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  1. christaylor

    SNES Mini

  2. christaylor

    SNES Mini

    Am finally getting round to adding some extra roms onto my mini and have found this guide: https://snesclassicmods.com/how-to-add-more-games-to-snes-classic-mini/ It almost seems too simple, does this look like it covers everything? (only interested in adding some more snes games, not bothered about other emus)
  3. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Really interesting signing. He can be awesome but really needs the right motivation, you could see he really wasn't interested at Stoke towards the end of the season, not that you could blame him. Might be tough given that it's unlikely he'll be starting many games. If anyone can get him to play it'll be Klopp. Looking forward to seeing him in action.
  4. You can only do it on the monks in the castle iirc.
  5. I played through several hours of Ico without realising you could swing on the ropes/chains, instead just scraping by by turning and jumping off backwards towards any platform I needed to reach. I bet a lot of people would have gone through RE4 never realising that you could hit the action button a second time to kick a door open.
  6. christaylor

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    My god, watching these two games simultaneously is carnage!
  7. christaylor

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Pique should probably be off after that challenge, not sure if he even got a yellow.
  8. christaylor

    Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    Another vote for Killzone and also Everybody's Golf.
  9. christaylor

    Resident Evil 4 - Revisited

    Actually it's better. Halfway through my second playthrough now and have picked up the infinite rocket launcher.
  10. christaylor

    Football Thread 2017/18

    What would you like them to do, offer a cup of tea and a biscuit?
  11. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Exactly what did Ings do when he came on? He didn't seem to be doing any high pressing like Salah and seemed to be dropping back into our half more often than not, inviting their players to run at us.
  12. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Really harsh pen that, looked like it hit his thigh first and then bounced onto his forearm.
  13. christaylor

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Anyway, to bring it back around... I loved TLJ at the cinema but watched it again last night and found some of the segments harder to stomach. No problem with what they did with Luke, thought it fitted nicely and was totally not what I was expecting. Found the whole light speed tracking device disabling setup quite contrived, the trip to the casino not good (reminded me of the whole tentacle space monsters in Han's ship sequence from TFA in terms of it feeling really out of step with the rest of the film) Rose utterly bland and how del Toro's characters was dealt with didn't sit right, with the whole bad guy/rough diamond/good guy/traitor transition, I was expecting a final further arc to give him some redemption but it never came. The whole Luke projection bit totally had me and Rey moving the rocks out of the way at the end a nice link back to something she'd said to Luke during the training earlier. No idea where it'll go from here though!
  14. christaylor

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Completely contrived as well... Maul had the high ground, standing over the hole that Obi was dangling from, and yet Obi was able to catapult straight over him with a somersault, land, turn and slice him in half. Chinny reck-on. He deserved better.
  15. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Aye, but he was injured/not even in the squad for the Everton game last weekend!

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