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  1. Fixed it. Weird problem. Here is the dpad. When I opened case, I had a soft plastic cap drop out. Like one of these shown on the button mechanism. Got some tweezers, placed it in the middle of the dpad, under the membrane but on top of the central peg. Problem seems to be fixed. If that was originally there I have no idea how it could have got loose, was a pain getting it back on.
  2. Hopefully that gives you an idea. Left is being held down all the time at the end. It seems to be if it hits multiple directions it decides to stop registering. I'm going to try and get it open to see if something is wrong, I'd say it was the way I'm using it but I've never had this problem with any d-pad before.
  3. Don’t know how many people have one, but running into weird issue on my Odin Lite. The d-pad has a weird issue. It works fine as long as you release to neutral briefly after each movement. If I play like I usually do (sliding my finger across without releasing it) it eventually stops registering inputs. I was trying Gradius Collection on PSP, and ship would periodically stop moving (normally stops moving left first). I go into the game pad settings to see what is happening. Again it registers it fine, the buttons are not broken. Holding the dpad down in any direction and eventually it stops registering any input at all - until you release to neutral then it is fine again. I am not sure if this is a software bug, a hardware bug or if it has been like this all the time and I’ve never noticed (only tried the bare minimum of dpad games). Really annoying as using the example of Gradius it only has to happen once for you to get bodied. I’m totally blaming the pad and not me for being shit at it.
  4. It was my first Anbernic, it is how I got up to speed on how to tinker and use retro handhelds. The screen sadly is much inferior to the others. Put it next to the MP and the lower res is very noticeable. You don't notice if it is all you have, screen is a straight upgrade. I get it being great for GBA, but I'd honestly rather have bars than deal with the screen. A 4:3 screen that's 640*480 is much better for what I'd play on it (up to 16-bit and maybe some PS1 stuff) and the quality is much better. I'd rather spent another £15 on a 351V or another £25 on the MP. Look at my pic, the 351P looks washed out compared to everything else. You are right, I probably am being too harsh. It is in no way a bad console. There are just so many options nowadays for good prices I cannot recommend it outside a dedicated GBA player. Performance is pretty similar all the way up to 353P, I just don't like the screen.
  5. Pissed about a shift being cancelled with just over 72 hours notice (benefits of being self employed) so might as well make a big ass post about my babies. Top then left to right: Steam Deck, Odin Lite, 351MP, 351P and 353P My first one was the 351P, it is vastly inferior to all the others. Screen feels a much lower resolution. Being plastic is a plus, I find the 351MP great but really don't like the extra heft of cold metal on a small portable. Hence the 353P, best of both worlds (same screen as MP I think, in plastic and even has stacked shoulders rather than in-line). Go to OS is AmberElec, but as mentioned got Jelos on the 353P. I don't find the 353P any faster than the other Anbernics, don't suddenly expect DC/N64 etc to be super smooth. Steam Deck is a beast. Both in size, ease of use and sheer power. It eats pretty much anything you could want emulation wise (BotW Wii U is playable at 40fps when the shaders have cached a bit) and it does PC stuff that has no business being portable. I don't think the screen is fantastic (it's good but not 10/10) and the battery is okay. Both these are in direct comparison to the newest one, the Odin Lite. Paid about £70 in customs so make sure you budget for that. I think they get shipped pretty much immediately now, so you shouldn't have the long wait I did (ordered August delivered November I think). Screen is miles better than the Deck (if it looks smudged that is the screen protector). Battery life seems better, whether that is because you cannot play Doom, Yakuza or Ghostrunner on it is a different matter. I have no major issues with the controls. Buttons and d-pad are fine. Not sure if the stacked triggers get caught or if I'm not pressing them down hard enough (they have more travel than you think they do). No issues with the sticks. It has two small buttons near the grips, which are fine but feel like an afterthought. First time setting up an android device. Good luck, get a guide and follow it. Grab your emulators individually, maybe stick a front end on (I'm now in habit of using Dajisho for retroarch stuff and individual emulators for higher end stuff - it launches through Dajisho but doesn't seem to pick up