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  1. Best bit of advice I can think of, regardless the size of your wallet, is pick one character to be your main damage dealer. Then put most of your resources into them. I’ve got Razor at 80, everyone else is 70 or below. His important artifacts are all +16/20, his weapon is twenty. The rest of my team is either 60/70 or just plain 70. Some have shitty artifacts. Rely on your carry to carry, you can bring everyone else up later but having THE GUY/GIRL makes things much easier as you go. I have recently been running a team of Razor, Bennett, Jean and Diona. It’s effec
  2. You get the rest from doing crimson wish events - 5 that reset every Monday and Friday. They will be the blue tree icons on the mountain.
  3. Too late, I caved and got Ganyu. She is nuts. Completely overtuned. Got her to 60, prototype bow to 60, full set wanderers (admittedly with crit damage hat) and she is hitting crits for about 6k. For reference, my level 80 Razor kitted out as best I can manages on average about 2-3k a swing. The fact she is so close already is bonkers. That’s not even including her ult damage, and I don’t have the passive the gives extra cyro damage for standing in her ult yet. You just need the bare minimum of crit rate. Cyro resonance is 15% when afflicted by cyro, 20% from her
  4. The standard permanent banner will give you characters or weapons. Be careful, while it currently has Mona/Kequing/Qiqi on it that means nothing. Every ten pulls you are guaranteed a 4 star, but that includes weapons. You hit pity at 90 pulls. So if you hit 90 you are guaranteed a 5 star. On the standard banner this also includes weapons. Character banner (so Ganyu right now) also has pity at 90, and a guaranteed 4 star every ten pulls. The 4 star gurantee is weighted to be something like 75% one of the four stars on the banner (so Noelle, Xiangling or Xingqhu). With the fo
  5. The open world and exploring for a free to play game is incredible. It is so much fun to go out just to find stuff out. Helps that stuff is everywhere. It is also entirely viable f2p even if you do have to work at it. Traveller is decent dps, Noelle serves as an okay healer. Xiangling is a really good all round unit (probably why she is hidden behind abyss). Kaeya has gone from everyone dunking on him to people realising he has one of the highest normal attack scaling in the game, and he can make use of the new cyro set. Amber is still terrible outside of being a lighter, sham
  6. Welkein is great value for the gems you get, I think it works out to about £30 worth. Battle pass is good if you are gonna get it to at least level 30. The wishes are nice but there is a lot of materials in there as well. I tend to wait to see if I have played enough to get to 30 then spend the cash. So far I have managed it only once. Talking of weapons the 5 star ones are ridiculous. I was close to pity on the standard banner (almost entirely through free pulls) and managed to pull Aquila Favonia. At level 70 it has about the same attack as my level 80 Archaic claymore. It
  7. Yeah, Incredible event. He went through the barrier and had to climb out the other side. Somehow lost his boot as well.
  8. That's some of the scariest stuff I've ever seen in F1. Not just the fireball on explosion, but finding afterwards the car is in half and embedded in the barrier. Incredible the medical car was there and then one straight on the extinguisher and the other helping Roman bail out. Thank god for the halo.
  9. Trusting West Brom to not concede for more than 20 minutes? What were you guys thinking? I'm just glad to take a point. Minus 6 goal difference already and we conceded three in a draw >_<
  10. Just turned on TV. Chelsea's kit is so bad it has broken the scoreboard, or the TV full stop. (It's gonna be 4-3 Chelsea and I'll cry myself to sleep again)
  11. What an evening. Never have I been so pissed off at a side that finished in the top 2. Dodgy defence, too many touches, general moaning about lack of urgency. Feels like we scraped victory from the jaws of...victory? Weird feeling. Maybe I’ll replace it with another. HELL YEAH. (man we are going to get roasted in the Prem)
  12. What the hell is going on? Does no one want to win automatic promotion? I mean I'll take the second chance but this league sometimes.
  13. Well done to Leeds. At this point, we’ll done to Brentford as well. That eight game win streak is something else. WBA haven’t been great since after Christmas (something like 8 wins in 24) which simply isn’t promotion form. Watching them yesterday it feels like a bottle job. Weird subs and a seeming lack of urgency especially near the end of the game. Not exactly what you want when you needs wins to get automatic promotion. Huddersfield played well and were difficult to break down. We only had a small number of chances, despite playing some decent football occasionally.
  14. Offside a mile, but I’ll take it. Just need another one, thanks.
  15. That's the sign of daily reset, when the new adventure thing pops up. Meanwhile I'm sat here staring at the skybox to do something. Did they fuck up again?
  16. If anyone has issues with the game launching, check to see if you have any monitoring software installed at all. I had to disable CAM, Argus and MSI Afterburner before the game would run. Otherwise it wouldn't even get to main menu.
  17. Still here, mostly lurking the F1 thread and COVID folder. Not done any racing in ages, unless grinding out stuff in Destiny is a race. Thanks for checking up on me, but don't worry - I'm still here throwing medicines at people. At least some things never change.
  18. That does make it better. Does highlight the woeful communication from Bungie again. I can understand people moaning, without the clarification it would have looked like all the armour is flawless. I still don't think it is a good look that depending on how the rotation falls you might have to play trials every single week to get a chance of the full armour set if you cannot go flawless. I don't mind the idea of there being interesting builds like those above, or the charged with light builds from last season. Problem here is you have to get the bunkers up to level 3 just to ge
  19. I had zero interest in trials before, and zero interest now. That’s because I don’t fancy playing a stressful game mode. However it sucks for those who do want to play it as Bungie keep making idiotic decisions. You can only get armour by going flawless. This week you can only get gloves. It can roll with shitty stats like most armour in the game. You can also only get three weapons this week (I think they drop at three, five and seven wins). If you want the auto, shotgun or sniper then come back next week. Any tokens you get during a run only gives you a chance of what you
  20. Apparently it is something like that or reload and kill perks are all on the same tree now. Spinfoil hat theory is this is how they get us to use different weapons by remove the standard reload/kill perks on primaries - then slowly retiring the good stuff. So either we will all be using inferior weapons or they bring back the perk combinations for us to grind for again. Not like Bungie to pull a trick like that. I mean they certainly never did that with elemental primaries in D1. I'm away right now, but I have little interest in what they have shown. So I come back,
  21. Yes, super helpful. I look forward to grinding for all those ritual weapons...what do you mean the IB bow delayed from last season is the only ritual?
  22. My main issue with all this is that is screams "We have nothing new to add." Moving away from season activities to adding stuff to existing playlists? Some of the faction stuff to be added as drops? Even the trials armour shown is old. Having a shelf life on weapons to encourage engagement or whatever the term is doesn't seem to fit Destiny. I don't think they release enough new weapons for a start. Starting from scratch works in Path of Exile as they usually introduce some crazy shit each season, having a slightly refreshed strike isn't going to cut it. Plus Mr Smith might as
  23. Finally, after 11 runs and two failures on bosses... Watcher is done. Got a little lucky with the strike/defend upgrade event and using a flex potion on Donu with wraith, a lot of smites and a decently upgraded ritul dagger. I'm more glad it is out the way than anything. Found it hard to get into a build (like strength on Ironclad or posion on Silent). Never managed a pressure point run, or a real mantra run. Did have a decent attempt at a stance change deck with flurry of blows. Sadly Time Eater said hi and I couldn't burn them down fast enough. At le
  24. West Brom away kit. Classic yellow and green, and they even changed the badge and sponsor colours. Might even pick up a shirt for once.
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