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  1. Aliens, The Terminator, and Predator 2 would be a good one too - the trilogy of films where Bill Paxton gets killed by an alien, a terminator, and a predator.
  2. For the Alien one, it would be interesting to see what everyone’s favourite film is, but I’d like to see what everyone’s favourite is not including the first two, and which one everyone thinks is the worst. Would have been good for Terminator actually.
  3. @Protocol Penguin I take it you knew Arnie would be the ‘good’ terminator going in?
  4. Surely the Nic Cage 90s action movie trilogy of The Rock, Con Air and Face/Off All released within a year and a half of each other too. I mean, that’s some run.
  5. Did you claim them on the homescreen? You only get about 10p from a physical game.
  6. Did you use one of those Nintendo Online tokens?
  7. OK, this was really rather good! Probably on par with Scream 2, some parts better, some parts worse, but way better than 3 and 4. The death scenes were bloody and brutal, but did lack the inventiveness Wes Craven used to bring. There were some fun twists and turns, and the new characters were solid, although not as memorable as in the first film. Some decent laughs too.
  8. Been playing Skyward Sword HD solidly in Jan, so other than triple-dipping on Burnout Paradise for a few quid so I could play online with a mate, I’ve bought nothing as of yet. When I’m fully invested in a game (All Zelda and Mario games do this, and a handful of others), I find it very easy to ignore everything else out there. But when I finish them I’m desperate to fill the void, which is when lots of silly purchases happen!
  9. Both are good, and worth watching, but I’d start with Theatrical as extended can get a little saggy.
  10. I dunno, I think it’s kind of fine if it’s a game you already own or have played or whatever. I’ve played through SOTN dozens of times by now, so if it got a re-release on Switch I’d buy it and wouldn’t count it in this list. The main issue is games that you’ll probably never get round to, or games you’re buying because they’re on sale that you’ll also never get round to.
  11. I mean yeah, Ray Fisher seems a bit of a cunt tbf, but let’s not take away from the fact that Whedon truly is the supreme cunt overlord.
  12. Holy crap, that’s incredible. I’ll be downloading this and giving it a go for sure. I love the GBA hardware, and especially love when it’s pushed to its limits, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this.
  13. Colour me interested! Definitely going to see this once my entire extended family have recovered from covid and we can get a baby sitter. Crazy how there was 18 years between Halloween and Scream, but 26 years between Scream and Scream.
  14. Save it for the ‘OK, so what’s the least reliable controller’ thread.
  15. Kinect Just horrible. How did this sell so many units again? The best part is it used you as the controller. That’s right, YOU are the worst controller.
  16. Hah, yeah that was awful. Before it came out It seemed like an interesting way to turn the touch screen into a stick. The d-pad on the original DS was terrible too, the worst Nintendo d-pad as far as I can remember. With no stick it was just totally ill-fitting to 3D games.
  17. I mean, they really need to do this. Most of the fringe Mario characters are crap, and the Zelda/F-Zero etc DLC tracks for MK8 were cool.
  18. I bought Burnout Paradise Remastered for like 3 quid from the PSN store but I’m not counting it because I already own it on 360, Xbox One and Switch and I only bought it so I could muck around on it with a PS5-owning mate for a couple of hours last night. Already have my 3 quid’s worth.
  19. For me the only flaw is that it’s a bit of a pain in the arse finding bodies to play the snippets again. I get why, otherwise once you’ve found them all the game would just turn into selecting things from a menu, but some that are closely linked and require cross-referencing can be quite far apart. Not sure what the best solution would be for that.
  20. I get that it’s hard lines only, but aren’t phone lines in the matrix just part of the matrix? Like, computer code? Why do phone lines magically link to the real world? And if you know the matrix isn’t real, why can’t you just pull the thing out of the back of your head?
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