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  1. It was very different in my eyes. The Everton defender's momentum took them in to the wolves player. In the Fernandes case, it is the other way around. The situations only appear similar because the attacker has looked to drag the ball back in both cases. Today's was a debatable penalty but I probably agree with it. Fernandes was clear never a penalty and should have been a free kick the other way.
  2. The locations are not named in any version of the games. The one you mention is really, really obvious when you find it.
  3. Yes, it definitely struggles with mid-game direction.
  4. Honestly, I play way too much (850 hours so far) of this game. It is my go to comfort game. I would make a couple of recommendations about playing it. You'll fail fairly early in your first few games, likely due to lack of food, oxygen or water. That's the best part of the game. Once you've made it to about cycle 50, on your next game, change the settings so that you can focus on one or two aspects only. For example, make the dupes not need food and have 0 stress, allowing you to focus on water and oxygen systems. Basically, the transition from surviving the first 50 cycles and surviving from 50 to 200 is massive and requires completely different strategies. Taking them all on at once is way too much in my opinion. I would also highly recommend a couple of mods: The first is the airlocks mod, which makes the mechanical doors actually work like airlocks, keeping 2 zones seperate. The second is the 'do not drop on ladders' mod. Airlocks and creating systems to stop dupes dropping stuff right to the bottom of the map are both failry easy to achieve without these mods but I feel the mods remove the grind and inconvienience of having to do so. I do use a few otehr mods but none of them are essential.
  5. Sound like you have exactly the same issue that I did, but maybe not:
  6. I'm so jealous of you experiencing this for the first time. The next few hours were probably the best for my play through.
  7. Firstly, the game definitely has a dip in progress, and almost everyone goes through it. Not sure if it was intentional design or not, but when you come out the other side, you will not regret it. In theory, the items you drop should remain where you left them but they are procedurally generated so I wouldn't rely on it. Have you used floating storage? They provide a good temporary storage before your base appears. Once you get a base, the survival aspects become trivial apart from having to re-visit your base regularly, which is advised anyway. Everything in subnautica is only a short distance away (once you find the best routes) so no major expeditions are needed. When I hit the dip in progress, I did some proper charting of the area using beacons as markers, in an expanding circle, pushing them further out by 50m every time I thought I had fully swept the area. I still missed loads of stuff but it helped me make progress. Eventually, it turned out they I had not fully explored an area around one of the escape pods and that unlocked some key equipment for me to move on. Edit: there is no way to pin a recipe, iirc. Below zero has it but I don't think they have been back and added it to the original.
  8. The simple thing that they should do to avoid this is order the checkpoints. Thanks for posting this because I saw that some people had stupid fast times and I couldn't work out how. I'd worked out the start and end but not the reverse checkpoints middle.
  9. For me, this gen has been all about wonderfully realised and crafted 3d worlds and no game did it better for me than subnautica. Specifically the moment that I realised the world didn't just stretch as far as the eye could see, but also went down as far as I could imagine. The moment, after hours of playing, that I got my first proper depth upgrade, and visited an area that had been just under where I started, just blew my mind. And it was all beautifully crafted, designed and thought out. Every different area and biome was a joy to experience. Nothing else I've played before, or since, felt as real and loved as the world in that game. Playing, and really enjoying, no man's sky, has made me realise how special the properly crafted world of subnautica is, compared to no man's sky's procedurally generated worlds that can quickly be identified to be just that, created by an algorithm and not a person. Subnautica's world was designed with purpose and care, and had the scale to go with it that has only really been possible this gen. Other games achieved the scale aspect but nothing else has come anywhere near the design and compact beauty of Subnautica. Honourable mention to Oxygen Not Included for bringing real world physics and chemistry to video games and making it actually enjoyable as a game. The first time that I realised that instead of building a refrigerator to store food, I could build a small pit beneath the living area, let CO2 in to it and store the food there instead, was a great moment.
  10. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    I love this topic whenever it comes up. I'm fascinated by the concept of the best games to play today. If an alien landed on earth today, who came from a world where video games were a thing and wanted earth to enter a galactic competition for the best games in the universe, what 10 games would we present to them? Halo: Combat Evolved would not be one of them, but maybe 10 years ago, it would have been.
  11. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think the elites thing really caused a storm on its release that was unwarranted, in hindsight. It was a great game, both single player and multi-player. I think many more people would consider it clearly the pinnacle of the series had elites been in it. I believe it is more than what we are used to. Yes, adapting to an inferior control method/scheme is possible and can make a game entirely enjoyable. But I think the character control has moved on and is objectively better today than it was in Halo. Personally, I'm not sure I'd say the same with mario. Even mario 64, which had the most revolutionary control scheme in Mario history, still controls and plays much like the modern 3d Mario games. And from a 2d game perspective, the Mario games built the model for 2d motion that is still here today. A few additions have been made like dash, wall jumping etc. but on the whole, games like Mario world still hold up incredibly well by today's standards and so does mario 64 (apart from the ridiculous DS 'port').
  12. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Heresy maybe, but I'm inclined to agree. The game gets better, that's for sure, but having started it recently, for the nth time, it really is starting to fall from its perch. Yet the sad thing is that it hasn't been replaced by anything directly. Gaming has moved on and in a good way (for the most part) but if asked to name 5 games that do 'Halo' better than Combat Evolved, I'd struggle. Possibly Titanfall 2... Apart from retro, nostalgia style games I don't think we will ever see anything be the new 'Halo', modern gaming has moved on to controllable characters that are much more dynamic and mobile and I don't ever see that being reversed. The same can be said of the original Resident Evils, with their turn, then move, controls. We will never see that be mainstream again. EDIT: I'm no reach fan though, I'd still put 3, ODST then 1 as the best Halo games to play today, in terms of single player experience.
  13. It really is. My daughter (who doesn't really follow football) confidently predicted that Southampton would win once they went ahead. I was expecting a comeback at some point but maybe she'd seen the stats.
  14. What a game this is. Proper bodies on the line from Southampton. Best game since lockdown.
  15. Definitely playable just with a pad, not sure on the 2nd question. The basic racing in this is as good as ever/better than ever but everything else is a mess. Funnily enough, very much like Trials Rising. The fact that the free version doesn't have access to rankings is crazy. The nadeo live tracks that come with the free version are also worryingly shit. They either wanted to make them purposefully shit in the hope that people would pay to not have to play them or they asked the work experience student to put 25 together, but the work experience student had never played a racing game before, let alone trackmania. I might buy a basic sub. but honestly, I'm more inclined to just move on. A problem with the sub. model is that it only really works if the community is there and that is not guaranteed. I don't see a big enough reason for the current competitive community to move on to the new game right now.
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