and the console to play it on. I still own games that I bought in the 1980s. I own them and can choose to experience them as I bought them over 30 years ago. In 20 years time, I will not be able to do that with games bought today. When you make a physical or digital purchase today, you are only buying a license to download the game from a remote server. That license is only valid for as long as the
  9. No, I can't see them doing a blanket appraoch to day 1 on their subscription service. However, they need a day1+x style approach which is guaranteed and also to drop some games day 1. The PS5 astro boy game was effectively a day 1 drop for all PS5 owners, just under the guise of a launch freebie rather than as part of an on-going subscription commitment.
  10. The concept of ownership of a video game changing your willingness to play a game. Ownership of a game will be a thing of the past very soon, if it isn't gone already with the SX and PS5. Ownership of games on PC hasn't been a thing in years apart from a small number of DRM free, single player, un-patched games. If you continue to restrict what you play based on your concept of ownership, you won't be playing many new games in the next 20 years.
  11. I don't want to sound disrespectful, but inevitably I will...Keep it up and they'll make a documentary about you in 20 years.
  12. I respectfully dissagree. Some first party games have never appeared and also having them dissappear after a month or 2 is not good enough to compete with game pass.
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