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  1. 22 minutes ago, I say said:


    I'm hoping Ubisoft release Assassins Creed West Bromwich edition, where you first take out any fans who agreed with the appointment, working your way up to board members, and final complete the game by assassinating Parsnip himself.


    Need to be more like Hitman.  Place a hand held mirror on a balcony that mysteriously happens to crumble.  Preferably next to a note that says “Are you shitting yourself?” as you walk out disguised as Sam Field.

  2. 1 hour ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    Either way, Pardew should be embarrassed. 


    Asked my albion mate about Big Dave last night and he said he’d keep him on either way. 


    I would have preferred Pulis to be kept on till the end of the season.  I think we would have stayed up, even if his football was garbage and his relationship with fans was toxic.  Then fresh start in the summer with our new director of football bringing in his own people.  I'll tell you one thing, I don't think Pulis would have taken the squad on that Spain trip.  If he did, I can absolutely guarantee the taxi four would never have played for the club again.  They'd be straight with the youngsters, even if one was Evans.


    Big Dave is being kept on one way or another.  He might go back to being a coach, but there is no way he's leaving.  He's done great, but again I think fresh start is needed and I'm not sure how he would hold up over a Championship season.  Would not surprise me if they already have someone in place ready to go after the season ends.


    Maybe ask Mendes if he knows any other Portuguese managers, last one did a passable job I suppose ;)  I remember someone at the pub coming in after watching Wolves pre-season.  Said it was the best football he had seen in decades.  We all brushed it off, it was only a pre-season friendly.  How wrong we were.  I am happy you've got the best of the Midlands Chinese owners group.  Fosun had a plan, they had the cash as well but pretty much everything they have touched has turned to old gold.  Plus when I've seen them they haven't played Pulis ball, they done it properly.  Nuno in his interviews with the local paper has seemed to be nothing but a class act as well.


    Now excuse me, I'm contractually obliged to rinse my mouth out with bleach after those compliments.

  3.  So who’s the exception?  OH GOD OZ YOU ARE TEARING US APART!


    In all seriousness Positivity Club is one of the few corners of the internet that still enjoys the game despite the flaws.  It still plays like Destiny, the gunplay is still ace.  The levelling process up to 20 and the campaign is much improved compared to vanilla D1.  The PC is excellent with great performance.  We’ve done mostly regular raids for a very long time, last one was I believe a couple of weeks ago.


    Game obviously has flaws.  Compared to D1 the nerfing of recharge rates and the stupid double primary system with built in juggler was just idiotic.  There isn’t a lot to chase when you’ve hit max light and most of the exotics aren’t worth using over a decent legendary - though weapon wise this looks like being fixed with the new DLC update (so it should apply to vanilla D2).


    The jump to 60 fps is truely amazing.  I actually have it on PS4, tried going back and the drop is horrible to play with.  We are always happy to have new people, Oz needs people to sacrifice at his PvP alter and we give no fucks if you haven’t done a raid or nightfall before as we are all equally terrible.  There will almost certainly be more people playing with the new DLC dropping, us lot are hungry for new content,

  4. As a West Brom fan, the fact we are anywhere near a sniff at staying up is mind boggling.  The fact the run in has included Liverpool, Utd and Spurs makes it even crazier.  


    I think a lot of fans had come to terms with being relegated, getting things setup for not immediately going down a second time.  Instead Big Dave has come in, played players in the correct positions and the impossible is looking....significantly less impossible anyway.  Interestingly this has come with Barry and Evans being injured/not playing.


    I still think we are down but having Stoke relegated before us is nuts.  Plus going down but not being short on confidence at least makes thing slightly more rosey for next season (though half the squad will probably go).

  5. 3 minutes ago, MrPogo said:

    Quite a whack, but hopefully doesn’t look like it should be anything too serious.


    His leg bent the wrong way.  It’s horrific.


    I could also have done without that slowmo from that tweet above.  Jesus.

  6. I am sadly at work.  However I will be passing on good vibes through the medium of being salty at work.  Plus I will be handing out these completely clean and not infected at all dollar bills should you complete the raid.


    Finally, someone has leaked MotS.  Essentially the Destiny soundtrack for the entire lifetime of the game and never release by Bungie as they fell out with one of the three composers.  Some dude called Marty, apparently he did some Halo shit.  You know, as not releasing something composed in part by Paul McCartney is a wonderful idea.


    i like how reddit is taking it to be a gigantic fuck you to Bungie for all the terrible stuff recently.  Marty himself has confirmed it as legit via Schreier on Kotaku.  I’ve listened to a bit.  It’s as glorious as you would expect.

  8. 16 hours ago, mechamonkey said:

    Well how dare I enjoy the game instead of joining in the internet hate bandwagon.
    You do realise there are are many activities which give dawning rewards? you literally don't have to spend a penny, it's not tied to a DLC either, there are NO monetary costs.
    I get that earning rewards from activities directly is far more rewarding than getting them from the lottery Eververse, I know, I've been playing since D1 Beta and have also done everything the series has on offer (well apart from Trials or killed Calus on prestige) I'm, just saying that I am still playing, and I AM earning those rewards at a pretty satisfactory rate and contrary to the popular opinion actually still enjoying myself.
    What do people realistically want? an infinite grind? never ending free content? a life replacing career in Destiny?
    If you want random rolls go play Borderlands a bit you'll soon remember how shit random perks are.
    It's already been confirmed that all this is set to change anyway ghosts/ships/raid perks on gear etc the game is a bit broke right now but ffs come on it's still fun to play and will get better.


    Hi, I'm designated dog gauntlet runner from Team Positivity Club (ie the PC lot).  I like long walks on Io, grenade launchers and Cialis.  I'll start by saying the PC lot are still having a tremendous amount of fun with it.  Been having a few cracks at the raid lair, got the raid down pretty much and we even go into crucible to get carried.  It's a fun game, a fun game I am still having fun with.


    However, everyone is right with all the bullshit they are calling out.  When 50% or so of the new items in the DLC are locked behind the Eververse, that's bullshit.  It also gives you less things to try and aim at.  Sure the verses are nice (even if the guns seem to vary between ok and awful) and the masterworks are a nice addition, something to actually grind for.  But the entire game has been adjusted to make Eververse more palatable.  The entire token system for example.  Yes we can buy pieces now, only after Bungie was put under duress.  Now doesn't this random rolling for items remind you of something?  Say loot boxes?  Oh wait.


    Now as for the Dawning, here is the sum total of what you can earn free.


