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  1. Have to agree learn the controls on maiden voyage, then crew up and just mess around. I finally finished this months event 100%, the 400 skelly kills wasn’t to hard if you do for of the damned as you get nearly 100 skelly kills per fort. The soul flame outfits are very cool and come in at a whopping 1 million gold, so finally something to spent all my gold on
  2. I'm on this daily and is the perfect game for me.. Loads of different world events, PvP & PvE, solo play just doing missions in my sloop. Absolutely love the new events page with little tasks to complete every week.. I'm currently working through the tall tales again moping up the journals so I can finally get the gold curse, just dreading trying to do the shores of gold solo as it's a 4 hour mission the last time I did it and I need to do it another 4 times...
  3. Tetris effect - just wow I went down the rabbit hole last night. Also playing sea of thieves but that's my go-to daily game, a bit of doom eternal and gears 4 need to finish that before I move to 5 for the shiny's
  4. All I played last night was sea of thieves 4k60fps and it's just stunning..
  5. ravon

    Xbox Game Pass

    That's a hell of a lot of games to look at... I think fallen order is later in the month
  6. I'm online daily playing on Xbox. Ravonrazor is my gamertag
  7. ravon

    Xbox Game Pass

    Haha got my battletoad ship stuff last night..
  8. I use Malcolm reeds rub blends etc, how to bbq right on YouTube..
  9. ravon

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sea of thieves that is all
  10. XSX day one, have a PS4 pro and a standard Xbox one. So will have a lovely 4k jump for sea of thieves
  11. 1988 C64 Got a few, speedball, last ninja 2, forgotten world's, prefer drift..
  12. ravon


    Looked like viva piñata to me
  13. Finally an answer for my point blank fix
  14. I think Al is going to do another dansak recipe, that’s a dish that has a sour note.
  15. It worth looking at basics with babish on YouTube, very informative and simple to follow.
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