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  1. Yes, Robson-Kanu kicked out at someone to get himself suspended for both legs. I would like to apologise for this idiot of an announcer. Don't normally have some idiot shouting MAKE SOME NOISE after a sub. Don't usually have flags either.
  2. Fuck sake. One of our most experienced players, once again two stupid yellow cards. Frankly first challenge was a red all day. It's a real tough ask now, I assume it will be holding out for pens if we can manage.
  3. So idiot striker 1/3 sent off for kicking out at someone in the last (nothing) game of the league. Only two strikers left for the big play off double header. What could go wrong? Oh right, idiot striker 2/3 sent off two yellows. One for time wasting after being warned, the other for a downright stupid challenge on the keeper. Oh well, not like we need to score to get to the play off fin...well fuck. Villa had all the possession and most of the chances, we got a lucky goal and a good save off the crossbar. No complaints, it's a big ask at the Hawthorns when we will
  4. Never underestimate how long you can hold a football grudge. I have still never forgiven Warnock for the shit he pulled at Shef Utd when he pretty much told some of his players to be injured/walk off so the game could be abandoned due to lack of players on the pitch. Cheating little scrote. No issue with Utd, or at the moment Cardiff. I won’t shed a tear if his smug little prick face gets relegated though.
  5. Apparently not. Board are apparently taking it on a game by game basic with option of brining in experienced coach to help current staff (lots of talk about Craig Shakespeare). Coach doesn't know, players don't know. It's like Brexit, only if this shit keeps up we could end up outside the playoffs at the last minute. Pessimistic Brom fan, what a surprise. Bang on about the form though. At this rate everyone will want to play us.
  6. So three games and maybe two/three weeks after Moore is sacked, West Brom have moved all the way up the table to fourth....from fourth. No word about who the next manager is going to be. First team coach currently running the show with whoever he can scrounge together. The board have kindly offered to hire up to three temporary coaches to help him. Yes, this is entirely nuts. There is a very slim chance of automatic which relies on Leeds and Shef Utd fucking up - so that isn’t going to happen. There is now a large gap to 7th, so we are in a holding pattern. No news on new man
  7. Well that was a shocking game. Went to Brom Vs Ipswich. How we got away with a point I'll never know. Looked utterly clueless (though 3 out of 4 first choice defenders out). Subs useless. Moore's interview after game had no bearing on reality. Still in play offs though. Then found out he's been sacked. The hell? I assume something gone on behind the scenes or someone already lined up. Sure he has looked a bit out of his depth tactically, but he has had very little money to spend and losing Harvey Barnes was fatal. Sacked though. Absolutely nuts.
  8. Forsaken has pretty much been excellent. A few odd missteps along the way (the latest puzzle, a few time gated quests that are on a three week rotation) and crucible for those that enjoy it has pretty much vanished off the face of the map. (Still no Trials, just a competitive playlist that from all accounts is...sparse). I don’t mind the attempt at the season pass, they are trying a drip feed of content to see how people get on with it. The idea is fine, but it seems to have swung too far towards streamers and people who can play all day. Some of the forge unlock steps are
  9. Just in time before the season ends, Positivity Club squeaks in a completion on Last Wish. Taken ages to finally get around to sorting a time and a night out, but we managed it. Did a five man on Kali to start us off, but if you want to see the run from the second encounter I’ve put the video below.
  10. Just spent an afternoon at the Hawthorns. Here is my review. Fuck me.
  11. After all the trouble Brim have had with taxis and players being dicks recently you would have thought Dawson refusing to go in a preseason tour maybe wasn't the best idea. Fair play to Jay for keeping his mouth shut, carrying on and if he goes then fine. You can fire Dawson out a cannon at this point. I think your figures are more likely. Again, they know how much we want and have done for months. You are in Europe, just stump up already. I thought Brom were bad at transfers.