    1 freebie

    1 from Heroic Strikes

    1 from Mayhem


    That's it.  Account wide.  Might be able to do some of them again if they reset but otherwise that's all you get.  Three loot boxesengrams.  Better hope you get real lucky if you aren't spending that dollar. Once again it's bullshit.  As has been pointed out elsewhere, other games during seasonal events make all the boxes/engrams have seasonal rewards.  Hell I play a F2P MOBA called Paragon.  It is currently having a winter event with skins and such.  If you play a certain number of games each week, you a guaranteed all the skins.  No RNG bollocks, you just get them all.  In a free to play game.  Destiny as of right now costs say £60 for the full experience with the DLC, and you get guaranteed nothing.  It's bullshit.  It's bollocks.  It's total fucking bollocks coming of TK/RoI which were somehow more full featured than the  full price sequel.


    It is still a lot of fun, despite all that.  I'm still playing it, I'll still be playing the next DLC and I'll probably be getting the Taken King equivalent when it comes out as the game is fun at the core.  Don't tell me it's a chocolate cake with lush buttercream icing when the cake is replaced by meatloaf or something.  You can enjoy the icing, but for god's sake let people call the cake shit.

  9. As far as Three of Coins goes, I did near four hours yesterday, got one exotic.  Siri who also ran with me and didn't have it also got one exotic.




    (no-one has any clue if it is working as intended or not, so I'm sure with Bungie's new found commitment to communication we will get told about it.  Any minute now.  Any minute...)

  10. Overall he's done a good job.  You can cope with dreadful football when you don't have the players to do otherwise.


    However we've had a great transfer window.  We have done quality players.  We have a few with pace.  Yet he sticks with three defensive midfielders at all times.  He has the players to play more attacking.  But no, play Rodriguez as some sort of winger and leave Rondon alone up front.


    His pre and post match interviews were embarrassing for Chelsea.  Beforehand it was "Look at me and the awesome job I've done" and after it was "Chairman is a good lad, if he keeps me I'll keep plodding along".


    I think he should have been kept till end of season, I think he would have kept us up.  I don't even think the Chelsea result did him in.  It was bad, but it is Chelsea.  What did him was the rows of empty seats for a game against Chelsea.  Sure the fans booed, but most didn't care enough to turn up.


    I have no idea who they plan on bringing in.  Currently the caretaker is Gary Megson.  Get ready for some free flowing progressive football boys.

  11. As for dates, that Tuesday and Sunday should be fine. 


    The great thing about rllmuk is how fantastic the Destiny community is.  Same in vanilla Destiny, same on PC.  Good guys having a laugh, not getting too salty about struggling on some bits.  I've tried LFG in the past and this place is so much better.


    As for the raid, rather than just take the piss out of the wonderful damage values from certain party members we should all be constructive and offer helpful advice.  I recommend investing in the following.












    You're very welcome.

  12. Played a few games of the latest patch.  Thanks for all the games, much nicer playing with others (even when my headset runs out of juice).


    So, it's all a bit quick.  I know Epic has always stated their desire to reduce game times, well they certainly did that.  So far I don't mind it.  Actual game is faster, still learning a few things.


    The mastery system is bullshit though.  Don't have mastery, don't get xp for chests and stuff aside from stars.  Only way to get cards and gems is...through chests.  I'm about two cards and a few gems short.  So unless I spend 500k rep or some cash on mastery, I'm pretty much out of luck.  Apparently Fortnite is pretty bad for this as well.  This is a PvP game though.  New players are utterly shafted as it stands.


    As far as game balance goes...there isn't much.  Casters are mostly monsters.  Countess in particular seems to hurt like hell early, but it applies to most.  You want a damaging support, pick Belica.  Bombs hurt.  Watching other people, Morigesh also seems lacking in damage.  Had a guy on my team have some good damage cards, didn't seem to do much.  Gideon is also not great.  Rocks hurt, ult now tickles.  Seems little point when Gadget exists.


    Supports have gone a bit topsy-turvy.  Phase hasn't had any direct nerds, but seems much less effective.  The regen is beaten handily by other supports, and the hero block card at level one completely negates the slow lance.  Dekker is still Dekker.  More interesting are the previously weaker supports.


    Narbash is now utterly fantastic.  His healing aura has now had a massive buff, something like 25 regen at level one.  Mana costs are much more reasonable.  The extra speed makes banks and escapes easier, the drumstick is still good.  Apparently Muriel is also super useful, the low time to kill for most heroes means the shields can save lives much better than before.  Not seen in game,  but Riktor's electric aura now seems to do actual damage.


    Grim is hilarious with his 15 second ult.  Sure the damage isn't the best, but you could build him as a mage ultbot, entirely viable.  I do think carries can still, well, carry but they do need to be ultra late game.  It just doesn't go that late very often.


    I do need to play more, but so far it seems different rather than better or worse.  Oh, couple of useful tips.  The armoured ward card has a 60 second cool down but it doesn't delete the old ward, so go nuts.  The power tap cars that permanently gives 15 power is bugged.  Currently resets on level up and death, so don't use it.  The smite card (deals 500 damage to neutral minion, increasing each time it is used) is amazing.  It remembers the stacks (and even the cool down) if you swap the card out.  So you can use it in jungle, replace it, then buy it back for raptors/prime.

  13. I just tend to play whoever fits.  Cannot say I've got any real favourites.  Not that any of that will matter with the new patch.  NDA is done, so we are getting info.


    Oh boy, it looks like power is barely a thing and everything is attack speed.  Not to mention that Iggy rework.  His ultimate is effectively Michael Bay mode.

  14. Didn't realise it cut off some of my stuff, so here's the rest.





    Best recall in the game, no contest.  As for the rest of her, ehhhhh.  She's supposed to be played as an assassin.  Get in, get out, ult, K-Pop home.  Doesn't really do enough damage though.  Countess does more burst, Morigesh has a better ult that doesn't need to be stacked.  Great fun to play with her kit, but not suggested.  Probably best as an off laner.  

    RMB: Dash, deals damage to enemies and applies a stack.  Can dash again within 3 seconds. 
    Q: Thin line attack, goes through enemies.  Not great damage, super low cooldown.  Applies a stack 
    E: Summons a circle of wolves.  Deals AoE damage, heals Shinbi per hit (for not much).  Each hit applies a stack. 
    Ult: Global that targets enemies with most stacks.  Does more damage per stack.  Good damage, but stacks only last ten seconds.  




    All carries are good late game, Sparrow is especially effective.  Needs to be taken care of early, has no escape.  Good alt, play her right and she shreds through enemies.  Works well with a bit of attack speed due to her passive.  

    RMB: Holding it charges up a long range bow shot.  Good range, goes through units and walls.  Damage isn't great, can be used to finish people off. 
    Q: Fires rain of arrows at circle on ground.  Damage is poor but I think it applies passive to enemies. 
    E: Passive, consecutive shots on enemies deal more damage.  Great late game when you have the cards and crit. 
    Ult: Multishot bow.  For decent chunk of time Sparrow fires three arrows rather than one.  Side arrows do less damage, but it can easily murder the enemy team if allowed.  




