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  1. I’m not really bothered about this game. But how and why that the guy is « Swedish » has any meaning? this disturbs me.
  2. Well I was drunk last Sunday and decided to do a little bit of decorating. And now I quite like it.
  3. I quite like this new Nintendo F1
  4. Just thinking about it hurts.
  5. True. But it’s not a long term problem (once you know it didn’t pierce anything). It hurts like hell and you better not laugh for a few weeks, but ribs heal themselves fine. I know, I had 5 broken (not on a single occasion...)
  6. His F1 career was dead already. And broken ribs are not a serious injury. that said, it’s quite awesome how F1 cars protect driver’s safety. And the idea that it could be used in all cars is, frankly, the only reason F1 (and Motorsport) has a right to exist right now.
  7. Yeah, had the same problem at the pub (before Covid). I ordered one pint, then they served me a dozen more (I don’t know why) and had the temerity to try to make me pay for them, saying, I quote, « You drank them ».
  8. Coming from someone that unironically used "SJW" as a derogatory term not long ago, please understand I don't really believe you're posting in good faith here.
  9. I absolutely love how the heroes are people that usually, in our right wing current tory utopia, are considered as zeroes. Homeless people, civil servants, alcoholic, prostitutes and so on. And some bad guy early in game are called in french "capitalists scum". Makes a nice change from rats or goblins. It's brilliant.
  10. Only on chapter 3 but absolutely loving this. It’s a bit cut scenes heavy (at the beginning at least) but it oozes charm (and I much prefer the rather basic JRPG turn based combat). I think this is spot on by the way : https://www.theguardian.com/games/2020/nov/23/yakuza-like-a-dragon-reinvents-middle-aged-men-video-games?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  11. Bear in mind that he's called Juge d'instruction but, in fact, he's mostly a prosecutor. He's not the one that will sit in court. In very short.
  12. I saw it at the theatre when it was first out absolutely not knowing what it would be like. It not only started a long love story with WWK in particular, but with far east cinema on the whole too. Oh, and a long passion for sunshine pop.
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