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  1. It looks fabulous actually, apart from Chris Pratt of course. The world is gorgeous and colourful and all the characters look great. I really like Illumination films. They’re dumb as they come but they’re funny and full of slapstick, and kids love them. My 2 year old doesn’t give a shit about Pixar stuff yet, as it mostly aims for an older audience, but he laughs his head off at the minions.
  2. It does, but I think there are a fair number of people who love it already and will definitely chuck their hat in the ring for an upgraded model. I know I’ll be there day one for a OLED model, or one that isn’t the size of my fridge. And then there’ll be a new audience picking up the older ones for £150/200 second hand, and as more and more games get out of the box support it’ll be easier for the mainstream to get into it. It’ll snowball.
  3. In a few years, all Steam games will be made with a Deck mode with the graphics settings and controls all pre-configured by the developer. You’ve just got this initial period of relative hurt, mucking around with Proton and all that. It’ll be seamless in a couple of gens of deck hardware.
  4. Yeah, the 3DS is great. These games actually work really well in 3D - it’s fitting to play what looks like a little 3D diorama of a Zelda game in your hands.
  5. ^ Yeah, this is it. I loved it at the time on the TV - Motorstorm 3D Rift was magnificent - but it looks like everything is right there in your lounge, and like you’re driving a little RC car around a sand pit. 3D football looks like loads of tiny ants running around in your living room. No tech improvements will change that, and VR is definitely the next evolution of all this. Plus it had issues with cross talk (seeing parts of the opposite image in each eye), and flicker.
  6. I think I’ve had a quick go of the PS2 version, but I’ll have to check out the PSP one!
  7. I think this is a bit unfair! It’s vastly inferior if you’re expecting to play anything beyond PS1, but it’s wonderful for GBA, and other handheld formats (GB/GBC/GG/NGPC). It’s also fine for 16-bit and PS1 stuff with RGA scaling, and the frontend options are excellent (with hardly any setup required). It’s way cheaper than all the others too, so it’s still a really good, low-cost option.
  8. Er yeah, I think I know what you mean, but I don’t remember having too much trouble hearing him. I listen on Overcast and use the voice boost function though, which might have helped. I also listened on noise cancelling earphones which would probably help too. I think the key with poor audio is blocking out as much external sound as possible.
  9. Received my clear blue Retroid Pocket 3+ yesterday! First impressions are very good - it feels great to hold, and the display is gorgeous. It’s basically an iPhone screen (4.7”, 1334*750 res), so there are larger (and more expensive) displays out there, but it looks lovely. I tried some PS Remote Play which was smooth and sharp, and the size was fine. Certainly preferred it to sitting in bed with the Steam Deck. I’m used to Linux handhelds with everything done for you though, so the amount of (potential) setup required on Android is pretty daunting. Thankfully Retro Game Corps has a fantastic (if a little long) guide, so I’ll follow that when I get the chance and get Daijisho on there. Did try some PSP at 2x res and it ran perfectly and looked stunning, so excited to get going with that. It’ll probably be my new Hot Shots Golf machine
  10. Daijisho looks incredible, and appears to remove the layer of jank that Android-based handhelds tend to have. I’ll be putting it on my Retroid Pocket 3+ when it arrives (which should be very soon). It’s a shame about JelOS, but as you say, I’m sure there will be a fork of some kind. You would like to think OTA updates wouldn’t be affected though? 351Elec/AmberElec was always my favourite on the RG351, so hopefully they’ll release a 353 version soon.
  11. I settled on JelOS. I tried Ark but all of the themes looked shite and it felt a bit janky.
  12. Watched the Judi Dench one and it was lovely. Touching the way she talks about her husband. I think more than anything it’s just nice to see Louis spend time with people who aren’t far-right nuts and neo-nazis, and who enjoy his company. Could watch hundreds of these. Nice, uncomplicated viewing.
  13. Interestingly, my iTunes copy that I bought in 2017 for £3.99 has had a free upgrade to the 4K version with all of the deleted scenes.
  14. I guess it’s not a game for you then? When I see that I get super excited at the thought I’ll be unlocking abilities which will give me access to new areas and secrets later on. I’ve set the combat difficulty to low, and I’ve been turning on No Fail mode for the bosses. Makes it much better for me.
  15. Alien is a 15 now, and I think I first saw it when I was around her age. Loved it. Yeah, not sure what’s silly about Poltergeist, seems perfect really - no blood or sex. Have you seen The Others? That’s a 12.
  16. Unless you’re talking about the non-cloud version, it really isn’t. But yeah, I’d take a native version for a few quid over a cloud version any day of the week.
  17. Been playing more of this last night, and I can’t believe I’m saying it, I’m actually stunned, but it’s wonderful. Flawed, of course, and I don’t really understand what all of the collectibles are for or why I’m taking this thing to that character, but I’m just loving running around this sandbox world. It’s everything a 3D Sonic game should have been: a massive sandbox to run around in, filled with boosters, ramps, grind rails, rings, and things to collect, with short end-to-end ‘classic’ stages with a bunch of goals to achieve. And he’s really fun to control, not super twitchy like before. I do wish it would stop raining though. The sun comes out every now and then and the game looks much better for it, but that should be the default view. Maybe the bad weather should only appear when you’re fighting a boss, like in Bowser’s Fury? Other than that, the first island is probably a bit sparse and could do with a few more interesting environments, but the realistic look isn’t as bad as I was expecting, and does look nice when the sun is out.
  18. Log in to someone’s PS5 (as a guest is fine) and you can claim The Last Guardian and a bunch of other games as PS Plus games and keep them forever on your normal sub. I’m happy to do it for you remotely if you want to change your password/change it back. It’s worth doing even if you do end up getting Extra, as they’ll stay on your account even if you drop back down.
  19. Out of all the results so far, nothing comes close to a seeing a third world country underdog come from one-nil down…
  20. Interested in this too, so please do share any finds! I’ve been thinking we need a ‘360/PS3 on Steam’ thread to share and keep track of them tbh, now might be that time.
  21. Yeah fuck it, the new trailer looks cool, it’s Cameron, and I’ve not been to the IMAX in ages. Also sick of superhero movies.
  22. Not Avatar bashing here btw, and I quite like the first film. But I just went on to book at the IMAX and saw the 3 hours 10 minutes runtime and holy fuck, I don’t think I can sit in a cinema seat for that long. It was different in 2009 when IMAX 3D was all new and exciting, but I don’t think I’m that bothered about seeing how the story continues right now, certainly not for 190 minutes. I think that’s a big ask for audiences. Maybe I’ll be more interested in Avatar 3 once I’ve seen 2?
  23. Watched the Stormzy one last week. I know precisely fuck all about him other than the Banksy vest he wore, but he came across well and I really enjoyed it. Listened to some of his stuff after that. Started the one with Bear Grylls, another person who I know little about, but he was a proper smarmy cunt and I turned it off after 20 minutes. Judi Dench next I guess.
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