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  1. I think I’ve fucked up. I freed Lautrec then beat the Gargoyles, then managed to aggro him at Firelink and now the bonfire has gone out. I’m onto Capra next but think Firelink was the easiest/fastest route to get to the fucking prick?
  2. Possessor Uncut - 4/5 Sean Bean gets an opportunity to show off his poker face.
  3. I really like it, such a gorgeous world to potter about in. Traversal is really fun, especially after upgrading your climbing and gliding skills. The puzzles are about my level (I’m not very smart), and the combat is engaging. I’m very early game (11 hours) but having a whale of a time!
  4. I’ve been watching Bridgerton over the last couple of nights - it’s preposterous Downton Abbey style fluff, but it’s incredibly easy on the eye and not a terrible way to spend a slightly sloshed evening.
  5. Anybody playing PS5 and patch 1.06? Just wondering if it’s resolved the frequency of hard crashes? Hard to believe I’m writing this about a AAA game, but such is 2020.
  6. 2 street cred levels away from those sweet, sweet mantis blades! Although I spent way too much last night on a legendary katana and it’s already going through fools like a hot knife through butter. Bit of a shame my guy looks like he’s just stumbled out of a Godskitchen all-nighter. The crashes are absolutely doing my head in - must have had 5 crashes to the Home Screen (ps5). Really knocks my enjoyment of the game as I’m constantly waiting for the next crash and saving far more often than I would be otherwise. Poor fucking show.
  7. I’ve been pouring attribute and perk points into Reflexes and Blades (and a few into Cold Blood) and at level 10 with a green level Katana I’m pulling a Kill Bill in every combat situation I run into, limbs and heads flying everywhere, bloody brilliant fun!
  8. At the ripperdoc? What did you go for - crazy mantis blade or sawn off shotty implant?
  9. I think my char was power level 1050 but still got one shotted and enemies were immune. Could be a gear issue? I’ve forgotten how it all works to be honest.
  10. Awesome, thanks, sounds ideal. Shame Bungie didn’t highlight that clearly.
  11. Hmm, feeling a bit beleaguered with this. Can’t remember the last time I played, might have been a couple of years. Loaded up the game and it pulled up my two old characters and popped a shitload of trophies. I got dropped onto an ice planet where I got one-shotted by a group of flying drone type enemies. Then I turned it off. It all looked very nice though. What’s the best way to get back into the game after a long hiatus? I’m not precious about keeping my old characters. Is there a fresh start option?
  12. I suck so fucking hard at this. Any recommended settings for getting a more arcadey feel?
  13. 101gb preload for PS4 version, that’s a big chunk of my PS5 storage gone for a few months!
  14. The film is an absolute banger, just found the flames in particular quite odd looking.
  15. @capwn with a +4 anything you are more than equipped to demolish him. You’re probably a couple of whacks of his heels away from him hitting the ground and once he’s down you’re going to be taking great lumps off his health bar. Keep at it dude, you are close!
  16. Had a Black Friday splurge on 4K blurays to kick off a wee collection. Nabbed Planet Earth 2 and Blue Planet 2, Joker, 1917, Black Hawk Down, Mad Max Fury Road, The Shining and Blade Runner (final cut and 2049). I’ve only tried Fury Road so far, looks great but is the way it shows fire really ridiculously orange for anybody else? It’s almost cartoon like. Can’t remember it being like that at the cinema!
  17. @KartoffelKopf Yep. After reading about it and watching the Digital Foundry vid I’d convinced myself I was going to play Spidey Remastered in Fidelity mode with all the bells and whistles. Stuck the 60fps mode on to check it out and couldn’t go back.
  18. Turns out I was still far off, the levels are huge in this thing! Got the boss first try by playing like an absolute coward, thank fuck for magic. Now creeping around in 3-1. .
  19. Nailed the fucker on my lunch break! My god it felt good to see the lumps of health come off him when he was on his back. 2-1 to finish next, I can’t be too far off the end of that, creepy sodding place.
  20. I’ve been twatted several times by TK now. Getting him further down each time, tonight he is mine. That run along the parapet to him is amazing though, just sensory overload!
  21. It’s really good fun in co-op. As well as opportunities for jolly co-operation there’s plenty of room for mischief and mayhem. My 8 year old and I are playing through and it usually descends into a slap fest at some point, throwing each other in front of danger etc (and then we play the game ho ho).
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