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  1. I’ve bounced off every From game I’ve played, but I’ve never regretted having a crack at them, and have had the most exhilarating moments of success against some of their bosses (yes I’m looking at you and your hounds Capra Demon, you fuck). This does look amazing, I’m looking forward to doing lots of exploring, making very little progress, and eventually slinking away in abject defeat
  2. Wordle 213 5/6 Tricky one today, it defeated my wife, but not I!
  3. Looks good! That trailer seems to give a lot away though.
  4. Wordle 210 4/6 Another day, another row wasted by using a letter I’d already ruled out.
  5. Wordle 209 4/6 Quite enjoyed the symmetry of the first two tries! This has become an essential part of the morning routine over the past couple of weeks, great game.
  6. Wordle 207 6/6 Only got this due to seeing a couple of people mention iffy spelling.
  7. Wordle 205 5/6 Shared a vaguely obscure word with @Fry Crayola!
  8. I love the visuals in DRG, I was riding a zipline the other night and looked down at the rig which was all lit up with searchlights , surrounded by bugs and my mate was ripping into them with a flamethrower while a sentry gun was going off on the other side - it looked absolutely epic, like something out of Aliens!
  9. Wordle 204 6/6 Tricky little blighter this one.
  10. sammy

    It Takes Two

    Between playing this with my 9 year old and Deep Rock Galactic with a couple of mates I feel like I’m in co-op heaven this past week.
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn - Frozen Wilds DLC: HZD was probably the best game I played last year, and the Frozen Wilds expansion was similarly excellent. The wintry setting, new robots and new weapons were all great, and GG definitely upped their game in terms of making the side quests more involving than in the base game. Two points docked for a lack of Three Toe Huadiv.
  12. Yes they can, and I decided to go for the one you decided against! (And just realised I had already ruled it out in turn one ffs) Wordle 202 4/6
  13. @Hitcher I thought the busywork was fairly frictionless, you could snatch up flowers, wood etc and craft ammo while on the run, and the animals were in such abundance that hunting for crafting materials was never too much of a chore (some seemed to drop a little too rarely, but it’s not like they were essential to making progress). But then I loved being in the world, I might not feel so benevolent if I hadn’t been enjoying the rest of the game so much. I’m hoping the side quests are a little more involved in the sequel, there was a definite improvement in the DLC so I’m hopeful. It all looks completely stunning at any rate.
  14. I’m planning to attack the backlog and buy fewer new games this year so this is a handy thread along with @Jamie John’s abstinence thread to keep me honest Resident Evil Village: I thoroughly enjoyed this, much less scary than previous games in the series which works for me as I had to nope out of RE7 pretty damn quick. Gloriously bonkers story and looked amazing. Spider-Man Miles Morales: started this in Jan 2020 but didn’t finish it as was getting burned out on all the side stuff. This time I blew through the main story rather than the collectibles and neighbourhood shenanigans. Very enjoyable and looked great, Insomniac are going to blow our minds with Spidey 2.
  15. @Pete I’ve been banging on at my eldest for weeks to get on it, he would absolutely love it but keeps turning his nose up, bloody infuriating! On the plus side I recommended it to a mate in the pub last week and he text the other day to say he’s pulled a couple of 2am sessions watching it
  16. Wordle 200 4/6 A bit better than my last couple of attempts!
  17. Such a fun game, I played co-op with a mate earlier (driller and gunner) we failed the very first mission we did as couldn’t get back to the dropship in time, it was so tense! Cant wait to play more.
  18. 199 6/6 I swear my stupid brain spends most of the time fixating on words that don't fit or that have already had letters ruled out
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