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  1. New weapons spoilers, of the yellow variety.


    I knew saving the original assault rifle would come in handy.  Khostov baby, now in pick your firing mode flavour.  So it can in theory be an assault rifle, a pulse rifle or a scout rifle.  One of the perks let you change the firing rate but it tanks the impact.


    Difficult to say if it is any good, as I am low level and it dropping at 350 makes it my most powerful weapon by default.  If you want quest spoilers and such ask away.  Fairly decent quest line.

  2. I wouldn't say the story is the worst they have ever done.  On the same level of Crota, so adjust expectations accordingly.  Seems there is some post story stuff just like TTK.  As for how I actually found it...(spoilers include quest rewards if that is a concern)


    Most of the missions are ok, nothing to write home about.  Last mission is excellent as it at least has an environment that looks new rather than more Cosmodrome.  That final encounter though.  Amazing.  Get dunked on with fire and fury.


    Not tried the new exotic sword.  As a 320-ish guy it dropped at 340.  The damage over time thing seems interesting, depends exactly how that works and if the tick is any good.


    The actual story is pants.  You have this Lord Saladin dude who is built up as a bad ass.  Turns out, he is Eris Morn redux.  It is exactly the same story.  Go defeat/grab something, everyone else gets killed, don't tell anyone else about it for reasons.  I hated how Rasputin was involved and maybe the enemy, but they haven't expanded on it.  Such a massive contrast to TTK story where there was humour and it didn't just hand wave thing away.  Maybe this was the vanilla Destiny writers - no time to explain indeed.


    Looks like the raid is setting up for this religious zealot dude as the bad guy, depends how this post content stuff goes.  It does seem very light.  Which was expected I suppose.  New enemies so far are just reskins, only with different shields and a random Taken Centurion homing ball as a death blast.


    Been having a look at the vendor stuff.  New Monarchy seems terrible again.  Some decent scout rifles on offer, maybe someone with more knowledge and experience can tell me which ones are good - aside from just infusing the Hung Jury like a sane man.

  3. Oh hey guys, who's ready for a big day of Destiny...oh.  Oh.


    Oh hey guys who's ready for a big day of Paragon, with maybe some Destiny in the evening?


    (I don't remember any of the other expansions having this trouble, so I'd put it down to something breaking.  Give Bungie at least some credit for once)

  4. 24 minutes ago, Phil said:


    I think you've just unsold me on that Destiny Collection. It might still be fun setting out at level 16, but everyone else is going to mainly be interested in running the new raid because the old ones are now a push-over, which in turn will be old hat by the time I eventually get around to it.


    I'm assuming new raid is going to be like the old ones, as far as rewards go.  Sure, there will be people here who will be sititng in orbit waiting for the raid to drop.  There will still be loads of people who won't touch it for a bit till they have levelled up.  Plus, even when the really heavy players have finished the raid they may not even get any good loot drops from it anyway (sorry guys, but Bungie RNG hates everyone equally).  Add to that it will take weeks to get the raid down to a single play session (practice, getting the loot drops).  People won't be able to attend every week.  Finally, you may have noticed the people on here are the top tier of the Destiny community, and won't mind helping out with stuff.


    Even if raiding is a struggle, it only matters at end game.  With TTK and RoI you will be able to get to a much higher light level than anything currently available without a single raid.  Even if you do a chunk solo or with matchmaking, that is a shedload of content and certainly the TTK stuff is mostly fantastic.  Of course do try and do all the raids, even nearly three years later there is nothing in gaming that even comes close to them - as in, I don't think anyone has even tried outside of a proper MMO.

  5. 11 minutes ago, df0 said:

    Naturally it is a walk in the park compared to the first runs. But the holes in the ground before Crota can still kill you, so can the whatevertheyarecalledlights at the VoG boss. All the Light in the universe does not make those mechanics disappear.


    I am cherry picking here, but compare "Run fast, avoid holes in ground, hang around a light bulb for a bit then repeat" vs "Organise three groups, each one has to stand on a plate and defend it at all costs"


    Or "Grab a sword, hit the boss, shoot the boss" vs "One group goes into this portal, one person grabs a shield that removes a debuff as the others kill enemies and shoot ticking time bomb.  Guys outside have to defend a bit, then get on centre platform as shield person protects everyone as they hammer the boss.  Oh, and the groups are random"


    The raids are different styles though, Crota feels a million miles an hour at all times with VoG being more considered.  So maybe that accounts for why the mechanics are simpler on paper.  Or (in my book) Crota just isn't as good a raid.