    Don't seem him much anymore.  Support or offlane.  When the new map came out he did bonkers damage with his ult.  Can still do good damage even if built tank, but relies on the ult and is tricky to use.  

    RMB: His shield extends, blocks enemy projectiles.  Mostly useless. 
    Q: Charges forward, knocks enemies up and does decent damage.  Awkward to land. 
    E: passive that grants him 4 stacks of ability armour.  Taking damage removes a stack, recharges over time.  More tank stats are good. 
    Ult: Targets an area, leaps up and slams down.  Knocks up enemies, great damage.  Probably one of the best ults in the game. 

    The Fey 



    My go-to support if I think my team is gonna be trash.  Probably works better as a mid laner.  Isn't the best at either role.  You can however still do a decent support job, poking people down and using the slow on people.  Has one advantage over other supports.  She can scale, and the RMB can easily push waves. 

    RMB: Plants a plant that explodes after a few seconds.  Does damage over time, and a chunk at the end, 
    Q: Fires a line of thorns that slow enemies who touch it.  Sadly it roots Fey briefly upon activation leaving you briefly vulnerable. 
    E: Long range poke.  Auto attack cancel.  If it hits an enemy hero, costs no mana, further hits in about a ten second window do bonus damage.  It's free poke if you can hit it, abuse the shit out of it.  Also useful for last hits. 
    Ult: Plants a large patch of vines on the ground.  After just over a second, pulls enemies back towards the plant.  Enemies have to be in the original activation circle to get pulled back, and in line of sight.  Damage is meh, more used for control.  Not great, way too finicky to land. 




    A dude with guns in his arms.  Has two of them.  Decent carry, makes much greater use of his abilities than others.  His grenade skill and triple shot can crit. 

    RMB: Fires three quick shots in a row.  Reduced damage compared to regular shots.  Handy for last hitting and hitting enemies. 
    Q: Fires grenade on floor after short delay.  You only have so many in stock, quick recharge though 
    E: Small dodge.  Better than no escape at all 
    Ult: Arms turn into gatling guns.  Tickles enemies but very long range, use for finishing people off.  Reactivate to end ult early.  

    You need to hit his abilities to make the most of his damage.  He is also short range so is slightly riskier than some other carries.  I quite like him. 




    Maybe doesn't look it from kit, but he's a midlaner.  A lot of utility, and easy last hits with his scope.  Like Zinx seems to be built with the overhaul in mind, will probably be more useful when it drops.  As it is, still supposed to be good but it more utility than damage.  That utility though. 

    RMB: Long range snipe, goes through walls.  On minion or hero kills reduces the cooldown, and gradually refunds the mana cost. 
    Q: Sonar.  Effectively free ward.  Only shows enemies, doesn't give vision on objectives. 
    E: That Disruptor skill from DOTA.  Moves the enemy back to where they were a few seconds ago.  As annoying as it sounds, only counterplay I am aware of is Phase pull removing the effect. 
    Ult: After short channel moves himself and allies into shadow plane, gives movement speed boost.  Again like DOTA either you smoke up for a gank, or you bail you and your team out of trouble.  




    It's a moba, so have a monkey king.  Stance based champ, abilities change based on   Passive ult that chews through structures if he is given the chance, great splitpusher.  Offlaner, can jungle but best pushing that far lane.  

    RMB: Offensive Stance (OS): Pushes enemies away, does damage.  Evasive Stance (ES): Does directional leap into air, like a pole vault. 
    Q: Grants double jump.  OS – slams down to do damage and apply a slow ES – gives him an airwalk and movement speed boost.  ES is really good.  You cannot catch him, can reach the gold buff as well. 
    E: Stance toggle.  Certain minions are marked (glowing orb in their belly).  Killing it gives you one of two bonuses.  OS – more cash ED – heals 
    Ult: Each basic attack summons a clone.  Clone does damage in a small AoE of the clone based on his basic attack damage.  Rips through towers as mentioned.  




    Ranged melee carry.  Wait, what?  Yin has a whip, so feel free to fulfill all your Simon Belmont fantasies.  Whip has decent range but is narrow.  Still built like a standard carry, unusual kit.  Can be annoying to hit people, but the ult is amazing. 

    RMB: Very brief projectile knockback.  Knocks them back to whoever fired them.  Yes, you can use it with the ult. 
    Q: Lashes whip onto unit and pulls herself towards them.  Works on enemies and allies.  So can be used for escape or attack. 
    E: Extra whip range, and 100% damage on all enemies hit.  Waveclear, big damage but the whip is thin so position accordingly. 
    Ult: Forms bubble of wind.  Knocks enemies out, enemies that enter are slowed, and projectiles are trapped in the bubble.  Yin is melee so her attacks are not affected.  Multiple uses, expect to run the enemy carries day.  Can also use on raptors, then deflect all the projectiles back for big damage. 




    Built for the next big patch.  Was previously useless, now can be quite useful in the right hands.  I'd say offlane only.  Built her tanky, she will annoy the enemy team while being almost unkillable with her ult.  She is designed to stay in the fight and slowly whittle the enemy down.  Doesn't have great waveclear or damage, but annoying as hell to fight against.  Be real careful against her level one.  Even in a 1v2, the mana reduction to the auto attack toggle means if she gets the jump and isn't surrounded by minions, she can force a back or a death by herself. 


    RMB: Charges up an AoE that does damage over time.  Her only real waveclear and no great shakes. 
    Q: Toggle on auto attack, which now deals a damage over time.  Not great damage but if does stack.  If you can land the autos you will do good damage...eventually. 
    E: Ricochet stun.  Stun time isn't great and you have to land that first hit.  At max level ricochets up to 8 times though.  You can aim it at a minion to hit the enemy.  Long cooldown but very useful.  Hard to hit. 
    Ult: Oh boy.  Grants mana regen based on missing mana ie you are no longer running out of mana unless you get hit.  Also toggles a mana shield, where you heal for half the damage received, and it takes off mana instead.  As soon as you hit 5 you want this on all the time.  She becomes some damn difficult to kill and just sits there in the fight being annoying.  

    I will probably come back and tidy this up, maybe put it in spoilers as I seem to have gone overboard on this. 

    I hope it helps.


  15. Despite writing all that, forgot one thing.  PSN and epic username same as my forum handle.  I think I've got a few alts I can use so your aren't suddenly matched with people who know what they are doing, or there is always bot matches.

