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  1. Lost a good 4 hours yesterday to this lovely platformer
  2. Is that real, either way it's very cool
  3. That's cool. I love the veil missions, lv5 flag once your finished and then claim the emissary mission after. And its all quicker than doing a normal Athena mission where you're lucky to get a lv3 flag. Interested in the new mystery, I see that there was a clue already in the latest video.
  4. I used left over chilli and made a lasagna was really good
  5. ravon


    Gotta love chai and matcha
  6. Managed to get the adventure finished and the new Athena quest is very cool. Lv5 Athena rep for an hour's work
  7. The new adventure is cool but lots of sailing.. will take a good 2/3 hrs
  8. Never ever ever
  9. This makes me very happy, it's been so long and so rare they have to keep it that way. Gifting it would be terrible for the community..
  10. ravon


    Agreed very interesting doc, puts things in a new light.
  11. Just been reminded of jr spesh lol what a banger
  12. Very easy to solo, the phantoms on the cannon went to star-trooper shooting academy. They take roughly 10mins to finish.
  13. Had a good night's impromptu boat sinking last night with our tiny sloop.. 2 galleons, 1 brig, and 2 sloops
  14. I managed to complete it all, on the plus side we did manage to get a fort of fortune, and 2 Athena emissary quests finished. As everyone is fighting over doing the adventure with belle.
  15. He performed his rap on chicken shop date this week lol
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