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  1. Ooooh, I forgot about the Neo Geo X... Anyone used the sticks?
  2. Ha! Well, I bought one of the Competition Pro joystick replicas and the microswitches are so loud I've been banned from using it... so microswitches not necessarily the selling point they once might have been I've actually already got the 8bitdo SNES and MD pads, and I'm trying to use appropriate controllers for the platform I'm playing. Hence looking for an appropriate Neo Geo pad for those games. Ideally, it would be an USB replica full size Neo Geo stick, but SNK don't seem to have the commercial sense to sell those
  3. The Neo Geo stuff is really good, even with 32Mb. I've been looking for a suitable controller to play them with, but not having much look. For some reason, SNK gimped the USB pad that came with the Neo Geo Mini so it won't work with normal USB connections. Anyone got any recommendations?
  4. Especially given last week's development of being able to get analogue video out of the HDMI port - one less reason to need the IO board now.
  5. Honestly, the best thing to do is just send an FB message to Retroshop. He doesn't keep his Facebook page up to date particularly well, but he'll happily point out what you need. I got all of my setup from Ricardo, including the case - all fully assembled. With the case, and three main components, plus a few extra bits and a VGA > Scart cable, it came to about €300. Pricey, but I love it.
  6. Aside from a few mentions in other topics, I don't see a dedicated MiSTer thread, so I thought I'd start one, as it's a rabbit hole I've been losing myself in for the last few months. What is MiSTer? MiSTer is an ongoing hobbyist project to implement accurate FPGA emulation for multiple old systems (at the moment, up to 16-bit consoles and computers, with NeoGeo on the way) with native HDMI output for modern TVs. The project has a dedicated wiki here: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki Essentially, the MiSTer project has been implemented to use a Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA board, which is expandable with various different extra components, depending on your emulation needs. Since the DE10-Nano is FPGA, systems can be emulated/simulated with a high degree of accuracy. Essentially, a properly written core can operate as close to the original hardware as possible. This means that games run without lag, at the original resolutions and refresh rates, and with a high degree of parallelism. Hence, the experience of playing games feels better than through software emulation - inputs are more responsive, there are less glitches and oddities, and the MiSTer can output to CRT monitors for that perfect nostalgic feeling. This is mine, seen here in its "Stormtrooper" case, with USB plugs sprouting from just about everywhere. Cases seem to be getting more popular, especially as the community is settling around a standard configuration, but a lot of people just run bare boards. There's a forum for discussion, here: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewforum.php?f=117 What systems does it run? There's a full list at the wiki linked above, but essentially it is everything up to 16-bit, computers and consoles, including some computers you've never heard of (obsure Russian clones). NeoGeo is currently in beta and running really well. It also does a limited number (about 50 or so) arcade cores, generally early 80s titles. CPS1/2 is rumored to be coming soon. It's not clear how much further they'll take it, the FPGA on the DE10-Nano has a limited number of gates, so systems like PS1 and Saturn may prove too much. But they had doubts about NeoGeo as well, so we'll see. In my experience, it excells at home computer emulation. The C64, Amstrad and Spectrum cores are excellent, as are the 16-bit Amiga and Atari ST cores. The Amiga one in particular. Why not just use RetroPie? This is the big question, and the answer is that you probably should. While the MiSTer is undoubtably the better experience, there's not a lot in it. And while you can get a Pi with RetroPie, case, SD card and joypad for under a hundred quid, a fully kitted out MiSTer will probably cost you closer to £250. For most people, the RetroPie route is probably the way to go. So why choose MiSTer? Accuracy - if you want absolute perfection, or close to it, the MiSTer is the only game in town (well, alongside dedicated FPGA recreations like the Analog Mega SG or Super NT). TV output - the MiSTer is great for driving an old CRT TV, with dedicated RGB output via the VGA port. Community - less tangible, but there's a great community feeling around it at the moment. The way arcade cores are being added feels a lot like the Mame scene in the late 90s. People are getting excited about Commando, for example! It's fun to be a part of. What do I need? To get started, you need the Terasic DE10-Nano board (around £130), which comes with an SD Card. This will allow you to run a few cores, but not all of them. To get the most out of the system, you'll also need: SDRAM module - most cores require more accurate timing than the on-board 1Gb DDR RAM can provide. For this reason, an SDRAM module is available to plug onto the DE10. Up until a few weeks ago, 32Mb was the highest supported module, but 64Mb has just become available, with 128Gb in the works. 