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  1. I have completed about two raids on normal. Thanks to 3oC being kind, and a lucky night fall 303 ghost drop I can get up to about 305. The problem is with work being all over the place I don't have regular raid group. I tried to form one, but this place apparently doesn't have capacity to sustain another. So aside from hard mode raid and the multiplayer stuff I have no intention of playing, why should I bother trying to get it over 310. The raid loot is just a means to get closer to 300/310/320. Is any of it actually worth it aside from the light level? Armour you can argue was same before TTK, extra perks only useful during raid and for the level. At least previously the weapons were different, exciting. I hate sniping but I could respect Pradeyth's sniper. Why should I be fussed if I don't get the KF raid sniper? It is a numbers game at this point. The only exciting thing about Destiny for me right now are the new weapons we haven't seen yet. No Time To Explain is an interesting weapon, I want to try and get it and mess around with it. I would want the raid hand cannon only so I could feed it to Hung Jury - the weapon isn't exciting so I only want it for the numbers. The raid is end game content. It is tremendous fun the few times I have been on it. Ultimately you do the raid for loot. The loot is mostly shit. I don't even remember seeing many people get any exotics out of it, like I did on VoG/Crota (that one may be down to not running it enough). If Osiris is running tomorrow I will be interested in what the loot is like. Both for how interesting it is and what the light level is. I mean if a perfect run doesn't grant you 310+ stuff then raid is still be all and end all for gear. Which would be terrible as 1) loot isn't good 2) would defeat original point of Osiris where you can get raid level stuff. Last paragraph entirely pissing in the wind at this point mind.
  2. I don't know if I can interest any of you guys in a cheeky go at Atheon at 9pm. Not worth posting on online as so short notice, and I really want a fancy new pulse rifle. Any takers?
  3. Sadly we are deader than dead. If you do see me floating about and are a man short than gimmie a shout.
  4. Nice looking race you have here. Be a shame if something were to happen to it. I mean other than Wide Grassford shouting at more people.
  5. Definitely two hammers. First one just makes you feel a bit Thor.
  6. I think I may have reached critical Destiny mass already. Logged on Wednesday, just didn't feel like doing anything. No motivation to level up other classes or even hunt for exotics. I don't know if having a regular raid group would help, I would just so that then log off again. Don't get me wrong. TTK has been great, lots of good stuff across the board. I just have Destiny fatigue again like after HoW. Done the raid once, good enough for me, not interested in PvP at all. Had a load of fun with it mind. Anyone else fell the same? Sounds like you guys are still into it as much as ever.
  7. Also need to sort something for Tuesday out as well. I think you, me, Siri and Capp will be good, not sure about anyone else. You interested in Tuesday as well Spag?
  8. I can be in, but likely won't be on till 8:30-9pm due to attempting to be sporty.
  9. Depends on how close you are to 300. If you are going to hit it soon, then by all means save the engrams to see if you get 310 gear. I did, and got lucky with all three engrams turning 310. If not, well you can always try to infuse them up later. Depends if you really want Telesto or Saint-14 or something.
  10. Is this week the first Osiris one for Taken King? Be interested to see how much use Team Solaire gets. As I never played it, what was getting use in ToO before Taken King, what were the most useful classes? This is from someone who stubbornly used bubble in crucible before I got to go I HAVE THE PPOOWWAIIREE!
  11. Could be worse. Could regularly work till 10:30pm on a Thursday and Friday. Oh wait. Guess you'll have to do it without me/farm Black Spindle instead.
  12. Pfft, you totally look the sort. Probably called me Moon at first as well, you evil man. Sending people to an explosion knock off death. Disgusting. I'M ON TO YOU AND YOUR GAMES! That's LeChuck, not Sprigmaster Sprags.
  13. You sir have problems. Probably the kind of man to offer to walk an old lady across the street and leave her half way in the road. Maybe see a child has dropped a toy, go to give it back then throw it to the old lady still in the middle of the road. Hitting her on the head. Probably also pronounce Spags as Sprags.
  14. That's a tricky one. King's Fall feels more reliant on teamwork. You have to be able to call stuff out, and quickly, to do some of the activities. It is also pretty much bug free, and you are not cursing a bad teleport for fucking over a run. There is also more opportunities for loot (5 vs 3/4 for VoG). I was going to say weapons aren't as good, but then I would be comparing elemental primaries from hard VoG vs normal mode KF. I liked the fact post first patch VoG required everyone to know every role for the last bit. Don't know who is going to go in, so everyone be ready for everything. Deathsingers is a little like that but for the main event you can pick and choose. I personally prefer VoG. It might be because Vision on Confluence was absolutely the best weapon in the game not called Gjallerhorn (scientifically proven by me - as I have a science degree of some kind so fuck you, science). It might also be because that first time was hard. Really had to pull together to do it and screw the loot. Oryx seems much more manageable, maybe I am just used to Destiny style raiding now? Both really good experiences mind, I really wish they would do a 290 light VoG. Sure, they won't put the old raid weapons in. How about just giving us marks, or chance for ranked up exotics? I sure as hell would do it again.
  15. Goods news is I think everyone intends to carry on tomorrow at same time. So if you are free at 8, then take my spot. I am assuming everyone else is okay for tomorrow. I know someone else said they wanted to be first reserve, but on mobile so I have no idea who. Thanks mobile.
  16. Will is confirmed for delayed till 8:30. I had the download issue, but just kept trying it till it worked. I think we should maybe try then, give time for everyone to buy the Carlton dance/download the update.
  17. 8pm, assuming the maintence and patching goes without a hitch. On the one hand, I hate maintenance times being prime time EU. On the other, one of those dance emotes makes me want to put on some Tom Jones...
  18. The good news is that I am confirmed out for Wednesday unless we start later. So should anyone have any alts you can just take my role then. I mean, we are face rolling this raid within an hour, right guys? My role involves being salty and calling Siri a prick.
  19. 300! We did it redditrllmuk! Combination of two good drops from the Oryx (310 scout, 309 pulse), juggling my kit around and boom, there it is. Then decrypt three exotics I have saved up, and they all turn into 310 ones. Thanks for taking me through the last fight guys, and I am now all kitted out and ready to do it again tomorrow. Likely with me bring highest light level. Is there a phrase higher up on the scale than disaster waiting to happen?
  20. Well, had mikeyl so they were interested, so we have 1) Moodmon 2) Siri 3) Willei 4) Legaldinho 5) Spag 6) mikeyl
  21. Not that I want to turn this into a begging thread, but we appear to have a slot spare for a raid this Tuesday at 8pm.
  22. I do have an Oryx checkpoint. I do have badminton tonight, so the earliest I can be on is 8:30pm, and it might be more likely 9pm. Plus I can likely only do a few hours. However, if anyone is happy with that then sure, I'm in.
  23. Right, so as it stands lineup for Tuesday is 1) Moodmon 2) Siri 3) Willei 4) Legaldinho 5) Spag 6) ? As they expressed interest in the main thread, going to see if MechaMonkey can do the last slot as Colin cannot make it.
  24. Things happen, people might not be able to make things. I think we are full up Tuesday, but can always stick you down as a reserve. I think we might still have that regular sixth place up for grabs yet, not sure how many are down for this week and how many regularly. Mainly as it is past 11 and I get confused easily.
  25. Got no problem with that, but just want to check if you mean 281 or 292, as in the thread you said 290-ish. Mainly as I am not sure if we have any 300+ guys, which means helping someone below 290 would be tricky. Otherwise, sure, we can give you a taste of sweet loot/mouldering shards.
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