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  1. Yeah, rest mode is inadequate as a solution, my lad plays a lot of fortnite on the PS5 and I’ve already lost a couple of runs because he’s jumped on for a game in the morning. Hopefully they’ll patch a save in.
  2. Got to Ixion last night for the first time, had him down to third phase, he feels very doable. If I can get back to him that is, died twice in Biome 1 afterwards . 48 deaths and counting!
  3. Sorry to hear about all the issues people have been having, my game has been absolutely rock solid, not a single glitch or crash so far (although I’m still getting pummelled in Biome 2 currently). Pretty sure a heal at the ship was 100% earlier as well, would be pretty thin gruel to only give 10%- I will confirm tomorrow.
  4. So I unlocked the electropylon driver (cheers @jonamok!) and absolutely steamrollered through the first Biome. That thing is ridiculously overpowered! Beat the boss as well (I’d found the house key and figurine for the first time as well and needed that second chance during the boss fight). Feeling a tingling of guilt that I needed a cheat to do it, but eh. At least I can start getting slaughtered in a pretty new environment now
  5. I wish resting at the ship healed you back to health in one go - seems an unnecessary step to have to sleep more than once. 27 deaths, still in Biome 1, I am shit at this game! Determined not to give up though, the moment to moment gameplay is still great fun, but I would love a change of scenery.
  6. @jonamok I’ve had a dozen deaths and haven’t got to the first boss yet.
  7. Less than 6 months since the new consoles launched and we’re getting something like this pumped into our ears and eyeballs this gen is going to be insane.
  8. This and Returnal within 6 weeks of each other - Sony are killing it. And by “it” I mean my poor bank balance.
  9. It was incredible. I’ve been loving Mike Wozniak in this season, but he’s ascended to legendary status with this episode, my stomach was hurting from laughing so much.
  10. The little scanner that slides around her shoulders on a track might be what got me to 100% the fuck in.
  11. Yeah I’m fucking shit at this sort of thing, but good lord the eye candy.
  12. Has anybody had a PSN refund for this, if so how long did they take to process it? I’ve decided to sack it off until next year and will pick it up again when it’s on a sale and they’ve sorted the crashes out.
  13. Simu Liu is great in Kim’s Convenience, a sweet little Canadian show which is the TV equivalent of a warm hug, and which I’ve just found out has been cancelled
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