my settings or save states). There are some very good emulators designed for android, one of the reasons the Odin performs so well. Everything up to DC/N64 is no problem (minor grumble with PSX Soul Reaver slowing to 5 fps on transparencies with a 1080p upscale via Duckstation). PSP is great (Outrun always seems to have issues on the portables I've tried but the big PSP tests are the GoW titles and they run fine). Only tried Outrun on PS2 (of course I did) and even with tinkering it isn't happening. Gamecube depends on game. Rogue Squadron 2 is a big hard nope, Metroid Prime is okay but don't expect a locked 60 fps. Pretty much everything else I tried (Zelda TP and WW, Luigi's Mansion) was fine. I'd recommend Retro Game Corps videos and website for more details, seems I just pick the awkward stuff. A chunk of PS2 games and a lot of GC games are fine. Didn't mess about with the widescreen WW hack but it is not supposed to be an issue. I don't have a lot to test but it will run native android games. Did try Genshin Impact with the Odin screen/button thing (that lets you set area of screen to button or stick - I forget the technical term). Genshin runs okay, could not get the stick to control right instead of using the touch screen but I didn't tinker that much. I'm more interested in PSP, DC/N64 and below. For that use case Odin is great. Yes most don't make use of the widescreen but the screen is much better than anything else I've tried. Bonus they have finally fixed some displays being 61hz rather than 60, causing some issues if you noticed it. Latest firmware fixed it so everything should be 60hz. It's much more portable than the deck, just a shame the customs charge puts it close to cheapest Deck price. Now it is setup I think I'm be far more likely to take the Odin abroad over anything else. It fits in just the right place for extended play in an airport/on a plane and the smaller size makes it much more baggable. Plus I wouldn't beat myself up too much over losing/damaging it over the deck. 351P aside they are all good, and I'd recommend any of them. I'd also give a shout to https://droix.co.uk/ as they ship from UK, usually next day and no customs if the Anbernics tickle your fancy,
  6. Sadly Jelos has decided to go source code only. So unless you like compiling from source I'm not sure how installing or updates will go. Cannot find a good link via mobile but if you follow Retro Game Corp on YouTube he's got a discord screen shot. I didn't have much choice for 353P (no AnberElec) as I find ArkOS takes too much tinkering. Shame really, I get the reasoning but no-one will end up using it. Hopefully someone will just make custom images or fork it. As far as I know every other custom firmware gives you images or some kind of installer. Speaking of tweaking I'll try and post up some impressions of my Odin Lite now I finally have it working as I want. Daijisho is a fantastic front end, plus they pushed a firmware update to finally lock all models to 60hz (from the weird 61hz on some screens). Just need to find some none shitty screen protectors (got some that fit, but they aren't tempered glass so give screen that weird smeared look).
  7. Having recently got an Odin Lite (I know it’s not going against the deck, but the points should still stand) there are a couple of things Valve really have going for it. Not even the price to performance which nothing in the market can match yet. 1) Ease of use. Get a new Deck, sign in to steam account, install your games, done. The user experience from minute one is light years ahead of absolutely everything. It either just works or someone has worked out how to make it work. Which brings us to the next point. 2) Support. Unlike a lot of these other companies with too many SKUs, all the Decks perform the same, the innards are the same. It’s a standard, and so many people have the standard that info is everywhere. There is no scrambling around in Discord or Reddit to find how to do some weird thing. So many people have the Deck you will almost certainly find what you are after. Look at the size of this thread for a start. If you have never dabbled in other portable stuff you won’t realise how much of a plus point that is. Having a decent collection at this point the deck has so many advantages over most other handhelds. Yes, it is probably too big. The battery is only okay and the screen isn’t the best. Do I have to faf about learning how to make Windows work? Am I installing lots of Android emulators and setting them up individually? Hell no, you put EmuDeck on it, install Outrun 2006 PC (which seems have amazing power efficiency for some reason) and never use anything else. Unless you are a maniac like me and want something that actually fits in your pocket and still likes the Odin experience. But I’m sure some people in this thread know I’m a giant idiot anyway.