  16. Just to seperate it out, some useful links.


    The Paragon Wiki site: http://paragon.wikia.com/wiki/Paragon_Wiki


    Hasn't been updated in a bit, waiting for the big update but most of the basic stuff is useful.




    Uses a system for ranking ELO, not the same as the in game one which is used for matchmaking.  More usefull for seeing how much damage you did in a game, and for a rough idea on card builds.  Looks like it is all ready for the update as it has a v42 preview for the cards.


    Paragon Youtube playlist for hero overviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUNdru-9Mmps5xDLroP4hGsTEMxEdqmR9


    I'd only use it for the more recent heroes but useful to get rough idea of their skills


    Also say best way of getting builds is by watching some of the better streamers or teams.  Personal example for me are


    https://www.twitch.tv/imsko/  Best carry to watch, chill music, knows what he is doing

    https://www.twitch.tv/to_bloodmordius UK based jungler and https://www.twitch.tv/jleogrande US based jungler

    https://www.twitch.tv/vekron Also known as Master Splinter, support main

    https://www.twitch.tv/imthemyth Shinbi main of all things, off laner.  Not sure how good they are (all the others play for the better teams in Paragon) but this is some good streaming


  17. If you have some time on your hands, I wrote this up.




    Seeing as I have way too much time on my hands, might as well make a little guide so you have a rough idea what is going on.  There are some things I will skip over due to the upcoming overhaul (experience, mastery, cards etc) so this is just a general primer on what to expect. 

    Experience and gold are like every other moba aside Heroes of the Storm.  Experience you get by being in vicinity of creeps/enemies being killed, gold you slowly gain passively.  You can of course last hit creeps to get more gold, and killing enemy heroes gets you a decent chunk as well. 

     I'll put this at the top as well.  BUY WARDS (until overhaul on the 8th August when who knows how vision will work).  Wards give you vision on the map.  Wards ping when an enemy runs over them.  If you have enough wards down you will be in a much better position.  Put them on the other side of fog walls.  Put them near Orb Prime.  I don't care if you are the carry, buy some god damn wards.  BUY WARDS. 


    Fog walls are like bushes in League of Legends or hiding in tress (kinda) from DOTA.  You cannot see through them.  You can have vision on the other side from teammates or wards.



    This is the map and buff locations.  Off lane is left.  The two towers are closer together, and there is a river entrance right by the first tower. Midlane is effectively the short lane (looks big on map, in reality all the action happens in a relatively small area).  Safe lane is right.  You have access to the gold buff, river is a long way from your tower but there is one entrance to the jungle next to gold (technically two but you need a skill to jump the wall to get there). 
    Normal jungle camps are white, and you have a special one with green buff.  You get a buff by killing the mob holding it.  So green is the big green dude.  Each mob aside from normal white camps have their own special effects. 


     Green: Get a shield.  Gain shield that will explode after a time/when it runs out and does damage.  Early game taken by jungler as jungle camps can be brutal on a first clear.  Later tends to be taken by a carry for extra protection. 

     River buffs: Blue/red/purple/black variety.  Blue gives movement speed, red ability damage, purple puts you into the shadow plane (invisibility until you attack – can be seen by wards), black gives damage over time effect on basics.  They all grant you a large boost of mana regen.  Generally taken early by jungler, maybe midlaner if they need the mana.  Very weak camp. 

     Gold buff: Same type of mob as river.  Kill it, get a chunk of cash.  It is for the carry, but some off laners can grab it if they have the timing and more likely an ability to jump the wall from the river. 

    Raptors: If you play League of Legends or Smite, imagine these like the weaker of the two 'boss type' mobs on the map.  They hit hard, and the game will eventually spawn up to three of them.  You don't get a special effect as such from killing them.  You just get a shitton of gold/amber/cash, pretty much enough for one card point.  So if there are three and they all go to your carry, good times.  Only the one who hits the final blow gets the cash. 

     Orb Prime: Baron/Roshan/etc.  Big, bad, mean and not to be taken lightly.  Of course, gives a massive buff if killed.  Health and mana regen out of combat, minion buff and the effect of whatever prime card is in your pack.  Expect to take towers and inhibs if you get it.  Like all the other camps, can be stolen if you aren't careful, there is no smite or equivalent in this game yet (leaks seem to show a smite like card in the new update). 


    Off Laner  

    Stuck in the off lane against two people.  Aim is to try and soak up as much experience as possible.  You won't be getting many last hits if the duo are any good.  They will try and harass to get you to back/get you killed.  Early health regen (so health potion and healer token) are the usual start.  You will be pushed under your own tower, just try and last hit without taking too much damage.  You are going to lose your tower, don't worry about it.  Try and keep it as long as possible, but it will usually fall first.  If you are really starving for cash there is a buff camp in between your first and second towers. 

     Normally a tank goes here, but you can play all sorts of roles.  You can have assassins like Countess and Kalllari alongside tanky types like Greystone.  To start out with go someone tankier or with extra survivability. 

     Mid Laner 

    1v1 mage off.  Like most mobas, your caster tends to go here.  It's a short lane, loads of entrances for jungler but relatively easy to retreat.  Probably want to keep an eye on a river buff in case you need the mana.  My least played role, so I don't have a lot to add. 


    WHERE'S MY FUCKING GANK?  Jungler runs around the jungle killing camps for fun and profit (or experience and...profit) then jumping out, helping to kill someone and earning the respect and adulation of your team.  Or staying in there the entire game farming, then coming out late game and obliterating people.  One of these playstyles is going to be more useful to your team, take a guess which one? 

    Being serious you can be weaker heroes that scale in the jungle (like Kallari and Seraph) but you have to be good and that first clear is going to hurt.  Not so long ago the jungle was rebalanced, the camps hurt now.  So you need to pick up a jungle item as your first item.  There are scythes and siphons.  Scythes do bonus damage to jungle mobs (+15, which is massive at level 1) and siphons give you +8 HP per basic attack on jungle mobs. 


    Which one depends on the character you have and their skills.  Probably easiest junglers to learn are Khameria and Rampage.  Both have inbuilt sustain, pick a scythe and go do a clear relatively easily. 

    Key is knowing when to farm and when to gank.  Generally you get to level 3, and see if any lanes are pushed back.  It's not an exact science, but it is much easier to gank for your off laner who is under your tower than it is for your safe lane that is pushed up to the enemy tower.  So really you want characters with some kind of crowd control (CC) to lock the enemy down for a bit.  Again, Khameria and Rampage are good to learn with.  Though Khameria has point and click CC whilst Rampage needs to land his rock. 


