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  1. I think I might have solved my problem... I have the official dock, and into the back of it, I had plugged two USB dongles - a dongle for a wireless keyboard and a dongle for a plugin chatpad for the Xbox controller. As soon as I unplugged these, my BT problems went away. Just played for 2.5 hours without a single disconnected or lag spike!
  2. After being fairly gushy about the SteamDeck, I've run into my first major annoyance... That is, the Bluetooth on it seems to be piss-weak. I have real trouble maintaining a controller connection from just a few metres away when using it docked. Constant disconnections, super-laggy inputs. I've found the same with Xbox, 8bitdo and PS5 controllers. It's got to the point where I have to kind of wave the controller in the air before me to maintain a line of sight, because if I drop it down and the path is obscured by my legs or the coffee table, it disconnects. Going to do some testing with an 8bitdo USB dongle to see if I can improve things.
  3. I just finished Deedlit and really enjoyed it. Appreciated it being a palatable length as well, 7-8 hours felt about right. Some of the boss fights were really cool, and I loved the music.
  4. Finally finished the pre-expansion content. Got to say, the story stuff immediately before the end was as rad as any story content I've played in a videogame. Lots of really touching scenes and interesting twists. Currently standing in Ishgard and energised to see more again.
  5. Mine's nowhere near that bad. Mostly just layering of sprites (some seem to pop through the horizon). I have seen people on Patreon say that playing at 1440p causes major issues. I'm 1080p.
  6. Didn't see anything this serious, but I did see lots of graphical and sound glitches. So I pretty much played one race then figured I'd check it out again in a few months time.
  7. Worked without much effort for me. I just ran update_all.sh (and then had to run it again, ensuring I'd enabled the option to download arcade roms - which I guess changed when update_all recently updated). Then it worked as normal. I am a Jotego sub though, so I might have a beta key or something.
  8. Still slogging through the pre-Heavensward stuff It's been a real drag at times, though has got better as I'm approaching the end. One particular bit actually gave me feels! I'm not keen on how it enforces running instances with real people though. I quite enjoy the NPC ones, but the 8 man and 24 man raids are pretty nerve wracking. Especially as a healer. I try to read about the fights beforehand, but everyone has been doing them so long that I just end up getting left behind or feeling as if I'm not really contributing (or, worse, hindering the party). Does the MSQ continue to require raid participation after the expansion?
  9. PS1 only had 2Mb of RAM, so it doesn't need much more than that as games are read from CD files. Cart based systems with large carts (Neo Geo) tend to need more since they read the game data from SDRAM. A bigger problem he had was the memory bandwidth, how quickly he could read and write to RAM for the various components.
  10. Oof... I've finished the Realm Reborn storyline now - really enjoyed it - and I'm in the middle of the pre-Heavensward quests... They're a bit of a slog, eh? Feels like one long linear path of clicking through dialogue with an enforced instance every 20 quests. Lots of teleporting, too much dialog. Tell me it gets better?
  11. Is that running with a single stick of RAM? Looks impressive!
  12. Absolutely fine. I'm running the Steam version, I should say. The non-Steam version did require some hoop jumping, as you might expect. But the Steam version is fine. The only issue I have encountered is that an external joypad isn't detected in game until you hit the steam button, weirdly. After that it works fine. Not an issue if you're playing handheld.
  13. When I bought my Steamdeck, I was looking around for an MMO to play on it. I tried a few, but always found the mangled Steam Input configs to be not quite there and too fiddly to endure. Then a friend suggested FFXIV to me, on the basis that it was designed from the ground up for console controllers. Perfect! It's now two months later and I'm on the final quest of the initial game MSQ... and I love it! Honestly, it's weird. I could recount a list of things that I don't like about it, and it would be long - Like how it hasn't been remotely challenging so far; how its sense of "world" isn't as pronounced as WoW, due to the zone mapping; how it has way too much teleporting; how its quests are a whole lot of "go here, click this thing, come back"; those weird baby halfling things that just feel creepy... On paper, I shouldn't like it so much. But despite all of that, I LOVE it. It's just so accessible. I love how I can play solo perfectly happily, or jump in a Duty Finder group if I'm feeling sociable. I love how I can mix and match classes or crafts, play a healer one day then DPS the next. I love how you can just follow the MSQ and not worry about any other filler quests. I love the MSQ and its overcooked JRPG drama. I love how flamboyant and ridiculous it is, how standing in the main square in Lima Liminosa feels like the coolest kind of freak show. I'm amazed by how un-monetised it feels. I didn't realise there was a shop until 30 levels in, and only found it because I was googling something else. In a world where games feel scummy, FFXIV feels the opposite. It feels like a game, not a scam. Even my complaints about difficulty and sense of world feel like nitpicking. I know that it is easy because I'm been hurried through the older content to get to the newer stuff. And as I'm getting to higher quests, I'm starting to see how the world fits together. It's not quite "running through Wetlands to get to Iron Forge at level 15", but it's satisfying nonetheless. At the moment, my plan is to just keep playing, to enjoy it all as far as I can go, to take my time and enjoy the sights. Can't wait, to be honest.
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