32Gb is still fine for most cores, but some NeoGeo games require the 64Mb - about £30 IO boards - this daughterboard module plugs over the DE10 and provides extra options, such as VGA out, audio in/out, buttons and LEDs. Some IO boards also come with integrated SDRAM, but I'd be wary of these, given how fluid the maximum SDRAM allowance is - about £60 USB hub - the DE10 Nano has a single USB port, which is a bit wobbly. For this reason, most people use either a dedicated USB hub board or a standard USB hub - about £20 It's also worth cooling your MiSTer, and most IO boards come with a fan mount. Where do I get it? You can buy the DE10-Nano directly from Terasic or other vendors, and there's even an education discount, subsidised by Intel. For the other components, various members of the community offer services for building or sourcing systems and board. I've had a really good experience with Ricardo at RetroShop: https://www.facebook.com/retroshoppontopt/ - he builds and sells complete bundles, and has some excellent aftersale support. He's also heavily involved in the community and very easy to reach. Other than that, the Atari Age forum has lots of links for sellers. Further reading Not convinced? Here's some videos of various YouTube personalities explaining the thing: Joe at Game Sack did a round up of it, about three months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dibLXWdX5-M - this is a little out of date now, and lots of the issues he raises have been dealt with. Retromancave also covered it a few weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5yPbzD-W-I
  7. I also don't get the Ben hate. To be honest, I find him to be one of the more interesting and enthusiastic members of the current crew. I enjoy hearing about things that are out of my interest zone, and I don't mind his goofy delivery. I think it's endearing and I think his bromance with Jan is great. He has annoyed me on odd episodes, but they all have. Even Jeff can be insufferable at times. I could make a similar post about Abby, who I also enjoy listening to.
  8. A simple tribute to Manic Miner, with a terrible final jump that I can only apologise for! G9N-XGQ-93G
  9. I had Island Caper on the Atari 800XL and I so wanted to love it... but after every single game, you had to rewind the tape and load it again. All 20 minutes of it. That really killed my eleven year old enthusiasm.
  10. Where did you get nutritional yeast and wheat gluten from for the seitan? I've been tempted to try it before, but haven't found a good place to get these. This weekend, I followed this recipe to make buffalo cauliflower steak sandwiches: Can't believe how good they came out. Cauliflower! Who knew?
  11. The Spectrum version of this is surprisingly good. It doesn't look like much, but it has all three characters, two player, the moves, the baddies, a reasonable title screen tune. All in all, feels like a passable attempt at an arcade conversion by a machine that was punching way about its weight!
  12. Psycho Fox R-Type Wonderboy 3: The Dragons Trap Ys California Games Golvellius I personally love the Outrun port
  13. And that's me done... obligatory OneBros screenshot of soul of Gwyn and level 1 Final boss wasn't anywhere near as bad as Four Kings, almost an anticlimax. Can definitely recommend an SL1 run to anyone who has played through a few times. Nowhere near as hard as you would think, but throws up challenges in lots of different places.
  14. I did it! After about 100 attempts, late last night, I finally beat the Four Kings. To be honest, I knew I would. Something started to click with them. I hit on my perfect combination of gear (Mask Of The Child, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, Crest Shield, no other armour) and started to feel like I was making progress. I was routinely getting two or three kings down, but usually falling foul of his double slash attack. I think the turning point was where I realised I could take his hits with my shield. I stopped rolling so much and started tanking a little bit. I stopped being greedy for hits, learning not to care about the other kings that appeared (since they don't bother you if you stay close to one). In the end, my only worry was that I knew my 8x Great Combustion and 16x Combustion would take the boss down to about an inch of life bar left, and then I'd have to switch to my weapon (which I'd had no success with). So when I finally got to that last bit, I was absolutely bricking it. Somehow held it together though, only taking hits where I knew he couldn't counter. And I got him! Only Gwynn left now, but I'd be amazed it finishing the game feels as good as beating that fight!
  15. I've got the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, but I missed on the Dusk Crown because I forgot to summon Dusk before placing the Lord Vessel... I believe I can still get it, but I'd need to head into the DLC and get to Manus first. I've got a +15 physical club and a +7 fire club, so room for improvement there. And the extra point in my glove still to get... However, over lunch, I did a few practice runs - with Mask Of The Child for stamina regen and Bellowing Dragoncrest ring, Great Combustion and Combustion, and I actually felt as if I was making progress with them. Kept myself light to dodge easily. Managed to get up to the third king a couple of times. So, for the first time, it feels like it might be doable.
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