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  1. I’ve listened to the first couple of hours of The Sandman, it’s enjoyable, well acted stuff, and as far as I can remember is tracking pretty faithfully to the books (was Gaiman going for a Bowie vibe with his depiction of Lucifer?). I bought the graphic novels years ago (back when Borders was a thing). But have a sneaking feeling I may not have got past the first couple of books, tempted to go into the loft and see if I can dig them out.
  2. sammy

    Illustration Club

    I started dabbling in watercolour at the beginning of lockdown, following tutorials on YouTube etc, I really love the loose style but have found it really hard to produce, I keep fiddling and they end up looking awful and overworked. But I am pretty happy with this one.
  3. I loved every second of it, absolutely glorious. Seeing it on screen helped emphasise the comedic elements which don’t come over so much in the soundtrack. Some very powerful performances as well (Burr, the Schuyler sisters). Will be watching again (and again, and again) for sure. Looks ridiculously good on OLED as well.
  4. Hamilton is up today. Waiting for my lad to get back from work so we can watch as a family. I am so fucking excited, we haven’t seen it live but have listened to the soundtrack umpteen times, some of the tracks absolutely break me. Anybody caught it yet?
  5. Fucking hell, Naughty Gods indeed, they have absolutely nailed this. I’m only four hours in and there’s already been some beautifully touching moments that have made me tear up. I don’t think I’ve played a better looking game, what the hell are they going to conjure up next gen?!
  6. I’ve been playing a bit over the past week having last played in 2009 with WOTLK. I tried Classic but it wasn’t for me. It’s all very slick now isn’t it? And crazy fast levelling! I’ve been levelling as disc priest mostly with randoms in dungeons, seems way more toxic than I remember . Are there still forum peeps on Ravenholdt?
  7. I’m listening to the new Fiona Apple album on repeat, its really incredibly awesome and amazing.
  8. Incredible television. It’s just such a deeply satisfying show on every level, pure craftsmanship. I find myself luxuriating in how well put together it is. This episode in particular just popped off my C9. Fuck! So good!
  9. I think English is the guy’s second language, seemed absolutely fine to me. Nabbed the below summary from resetera:
  10. This is worse than Rutherfords!
  11. Not sure if mentioned, Free Solo is on there. It’s about Alex Honnold, who wants to climb El Capitan, a 2300 foot VERTICAL SLAB OF GRANITE. Without ropes. Genuinely one of the most incredible things I have ever watched.
  12. In what way? I’ve only seen the first episode but thought it was excellent, can’t wait to catch up with the rest.
  13. Anyone been watching The Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness? It’s absolutely bonkers. Would recommend not reading too much about it, it’s up there with Don’t Fuck With Cats in the “did that actually happen?!” stakes. Very bingeable, although I feel like I need a week long shower after watching it.
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