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  1. Fuck that bitch Carole Baskins. also worth noting louis theroux did an episode with joe exotic.. ps.. joe exotic stole all the songs and it’s someone else singing lol
  2. My guilty pleasure is definitely Wraith
  3. I also had terrible time getting into the 1st season and only recently went back to the expense.. on S2 E12 and I'm so happy I went back to it... 2nd season is so much better paced it's really keeping my interest...
  4. That's pretty much how it's going for me... I'm around 15 hours in and construction of roads is my priority in chapter 3, while still delivering supplies and art. I can defiantly see why some folk wouldn't like it but I adore it..
  5. Was playing goose game until the mrs realised how much fun it was annoying people and took over....
  6. Managed to get my mate who knows the owners of bear town brewery to fill me a mini 5l cask of ukuku 5% el dorado azacca and citra hop... Only one in the world.. for the mighty sum of £15 Absolute steal
  7. Tend not to drink during the day due to having to drive around, but once I’m set for the evening stint it’s always a few nice beers then port... All of the port..
  8. Love the looks, for me I think a new Xbox and gamepass trump's PS5. TBH I don't care which is more powerful, gamepass is like printing free games.
  9. Count me in the mgs3 greatness camp, I finished it 7 times in a row before playing anything else...
  10. Caught frozen ground on Netflix this week, thought it was actually pretty decent. Not a totally crazy cage performance and the story was interesting.
  11. Xcom narcos looks interesting
  12. Same silly ness as attack at the gas station loved it
  13. And everything is on game pass at launch, they are pushing it ain’t they...
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