    Git farm.  Git carried by your handsome and talented support.  Git crit.  Go rekt the enemy teamzors.  Or something.  Carry will mostly shoot stuff.  They scale with items so need cash.  So play safe, get the farm and get to the point where if the enemy doesn't kill you late game they are all dead.  Seriously.  You can easily have builds that do 500+ crits with some lifesteal. 


    I generally end up playing support, because no one wants to play it.  You are mostly reliant on other teammates to do the damage.  So your job is to keep other people safe or to lock the enemy down.  You won't have much money as your carry should be getting all the last hits.  So job 1, get a ward.  Job 2, place as many wards as possible.  You want to try and pick support items with your meagre resources. So anything that gives heals or shields are good.  Good combo pre-overhaul is circle of health (you get health regen, and you get aura that has small health regen boost) and quenching scales (gives mana aura, and when maxed out get a team heal).  In fact, just make sure you have a ward and quenching scales, probably the two most important support items. 

    That's a rough idea.  But who to play?  As a new player you won't have all the characters unlocked to begin with, you slowly unlock them over levels/time I think.  It has been a while.  Some characters have multiple roles, so it is easier to just go over the lot.  Oh boy, I regret doing this now.  Fuck this every three weeks thing. 

    I'll use the PC terms for abilities.  For those on PS4, it goes 

    RMB: R1 
    Q: Square 
    E: Circle 
    Ult: Triangle  

    Based on the alternate controls.  That is the legacy pad controls which I still use.  I think the new defaults are R1/L1/L2/L1+R1 for ult but don't quote me on that.  


    The game has lots of fancy terms for the characters.  They don't really mean a lot, just read below or mess around with them to find out what they do. 





    Ice lady.  Freezes stuff.  Stupidly OP on release, now mostly relies on her CC to lock people down and cannot 1v5 the enemy team with her alt.  Mostly an off laner. 

    RMB: You jump away and leave an ice clone in your place.  Clone retains aggro.  Great escape tool, can be useful as the clone retains tower aggro. 
    Q: Dashes forward on an ice bridge, Iceman style.  The bridge does damage as it hits people but it more useful to either block people off or escape.  Can be used to get to the enemy gold buff from the river.
    E: Leaves ring of frost on ground.  Any enemy that touches it takes damage and gets snared.  Awkward to use to last hit as you don't get an indicator and it spawns a set distance away from Aurora. 
    Ult: Freezes large area.  Enemies in area are slowed.  After a couple of second the ice explodes, doing very good damage.  As the ice explodes, enemies are stunned.  As if it wasn't obvious, really fucking good. 

    Since she stopped doing stupid damage with all her abilities she has fallen into a slightly awkward space.  Building damage is fine but her abilities aren't really designed to damage.  I suppose mix of damage/tank is best but this is from someone with little experience of her. 




    Obligatory scantily clad goth/vampire chick.  She's all ability damage, and she does lots of it.  Slightly mana restricted as you want damage and maybe some ability pen.  Also very flimsy, she goes down quickly if you can catch her.  Seen her more off lane recently, can easily mid lane and the foolish can jungle her. 

    RMB: Does a spin, damages enemies around her.  Also has a passive, that grants a % of her max health back when she kills an enemy.  This is why you can build her damage and make it work. 
    Q; Blinks to target, dealing damage and slows.  Can reactivate to go back to original position.  Insta kills minions, including normal jungle mobs. 
    E: AoE ability damage.  Quite wide, decent range, massive amounts of damage.  For my money one of the best wave clear abilities in the game. 
    R: Jumps to enemy.  Enemy is forced to turn around and look at her (barely takes a second), then she deals a massive amount of damage 

    The idea is farm up, then murder some more carry/support with a Q blink in, RMB/E/R combo, then hit Q again to blink out as you regen your health.  Can be very evasive due to that Q but can be quite easy to die if you get CC'd. 




    He likes to punch.  He's also completely unique with his abilities.  So I'll start with them first.  His ult needs to go first to make sense of his kit. 

    Ult: Repeats last ability used.  Causes every third ability to be empowered.  Causes each basic attack to reduce cooldown on all his abilities. 
    RMB: Forward dash punch.  Stops when you hit enemy normally, when empowered goes straight through all enemies to max range, pushing enemies out the way 
    Q: Left hook, dealing damage with bonus cleave to surrounding enemies.  Empowered does bonus damage and bonus cleave damage.  Cleave is something all melee heroes have on basics, they do a little damage to enemies in the area as well as usual damage on the one you are targeting. 
    E: Uppercut.  Applies a slow.  Empowered is TIGER UPPERCUT and knocks the enemy into the air. 

    What this doesn’t mention is he has basic attack cancelling.  So you can interrupt his basic animation with an ability.  Then hit a basic, interrupt and so on to form a combo.  The idea is basic/ability/basic/ability/basic/empowered ability.  Of course, his basic attacks reduce the cooldown of his abilities as well.  He's tremendously fun to play, but it takes a while to get used to.  I haven't seen him played in months myself, I think he is jungle and off lane.  No idea on builds sadly. 




    Ranged support.  Not Phase. 

    RMB: Jumps into air.  That's it.  Handy if you need to escape, but you should be the one protecting the rest of your team.  I probably wouldn't even level it till after your ult. 
    Q: Long range bouncing stun.  You can aim it into the air and it can fly for miles.  Fantastic ability, can be used for setting up kills or saving your carry. 
    E: Slow bubble.  When it explodes it does damage, but it used more for the utility.  Again, great skill.  Protect your team or stop the enemy escaping. 
    R: After a few seconds forms containment circle on floor.  Enemies that touch wall take damage.  Like most of her kit, great for setting stuff up or saving people.  Not foolproof.  Takes a few seconds to form, and it can be jumped or blinked out of. 

    She's really damn good as a support.  Cannot push or do damage, but all round fantastic kit aside from RMB.  Sadly not Phase so use is limited. 

    Feng Mao  



    Purple dude with a pipe.  I don't play him much, don't see him that often.  He tends to go jungle or offlane, so I suppose mix of tank and damage?  

    RMB: Creates shield round him, like the green buff.  Doesn't explode, blocks damage. 
    Q: Blink.  Stops on contact with enemy hero, his next basic does bonus damage 
    E: AoE Slow 
    Ult: Slams blade into ground, forming narrow but decent length of effect in front of him.  Massive, massive damage. 




    Sadly not confirmed if an inspector or not.  My preferred mid laner if I have to, but it is my least played role.  Currently I think idea is to have mix of mana regen, damage and ability pen on mages, but won't matter in a week.  She has good utility, good damage and is a solid beginner pick. 