  8. I have finally joined the ranks of Deck owners. Preordered end of August, got it last week. Evri, which I was dreading. Turns out they sent the email it was on the way about an hour before it arrived, so I got a nice surprise at the door before work. I have a lot of Anbernic retro handhelds, curious to see how it stacked up size wise and battery wise. Performance is obviously a whole new level. First impression? OH, BIG! It’s a chunky boy. I don’t find it too bad in the hands, I mean I played BotW on the WiiU tablet pad thing so I am fine with it. Setup is nice and easy, first portable in a while I haven’t needed to sort out custom firmware. Decided to try a mix of easy to run stuff and full on 3D stuff to begin with. Shockingly Streets of Rage 4 runs absolutely fine. Who would have thought it? Having put the ports of Shovel Knight, Freedom Planet and Shredders Revenge in my Anbernics it is nice to see them running on a bigger, widescreen portable. Then the big ones. Elden Ring…is absolutely fine. Going from stuff that can just about run Dreamcast to having a working portable Elden Ring is incredible. This thing is a great piece of kit. Performance to price is absolutely unmatched. I still need to learn about how to get the most from the battery. Any tips on frame rate, TDP and FSR (when I finally worked out how that worked) would be much appreciated. Ghostrunner is another performance pusher I tried. Plays great, has inbuilt FSR. Text is a little small, but I was more concerned with the sticks feeling a bit twitchy. I think that is more down to Ghostrunner wanting the precision of the mouse more than anything. Didn’t have that issue on 2016 Doom, which also plays great. Tried some emulators on it. Emulation Station sorts most stuff. Nice to see DC and N64 playing no problem. Widescreen Skies of Arcadia? Yes please. Not really ever tried anything fancier before, it decided to have a look at Cemu. Took some tinkering to get it setup with emu deck and steam room manager the way I wanted, plus had to use the experimental branch to get a wua file for the WiiU up and running. Made it a little harder for myself trying to run the emulated stuff off the SD card, it I did it, I got BotW up and running. Aside from the shader caching, it runs really well. Was told I’m advance to try and stick to 40fps, seems to have no trouble from my limited messing about in open area. So it plays everything I want, it runs well, battery seems fine (didn’t realise it does a decent job of adjusting TDP on the fly). I am very impressed. The fact you can just put it into desktop mode and tinker is amazing and terrifying at the same time. I’ll probably end up trying to put Epic Game Store on to try Darkest Dungeon 2, see how that goes. By probably I mean I’m going to spend all my time on this amazing device playing 2D stuff like Dome Keeper and never using the power it has. I’m just glad Destiny 2 doesn’t work because you’d never see me again if it did.
  9. First one had flaws, but I had a blast with it. Weird this seems to have just come out with no fanfare. I am also waiting for someone to bite, or get impressions. Trailer looks more of the same. Maybe less plot this time, please.
  10. I have been trying to find this game for about two decades. I remember it at some Haven holiday park, distinctly remember the round peach bullets and bailing out the car. You try finding something based off that. Now I finally know the name of it. My life is now complete, damn near 20 years of searching and thinking I’d somehow made it up as a kid. I’m not insane, it does exist. Thank you for posting this. Only other thing I remember is the Toki cab next to it. Of course I remember that one.
  11. It's really interesting to hear about what happened before I joined, I had completely forgotten about it getting Codies attention. Kudos to Kiro for putting so much effort into this. Scary I can still remember that first podium so well. Maybe because there weren't that many of them . I cannot remember my next door neighbour's name but that was no problem. Really looking forward to the next few seasons, time to praise our lord and saviour Maximum Gary (if he wasn't already a think at this point). God I hope I haven't misremembered that.
