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  1. Yeah, it's really good. Kind of reminds me of Halo Jones in tone. It's also very easy to follow, which a lot of non-Dredd 2000AD stories tend not to be, especially in the 6 pages bite sized format. I'm thinking mostly of The Order, which is just baffling. I have no idea what is happening or who anyone is from panel to panel. Might as well just flash up 20 or so random images.
  2. Odd choice, but I've been playing through "James Bond 007: Bloodstone", which I picked up for a couple of quid. It's by Bizarre Creations, and the car driving bits really feel like PGR at times. Otherwise, it's a surprisingly good third person/driving game. It's only about six hours long, which is pretty much how I like my narrative shooters, and manages to feel incredibly cinematic in parts - especially the driving.
  3. Oh, that's easy... "never". But I'll look at them, and that's what counts
  4. The raging fever of the irrational collector takes hold... About twenty quid of games, and a mounting sense of panic about where I'll store them all.
  5. I've recently set up my 360 (an 'E' I bought a few years ago, just in case) and started digging through a bunch of games I've been buying on ebay. Man, this really was the greatest console ever, wasn't it? It nailed everything so well - like leaderboards, achievements, demos for every game. In fact, lots of what it seemed to get right almost feels as though it's been forgotten since. The control pad feels great, the updates take seconds, everything just feels so good... Not only that, the games still look great. I think, if I was still playing 360 games, I wouldn't feel too hard done by. I've been hitting "Space Marine" pretty hard, and really enjoying it. Looks amazing, feels chunky. Outrun 2 Live still plays wonderfully... I think I might just fill up my house with 360 games. And, given they mostly seem to be 4 or 5 quid each, that doesn't seem an unreasonable aim!
  6. Thanks Laine! Left a tip Always like to get the turnip business out of the way! Can enjoy the week now!
  7. I bought one, and use it wired into my network. To be honest, the difference between that setup and wifi on a laptop is night and day.
  8. I think they originally intended it to be one game added per month, but every month so far has had at least two. Also, games tend to hang around for a few months, so new subscribers will always see 4 or 5 available to claim when they sign up. How many is there at the moment? 6 or something?
  9. Another slight misunderstand (if I'm reading you right): you don't choose ONE of the offered pro games per month, you claim them ALL. You basically get the two or three games as part of your pro sub each month.
  10. If you BUY Steamworld from the store, it will stay yours for as long as Stadia exists. If you CLAIM Steamworld for free as part of your pro subscription, it will stay yours for as long as you subscribe to pro. If you cancel pro, and then resub later down the line, the games you claimed previously will return to you.
  11. The pro sub works just like PS Plus - they add new games monthly, all of which you retain access to for as long as you're a pro subscriber. You can also buy games, like any normal store, and if you let you pro sub lapse, then you still retain access to those games. It's just the pro sub games you'd lose. The only risk is that Stadia goes away for some reason (*cough* Google) - then you'd lose access to games you'd bought.
  12. Got red and white rose seeds available in my store. Open for the next half an hour or so: GSL8T
  13. @Mr Do 71 I'm at 100, so could I get in on that sweet 97 action please?
  14. Okay, hamster town open again: DJKV5 I'll leave it open for an hour or two.
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