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  1. Need to be more like Hitman. Place a hand held mirror on a balcony that mysteriously happens to crumble. Preferably next to a note that says “Are you shitting yourself?” as you walk out disguised as Sam Field.
  2. I would have preferred Pulis to be kept on till the end of the season. I think we would have stayed up, even if his football was garbage and his relationship with fans was toxic. Then fresh start in the summer with our new director of football bringing in his own people. I'll tell you one thing, I don't think Pulis would have taken the squad on that Spain trip. If he did, I can absolutely guarantee the taxi four would never have played for the club again. They'd be straight with the youngsters, even if one was Evans. Big Dave is being kept on one way or another. He might go back to being a coach, but there is no way he's leaving. He's done great, but again I think fresh start is needed and I'm not sure how he would hold up over a Championship season. Would not surprise me if they already have someone in place ready to go after the season ends. Maybe ask Mendes if he knows any other Portuguese managers, last one did a passable job I suppose I remember someone at the pub coming in after watching Wolves pre-season. Said it was the best football he had seen in decades. We all brushed it off, it was only a pre-season friendly. How wrong we were. I am happy you've got the best of the Midlands Chinese owners group. Fosun had a plan, they had the cash as well but pretty much everything they have touched has turned to old gold. Plus when I've seen them they haven't played Pulis ball, they done it properly. Nuno in his interviews with the local paper has seemed to be nothing but a class act as well. Now excuse me, I'm contractually obliged to rinse my mouth out with bleach after those compliments.
  3. So who’s the exception? OH GOD OZ YOU ARE TEARING US APART! In all seriousness Positivity Club is one of the few corners of the internet that still enjoys the game despite the flaws. It still plays like Destiny, the gunplay is still ace. The levelling process up to 20 and the campaign is much improved compared to vanilla D1. The PC is excellent with great performance. We’ve done mostly regular raids for a very long time, last one was I believe a couple of weeks ago. Game obviously has flaws. Compared to D1 the nerfing of recharge rates and the stupid double primary system with built in juggler was just idiotic. There isn’t a lot to chase when you’ve hit max light and most of the exotics aren’t worth using over a decent legendary - though weapon wise this looks like being fixed with the new DLC update (so it should apply to vanilla D2). The jump to 60 fps is truely amazing. I actually have it on PS4, tried going back and the drop is horrible to play with. We are always happy to have new people, Oz needs people to sacrifice at his PvP alter and we give no fucks if you haven’t done a raid or nightfall before as we are all equally terrible. There will almost certainly be more people playing with the new DLC dropping, us lot are hungry for new content,
  4. As a West Brom fan, the fact we are anywhere near a sniff at staying up is mind boggling. The fact the run in has included Liverpool, Utd and Spurs makes it even crazier. I think a lot of fans had come to terms with being relegated, getting things setup for not immediately going down a second time. Instead Big Dave has come in, played players in the correct positions and the impossible is looking....significantly less impossible anyway. Interestingly this has come with Barry and Evans being injured/not playing. I still think we are down but having Stoke relegated before us is nuts. Plus going down but not being short on confidence at least makes thing slightly more rosey for next season (though half the squad will probably go).
  5. His leg bent the wrong way. It’s horrific. I could also have done without that slowmo from that tweet above. Jesus.
  6. Here's a clip from elsewhere. Hope guy is alright. https://www.resetera.com/posts/6488010/
  7. I am sadly at work. However I will be passing on good vibes through the medium of being salty at work. Plus I will be handing out these completely clean and not infected at all dollar bills should you complete the raid.
  8. I suppose. See if we can teach Oz even more new words.
  9. Finally, someone has leaked MotS. Essentially the Destiny soundtrack for the entire lifetime of the game and never release by Bungie as they fell out with one of the three composers. Some dude called Marty, apparently he did some Halo shit. You know, as not releasing something composed in part by Paul McCartney is a wonderful idea. i like how reddit is taking it to be a gigantic fuck you to Bungie for all the terrible stuff recently. Marty himself has confirmed it as legit via Schreier on Kotaku. I’ve listened to a bit. It’s as glorious as you would expect.
  10. Hi, I'm designated dog gauntlet runner from Team Positivity Club (ie the PC lot). I like long walks on Io, grenade launchers and Cialis. I'll start by saying the PC lot are still having a tremendous amount of fun with it. Been having a few cracks at the raid lair, got the raid down pretty much and we even go into crucible to get carried. It's a fun game, a fun game I am still having fun with. However, everyone is right with all the bullshit they are calling out. When 50% or so of the new items in the DLC are locked behind the Eververse, that's bullshit. It also gives you less things to try and aim at. Sure the verses are nice (even if the guns seem to vary between ok and awful) and the masterworks are a nice addition, something to actually grind for. But the entire game has been adjusted to make Eververse more palatable. The entire token system for example. Yes we can buy pieces now, only after Bungie was put under duress. Now doesn't this random rolling for items remind you of something? Say loot boxes? Oh wait. Now as for the Dawning, here is the sum total of what you can earn free. 1 freebie 1 from Heroic Strikes 1 from Mayhem That's it. Account wide. Might be able to do some of them again if they reset but otherwise that's all you get. Three loot boxesengrams. Better hope you get real lucky if you aren't spending that dollar. Once again it's bullshit. As has been pointed out elsewhere, other games during seasonal events make all the boxes/engrams have seasonal rewards. Hell I play a F2P MOBA called Paragon. It is currently having a winter event with skins and such. If you play a certain number of games each week, you a guaranteed all the skins. No RNG bollocks, you just get them all. In a free to play game. Destiny as of right now costs say £60 for the full experience with the DLC, and you get guaranteed nothing. It's bullshit. It's bollocks. It's total fucking bollocks coming of TK/RoI which were somehow more full featured than the full price sequel. It is still a lot of fun, despite all that. I'm still playing it, I'll still be playing the next DLC and I'll probably be getting the Taken King equivalent when it comes out as the game is fun at the core. Don't tell me it's a chocolate cake with lush buttercream icing when the cake is replaced by meatloaf or something. You can enjoy the icing, but for god's sake let people call the cake shit.
