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  1. Great-Britain_2299974b.jpg



    Not really a big athletics fan, but being lucky enough to be in that magnificent stadium on that night was unreal.  I didn't think I would ever hear a louder noise than the crowd roaring at Ennis as she rounded the last bend.  I don't even think she needed to win that race to get gold, but might as well go for it.


    Then we had Farah in what I think was the last race of the night.  Absolute bedlam, I don't think I will ever hear a noise so loud in my entire life.  Certainly I will never witness another sporting moment that good live in my entire life.  It is all downhilll from here.


    Now excuse me, I think I have something in my eye.  Might be having to watch West Brom play later though.

  2. Seems a but lacking for such a big announcement.  New game confirmed, new expansion confirmed and an update which will increase light level before that.  Thing is, that is all we get.  Almost as if it is a panic announcement to try and placate the fanbase/stem more people from stop playing.

    Thank you for your patience?  God Deej is such a tool.

    I am also reading stuff about people chucking themselves off ledges in Crimson Doubles for reasons.  Not been in the loop for ages, any idea why?

  3. Completely changed my mind on this. Doing story mission on hard is pretty challenging and good fun. I don't mind the bullet spongey enemies as such, but is suffers from vanilla Destiny problem of shotguns not being powerful enough to justify the range. Main example being facing a yellow dude rushing me, unloading 8 shotgun shells into the dude at point blank range and not dropping him.

    Had a really good session in dark zone. Less random ganking and more groups of people either going rogue or hunting them. Culminating with a manhunt against 4 rogues with about 15 normal players running up a street chasing them. It was as Benny Hill as it sounds.

    I am not sure how DZ is going to work in full game if end game is level 30s but varying gear - as it stands now fully geared people have about double the health and much more damage than someone who hasn't been grinding it.

    I certainly think I will be enough out the full game to sastify me even with that. Also the Bone version in the beta is absolutely fine, runs great and looks good.

  4. I had a few hours blast on it, I just don't think it is for me.

    I don't mind the shooting, feels fine. Cover can be a little awkward but nothing game breaking. Did the story mission, felt alright. I'm just not a fan of the Dark Zone. Now don't get me wrong. I have no problem with Ubisoft choosing to make it like Eve low-sec space (higher rewards, but PvP enabled). I tried it out, managed to get a successful extraction for some stuff, but then ended up getting ganked every time I tried again. One time I just got one shot by a higher level player, my dude just fell over.

    I cannot see me putting in the time to get some good loot only for it to be stolen by some dude hanging around the extraction zone. It also seems a bit harsh to lose loot, xp and cash when you die. So I don't think I will bother with full version. It's not a slight on the game as such, they have chosen this way and I'm fine with that. I just prefer PvE stuff myself. Otherwise it seems solid enough, and I can easily see the Destiny comparision.

  5. Full credit to him continuing and not being overly salty about it. I like how someone on the couch mentions he warned Andy about it, and told him to move the console.

    Shame, ruined a really interesting run. Not as pumped for Bloodbourne as I should be, this pre-patch run relying on this one jump isn't anywhere near as exciting for me as watching a full boss run. Tempted to stop to see this reverse boss Metroid run through.

  6. Some of the locked arts are the ones behind affinity missions. Game decides to tease you with them, then doesn't explain what missions unlock which abilities.

    The other arts will be behind the other classes. So if you are maxed at drifter and using the long sword, the sword arts associated with the top row classes will also be shown as locked. You need to change class to get them. Same with skills.

    There is very little reason when playing through the game normally to stick with a class when maxed. Always try and change when you hit ten. The only exceptions would be for hard bosses, where you want the class you've put most BP in.

    Later on when you max a row out it is feasible to move back to drifter for the hard stuff, as drifter gets five skills which I think is most out of all the classes.

    EDIT - Holy shit, just seen that Nagi video in the spoiler tags. Why isn't that stuff in the main game? That is miles more interesting than any of the cut scenes in the actual story.

    I also quickly want to stick up for Lin. Yes the recurring...do I call it a joke...is tedious, but aside from that she is one of the better child prodigy/obligatory loli characters in a JRPG. Everything else is fine and I like the VA. In short, blame Tatsu. For pretty much everything.

  7. This game has 90% of the plot in the last hour. Just when I thought my previous story concerns couldn't get worse...


    Well it almost had it. It could have ended, put the credits and people would have been satisfied. Nope, has to shit it up with that post credit sequence. Oh yeah, that happy ending with getting your bodies back? Yeah we lied, buy the sequel.


    Luckily I was over prepared for the bullshit of the boss fights. The pile of lizards got one shot by an intergalactic phoenix. Then Lao (because of course) decides to drain all your fuel because of course he will.

    The Elma stuff you could see coming but the massive info dump was as terrible as an info dump at the end of a 60 hour game could possibly be

    The horrible story execution has completely soured me on the game. I could forgive the many faults up to a point, but there is too much blatantly bad decisions here to make me like it. Despite having 60 hours on the clock. Nope, I have no idea either.