    RMB: Fires out a circle the does damage over time and applies a slow.  Decent damage 
    Q: Sticky bomb.  Fire out, then attaches to enemy hero, enemy minion or allied unit/hero (in that order, can attach to Gadget herself).  After brief delay explodes doing good damage.  Explosion only hurts enemies. 
    E: Speed gate.  Plonk gate on ground, run through it and get a speed boost.  It does do some damage to enemies but more useful as escape/engage.  Team can use it as well. 
    Ult: Puts down large energy dome.  Does damage over time and slows.  Can do large amounts of damage, also great for emergency wave clear. 




    Space Edgelord.  Wears a giant hula hoop.  Like Gadget very beginner friendly but don't make mistake of trying to do the Edgelord approved blink in/ult/kill everyone play every time as you will end up paying for it.  

    RMB:  Fires a tether.  Slows and causes damage as long as tether in range. 
    Q: Drop a meteor on someone's head.  Good damage, useful for wave clear.  Make sure to lead target if human. 
    E: Blink.  The portal it leaves can be used by allied heroes 
    R: Black Hole.  THEY'RE ALL DEAD etc. Creates vortex that sucks enemies in, does massive damage.  One problem.  Any kind of stun will knock Gid out his ult.  Something like Dekker Q, Narbash drumstick can completely negate it.  Leaving Gideon all alone surrounded by enemy team.    




    New to offlaning?  Greystone.  Been offlaning forever?  Greystone.  Very simple to use, very effective as long as you build him mostly tank.  Normally gets to the point where he can push a wave at a decent pace, and the enemy has to send someone to deal with him or he is taking a tower/inhib.  If they send someone after him, they normally cannot kill him by themselves.  In the meantime, rest of team is hopefully doing something else.  He doesn't have any CC at all though, so he has to push or be in the middle of a team fight tanking. 

    RMB: Leap.  Does some damage in area, mostly used as escape/engage.  Can be used to jump the wall to gold buff. 
    Q: Forms a flaming whirlwind that does damage.  Used to annoy enemies, and for wave clear. 
    E: Passively blocks a basic attack every so often.  Makes him tanky, good stuff. 
    R: IE Guys, stop targeting the Greystone.  Passive, when you die you come back to life after a few seconds and applies small damage and a slow to enemies in the area when he respawns.  Makes Greystone the annoying fucker he is.  




    Ranged Carry.  His kit is great in theory but his ult doesn't do great damage.  Plus his character model is huge which means it is dead easy to hit him.  General advice is play another carry. 

    RMB: Summons shield for next few seconds that absorbs an ability, giving him mana back 
    Q: Displacement blast, moves units aware from the projectile, fires like a grenade launcher.  Can be used for wave clear. 
    E: Toggle, causes basic attacks to slow enemies, uses mana per shot. 
    Ult: Point and click giant ball o'damage.  Takes a small amount of time to activate, and the ball can be blocked by other units. 



    The terror of the old map.  Now his pull doesn't cover the entire width of the lane, so that's nice.  Almost always a jungler, can be played off lane.  He's quite simply to use, doesn't have the sustain of others in the early game jungle but he can be an absolute terror.  In a recurring theme I'd go tank/damage.  Attack speed can be useful because of his ult, not required.  

    RMB: Cleave attack, causes a bleed on the enemy.  Auto attack cancel. 
    Q: The pull.  Probably Grux's signature ability.  A cone appears in front of Grux, then then pulls all enemies in cone towards him.  It's ace.
    E: Dash.  Causes damage to enemies, but used as either engage or escape 
    R: AoE short stun around Grux.  Causes his basics to do bonus damage and they apply bleed.  



    BANG.  BANG.  BANG.  Thankfully they have now redone the sound mix on his auto attacks, so you are not going to deafen yourself.  Mage, lots of utility, can pretty much spam ult whenever it is up.  Part time offlaner.  Basics do small aoe damage.  Good players are a nightmare with his slows and knock backs. 

    RMB: Fires three grenades in a line, do some damage and apply a slow. 
    Q: Long range AoE rocket.  Really damn good. 
    E: Places mine, explodes after 5 seconds or when reactivated.  Knocks back/forward.  Will either save your ass or kill you. 
    Ult: Flies into air, then places a ring on the ground.  Launches loads of missles into the ring followed by a big one of to finish.  The last one does more damage.  Enemies can just walk out the ring, but it's also a great escape for Howie as he can control where he lands. 

    Iggy and Scorch  



    They're shit and they are getting a rework  




    There's always one character in a moba.  The one everyone who plays them is a complete twat.  Never does anything, always blames the team.  Typically assassin/stealth character.  Welp, welcome to Kallari.  She's actually very useful in the right hands.  Can split push and use ult to get in fight, easy to get around back of people.  Super evasive, can be very annoying to actually kill if played well.  Not recommended for beginners, tough to use well and needs to be built with damage and attack speed.  She can jungle but she needs to gank and not just farm.  Offlane better as she has some sustain.  

    RMB: Throws dagger.  Large slow for short period, decent damage. 
    Q: After short channel goes into shadow plane.  Gains movement speed and next basic does more damage.  Can only be seen via wards in the shadow plane.  What makes Kallari tick, needs practice to make most of it. 
    E: Enables a triple jump, the extra jumps being much higher than normal ones.  Grants health regen in shadow plane.  You can channel the stealth, triple jump and be invis by the time you land. 
    Ult: Grants vision on all enemies for 5 seconds.  Can then jump to an enemy from anywhere on map, applying slow and dealing damage.  Very useful for kill stealingsecuring and joining fight from another lane.  




    I heard you liked easy jungling?  Bit of damage, mostly tank and the enemy will struggle to kill you as you endlessly lock them down.  Game lists him as intermediate, god knows why. 

    RMB: Leaps to enemy, slowing them briefly.  Very short cooldown 
    Q: Maxes attack speed for next five attacks.  Has heavy damage scaling until skill levelled 
    E: Every basic increases health regen.  Does have a max stack limit, but at that point you'll have 50 odd health regen per second.  Only have a couple of seconds to keep the regen up, but when jungling/in a fight doesn't matter. 
    R: Stuns targeted enemy, deals good damage, slows and displaces nearby enemies.  As good as it sounds.  You can leap onto enemy, wait for slow to wear off, ult them, leap again and keep them locked down for a long period of time.  

    Sounds too easy, which is why he is mana restricted.  Don't build mana, but don't spam your abilities in the jungle.  Make them count when ganking.  




    Jungler/off laner.  Also built damage/tank.  Nice kit, his sword tether is very tricky to land and is his only cc outside his ult so maybe not the first choice to start with.  

    RMB: Deals AoE damage around Kwang's sword, grants Kwang a big armour and ability armour bonus for a few seconds.  Great in the jungle, great when trying to last hit under duress, great in team fights. 
    Q: Throws sword, when it lands does damage and tethers enemies to it. 
    E: Lifesteal for Kwang, reduced lifesteal for teammates in area around Kwang. 
    Ult: AoE damage and slow to enemies.  If sword is on ground, Kwang teleports to sword before dealing the damage.  

