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  1. “Notice me people. Notice me FFS!”
  2. Turns out I was still far off, the levels are huge in this thing! Got the boss first try by playing like an absolute coward, thank fuck for magic. Now creeping around in 3-1. .
  3. Nailed the fucker on my lunch break! My god it felt good to see the lumps of health come off him when he was on his back. 2-1 to finish next, I can’t be too far off the end of that, creepy sodding place.
  4. I’ve been twatted several times by TK now. Getting him further down each time, tonight he is mine. That run along the parapet to him is amazing though, just sensory overload!
  5. It’s really good fun in co-op. As well as opportunities for jolly co-operation there’s plenty of room for mischief and mayhem. My 8 year old and I are playing through and it usually descends into a slap fest at some point, throwing each other in front of danger etc (and then we play the game ho ho).
  6. Anybody else getting “Can’t Sync” errors? I’m getting them on Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man and a couple of other games. Wondering if best to turn off Cloud Saves for now, hopefully a patch will sort it out.
  7. I thought there were some parts of Astrobot where the directionality of the sound was really impressive, e.g. a flock of birds flying at the screen felt like it was going right past my head and off behind me. It could just be confirmation bias, I will try and test later. I was blissing out too much to the GPU song
  8. Here’s mine, hulking away under the telly. My wife has just passed judgement - “it looks like a fucking printer”. All I know is it’s given me several glorious hours already today. This gen is going to be bonkers .
  9. Fair enough, pretty sure there are some mukkers who’ll bite your hand off!
  10. @denisbselling purely based on it’s aesthetics?
  11. It is that big. The first word that came to mind when looking at it under my TV is “hulking”. It hulks.
  12. This is fucking incredible. Looks and sounds jaw dropping. And it’s a launch game. Mental. I’m shit at souls games so went Royal. That initial magic attack you get really does seem to make things quite a lot easier (at least initially)!
  13. Very. I think despatch is ok? They could have written it in hieroglyphics as long as it turns up on the 19th
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