  6. I remember watching streams of people trying to get KF done first.  I knew at the time I couldn't put enough into the game to do the raid any time soon, so I thought might as well watch.  Loved watching all those streams trying to work out the mechanics.


    In some respects it is better to go in blind and discover it for yourself.  Then again if you don't have a regular group to hammer it for a few days after it launches you may as well just try and pick up tips from people round here.  KF and VoG are especially good for that.  Sure, you could spoil yourself on how to do it.  But can you actually do it when shit is going to hell?


    Most importantly of all, can you manage to do jumping puzzles without dying 8 times?


    EDIT @Gorf King ah, Crota.  The only reason that raid was hard was because Bungie pushed the light levels above what you could ever achieve.  As soon as higher light stuff hit the enemies were no longer bullet sponges and it was a walk in the park.  Easily the worst actual raid, but PoE was equally poor as far as enjoying the thing goes.  Still, Crota got me my Gjallerhorn though - this automatically makes it the most important raid in existences.

  7. So far in Destiny, most of the old content gets left behind.  The higher level strike playlist right now is just TTK stuff, so stuff like Devil's Lair doesn't feature.  There is zero reason to do any raid aside from KF outside of the fun.


    As they seem to be making a deal of year 3 (with the book waiting for be unlocked) they must have plans to maybe rejig some older content.  I would be amazed if they weren't aiming for Destiny 2 this time next year, so they can make a big deal of year 4.  I cannot see them adding any brand new stuff outside of RoI.


    Of course, I wouldn't say no to a relevant VoG sometime around Spring Bungie.  You know you want to.

  8. It has been a long time coming, but after all this waiting it is finally here.  I am getting up early tomorrow, getting all ready and then finally I can look forward to going back into something I haven't been into for ages.


    Yeah, my eye test is at 9:30am tomorrow at Specsavers.  What do you mean there is something else to look forward to?


    Ironically I have the next two weeks off but am occupied every day apart from launch day.  Have to play the ever loving shit out of it for a day I suppose.


    As I have missed a lot, is it worth playing it right now or just wait till tomorrow?  Not done a hard mode Oryx but being at 315 and not having raided for months don't fancy getting into that just yet.  Only thing I would really like is a Y2 Lord of Wolves, is that still just a CoE only exotic?

  9. Bit puzzled by those competition requirements.  They seem very restrictive.  I'm not entirely sure why they would set a cash limit on it unless they are thinking of making their own league with big monies.  Is it all harmless enough, does stuff like Halo and CoD have the same kind of terms?  I'm out of the loop on this one.  Used to either League of Legends style one top tier competion run by Riot, or DOTA and anyone being able to do anything.


    Also while all these additions are great it has taken them two fucking years to get private matches and proper clan support put in the game.  Christ, how much easier would it have been all this time to be able to just invite people from the massive list in the rllmuk clan(s).  They have dedicated an entire chunk of coverage to frankly basic features that really should have been in the game rather sooner after release.  Could be more down to PvP content not interesting me.  This annoucement isn't for me, so it leaves me cold.


    ...so who's got any of that new raid shit?  I can feel that itch coming back man.

  10. Assuming he is still playing him, maybe try and look out for ChrisG's Guile .  I'm not aware of anyone else maining him that is notable (might get the likes of Nuckledu pulling one out).  Probably some I've missed though.


    Zero idea who is going to win, but echo sentiments it is likely to be an all Asia top 8.

  11. Cannot disagree with any of that as such.  I just don't see why the option is there.  I don't like how Bungie decides what we can and cannot matchmake.  Sure it more than likely would be bad, I just don't see why I don't have the option of joining random idiots.


    As it is if I don't find enough rllmuk types I have to go on a LFG site for the exact same experience above.  I would prefer to cut out the middle man.

  12. As I said originally, I will likely be getting this anyway despite my moaning.  For all that I see a lack of content for the price, I can guarantee I will get a good amount of enjoyment out of the expansion.  Even if it is only for a month or so.


    Many games I buy for full price I don't play for that amount of time, or I don't enjoy anywhere near as much.  For all the flaws from some of the DLCs you can at least be sure it won't drop below good, as least to begin with.


    I just wish we could have some more for the price.  More brand new stuff, not older stuff redone slightly.  I still remember feeling cheesed off at HoW no matter how much I love the Lord of Wolves shotgun.  For reference I thought TTK was amazing and pretty much a complete package for someone who mostly plays PvE.  Felt I got my cash out of that.


