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  1. For end game, it is all about having a heavy scaling damage option. Most commonly built through either strength amplification or block (with body slam) (exhaust and zero energy strats are also viable but take much more experience to play in my opinion). You should be looking for which option is going to be right for you throughout the early game. There are so many different ways to build strength but the easiest to execute (in my opinion) are demon form with limit break+ or the +2 strength power card and limit break+. For block, you just need a single body slam+, a single entrench+ and barricade to defeat anything (and generic block cards). I feel like the key for ironclad is actually keeping a lean and focussed deck. Once you have picked a path of either block or strength, do not overdoo them, either way, and don't be drawn in to a mixed deck, they rarely work. The early game problem is that a lot of the key end game cards can actively work against you early game, especially if not upgraded so don't rush in to picking up too many of them early on. For example, a barricade or demon's form are way too expensive early game to be of any use in most battles. The energy is usually muich better spent elsewhere. Having one or 2 redundant cards early on can be ok, because when drawn they probably won't be holding you back much as you can usually only play 3 cards per turn anyway. Similarly, don't be drawn in to too big a deck, which will delay your key cards coming out. In my opinion, utility cards are always useful in any ironclad deck. By utility cards, I mean cards that allow you to manipulate your draw. pommelstrike, or shrug it off, and headbutt both provide good ways to pull a card from your discard pile and play it immediately. Being able to play an entrench, limit break+ or body slam+ at exactely the right moment can commonly be the difference between winning and losing. I'll personally go with a utility deck early on until I see the righ opportunity to specialise. Early game, an anger is always valuable, as is one of cleeve or thunderclap, a couple of iron waves are also great if you plan to take on the elites early on too. Power card wise, if I see an early opportunity to pick up fire breathing, that can also be massively valuable against the floor 1 elites.
  2. As seems to be the way with this game, which never ceases to amaze, I just beat Ironclad A16 with what felt like the sketchiest deck ever. I couldn't actually believe it when I managed to deal the final blow, with a comfortable amount of health left: Somehow, with red skull, flex+, bottle lightnening and clockwork souvenier, at the start of each battle i was guaranteed 7 strength to work with. The most incredible thing about this deck is that I never got a heavy blade and still managed to have more than enough damage. Busted crown, and sozu gave me enough energy to get out both Demon forms quickly and a single limit break made my strength 30+. I've never made an ironclad deck with this little block work.
  3. This great to watch on twitch. Not my kind of game to play but some great moments on streams.
  4. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think it is related to the double install bug. The game pass app can allocate multiple chunks of drive space to the same game, if the installation fails. It may be that the app is detecting the failed install and attempting to complete the install. Just a theory on the later but the double failed install is a known issue.
  5. @BrokerI've given it a few minutes play. The concept is nice and it plays smoothly. I particularly like the tactical aspect of firing off a salvo of bullets to take out more than one vehicle in a line. Some areas for imporvement: The way the game is designed, the visual attention is solely in the very top middle of the screen. The only reason for looking anywhere else is to check the active colour on the runner. What this means is that there is a lot of visual real estate that you are putting on screen, that isn't being used and isn't needed. Some thoughts on how you could change things: have variable events lower down the screen, that require the player to shift visual attention up and down the screen, or... Take a more first person perspective, so that you can put an active colour representation on either side of the screen. I thought of having the arms visible but not sure this would work. Think about the way that amplitude and frequency work. They force the player to keep switching their gaze by moving the track and also making it hard to see one side of the track from the other.
  6. Sad to hear that, but not too surprised, predator games have mostly been dissapointments for some reason.
  7. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    There used to be a spreadsheet somewhere.
  8. This game continues to amaze. I have been grinding ironclad, going for a20. I was having a really poor time on a11, struggling to get any momentum. Then came this run: Possibly the most bizarre run I've ever had. It was the first time that I really understood the OPness of tungsten rod (mitigate 1 hp of each damage instance) for ironclad. It makes all of the 1 HP loss for ### cards completely free to use. Strange spoon also meant that my exhaust cards like apparition and disarm only exhausted half of the time. At one point, I had an enemy on permanent -strength. If only I had barricade, I could have had infinite block. That's not to say that I didn't have plenty of close calls. On several occasions, the cards didn't fall right and I had a max hp of 44 and scraped through on 1hp twice. But when it worked, it worked stupidly well. The very next run I had this: A more traditional, and less clutch run, which was stupidly powerful at the end. On the final boss (wolf dude), I won in about 4 or 5 turns, with 38 strength which meant a single heavy blade+ hit for 408 damage (with necronomicon) . The best part of this run was the Blue candle toward the end, which meant that I could exhaust curses for free, combined with tungsten rod. I took great joy in playing necronomicurse over and over again, causing it to exhaust and come back with no change to anything. I did wonder if I had 'feel no pain' active, it would be possible to get infinite block that way too, because necronomicurse was exhausting each time before coming back in to my deck. I guess combined with 'fire breathing' could mean infinite block and damage.
  9. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Is it fairly short then? EDIT: how long to beat says 16hours for the main story. Due to my shitness and slay the spire/pokemon go addiction, that seems completely unachievable before the end of the month. I do try and complete at least one of the "leaving soon" games each fortnight but I think i'll pass this time. The only games that I don't own elsewhere are vampyr, operencia and golf club 2. I've played enough of operencia and shelved it, so it's only vampyr on the list.
  10. This captures why I loved this game so much. So many games claim to offer multiple ways to approach something but fail miserably. This completely nails it. Every adventure in to uncharted territory is properly engaging and makes you think about the approach you want to take. I'll never forget the moments of seeing a plan execute perfectly. At its best it is as much a tactical real-time strategy as open world action RPG. The most memorable for me has to be a challenge to get some storage crates off the crab things backs, while completely surrounded by the invisible jobbies and bellowbacks. I'm sure that there was a time limit or something too.
  11. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    US only I believe
  12. Just the settings on the console itself.
  13. I've played for a couple of hours but haven't had a 2nd patch. I'll check again later, thanks.
  14. Framerate was pretty ropey on one s earlier, not sure if pre or post patch though. Checked my version and it is the patched version. Played another 10mins and getting serious lag. Like several seconds of complete freeze. I hope the pc version is better, might install that later. It actually not at all unpayable but is annoying for a game like this where a key aspect is good timing.
  15. The first was a massive surprise for me. I really wasn't expecting all that much, with the hype and the footage that I had seen. When I eventually played it, I loved it much more that I thought I would. Which has made my expectations for wisps probably un-realistically high.
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