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  1. After having stern words with myself about saving my collector tokens for cards that I am sure I want, I immediately splurged 3k on one of the new cards, Titania. I am so fucking weak! It’s working well with my Kazoo deck, although I’ve miscalculated which side she’ll end up on so many times I’ve added Zero too. I guess she could work as a way of blocking an opposite lane going into turn 6 and then pulling it back.
  2. I’m 30 hours in and loving it. It’s utterly gorgeous and so smooth to play, Kratos is great fun to control and I’m really enjoying the humour and banter (Brok and Sindri continue to be the real gods). I’ve done most of the side quests and I think I’m heading towards the end now Some of the set pieces have been brilliant and there’s definitely more enemy variety. Shaping up to be my game of the year so far!
  3. That win a match with all 3 locations mission had been getting right on my nerves, but last night I unlocked Hela and first game..
  4. https://www.marvelsnap.com/newsdetail?id=7168728561379973894 Blog detailing upcoming stuff. Collector Tokens! New Pools! New Cards!
  5. Snagged the bundle and a charging dock. If they’d just had a “check back later” instead of an out of stock message it would have made the process a bit less stressful. Exciting though, can’t wait!
  6. Yeah might be worth hanging on until the time slot in your email, it seems going in too early triggers the out of stock message. I fucking hope so anyway or I’m going to be properly miffed.
  7. Lucky for Leclerc that Max doing Max stuff has overshadowed his cringe inducing begging on team radio for Sainz to give up a podium spot.
  8. @StanleyI had the same email, was really excited when I saw it as thought it would be giving me the preorder slot, seeing as I’d already registered my interest. It’s almost as though they have no fucking clue what they’re doing.
  9. I’m excited for PSVR2 (dependent on how much a 45 year old kidney fetches on the black market these days), Resi 4, Spider-Man 2 and FFXVI. I’m wondering if this Xbox streaming stick will see a release next year, I’d be up for checking out Game Pass on it if so.
  10. Yeah he’s a four in hand so goes 8 on reveal if not powered up by another card/location. @bmThank fuck somebody else did the maths, I was getting sweaty palms at the thought!
  11. @hub2 It’s not something I’ve come across. New season Warriors of Wakanda has just started and Black Panther is the new card. I reckon On Reveal decks might see an uptick, from a quick game just now it seems pretty strong (although the location was in my favour and my curve was pretty gross).
  12. I haven’t had Ego yet, but they’ve definitely leaned into the RNG-ness with some of the locations, and I’m still not a fan of the hot locations. I’ve just hit Pool 3 and hadn’t realised quite how much card collection gets slowed down, after the first two Mystery cards in pool 3 it switches to a Collectors cache every 8 Collector levels, and there’s only a chance of getting a card in each cache. The first two cards I got were pretty uninspiring as well . Still having loads of fun with the game though, I’ll probably shell out for the new season pass this week.
  13. Done! Added the most recent patch notes as well https://marvelsnapzone.com/marvel-snap-november-3-2022-patch-notes-version-8-7-1/
  14. Thanks, was about to work out the maths to justify it to my wife, this’ll do!
  15. Hey man, don’t knock the j-cool!
  16. @Ork1927 I don’t think it will - Titanic and the Lord of the Rings movies were all knocking on 3 hours long.
  17. Just a heads up, game defaults to 30fps but there’s a 60fps option tucked away in the options. It chews through battery life more quickly but totally worth it for me!
  18. @bradigorlooks like there’s a Steam download available https://store.steampowered.com/app/1997040/MARVEL_SNAP/
  19. Is that our @Harsin?! I haven’t been able to pull off a big score on Bar Sinister yet, will be aiming for that today! Actually, the hot location idea is one of my few criticisms of the game, it tends to lead to almost everybody playing the same deck while it’s active. It was the same last week with Kamar-Taj, it was Odin/White Tiger decks as far as the eye could see. Easy enough to disrupt with Scarlet Witch though I guess.
  20. List of the cards available in each pool at this link https://marvelsnapzone.com/pool-2-mystery-cards/#:~:text=Marvel Snap Collection Pool Two Card List ,3. Ongoin ... 21 more rows thanks @moosegrinder New patch released 3.11.22, details here: https://marvelsnapzone.com/marvel-snap-november-3-2022-patch-notes-version-8-7-1/ I’ve been playing loads of this over the past few days and thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve only played Hearthstone previously so don’t know if there are other CCG’s that it’s more easily comparable to. The board is made up of three locations. Over 6 turns you and an opponent play cards at three locations. The win goes to the person in control of the most locations at the end. Cards have certain powers which affect the board state, such as destroying a one cost card on the opposite side on reveal. Locations also have their own powers which add a lot of variety to how matches play out, e.g one cost cards can’t be played here, effects are doubled, the game ends after turn 4 etc. The cards and locations are all Marvel themed and the whole thing is very polished, with cool animations flying everywhere and great use of haptics. Rather than opening card packs you progress along a Collectors track. Playing games earns credits and boosters which you use to upgrade cards and earn Collector levels. Increasing collector level earns you more cards. Once you’ve got the core cards from the track you randomly collect cards from three pools. So beginners will be playing against players with cards from pool 1, instead of being absolutely nailed by players with full collections. The snap element adds a cool extra layer of strategy and risk. Players compete for cubes which increase player ranking (this is the competitive ranking, separate from collector level). Each game starts with one cube but players can “snap” to double the number of cubes up for being won/lost if they are feeling confident they are going to win or just want to bluff their opponent. Players can snap up to a maximum of 8 cubes by the end of the game, and there is an option to retreat after a player snaps so you don’t have to lose loads of cubes with a shitty hand. I’ve splurged for a season pass as I’ve got a ridiculous amount of hours in the past week out of the game but the f2p element seems pretty generous. There’s a nice little article on Eurogamer talking about it just gone up today which does a much better job of explaining the game https://www.eurogamer.net/marvel-snap-shows-theres-still-room-for-another-good-card-game.
  21. Loved it, fantastic ending to a brilliant season.
  22. I restarted the PS app and it’s showing as expired now .
  23. @SMDit’s showing as 14 days left on the challenge for me.
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