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  1. When I saw it come up, I immeditately smiled. I enjoyed it at the time of release but my rose-tinted specs are probably lying to me. I have very fond memories of it even if I don't remember finishing it.
  2. I think there will be a small uptick. Partly because people want to see how old games look and play and partly because the launch line-up is lacking.
  3. Agreed, my choice is the series S but the logic is similar. A console purchase is really my only real extravagance now. Being able to be part of the experience is worth the money for me. Obviously the console will get use but it is about more than that. Almost every year for the last few years I have got a new or upgraded console around Christmas time but being part of the day one release fervor is an excellent bonus.
  4. I'm shocked at the lack of launch games (from both Sony and MS). Demon's souls looks very smooth and the trailer brought back some fond memories but not enough to prompt a purchase, especially as it is coming to PC. In reality, if it was available on PC tomorrow I'd probably still not buy it so it really isn't a system seller for me. I'm happy to wait for now. The digital version is a little cheaper than I expected so maybe if their ps now/ps plus mess sorts itself out, I'll be tempted to jump in sometime next year.
  5. Slay the spire was my initial thought for touch screen controls but then I remembered that it would need bespoke touch controls as emulating an xbox controller with touch commands would kind of remove the benefit.
  6. I wondered when Microsoft were going to mention that some games have touch controls. It has been that way on the preview for quite a while. I guess they decided not to make a big deal out of it due to the inconsistency of application across games. Nice to see it included.
  7. I hadn't really thought about it this way. I guess it is different to the Series S|X situation. I think the disc-less ps5 will have to be at least £350, because I can't see them doing the full fat version for less than Microsoft and £450 drop to £250-£300 for just missing a disc drive seems way, way too big a gap. I expect the Sony machines to be much closer in price than the Microsoft machines and therefore I think the disc-less ps5 will be significantly more expensive than Series S.
  8. I managed to get Netflix to work with revolut about 12 months back but nothing else has worked since. Some people are still reporting being able to use revolut to access services in other countries but also loads reporting that it no longer works. Most recent I tried was Sony for psplus and I couldn't get it to work with that.
  9. Peggle on my jog-wheel iPod nano was amazing.
  10. Just had a quick go on expert AI and it is a much, much better racing experience than lower difficulties. The consistent bashing was not there and the rubber banding wasn't anywhere near as obvious.
  11. Do you think the ranked racing is peer to peer as I can't get a race at all. I am on a mobile internet connection which has nat issues so peer-to-peer online is generally a no-go, but server based is usually fine.
  12. Opencritic has 76% so the reviews are not particularly great, most likely due to the AI. The time trialing is actually really good and exposes the nuances of the drifting and boost system really well. I've done a couple of hours on the first track and got up to 13th on the leaderboards and it has completely changed my perspective on how to approach the game. I doubt that i'll go back to the grand prix mode now.
  13. The ridiculous AI must be intentional as ther is no way this could have got through testing if unintentional. I've done a few single player races then went to online. Found a quick match pretty quick but can't find any ranked matches at all and the game hangs when searching. Some aspects of the game seem really nice and others just seem terrible. The drifting seems really nice and predictable but the tracks are pretty dull and not at all exciting to navigate. Also, I get the aesthetic is trying to envoke Daytona/virtua racing but I can't help seeing it as a fake. VR and Daytona were that way because of the limitations of the hardware. I love the soundtrack though.
  14. The conversion isn't one shot. If you haven't got game pass active, you can buy gold up front and still convert, it just costs whatever normal gpu price is for the first month instead of £1.
  15. I'm quite surprised to see so much interest in the all access option. Yes, compared to RRP, it is slightly cheaper if you are starting from nothing, but there are much better deals regularly available for game pass ultimate, which makes the all access more expensive. £126 a year for game pass ultimate is significantly more expensive than most of us pay. Just last week, a 3 month ultimate sub was available for £19. I don't think I've ever paid more than about £6.50 per month. All this is without taking in to account the current £1 conversion offer which can work out as little as £30 a year. Of course, things can always change but if people have the cash up front, get the £1 conversion deal now and then buy the series s on launch will be significantly cheaper than the all access contract. Of course, if people don't have the cash then it is another story.
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