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  1. Finally, someone has leaked MotS. Essentially the Destiny soundtrack for the entire lifetime of the game and never release by Bungie as they fell out with one of the three composers. Some dude called Marty, apparently he did some Halo shit. You know, as not releasing something composed in part by Paul McCartney is a wonderful idea. i like how reddit is taking it to be a gigantic fuck you to Bungie for all the terrible stuff recently. Marty himself has confirmed it as legit via Schreier on Kotaku. I’ve listened to a bit. It’s as glorious as you would expect.
  2. Hi, I'm designated dog gauntlet runner from Team Positivity Club (ie the PC lot). I like long walks on Io, grenade launchers and Cialis. I'll start by saying the PC lot are still having a tremendous amount of fun with it. Been having a few cracks at the raid lair, got the raid down pretty much and we even go into crucible to get carried. It's a fun game, a fun game I am still having fun with. However, everyone is right with all the bullshit they are calling out. When 50% or so of the new items in the DLC are locked behind the Eververse, that's bullshit. It also gives you less
  3. As far as Three of Coins goes, I did near four hours yesterday, got one exotic. Siri who also ran with me and didn't have it also got one exotic. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN FOLKS! (no-one has any clue if it is working as intended or not, so I'm sure with Bungie's new found commitment to communication we will get told about it. Any minute now. Any minute...)
  4. I have updated the schedule thing. I mean unless you fancy starting near midnight Thursdays and Fridays. I might be able to join then. Does that help?
  5. Overall he's done a good job. You can cope with dreadful football when you don't have the players to do otherwise. However we've had a great transfer window. We have done quality players. We have a few with pace. Yet he sticks with three defensive midfielders at all times. He has the players to play more attacking. But no, play Rodriguez as some sort of winger and leave Rondon alone up front. His pre and post match interviews were embarrassing for Chelsea. Beforehand it was "Look at me and the awesome job I've done" and after it was "Chairman is a good lad, if he
  6. As for dates, that Tuesday and Sunday should be fine. The great thing about rllmuk is how fantastic the Destiny community is. Same in vanilla Destiny, same on PC. Good guys having a laugh, not getting too salty about struggling on some bits. I've tried LFG in the past and this place is so much better. As for the raid, rather than just take the piss out of the wonderful damage values from certain party members we should all be constructive and offer helpful advice. I recommend investing in the following. You're very welcome.
  7. Played a few games of the latest patch. Thanks for all the games, much nicer playing with others (even when my headset runs out of juice). So, it's all a bit quick. I know Epic has always stated their desire to reduce game times, well they certainly did that. So far I don't mind it. Actual game is faster, still learning a few things. The mastery system is bullshit though. Don't have mastery, don't get xp for chests and stuff aside from stars. Only way to get cards and gems is...through chests. I'm about two cards and a few gems short. So unless I spend 500k rep
  8. I just tend to play whoever fits. Cannot say I've got any real favourites. Not that any of that will matter with the new patch. NDA is done, so we are getting info. Oh boy, it looks like power is barely a thing and everything is attack speed. Not to mention that Iggy rework. His ultimate is effectively Michael Bay mode.
  9. Didn't realise it cut off some of my stuff, so here's the rest.
  10. Despite writing all that, forgot one thing. PSN and epic username same as my forum handle. I think I've got a few alts I can use so your aren't suddenly matched with people who know what they are doing, or there is always bot matches.
  11. Just to seperate it out, some useful links. The Paragon Wiki site: http://paragon.wikia.com/wiki/Paragon_Wiki Hasn't been updated in a bit, waiting for the big update but most of the basic stuff is useful. https://agora.gg/ Uses a system for ranking ELO, not the same as the in game one which is used for matchmaking. More usefull for seeing how much damage you did in a game, and for a rough idea on card builds. Looks like it is all ready for the update as it has a v42 preview for the cards. Paragon Youtube playlist for hero overviews