  12. When I played the beta I thought I might enjoy DNF. I liked not having to worry about the inputs as I'm a decrepit old man, and I liked the BIG MEATY BUTTONS everyone had. I decided it was going to be my first new fighter since vanilla SFV (which ended up costing me a chair armrest). It's a lot of fun. Just have to remember everyone is bullshit and embrace the chaos. I'm going for Vanguard because, well, BIG MEATY BUTTONS and he seems to do a lot of damage off very little. He has very few options under pressure aside from alpha counter (his DP sucks, it's AA but whiffs a lot of other stuff). No real overhead but I guess the idea is to keep people blocking and guard crush. Online seems fine, had a few disconnects today and maybe one laggy match when I was set to worldwide but otherwise no issues. Ranked could really do with showing you the connection of who you are matched with before you accept. At least you don't have to bother with lobbies for it. I'm not sure if it is hard recommend for £40, and I've not touched the story mode or unlocked the boss character, but I am having a blast so far. When I'm grinning because the opponent baited me in to pressing a button and slamming my arse (I'm still shouting that it is bullshit, but in a happy way) you know it is a good time.
  13. This. I have played SoR2 way too many times. Jump into SoR4 and it is like a comfy pair of slippers. Only you turn the slippers over and if you want you can engage roller skate mode. When you realise what you can do with combos - Blaze is one of the best examples with her Blitz being an OTG, then being able to string her air special into itself for corner carry and damage. Spamming your super? Just don't get hit, get your life back. Amazing addition. I recently played an English patch/hack of Bare Knuckle 3. The mechanical additions are nice, but the environments feel very samey, very grey. SoR2 takes you on a trip. From streets, amusement park, boat, jungle fortress. It sounds by the numbers but the way it carries you along without needing to say anything. SoR4 is similar. Mostly sticks to the same city and you don't get the massive difference of colour palette that helps SoR2 to really pop, but it does take you on a journey, it feels like you are progressing. Turtles does a real good job on this as well. Beat em ups are relatively simple at heart, you need the graphics and audio to get it all together. That's a thing that SoR2, SoR4 and Shredder's Revenge all share. Sound design and music and top notch. Everything has heft, you feel like you are making a connection when your fist/katana/hockey stick hits someone. Revenge maybe slightly more muted but no point having stuff super loud and crunchy in a six player game. Obligatory mention to SoR2 having one of the bests OSTs of all time.
  14. Watching some streams, seems picking Leo doesn't help matters. Very dull outside the pizza cutter. Mikey can bounce off again after a dive kick, and April looks a tonne of fun. I do like the details like stealing a lot of fighting game moves (Mikey E Honda torpedo, Raph Shoryuken etc). However... https://i.imgur.com/R8YjMu0.jpg C'mon now. Just be glad I didn't post Estel.
  15. I'm not the biggest fan, having finished a run with Leo. It looks great, some of the tracks go way more ham than needed but single player feels a mixed bag. Unlike every beat em up ever made, there is no meterless superjoy. Worse, you get hit and you lose some meter, meaning you get even further away from superjoy. Sure you can taunt for it but things can snowball out of control quickly. Even worse, you do stuff like dash attack through something, you get super armour. As in, you get armour but still take the damage. The attack after the roll will sometimes can in an entirely different direction to what you want. It's just that little bit too stodgy. For example you can do the upkick, and either just land or dive kick on descent. Just let me air combo the dude when they are launched or something. Do the double jump air attack and you have just that little bit too long to recover on landing. The bosses get very samey after a while. Those that don't have some kind on invincibility phase can just get mashed to death. If you look at the move list it seems geared towards multiplayer which I haven't tried yet. I can imagine with six on the screen the chaos would be wonderful. I'm old school and think beat em ups should be doable in one go, where this is a little long (yes I know, if it helps I thought the same with SoR4). SoR4 maybe the problem. I want more juggles and combos and stuff and this game goes for something different. Despite the completely negative post it isn't bad, I just found it alright rather than good. Probably should not have tried to rush through it in one sitting.
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