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  1. Christ, not only is he stealing all MY (possibly our) jokes, but he's also stealing all MY (as all GHZ in-jokes are mine - just ask the man in the Mallorca Hat) in-jokes too. If I had a pic of you and me playing PSU, I would totally post it, as a reminder of when you used to be cool (and below level 120). In other news JJJJJJUUUUSSSSTTTTTTTIIIIIIICCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Actually it turns out I do have a photo of the old Richard, complete with a line of his favourite dancing whores (and I'm not making that up, I swear to god) which I will be uploading as soon as I'm not doing anything. That means
  2. Seeing as Siri is inept, his sexier lower level substitute (LEVEL 75!!!!!!!111111barrychuckle111) will oblige. http://boards2.sega.com/psu_board/viewtopi...ghlight=#805628 I try not to look at the official boards too much. It makes my mind shut down. EDIT - While I'm sullying this forum with my presence I may as well post about how I'm finding new improved PSU. Well, by new I mean endlessly running White Beast S to level up. But anyway, I'm amazed how easy mission points are to earn. The aforementioned mission gives out loads, I'm already at level 14 GT (stop laughing). It is also dishing
  3. That kind of stuff makes me insanely jealous. Unfortunately, someone needs to pump the flea-ridden cesspool that is Cradley full of antibiotics, methadone, and enough laxative to send a tramp to the toilet for a week, on a weekend. You need more midweek Moa(to)b(e) magic in your life. And by midweek, I mean when I'm on holiday, or not at work at 6:30 in the morning. In fact, I find the fact you people aren't now designing you PSU playing times around me completely and utterly unacceptable. As such, I shall punish you all with a picture of the real life Richard Hawk [beardo Dunga lvl 40 -
  4. If you haven't called that Newman Trucy then I shall personally come round your house and feed you prescription drugs. And not the good kinds.
  5. I'm not actually poor, it's just the done thing to ask for monies round here. Well, that's what Siri told me to do. And he's an honest, upstanding italian, who am I to argue? I sold some various power unit before I quit, so I think I have between 3-5 mill lying around. I don't know if that's good for a level 67 Guntecher, but I'll take it. Christ knows why he keeps going on about me. He disowned me to play with all you lot, and spends most of the day grooming his beard and giving away random rappy suits. I keep asking him what these Mr Magoo things are like for casting magic and stuff.
  6. And now a message: GIVE ME YOUR MONIES! Failing that, all your S rank crossbows and bows. And rifles. And wands when GTs get an upgrade. But mainly MONIES! Sponsored by the Richard Hawk Association - No in-joke too small, no Israel too new Rather sadly, I did decide to go back as Pirates of the Burning Seas has turned out to be a bit pap. Even worse was seeing 360 hours over 2 characters. That's two weeks solid of playtime. But no, even worserererer stuff was to follow. 5 minutes in, I already had a plan for what PAs I was going to level up some more. I hate myself sometimes. Quite wh
  7. Also got my pre-order today, and while I love MotoGP, I have to agree with the unacceptable comments. The screen-tearing is common-place, and even worse it can cause enough distraction to put you off your ride. However, a few tracks into career I got to Shangai, which is in the wet. Looks ruddy gorgeous, with the massive structures reflected in the track. Shame the 360 can't handle it. Slowdown is utterly chronic on that track. Worse case is one hairpin. I keep going off, and as I swing round to see the structures and so on the game drops frames like a cheap whore. It really is awful, an
  8. As I can finally get onto this rubbish forum thing after hours of trying I would also like to attend this tourny-thingy. As long as someone records the inevitable Preach-Tina Vs Mood-Leon last round bob all life left extravaganza
  9. Moodmon

    Dead Or Alive 4

    I think I speak for everyone when I say this... Absolutely cracking games, really some of the best DOA games I've had online. Especially with Preacher's YMCA/Disco Ein. Anytime I played him it was guranteed to be a) a cracking match B) a win for dubious sexual oritentation mofo Double KO Bass Vs Ein >_< But everything went really well, and the random lag only slightly spoiled it.
  10. Wow, I stay away for around a year and my ears start burning. I'm almost famous! At least I've discovered that Leon is a filthy gyppo and Hitomi is a nazi (German, has a scarly looking eagle thingy on her shirts). Can I say I'm the best DOA player on NTSC then? Or GHZ?
  11. Ahh. So this is where all the DOA types hang out. Just so you know, you forced me to waste 20 hours of my life unlocking all the costumes. The hard way. At least I can finally go online now. And get beat. But get beat in a fancy costume. I wasted so much time on it I can now perfect Tengu on hard mode :s
  12. AK-47 in Desert Combat. Don't worry, I'll just spray rounds everywhere except at you. Oh, and the geyser in the original ZOE. A ground based trip mine. Against floating robots. That float. In the air.
  13. Moodmon

    PC Gamer

    I'd be a lot more impressed by the design chance if I hadn't just looked through some of my old PC Gamers I'm about to throw out (I need the space for, err... new PC Gamers). The issue 50-ish era was clean, crisp, and looked kinda like Edge, but with humour. And beards. And really stupid photo shoots in the top 100s. The latest one seems a bit messy, there is text and shots all over the place, and my eyes don't know what to look at next. On the other hand, the extra-life section (oh the irony, an extra-life section for a system that barely uses them) is excellent, and exactly what I would
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