  12. If you have some time on your hands, I wrote this up.
  13. I am all over this game. Aside from some breaks for Persona and Nier it is pretty much all Paragon, all the time. On PS4 as well, tend to get hand cramp from keyboard and mouse. Pad works like a charm, and even without a keyboard (that you can just plug in and start typing with on PS4) the chat shortcuts are great. The only problem with learning the game now is (as mentioned above) the entire economy system is changing next Tuesday. We don't have all the details yet (probably expect a blog post this week) but don't bother looking at builds. Just mess around with the characters
  14. That video is ace, and nails everything I feel about Destiny. I like how it takes apart just how poor the PvP is in comparison to that newcomer Halo 2, let alone anything else. PvP balancing affecting PvE was always bollocks. Never got to scream like an idiot on my first Ghorn. Always remember just sort of discovering it on my Hunter after failing to notice the pop up. Oh. Well that's pretty good then. I will freely admit to screaming like an idiot on my first Atheon clear. Much like everyone else in the party. Divided on the guy saying the community formed in sp
  15. So I am about 30 hours in. It's a bit good. In two minds whether the start is slow or not. My most games standards it is very slow, but I remember original P4 which was about 4 hours of intro and about two saves (which Golden fixed thankfully) Up to having completed the third palace. I have put the game on easy, really don't have time anymore for playing for 30 minutes then having the enemy get a lucky party wipe. I like the management I still have to do with healing and sp. All easy does is half the damage you take, everything else stays the same. Palace 3 seemed
  16. So about 4-5 hours in, and I think the game is going to let me have an actual crack at the dungeon now. It is still a typical slow JRPG opening, though the first 30-60 minutes are great even if I barely have an idea what is going on. Seems a bit darker than P4, but I always thought that had a very slim plot to begin with. Protagonist shows appropriate amount of swag for a Persona lead, so problem solved there. The combat feels very persona, the random pick up of cards being replaced by demon negotiation. It's a change, crazy to think 4-5 hours in I haven't played eno
  17. As you said, one thread is overwhelmingly positive. This thread says on the tin negative. Plus, I felt like my criticism was mainly a scatterbrained rant that would have been taken for moaning simply to troll. I'm also of the opinion one or two posters in the main thread may not have taken my comments very well. At all.
  18. Not sure whether to post in here or the proper Zelda thread. Decided to go for here so I can just moan about the games faults. Don't want to mess the other thread up with some salty guy going to town in it. For reference, game is very good. I played on Wii U, almost bang on 40 hours for what I suppose you would call a full completion (all main quests done). Yes frame rate tanked in towns and went to single digits randomly when knocking over moblins. This doesn't bother me in the slightest. What does bother me is this bring a Zelda game where the Zelda parts are the
  19. I have a few issues with it. On Wii U, not a fan of the frame rate drops. Not keen on the weapon durability as they just don't seem to last long enough. Had to Google how to cook. Combat can be a bit awkward with picking dodge directions - sometimes I get side hop when I wanted backflip. On the other hand I haven't done a divine beast yet, I have 10 hearts, the map is fully unlocked, it's past 3:30am and there is just this one shrine over there I could reach that won't take much time I'm sure and oh god please send help. Equipment set spoiler
  20. From the FAQ on their website. I think you can just make a dummy US account to download it, as being F2P it doesn't require plus.
  21. Well the game has just done something to make me instantly turn it off. First of all, I had a look on YouTube at the next bosses. They both look utter bullshit, especially one that doesn't seem to have a save point before the thing after a long level. The second was I decided to go up in elevator to 3F, after I saved in boss having beaten the boss. I go look up ahead, see an enemy, and then a level 29 hater comes running at me. I have nothing on me, peg it back towards the boss room. The doors shut, and the boss reappears. I will be honest, I haven't got time for that shit.
  22. Meanwhile, I've seen another two. Dave was one. The other? QAZI JUST FUCK OFF GOD FUCKING JESUS CHRIST Now wearing a sexy jacket and pants combo. Attacks me with a firework launcher. A-ha, you may be a few levels higher but I will just close in and...oh, that's a buzzsaw. That appears to have taken off half my health. QAZI JUST FUCK OFF GOD FUCKING JESUS CHRIST Decided to rage attack with my own buzzsaw. It turns out the rage attack removes all the other guys clothes. Maybe I got lucky, but I was now facing a naked (but still dangerous) ha
  23. Don't think I've played a Grasshopper game before. Here is my review of the game. wat In between the tasty frogs and rats, Uncle Death and yank piled so high it probably reaches the top of the tower, it certainly has something. I cannot tell whether that is good or not, but I do want to keep playing. Shame I got disconnected making my way to third floor. Talking of that trip I got to the second floor and immediately have to climb up a bit. I hear a fight going on nearby. Turns out there is a one way drop pretty much. Underneath are a few enemies gettin
  24. From the rumours I heard about Codemasters F1 game having some terrible requirements for the license, I wouldn't want FOM anywhere near this. Plus I quite like the taking liberties with it. My female Not Perez not only have a beautiful trait but is currently having a modelling tryout. I would much prefer to wait for workshop support and have someone edit in the real life names.
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