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  1. That is entirely possible too.
  2. I just don't have faith that de-activating does anything on the client (PS3) end. I bet a list of every account that used that PS3 are stored locally (probably unencrypted) somewhere on the HDD or other non-volatile storage, even after a factory reset or whatever the PS3 equivalent was. I doubt the original PS3 design would ever have had a requirement to not store any user details. In fact, I bet it was the opposite, to purposefully store basic details of every account that has used the console, either for data farming, or just because it would make the login process quicker, regardless of fac
  3. Interesting, the old PS3 angle is possible I guess. Did you unlink your psn from the original PS3? Even if you did, I bet there is a way to still access the data of all previous users. You would only need the user name to be able to hack the account, going on the above. I bet on some site somewhere there is a list of serial numbers and associated gamertags, allowing someone to pick a gamertag from the list and have it hacked for them.
  4. The direction they are going at the moment is so much better than is has been. PC exclusives; quality games that may already be included in other services; indie quality titles; and most importantly, pushing the angle which the likes of game pass and sony's offerings don't have: ownership.
  5. One of gaming's highest moments and one of gamers' lowest. A couragous, inventive game made by a loved company, slammed by gamers because it wasn't a 'proper' sequel to a dated platforming collectathon.
  6. I am shit at it too, but I love the save point risk/reward mechanic.
  7. Things improved for me when I realised this. Initially I went in more aggressive then realised that the tempo was designed to be much more considered.
  8. @moosegrinderI just gave this a whirl this morning, it was part of humble bundle. It is proper metal in style and pulls it off incredibly well. It's lovely to play on my arcade stick even though my brain can't quite work out the correct buttons yet and runs beautifully smoothly on my PC. I've never really been a fan of the run and gun genre but this is accessible enough and has some interesting mechanics.
  9. Superstarbeejay's daughter: Dad, were you ever good at a game? Superstarbeejay: well, there was this one game series, long long ago...
  10. Uncapped are available from some suppliers. My internet is Vodafone uncapped, with no speed cap but unfortunately no 5g for me yet. I still get a much, much better internet service through 4g than landline and it is cheaper. Even ping is better, playing wirelessly. That say more about my shocking landline service than 4g or 5g though.
  11. Dude... did you even read my post, or just the first few words? I literally compiled a list of current stadia pro games yesterday. Just so that you are up to speed: Game pass: a library of over 400 games available right now to all subscribers. Games regularly added and removed for all. Price £4-£10 per month depending on how savvy you are. Game quality objectively the highest of all subscription services, by a big margin. Stadia pro: a library of about 20 current games plus any that you may have claimed in the past. Previously claimed games are o
  12. I signed up for another free stadia 3 months again yesterday. The implementation on chromecast ultra is amazing, 4k cyberpunk and Little Nightmares II, almost flawless. Unfortunately the other aspects of stadia pro are extremely lacking. As @jonny_rat says, stadia pro is more akin to games with gold or psplus (albeit a much lower general quality and much more expensive) than the heights of game pass due to the subscription model chosen where only the current month of games is available to new subscribers. Saying that, stadia pro now includes about 20 games, even for new
  13. For anyone else who was interested for just £1.19, like me, I almost bought and then checked my library. Yep, already got it as it was given away by epic at some point.
  14. The demo is great, the least people should do is give that a go.
  15. VAR drawing the defending line from the shadow of Firmino's leg, for the 1st Leicester goal, is fucking hilarious. His foot is pointing left and the line is drawn 8 inches in the other direction. I can only assume that the VAR software does some image recognition and decided that the shadow of Firmino's leg was his foot pointing to the right. To be fair to the VA referee, it took me a good minute or so to see it.
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