    Ult is useful as you can leave sword on ground, go back, ult and teleport back to sword.  Do you waste it on just getting back to lane when it does so much damage though?  

    Lt Belica  



    Mage.  Naturally gains mana and drains enemy mana with her abilities.  Only one hard to hit CC ability, and generally low range.  Still pretty good though.  Can also off lane in a pinch. 

    RMB: Drops bomb on floor, after short time explodes.  You gain mana back for each unit hit.  Low cooldown. 
    Q: Line AoE that knocks up on hit. 
    E: Summons long cooldown drone.  Deals damage to enemies that use abilities in wide area.  Drains enemy mana when they are in area of effect. 
    Ult: Point and click murder gun.  Deals more damage based on enemy's missing mana.  If they have very little mana, loads of damage and you cannot miss.  




    Mage.  When released, overpowered as hell.  Still really good, but short ranged.  The grenade damage over time thing is one of the most annoying abilities in the game as once it has hit, I don't think you can remove effect.  Amazing ult.  Lacks wave clear.  

    RMB: Point and click damage.  Marks target.  Spam like crazy. 
    Q: Insect grenade.  Deals damage over time, the damage causes a small slow with every tick.   Fuck this ability. 
    E: Turns into a bunch of bugs.  Can travel through enemy units, best used as an escape I guess. 
    Ult: Auto targets last marked enemy.  From anywhere on map.  Summons giant lady made of insects to ruin your day.  Loads of damage.  You press the button and someone normally dies. 

    This is all when she is tuned down.  As you can tell, hate playing against her. 




    Freeze, Space Police!  Ranged carry.  For a long time was really, really good.  Dropped off a bit now, terrible attack speed to begin with and lost a useful ability.  Still useable, better carry options though.  

    RMB: Pushback the shreads armour.  Good for waveclear and getting the enemy off you. 
    Q: NEE NAR NEE NAR NEE NAR.  Grants additional movement speed to heavily damaged enemies in range.  Sounds more useful on paper than it actually is.  You don't really want to be the one chasing as the carry if you can help it.  Plus you have the ult to finish people anyway. 
    E: Next basic has extra range and armour pen.  Passive, so on a cooldown.  Useful, doesn't use mana. 
    Ult: IMMA FIRING MA LAZOR, POW!  Global laser shot.  Ignores ability armour, good damage.  Need to lead the target, but can secure kills from anywhere.   




    Once upon a time probably the best support.  Now outclassed by almost everyone else.  Can be useful.  Also, not Phase. 

    RMB: Throws orb at cursor.  Ally that picks it up gets small shield and a speed boost 
    Q: Skillshot, causes slow 
    E: Decent size bubble.  Allies that step in gain shield, causes low damage to enemies when it pops. 
    Ult: Global saving the carry button.  Targets any ally on maps, fly to them.  Causes knock up/slow (not sure which) in area around ally, and gives allies a shield. 

    It sounds a really good kit, but not hard CC.  Plus once again she isn't Phase. 




    Jolly green drummer.  Support.  Not Phase.  

    RMB: Throws a drumstick.  Causes stun.  Straight line skill shot, but pretty easy to land.  Really useful. 
    Q: Bashes drum, gives allies extra movement speed for a few seconds. 
    E: Toggle that grants extra health regen.  Mana heavy. 
    Ult: Causes enemy movement slow, then knock up  

    Again, kit sounds great.  The health regen is so mana heavy though, and with phase having so much easy regen he's outclassed. 




    Support.  Was the most OP character in the game when released.  Paired with Revenant before his nerfs meant easy safe lane win every time.  Now been tuned down.  Easily the best support in the game, still way too strong.  If the enemy doesn't target the Phase first in a fight they will have a hard time winning.  I'll repeat that.  You have to target the god damn support first.  

    RMB: Creates link between Phase and an ally.  Phase's health regen is passed and added onto the allies (so if ally has 1 and Phase has 1, they get 2 in total).  Activate ability again to pull ally towards and over Phase's head, granting short bonus health regen. 
    Q: AoE blind around phase.  The blind is obnoxious.  Oh, and it you have a link, the blind fires around the ally as well. 
    E: Fires long range energy beam.  Each tick slows enemy, enough ticks causes a short root. 
    Ult: Phase and ally she is linked to gain massive mana regen, movement speed and attack speed buff.  

    Her kit does everything, you can pull an ally miles out of any danger if they are badly positioned, and you can build health regen which then transfers over via the link.  Going support?  Just pick Phase.  




    Tanky jungler of fine tank tops and large rocks.  Gets regen in jungle, and regen for days with ult.  Great for tower dives, but needs to land the rock.  Still good beginner jungler because of the regen.  

    RMB: Leaps into air.  When lands deals damage.  Can reactive to land early.  Either engage or escape.  Massive range increase during ult. 
    Q: Draws boulder from ground.  Can carry it around and throw it in arc, causes stun on hit.  During ult instacasts, doesn't need to pick up from ground. 
    E: Gain extra health regen, bonus regen in jungle 
    Ult: Rampage goes monstro.  Gains gigantic health regen boost and the bonuses to other abilities listed above.  




    Ranged carry.  When released, OP as shit.  Now good but fair, still one of the better carries.  Works a little different to others.  Has great attack speed out the gate but only 4 shots in gun.  Attack speed affects the reload, not his actual attack speed.  

    RMB: Last round in chamber causes bonus damage, activate to manually reload 
    Q: Fires ten tracking missiles to random targets in small area around Rev, no targeting 
    E: Marks target, while mark applied, Rev deals bonus damage to enemies.  Point and click. 
    Ult: Drags enemies into whatever the Nether Realm is.  In theory only the enemy vs Rev.  If Rev kills the enemy, grants bonus cash to Rev. 

    The Q used to be stupid.  Idea is to clear enemy minions so only the off laner around.  Hit Q, all the missiles hit for loads of damage.  Now slightly more sensible.  Ult is still arguably broken.  When he hits it takes the enemy off the map completely.  For the enemy team.  Your team can still see the poor bloke.  So they cannot get any help, and you team can whale on it, CC it, whatever.  Yes, it's bullshit.  Wards don't help as they only see Shadow Plane, not into Rev's ult. 




    Melee support.  Blitzcrank/Pudge.  Either he lands the hook or is useless.  Not recommended.  Also, not phase.  