  11. As far as Three of Coins goes, I did near four hours yesterday, got one exotic. Siri who also ran with me and didn't have it also got one exotic. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN FOLKS! (no-one has any clue if it is working as intended or not, so I'm sure with Bungie's new found commitment to communication we will get told about it. Any minute now. Any minute...)
  12. I have updated the schedule thing. I mean unless you fancy starting near midnight Thursdays and Fridays. I might be able to join then. Does that help?
  13. Overall he's done a good job. You can cope with dreadful football when you don't have the players to do otherwise. However we've had a great transfer window. We have done quality players. We have a few with pace. Yet he sticks with three defensive midfielders at all times. He has the players to play more attacking. But no, play Rodriguez as some sort of winger and leave Rondon alone up front. His pre and post match interviews were embarrassing for Chelsea. Beforehand it was "Look at me and the awesome job I've done" and after it was "Chairman is a good lad, if he keeps me I'll keep plodding along". I think he should have been kept till end of season, I think he would have kept us up. I don't even think the Chelsea result did him in. It was bad, but it is Chelsea. What did him was the rows of empty seats for a game against Chelsea. Sure the fans booed, but most didn't care enough to turn up. I have no idea who they plan on bringing in. Currently the caretaker is Gary Megson. Get ready for some free flowing progressive football boys.
  14. As for dates, that Tuesday and Sunday should be fine. The great thing about rllmuk is how fantastic the Destiny community is. Same in vanilla Destiny, same on PC. Good guys having a laugh, not getting too salty about struggling on some bits. I've tried LFG in the past and this place is so much better. As for the raid, rather than just take the piss out of the wonderful damage values from certain party members we should all be constructive and offer helpful advice. I recommend investing in the following. You're very welcome.
  15. Played a few games of the latest patch. Thanks for all the games, much nicer playing with others (even when my headset runs out of juice). So, it's all a bit quick. I know Epic has always stated their desire to reduce game times, well they certainly did that. So far I don't mind it. Actual game is faster, still learning a few things. The mastery system is bullshit though. Don't have mastery, don't get xp for chests and stuff aside from stars. Only way to get cards and gems is...through chests. I'm about two cards and a few gems short. So unless I spend 500k rep or some cash on mastery, I'm pretty much out of luck. Apparently Fortnite is pretty bad for this as well. This is a PvP game though. New players are utterly shafted as it stands. As far as game balance goes...there isn't much. Casters are mostly monsters. Countess in particular seems to hurt like hell early, but it applies to most. You want a damaging support, pick Belica. Bombs hurt. Watching other people, Morigesh also seems lacking in damage. Had a guy on my team have some good damage cards, didn't seem to do much. Gideon is also not great. Rocks hurt, ult now tickles. Seems little point when Gadget exists. Supports have gone a bit topsy-turvy. Phase hasn't had any direct nerds, but seems much less effective. The regen is beaten handily by other supports, and the hero block card at level one completely negates the slow lance. Dekker is still Dekker. More interesting are the previously weaker supports. Narbash is now utterly fantastic. His healing aura has now had a massive buff, something like 25 regen at level one. Mana costs are much more reasonable. The extra speed makes banks and escapes easier, the drumstick is still good. Apparently Muriel is also super useful, the low time to kill for most heroes means the shields can save lives much better than before. Not seen in game, but Riktor's electric aura now seems to do actual damage. Grim is hilarious with his 15 second ult. Sure the damage isn't the best, but you could build him as a mage ultbot, entirely viable. I do think carries can still, well, carry but they do need to be ultra late game. It just doesn't go that late very often. I do need to play more, but so far it seems different rather than better or worse. Oh, couple of useful tips. The armoured ward card has a 60 second cool down but it doesn't delete the old ward, so go nuts. The power tap cars that permanently gives 15 power is bugged. Currently resets on level up and death, so don't use it. The smite card (deals 500 damage to neutral minion, increasing each time it is used) is amazing. It remembers the stacks (and even the cool down) if you swap the card out. So you can use it in jungle, replace it, then buy it back for raptors/prime.