    I just want completely brand new things.  Completely different looking guns, enemies, environments.  I feel Bungie are a bit stingy on that, but from what I can gather it seems more the engine is a bitch to make new stuff for rather than anything else.


    Plus matchmaking for everything.  I mean just give us the option, Division style.  There really is no excuse.  Do that and I might stop moaning.  That may be lies of course, I love a good moan.

  13. Right, but releasing year one weapons again is fair game?  Advertising as a selling point on the trailer an original Destiny weapon?  You also cannot tell me these enemies are going to have anywhere near as much as a difference as those introduced in TTK.  Sure the Taken fought completely differently but they were still reskins.


    I would love to know why it is a silly complaint when Bungie have history for release tiny amounts of new content with DLC.  Hey guys, here is some totally new hive weapons for the Crota raid [shotgun with hive bits stuck on like Bad Juju].


    Apparently I am not allowed to moan about new stuff just looking like reskins.  Despite the fact it looks like a lack of effort on their part...again (when it is most likely due to the engine being ass to add new stuff into).  It still looks low effort.  Is that not a valid complaint?  


    When did this place get so dismissive of opinions?

  14. It sounds so far like the House of Wolves DLC, only with an actual raid.  So I am tempering my expectations.  The fact the trailer says a singular new strike shows how much content we should be expecting.  I am not expecting a long story mode at all.


    The Gjallerhorn thing is pathetic though.  "Please pre-order, you can even have what used to be the best rocket launcher.". So...reusing old assets again then?  Much like how these new enemies look like reskins in the way of the Taken?  Fooling nobody here Bungie.  


    The price and the content is going to make all the difference here.  If it is light, it needs to be £25 or less.  If it has as much as TTK then sure I will hand over £40.  I get the feeling neither of those things will be true.


    Still, it is more Destiny so despite saying all that I will probably be in anyway.  They got me man.

  15. Well that ruined a good game.  Hibs beat Rangers in a cracking cup final in the last minute.  Then Hibs fans spill onto the pitch.  Stupid enough.  Rangers fans then come out  to meet them.  Sky talking about fights everywhere, and fans still in pitch now.  Just a massive mess.

  16. Got my Fighting Commander 4 through the post, so had a play with some of the other characters in trials.  Found Necali's the easiest of any set so far.  He seems someone I should put some time into.  Combos that don't take a lot of execution to do, a dragon punch and a command throw sounds right up my street.  Fact he also does so much damage is a bonus.


    Chun also needs some time as her normals are good and it is super easy to cancel her cr.mk into something useful, we Third Strike now.


    Got destroyed by Jonster online in a few lobbies.  Good games, not a big surprise but I think that Karin is enough to put me off playing Rashid for life.  Oh hey, I got no meter.  Well, there goes that round after a knockdown.

  17. Being in the same situation, I would recommend the Discord chat as always people up for a game.  They have been very gentle with me, they even supplied the lube.


    Battle lobbies are probably your best bet for watching people, especially if you like seeing Karin beat the crap out of me.  The Capcom SFV YouTube channel is putting up character videos which give a good basic overview of all the moves and the normals, I have found them to be a good place to start.  Guy called Bafael has made some YouTube videos and other stuff, found them linked from Crush Counter website (on tablet, not easy to link them).


    Saddened that I am probably making things more difficult for myself by trying Rashid and Laura first, as they both seem to have glaring flaws (though I would not call them weak).  Alex seems to be me not understanding how best to play him.  Probably should spend an evening just messing around with all the other characters, there are big chunks of the roster I haven't even faced let alone played with.

  18. I have a question.  Keep forgetting to use V-Trigger meter, and I know V-Reversals exist but have never used them.  Are there any specific situations to use them?  It seems like a measure to gain some space, doesn't seem a tremendous amount of follow up.  Am I missing a use or do you use it for say not getting trapped into a corner?


    Unless every characters acts a little differently in which case welp.

  19. Well, this is fabulous.  Even if I'm stinking up the Discord with "What's this do, why is that shiny, what's a Ryu?" I'm having a great time.  Thanks to Qazi and co for getting me into the lobby and facing many, many beatings.  One of these days I'll try and learn another character, but it might have to wait till I figure out what the turbulent buttons make the turbulent wind do.


