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  1. Yes, some of the 4K/Dolby Vision content is stunning. Most recently Bridgerton looked incredible.
  2. Got my eye on this, I loved Gomorrah but had to really get myself in the right mood for it due to its bleakness.
  3. Had a quick go on DAS at lunchtime, seems a lot of fun. I like the vehicle handling and the on foot action is pretty cool if you’re in the thick of it, although can be a long run back to the vehicles on occasion. Will need to have a further play around with the different characters as all have special powers. Looking forward to getting stuck in later!
  4. I tried O&S a few times last night and got mashed into the walls, floor and ceiling in fairly short order. Decided quite quickly that life is too short and summoned a couple of sunbros for jolly co-op. Even with three of us it was a bit of a battle! I have no fucking idea how people solo them. Good luck @Popo!
  5. @Popothats the one! I mean it’s not the friendliest jaunt (as you’ve probably discovered by now), but definitely more straightforward than going back up to the Depths!
  6. @Popothere is another ascent, look for a different set of platforms to those you came down on. Edit - you can get up the way you came down but it’s exactly the hellish nightmare you would expect it to be.
  7. I think I’ve fucked up. I freed Lautrec then beat the Gargoyles, then managed to aggro him at Firelink and now the bonfire has gone out. I’m onto Capra next but think Firelink was the easiest/fastest route to get to the fucking prick?
  8. Possessor Uncut - 4/5 Sean Bean gets an opportunity to show off his poker face.
  9. I really like it, such a gorgeous world to potter about in. Traversal is really fun, especially after upgrading your climbing and gliding skills. The puzzles are about my level (I’m not very smart), and the combat is engaging. I’m very early game (11 hours) but having a whale of a time!
  10. I’ve been watching Bridgerton over the last couple of nights - it’s preposterous Downton Abbey style fluff, but it’s incredibly easy on the eye and not a terrible way to spend a slightly sloshed evening.
  11. Anybody playing PS5 and patch 1.06? Just wondering if it’s resolved the frequency of hard crashes? Hard to believe I’m writing this about a AAA game, but such is 2020.
  12. 2 street cred levels away from those sweet, sweet mantis blades! Although I spent way too much last night on a legendary katana and it’s already going through fools like a hot knife through butter. Bit of a shame my guy looks like he’s just stumbled out of a Godskitchen all-nighter. The crashes are absolutely doing my head in - must have had 5 crashes to the Home Screen (ps5). Really knocks my enjoyment of the game as I’m constantly waiting for the next crash and saving far more often than I would be otherwise. Poor fucking show.
  13. I’ve been pouring attribute and perk points into Reflexes and Blades (and a few into Cold Blood) and at level 10 with a green level Katana I’m pulling a Kill Bill in every combat situation I run into, limbs and heads flying everywhere, bloody brilliant fun!
  14. At the ripperdoc? What did you go for - crazy mantis blade or sawn off shotty implant?
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