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  1. Where was the Tranmere game available to watch?* Anyone know if sunday's game against Bradford will be streamed? *don't anyone dare say Prenton Park.
  2. Yeah this is the first episode of the new series I've managed to watch properly and reading this thread I'd thought folk might've been overegging his behaviour but he really does seem to be a bit of an arsehole.
  3. I absolutely think the 3 week break is a big cause of this.
  4. Comfortably 80+ hrs, especially if you're not rushing through the story.
  5. Liverpool fan wanting Chelsea to win this. An all-English European competition finals would be amazing.
  6. Is it possible to get back there once you've finished the game?
  7. https://www.goal.com/en/news/liverpool-vs-barcelona-was-trent-alexander-arnolds-corner/12c9ba49isrbq1nfepewz8stnh
  8. It's hilarious, it gets better every time I watch it. Not a single one of the Barca players were paying attention: https://streamable.com/b9ybj
  9. Ter Stergen's still applauding the defender conceding the corner as Origi's about to sweep it into the net!
  10. Lovely finish though.
  11. Yeah in the last mission when you have the stand off with Micah I died 2-3 times because the game takes its own control mechanics away from you. It's more like an extended cut scene. The game is far and away at its best outside of all the scripted stuff.
  12. Did you have an external drive connected to your 360 at any point? Also, great news about Trials Evo, best of the bunch, some good additions over the original but none of the crazy stuff of the newer ones, just good pure trialing.
  13. I think a Liverpool player must've reversed over Neo's dog when he was a youngster.
  14. Er... you might want to stay out of this thread given that it's the MASSIVE SPOILERS thread then, and find the normal game thread while you continue!
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