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  1. Yep it's bugged. Objective doesn't change and just says get to the grinder District and the way pint continues to point to the large neon sign. Is there really no way to reset/quit a mission like there is in every other game like this?
  2. Where are serendipity gardens Footle? I've followed the waypoint and it just leads me to the large rotating neon sign and never progresses the mission.
  3. I was looking forward to this for a year. Looks amazing, soundtrack is great, plays well too. It just needed another 3-6 months of QA before release. You can't release a game with game breaking bugs and not expect people to moan. I used to work with the studio producer listed in the credits back in the old 90s Psygnosis days too. Fun fact, he was in charge of reviewing existing games that Psygnosis could publish and had Radiant silvergun, Silhouette mirage, and Grandia in on Japanese saturn to review to see if Psygnosis would publish PlayStation versions of them, and turned them all down.
  4. How is it a hot take? The mission's broken and won't progress and there's no reset mission option so that that. How's that hard to understand?
  5. In the first main mission, get to the grinder District, what are you supposed to do when you get there? Nothing happens. Is it bugged?
  6. They have Mythos Tales there for £10 and I was thinking of getting Consulting Detective to play with a couple of friends. Has anyone played Mythos Tales? How does it stack up against CD, which I've heard is supposed to be very good.
  7. I'm going to steal this for one of my work quizzes if that's alright?
  8. I did. Well, I had it crash again at the same point a second time, despite selecting different starting characters and choosing a different location. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it's fine now and could progress past the tutorial. Bit gutted as one of my first starting characters had the same name as one of my cats (Calliope) but the names change each time you start it and she's just called Karen or something now.
  9. Crashed on the loading screen for me after finishing the main tutorial area. No save point so right back to the beginning. As someone with 20 years of game testing under my belt this is fucking unacceptable. So do I uninstall the game and pretend it doesn't exist or start again and hope it can't be recreated? Shame as I loved the first one and there's probably a cracking game in here, but what a dreadful first impression.
  10. I watched this for something like the fiftieth time a few days ago and amazingly noticed that Sarah has a copy of the very old Games Workshop Judge Dredd board game on her shelf (not my screen grab). Her bedroom's amazing.
  11. 1. Sega Dreamcast (10) 2. Sega Megadrive (9) 3. Microsoft XBOX 360 (8) 4. Nintendo Gamecube (7) 5. Sega Saturn (6) 6. Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k (5) 7. Sega Mega CD (4) 8. Microsoft XBOX One (3) 9. Nintendo DS (2) 10. Atari Lynx (1)
  12. I'll take the mob the show 16 game for the ps4



    1. the_buddha_of_gaming


      Someone's bagsied it I'm afraid. If it falls through you're next in line. Thanks.

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