  8. Only played the first game on PC recently. Thought it was fantastic. Confirm you actually get a few seconds grace on hit this time round and I will buy all the copies. Shame they announce mid-2017 for a beta which is a hell of a long way off.

    Cannot recommend the first game enough if you like 16-bit platformers though.

  9. I have been playing this game wrong. I have been trying to just go through the story like I do with all games. This is a bad idea for two reasons.

    1) A lot of the side content is really good, which leads into...

    2) Everything associated with the story is terrible

    From the story itself, to almost all the characters aside from Elma And Lin (who I thought I would hate, and aside from her recurring joke with the fuckwit who will not be named she turns out to be absolutely fine), to the daft hoop jumping required to progress the story to...well I could go on. What they have done is study the big black book of bad JRPG design decisions, and included every single one. Boss difficulty spikes? Not carrying XP across characters and then forcing you to use certain ones? All these and more.

    I think the proper way to do it is doing some normal and affinity missions in between the main missions. Well, as soon as you complete whatever random requirement is needed for the story mission. The actual game part of it is tremendous. Exploring, messing around with the combat, having a fun time with a stompy robot. Just a shame the game makes it so difficult to recommend with all the obvious flaws in it. An example from an affinity mission I did. You have to go to the end of a cave and fight a thing. If you do, game puts you back right at the start of the cave. Despite being more than happy to restart you at bosses in the story. Grrrr. Plus the affinity missions hint at some character development but too bad, gotta grind affinity before you can find out.

    Despite all this I have put in 45+ hour so far, and it isn't giving me complete rage when I play it like bad games do. So don't buy it, but if you do you'll probably like it? I should get a job on Polygon with taglines that good.

  10. So it is 2am, I scammed a boss fight by putting difficulty down and then used reward tickets to buy two materials all for one reason. The flight module. Oh, so you want me to plant a probe down? Well it will probably be a little higher up, maybe an invisible wall to hit my head on. Wait a sec, where is my awesome mech jump with all the stompy goodness that entails? Boo. Booooo...wait a minute how high up is this thing?

    Oh. OH. OH BOY.

    Needless to say, you need the flight module. I just swooped into NLA from miles up in the air, landed next to armour alley and all with no loading. Primordia looks pretty damn sweet from up in the air. For all the faults, this game sometimes just absolutely nails it.

  11. Division rewards are from the online terminal inside the actual barracks building. There are about 8 menu options, go to division rewards.

    I just got myself on the skell train. Okay game, time to explain how to use I...oh look Doug doing one of those pop ups. Okay, must register Skell. Wait, that is it? It doesn't even explain how the fuel system works, or how to turn it into bike/car mode? This game sometimes.

    Plus it turns out you have to buy weapons for the thing before you can do anything. Still, SKELL YYEEAHH. Now to grind for the flight module. See you in three chapters and 20 hours.

    I don't know how this game can be so good, and so bad at the same time. The open world and making your way around is excellent. The basic RPG tropes and failings are not. Just did a mission, forced me to use a guy I haven't really used. Loads of levels behind, such a pain. The catch up mechanic based on levels simply isn't fast enough. I do like they tend to pepper mobs on way to boss, as if to say grind here people.

    Also one specific character rant. This is a character introduced a few chapters in, and rant covers stuff up to end of chapter 6.

    Fuck Tatsu. Seriously the most tropey RPG character ever created. I hated Lin at first, but she grew on me due to a good VA and being actually competent. This guy though. He does nothing for the game. The twist of chapter five and the end boss of chapter six are all a contrivance caused by that piece of shit. God damn just die in a fire.

  12. Got this Wednesday, managed a goo d few hours.

    Not sold on the story so far. You are just some mostly silent person and stuff seems to happen around you. Cannot stand the loli already.

    On the other hand you walk into the field and...well just look at it. Shit everywhere, place is huge and the combat seems decent enough so far.

    I think it is more the game has a typical JRPG opening - slow as hell to get going. Even the great Persona 4 was guilty of that one. Just be prepared to stick out the first few hours.

    I have sadly made my guy look like an idiot. Solution? Dress in what looks like full space armour to hide the face.

    Suppose the best thing is I kinda accidentally ended up playing it till 1am. Wasn't going to let that huge level 11 thing get the best of me. I let the building size level 40 thing go though, not ready for that.

  13. A grand total of two new exotics? When last December we got the Crota DLC? Hmmm, I sense a distinct lack of content. Still, Bones of Eao is supposed to be ace for Hunters, and we get the post buff Hard Light.

    When I tried it whilst levelling an ult, the thing was amazing. It wasn't the peashooter of old. Plus I have had people unleashing a hail of rebounding bullets in corridors in crucible. Not a nice thing to try and get past.

    Still only two new things though. No mention of any extra missions or anything like that. A couple of new exotics isn't going to bring people back suddenly. Are there still more be exotics in the database they haven't released yet? Actual question as I cannot remember.