  12. I'm absolutely amazed at a lot of you rating West Brom so highly (well, before today). We are still in the process of a massive clear out, Moore is untested and if both Rodriguez and Rondon go we are utterly screwed. I fully expect a few of the youngesters to be given a go, I'll be happy to not be relegated. We've signed a bunch of players I'm not familiar with aside the keeper from Villa via Man Utd, most of which are defenders. I think Dawson is likey gone, probably Rondon. It sort of sounds like Rogriguez might stay because we stuck by him doing the racism thing, but I belie
  13. To be fair things like blinking, getting into a car, putting on clothes and breathing makes you want to play crucible. YOU DISGUSTING FILTHY ADDICT.
  14. I don't mind it being the case at all. I mind Bungie telling people you can get 400 light level weapons from the raid, then not telling them they cannot infused into anything until after the patch is out. Typical Bungie communication. They have had all that time, and release that info on the day of the Prestige lairs dropping. They absolutely didn't confirm or deny one way or another, and that is what annoys me (more than it should) that they have done the same shit again. They point blank refuse to learn at any point.
  15. Bungie guy. So confirmed that's the only way to get your armour to 400. I mean it looks good, but they release this info today? Fuck sake.
  16. Turns out, only the raid weapons can be used at 400. Non-raid weapons cannot be infused over 380. Wonder if they'll do the same with the Solstice armour. I would like to point out how very Bungie it is to fuck this up by not telling people. Just say in advance if that was the plan. Idiots.
  17. Got convinced by @Siri to play this again after trying it long long ago on PC and the original (and terrible at the time) PS4 version. Certainly looks a bit different. Despite still explaining nothing I have a general idea how to shootbangs again. Levelled my Excalibur to 30 (it must have had some decent levels on from my previous goes) so decided to try out the Ash Prime I got from watching too many streams on Twitch. Levelling pretty much went like this. These throwing stars seem shite, not matter what you tell me Man I have no shields anymore Woo, I c
  18. It was fine to begin with. The vidoc was good "HERE'S SOME NEW SHIT". They then announce a season pass for a DLC they just announced. How tone deaf do you have to be? They then spend most of the stream talking about stuff that was in D1 at some point (truimphs looks like the TTK quest page, most of the roadmap turning the game into D1 but keeping the shader system). Plus Deej was evasive to the point you can pretty much guarantee there is no cutscenes and maybe no missions in the season pass DLC. Didn't talk much about the weapon slot changes when people at E3 will be all over that shit.
  19. No idea. Doesn’t seem to be any posts that I’ve seen, and nothing in the Discord.
  20. Need to be more like Hitman. Place a hand held mirror on a balcony that mysteriously happens to crumble. Preferably next to a note that says “Are you shitting yourself?” as you walk out disguised as Sam Field.
  21. I would have preferred Pulis to be kept on till the end of the season. I think we would have stayed up, even if his football was garbage and his relationship with fans was toxic. Then fresh start in the summer with our new director of football bringing in his own people. I'll tell you one thing, I don't think Pulis would have taken the squad on that Spain trip. If he did, I can absolutely guarantee the taxi four would never have played for the club again. They'd be straight with the youngsters, even if one was Evans. Big Dave is being kept on one way or another. He might go b
  22. So who’s the exception? OH GOD OZ YOU ARE TEARING US APART! In all seriousness Positivity Club is one of the few corners of the internet that still enjoys the game despite the flaws. It still plays like Destiny, the gunplay is still ace. The levelling process up to 20 and the campaign is much improved compared to vanilla D1. The PC is excellent with great performance. We’ve done mostly regular raids for a very long time, last one was I believe a couple of weeks ago. Game obviously has flaws. Compared to D1 the nerfing of recharge rates and the stupid double primar
  23. As a West Brom fan, the fact we are anywhere near a sniff at staying up is mind boggling. The fact the run in has included Liverpool, Utd and Spurs makes it even crazier. I think a lot of fans had come to terms with being relegated, getting things setup for not immediately going down a second time. Instead Big Dave has come in, played players in the correct positions and the impossible is looking....significantly less impossible anyway. Interestingly this has come with Barry and Evans being injured/not playing. I still think we are down but having Stoke relegated b
  24. His leg bent the wrong way. It’s horrific. I could also have done without that slowmo from that tweet above. Jesus.
  25. Here's a clip from elsewhere. Hope guy is alright. https://www.resetera.com/posts/6488010/
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