    RMB: Very small hitbox pull.  Good range, very difficult to hit.  Uses way too much mana.  If he hits it at level one, the off laner is almost certainly dead. 
    Q: Next basic deals silence and slow 
    E: Riktor does AoE damage in a small area around him.  Useless.  Does not damage, and you can get cards that do same thing for free 
    Ult: Cone shaped stun in front of Riktor.  Decently long stun.  




    Melee carry.  Can in theory offlane or jungle, but best safe lane as she is fragile like a normal carry.  Usually build like a normal carry, so damage, crit etc. 

    RMB: AoE damage and slow 
    Q: Weird ability.  When hit Seraph will phase out and become untargetable as she attacks each enemy in turn.  Can be used to avoid, well, everything.  I think it can crit. 
    E: Rise into air, then came crashing back down.  Good range, fantastic escape tool. 
    Ult: For a decent chunk if time Seraph goes red.  When activated or enemy gets hit with an ability will cause them to burn and weaken.  Burn causes damage, and your basics do more damage.  Weaken reduces the enemy damage.   

    Although fragile, with the ult and her Q you can go into, do damage, avoid abilities then get out.  Quite tricky to use. 




    Creepy ass...thing...with a hammer.  Difficult to play, but he can be so powerful when played right.  In theory you just build him tank, for mere mortals put some damage on.  He can go offlane, but he wants stacks, so take him jungle.  

    RMB: Long range dash, goes through enemies 
    Q: MUH STACKS.  Deals a very small line of damage in front of Sev.  Damage can be decent, mainly used to stack.  Each enemy killed by a Sev ability grants a stack.  He gains bonus damage and health at certain intervals.  This means you want to use your abilities, in reality your Q, to last hit. 
    E: Long range root, has a start up time.  Tricky to hit, great CC.  Can be used to last hit minions for stacks in a pinch. 
    Ult: Hammer time.  Swipes his hammer in a large arc in front of him.  Knocks enemies back.  Does good damage to creeps.  Cooldown of something like 30 seconds.  

    Very mana constrained to begin with.  Awkward first clear.  Great ganking tools if you can land them, and can become an unstoppable tank with damage at the end.  Absolutely not suggested to begin with though. 




    Someone order some K-Pop? 


  18. I am all over this game.  Aside from some breaks for Persona and Nier it is pretty much all Paragon, all the time.  On PS4 as well, tend to get hand cramp from keyboard and mouse.  Pad works like a charm, and even without a keyboard (that you can just plug in and start typing with on PS4) the chat shortcuts are great.


    The only problem with learning the game now is (as mentioned above) the entire economy system is changing next Tuesday.  We don't have all the details yet (probably expect a blog post this week) but don't bother looking at builds.  Just mess around with the characters and learning the map.


    Game has a 1/1/2 and jungler meta.  Safe lane is solo laner on left against the carry/support.  I think the game has a system where it slowly unlocks new characters as you play.  So all characters are free, but you get beginner level characters first, and only get more difficult ones like Kalleri/Sev later on.


    Feel free to mess around in solo/co-op Vs bots.  There are rumours you will get experience and rewards from solo play for a bit when the new system drops.


    Or just drop people a line on here.  Supports crossplay out the box, just not sure how the party system works with PC and PS4 players.

  19. That video is ace, and nails everything I feel about Destiny.  I like how it takes apart just how poor the PvP is in comparison to that newcomer Halo 2, let alone anything else.  PvP balancing affecting PvE was always bollocks.


    Never got to scream like an idiot on my first Ghorn.  Always remember just sort of discovering it on my Hunter after failing to notice the pop up.  Oh.  Well that's pretty good then.  I will freely admit to screaming like an idiot on my first Atheon clear.  Much like everyone else in the party.


    Divided on the guy saying the community formed in spite of Bungie.  He is right about it.  I suppose there are those third party websites for group forming.  How about we have that stuff in the actual game next time Bungie?  Much like the ruddy Grimoire.

  20. So I am about 30 hours in.  It's a bit good.


    In two minds whether the start is slow or not.  My most games standards it is very slow, but I remember original P4 which was about 4 hours of intro and about two saves (which Golden fixed thankfully)


    Up to having completed the third palace.  I have put the game on easy, really don't have time anymore for playing for 30 minutes then having the enemy get a lucky party wipe.  I like the management I still have to do with healing and sp.  All easy does is half the damage you take, everything else stays the same.  Palace 3 seemed fucking huge, I love the change to designed dungeons.


    Of course, Mementos still there for all your random dungeon needs.  Also the easiest place to scam money in the game.  Not just from completing requests (which give loads of cash) but a little quirk you can use.  Not sure if you could call it an exploit, but I have spoilers it regardless.


    The request mini bosses.  Not the floor ending ones as they seem immune so far.  Have a persona with a confuse skill, and cast it till it takes.  I did the second request boss to start with.  When confused, enemies will do nothing, throw away an item or throw away some money.  So how much did this level 10 or so dude throw away when I'm twice his level?  About 25k.  So your party can guard, and if you have the patience you can have infinity money.  Well, depending on rng gods and how long you want to keep doing it.  Managed to get some snuff souls out of it as well.


    For reference I started with 5k in the bank.  When I decided to save for evening, I had over 500k

  21. So about 4-5 hours in, and I think the game is going to let me have an actual crack at the dungeon now.


    It is still a typical slow JRPG opening, though the first 30-60 minutes are great even if I barely have an idea what is going on.  Seems a bit darker than P4, but I always thought that had a very slim plot to begin with.  Protagonist shows appropriate amount of swag for a Persona lead, so problem solved there.


    The combat feels very persona, the random pick up of cards being replaced by demon negotiation.  It's a change, crazy to think 4-5 hours in I haven't played enough to make a comment but this is a big ass game from what I heard.  Christ, not even unlocked fusion yet.


    Game is stylish as hell, even the menus and loading screens look great.  Don't have a problem with the VAs at all.  The name pronunciation doesn't seem right but I will roll with it.


    My only complaint so far is the main characters.  Not that there is anything wrong with them, but it feels very Persona 4.  Spoiler below talks about the first four main non-protag characters personality and abilities.  Nothing really spoilery but safety first.



    Oh hey let's just copy wholesale from P4.  The brash blonde dude has zio and physical.  The girl is Rise with Yukiko's persona.  We have a competent Teddie with car ears and ice swapped for wind.  I would put money on whichever main character is next having ice because that's what is missing.



    I'm sure they will have their own personality but it feels way too similar so far.  Even the mascot has the old I DON'T REMEMBER SHIT again.  Plus we get yellow eyes again.  I mean come on.



    I also hate stealth, but it seems more a means to an end so far and nothing too technical.


    EDIT - in regards to query above the game mentions something about being able to quick select weakness affecting spells

    . I  cannot for the life of me remember the button.  I think it was R1 or R2

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