  14. They are bringing back...No Land Beyond. I will resolve final judgement till the perks are shown but really? Really? Next they will bring back shit like Super Good Advi...wait, what? You are kidding me?

    [goes to buy Undertale]

  15. Chaperone nerf? Deserved, that gun is a monster. Sorry, did I say nerf? I meant the base damage goes down but they already good precision damage goes up. By a chunk.

    What next, making it so Fabian Strategy perk actually makes a difference? Effect currently subtle my arse. Also interested to see what the new Year 2 exotics are gonna be. Got to be chest pieces of some description, but it also mentions guns as well. Gimmie my Lord of Wolves Bungie.

  16. Don't hold your breath on then admitting it (if it is a bug) until it is fixed. Remember when we all used to spend our strange coins on heavy from Xur? He didn't stock it every week, so we filled out boots when we could.

    Yeah, Bungie casually mentioned it was a bug in some patch notes. They never told us it was a bug till just after it was fixed. We all thought it was Xur being a bit random.

  17. You say mass exodus, but a lot of people leaving have sunk in considerable playtime. Cannot exactly say the game has failed, TTK has been a very successful update.

    Sure, sounds like people may be getting fed up with not getting the loot they want from the raid. This is same as it ever was. Plus at least there is chance Osris drops some higher light level stuff.

    Bigger problem is you only increase the light level. There are no fancier rewards from hard mode Oryx, just higher numbers. There is nothing to do with those higher numbers apart from do raid again for a chance at...slightly higher numbers.

    Doesn't help that a lot of LFG and I have even seen it on here want a good go at Oryx on HM - which means light level 310+. Only realistic way to do that is get on HM raid. There are not enough people spare on here who can realistically band together to attempt HM. The people who are in groups only pop on to do the raid most of the time. It is same situation Destiny has always had. Only at least you had chance of new, different stuff in older raids. Here you get a different colour.

    I second the call for old raids to be beefed up, no reason not to. They need new content if they aren't doing expansion packs. This time last year we had a month or so before Dark Below dropped. We knee it was coming, we could get excited. We have no word on anything to get hyped about right now. Apparently a few updates coming but I don't remember reading about any actual new content.

    The big games dropping doesn't help, but why do I want the bigger numbers? Is a new raid coming? Do I need to get stuff together for higher levels and new stages? Well we haven't heard anything, might as well play something else.

    Plus if they ever do another expansion or similar, I can only predict they will do what happened in all the previous expansions and release higher level/light gear, rendering the current treadmill pointless.

    And I say all this despite having spent enough time on the game to have burnt in the super bar on my TV. TTK is fantastic, but I feel TTK is also very much done.

  18. The raid is so fun. Last night we just had a good laugh doing oryx and chatting. We wiped numerous times (one hit left on the witches and I had no idea how to slam dunk!) but everyone just got on and we tried again.

    I must say its one of my favourite gaming social experiences Iv ever had. That Rambo bloke was a great help too (much more than the LFG people)

    "I don't know how to dunk"

    [screams internally]

    Yeah, it was fun. The crazy thing is now you have done it once, it will take about half as long to do it again. I mean aside from that big dude at the end, I am sure he will be easy.

    Easier than finding someone good on LFG BBBBBZZZZZZZZ

  19. Big thanks to Mikey and co for inviting me to their raid. Despite the fact I am not a fan, I did end up with a shedload of loot.

    300 ghost, 304 shotgun, 303 Titan mark, exotic helmet and gauntlet engram. We only got up to Oryx, and another big thank you to Rambo for carrying everyone through.

    It turns out Touch of Malice is hilarious on the latter parts of the raid. "So I just pump the trigger as fast as I can for big numbers? Okay then.". Did try No Time To Explain one time on Golgoroth. As I have no Black Spindle I don't know if that does more damage than a normal sniper or not. Still had a good time, even got the last few calcified fragments I was missing.

  20. The best sparrows have a green contrail.

    You appeared to have spelt red incorrectly. It's okay, probably all that space magic affecting your eyes. Don't worry, I am kind of medically qualified. I have just the tool to him fix them. Now where did I put my hammer?

    As far as raid matchmaking goes, I can completely understand why they push you to forming groups yourself. You absolutely need to have the communication and teamwork down, which would be hard with randoms. Then again you have the difficulty of arranging a group. Would be a terrible shame if something Fallout related decimated raid groups and then would need relatively experienced people to fill in.

    Pick me God dammit

    I just don't see why the option of matchmaking isn't there. No reason at all it isn't there aside from Bungie decided it. See also nightfalls, Osiris and Prison of Elders at later levels. I can see why teaming with randoms would be hell, but surely that should be our choice, not theirs.

    I mean how many LFG sites are there for joining raids and suchlike? If you have to have external sites to cover a pretty basic function in a multiplayer game, you done messed up. Next you will tell me the grimoire isn't accessible in game.

  21. Its Walking Dead and Steak night, so it'll be 10 I reckon, you ok with that?

    If I haven't found some willing volunteers by that point give me a shout. I got a hankering for some sweet exotics.

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