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  1. Good to hear mate but some of us are trying to watch the race
  2. I stan Lewis but I’m really feeling for Max right now, that last lap was insane right up until he pushed it a fraction beyond the possible. The track is fucking bonkers - whoever said Wipeout irl isn’t far off the mark.
  3. I thought thats fantastic, been hearing good things about this for ages, went to buy and..
  4. I’d have to rewatch to give a more considered opinion but I thought the beginning set up the film including the key characters and their conflicts really well. I was completely absorbed by the atmosphere , nobody does “It’s fucking cold and miserable and I’m likely to get a sword to the face any second” better than Ridley Scott. And that final 20 mins: I hope we can all at least agree that Affleck gives one of the all time great deliveries of ‘cunt’ in a film.
  5. @ZOK Agreed, I thought it was excellent throughout, a couple of posts have mentioned the beginning being rubbish, maybe they were thrown by Matt Damon’s haircut?
  6. I’m near the end of season 2 of Mr Inbetween, it’s an absolute gem of a show, destined to be up there with the likes of Better Call Saul and The Sopranos for me if it maintains this quality. Driven by the main character Ray Shoesmith (played by show creator Scott Ryan - it is hard to believe that this is his only acting credit, he is phenomenal), a bouncer/debt collector/hitman working out of Sydney, it examines his work and its impact on him and his relationships. It’s funny, brutal and very tender at times. Each episode is only 25 mins long and you’ll know pretty quickly if it’s not for you. Season 1 was great, season 2 is incredible. Give it a go, would love to see it getting some love on here
  7. Never heard of it until your post, I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and it’s shaping up to be something a bit special. I love the main guy Ray and his relationships with his brother and daughter, it creates a stark contrast to how he does his day job. Have to say Disney+ is easily earning its sub at the moment, so much good stuff on there.
  8. Just finished watching it, I thought it was brilliant, some of the best battle sequences since, well, Gladiator. I’m now seriously tempted to find the director cut of Kingdom of Heaven, I’ve read it immensely improves the theatrical cut (which I never got around to watching but heard was pretty awful).
  9. This is now on Netflix and I agree it’s up there with the best of the year. Fantastic performances, incredible cinematography (I wish I’d seen it at the cinema but it looks splendid in Dolby Vision) and soundtrack. Must be nailed on for a load of Oscar’s next year.
  10. So Havel has an armored horse now. *cries*
  11. This has just been patched to 60fps and 1440p for PS5 and XSX.
  12. Me too! Still looking forward to it, but with much lower expectations than this time yesterday!
  13. I’ve been reading EG for years, mostly for their previews/reviews and some of the DF stuff. I still enjoy it and have bunged a few quid for the subscription but don’t think I’ll keep it ongoing, I might switch it to an Edge sub. Never bothered with the forum as ‘muk is all I need. Not surprised about DF’s popularity, it’s been fuelling the console wars for years now.
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