    Did get to see a very tense Bison/Gief and Mika/Sakura match though.  I love lobbies, just get to see people go to town and learn the tech.  Also, learn what the moves actually do which is always a bonus.

  20. Just picked this up and dusted off my old EX2 to give it a bash.  For all the mixed reception I have read about it, at absolutely bronze level I am having a great time.  Not seen much in the way of droppers, losing because I keep cocking up and not getting angry about it and I don't even mind the waits between matches on PC as I can just put a stream on the other monitor.


    Only tried a few characters so far.  Ryu seems very Ryu, I have no idea how to Mika and I really don't think I'm going to get on with Alex.  Ever since trying the EX headstomp and not getting 3S effect from it I have been a sad panda.  Plus his command throw doesn't seem great, unless I have yet to attune to the ways of SFV yet.  Completely loving Rashid(oooooooooo).  Liking the mobility, loving the V-trigger even if I'm not really using it for awesome cross up shenanigans.  He's got a troll worthy backwards walk plus it means more people get to listen to his theme.  I'm benefiting the community here.  Just a shame my execution is absolutely terrible, in everything.


    Did play against a Ken for the first time online.  Seemed to be going alright.  I thought it was fine, it is just a little fire.  10 seconds later and most of my health gone after an absolute blitz, my head is spinning and I'm trying to work out what the hell happened.  Wrecked.  I need to start reading up on what half this stuff does, I'm still learning the moves let alone working out V-triggers.  Am having a good time though.  Put myself onto Discord, but I'll only be any use if you need someone terrible to beat up.


    One thing I will moan about are the battle lobbies.  Joined one hoping for the usual winner stops on.  Only the guys fighting just seem to...keep on fighting?  Maybe I've missed something.

  21. Well the new update certainly makes things a bit more pleasant to level up.  Played a few hours,  didn't really any light levels but did get my Bubble Bro armour up to same level as Sunbreaker build.


    From reading Reddit CoE is supposed to be pretty easy this week.  Shame I am a bit under levelled but if anyone is free this evening then I am free for that, nightfalls and other stuff.  Just at 307 light though.


    PS I would probably exchange a testicle for an updated Lord of Wolves.  From CoE.  Just saying.

  22. HotS is an excellent shout.  As mentioned it strips a lot of things away some of the other MOBAs have.  No need to worry about what items to buy, no last hitting creeps or denying, everyone shares XP.  Also no all chst I believe so you only have to worry about your own team trying to tilt you.


    I find DOTA the most complicated simply because there is so much to learn.  LoL is much simpler in comparison but still has a load of stuff in it.  DOTA certainly has a better tutorial plus you get all the heroes from the start.  I am a LoL man myself, but you do have the whole levelling up and unlocking modes thing to contend with.


    I like Smite as it plays really well on a controller, probably the only one that is feasible on consoles (outside the newer ones coming out which I haven't tried).


    Sadly they all require a massive time investment to at least get a handle on things, but I would say give HotS a good go and see how you progress from there.  Added advantage of the games being much much shorter than the others, you can get 40-60 minute games in DOTA and LoL quite easily.

  23. That picture is a nice shader.  All the characters have PoE gear on (can tell by the Titan with the stupid helmet and shoulder thing).  I don't mind so much the twitch streams to hype the content, I think they worked well the last few times.


    The main issue is it is still a month away.  By that time Division will likely have had the first update, which is supposed to be incursions (which may or may not be raids).  If this new Destiny stuff is just old content retooled (and I doubt they are going to be giving much new stuff away for free) then why would I play it over nice shiny new content in a new game?


    I mean I don't think I ever attempted the hard mode Oryx raid because it all just sounded like extra numbers on the loot.  Not even any fancy abilities on it.  Plus there is nothing else to do with these higher numbers.


    At the moment I cannot see myself dropping Division for it.  As people gave mentioned on here, I think the Autumn DLC will have to be massive to have much success.  As in content rich, like TTK was.  I just have my doubts in Bungie being able to pull out something worthwhile.

  24. As harsh as it is to say, what could have saved Jules?  He went head first into a digger/similar at speed.  Short of a fairly reinforced cockpit, what would have stopped that?  Open to suggestions, I honestly don't know.


    I am glad the drivers can see through the halo, but not sure how they will get on for seeing the starting lights.  I can see both points - safety first and foremost but at what point do you just put a closed cockpit on it and call it a day?  Then again I am sure if we are having this discussion then much more intelligent people are also trying to find a solution.


    And the FIA.  Welp.

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