  16. I just tend to play whoever fits. Cannot say I've got any real favourites. Not that any of that will matter with the new patch. NDA is done, so we are getting info. Oh boy, it looks like power is barely a thing and everything is attack speed. Not to mention that Iggy rework. His ultimate is effectively Michael Bay mode.
  17. Didn't realise it cut off some of my stuff, so here's the rest.
  18. Despite writing all that, forgot one thing. PSN and epic username same as my forum handle. I think I've got a few alts I can use so your aren't suddenly matched with people who know what they are doing, or there is always bot matches.
  19. Just to seperate it out, some useful links. The Paragon Wiki site: http://paragon.wikia.com/wiki/Paragon_Wiki Hasn't been updated in a bit, waiting for the big update but most of the basic stuff is useful. https://agora.gg/ Uses a system for ranking ELO, not the same as the in game one which is used for matchmaking. More usefull for seeing how much damage you did in a game, and for a rough idea on card builds. Looks like it is all ready for the update as it has a v42 preview for the cards. Paragon Youtube playlist for hero overviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUNdru-9Mmps5xDLroP4hGsTEMxEdqmR9 I'd only use it for the more recent heroes but useful to get rough idea of their skills Also say best way of getting builds is by watching some of the better streamers or teams. Personal example for me are https://www.twitch.tv/imsko/ Best carry to watch, chill music, knows what he is doing https://www.twitch.tv/to_bloodmordius UK based jungler and https://www.twitch.tv/jleogrande US based jungler https://www.twitch.tv/vekron Also known as Master Splinter, support main https://www.twitch.tv/imthemyth Shinbi main of all things, off laner. Not sure how good they are (all the others play for the better teams in Paragon) but this is some good streaming
  20. If you have some time on your hands, I wrote this up.
  21. I am all over this game. Aside from some breaks for Persona and Nier it is pretty much all Paragon, all the time. On PS4 as well, tend to get hand cramp from keyboard and mouse. Pad works like a charm, and even without a keyboard (that you can just plug in and start typing with on PS4) the chat shortcuts are great. The only problem with learning the game now is (as mentioned above) the entire economy system is changing next Tuesday. We don't have all the details yet (probably expect a blog post this week) but don't bother looking at builds. Just mess around with the characters and learning the map. Game has a 1/1/2 and jungler meta. Safe lane is solo laner on left against the carry/support. I think the game has a system where it slowly unlocks new characters as you play. So all characters are free, but you get beginner level characters first, and only get more difficult ones like Kalleri/Sev later on. Feel free to mess around in solo/co-op Vs bots. There are rumours you will get experience and rewards from solo play for a bit when the new system drops. Or just drop people a line on here. Supports crossplay out the box, just not sure how the party system works with PC and PS4 players.
  22. That video is ace, and nails everything I feel about Destiny. I like how it takes apart just how poor the PvP is in comparison to that newcomer Halo 2, let alone anything else. PvP balancing affecting PvE was always bollocks. Never got to scream like an idiot on my first Ghorn. Always remember just sort of discovering it on my Hunter after failing to notice the pop up. Oh. Well that's pretty good then. I will freely admit to screaming like an idiot on my first Atheon clear. Much like everyone else in the party. Divided on the guy saying the community formed in spite of Bungie. He is right about it. I suppose there are those third party websites for group forming. How about we have that stuff in the actual game next time Bungie? Much like the ruddy Grimoire.
  23. So I am about 30 hours in. It's a bit good. In two minds whether the start is slow or not. My most games standards it is very slow, but I remember original P4 which was about 4 hours of intro and about two saves (which Golden fixed thankfully) Up to having completed the third palace. I have put the game on easy, really don't have time anymore for playing for 30 minutes then having the enemy get a lucky party wipe. I like the management I still have to do with healing and sp. All easy does is half the damage you take, everything else stays the same. Palace 3 seemed fucking huge, I love the change to designed dungeons. Of course, Mementos still there for all your random dungeon needs. Also the easiest place to scam money in the game. Not just from completing requests (which give loads of cash) but a little quirk you can use. Not sure if you could call it an exploit, but I have spoilers it regardless.
  24. So about 4-5 hours in, and I think the game is going to let me have an actual crack at the dungeon now. It is still a typical slow JRPG opening, though the first 30-60 minutes are great even if I barely have an idea what is going on. Seems a bit darker than P4, but I always thought that had a very slim plot to begin with. Protagonist shows appropriate amount of swag for a Persona lead, so problem solved there. The combat feels very persona, the random pick up of cards being replaced by demon negotiation. It's a change, crazy to think 4-5 hours in I haven't played enough to make a comment but this is a big ass game from what I heard. Christ, not even unlocked fusion yet. Game is stylish as hell, even the menus and loading screens look great. Don't have a problem with the VAs at all. The name pronunciation doesn't seem right but I will roll with it. My only complaint so far is the main characters. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but it feels very Persona 4. Spoiler below talks about the first four main non-protag characters personality and abilities. Nothing really spoilery but safety first. I also hate stealth, but it seems more a means to an end so far and nothing too technical. EDIT - in regards to query above the game mentions something about being able to quick select weakness affecting spells . I cannot for the life of me remember the button. I think it was R1 or R2
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