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  1. Dr_Dave

    NFL 2021!

    With the right o-line and a few years, Tua could even be that QB.
  2. Dr_Dave

    NFL 2021!

    To cap off a really weird season to be a Dolphins fan, we just fired Brian Flores... I mean first back-to-back winning season since 2003, sweeping the Pats, turning a 7 game losing streak into a 7 game winning streak, in the middle of a team rebuild... now is clearly the time.
  3. I haven't used an SSD specifically, but my set up is that I use a smaller SD Card for the system stuff, and keep my games etc on a USB device (either a 4Tb mechanical drive in one case, or a 512Gb tiny thumb stick in the other). In both cases I have the drive formatted to NTFS, and a "games" folder at the root. Then I just put my ROMS in system folders like you would on the SD Card (/games/genesis etc). You need to be careful to get the right case with NTFS, which is about the only way you could go wrong. Another thing to watch out for is that you only have one instance of a system folder. MiSTer will use the SD Card by default, so if you have an empty "genesis" folder on your SD Card and one on your USB drive with actual ROMS in it, the MiSTer will show the empty SD Card. So just delete the SD Card one. For updating, you just need to specify your ROM path for Mame and HBMame in the relevent ini file: Q: Can I set my own custom locations for MRA and MAME Directories? A: A /media/fat/Scripts/update_mame-getter.ini and /media/fat/Scripts/update_hbmame-getter.ini files may be used to set custom locations for your MAME and HBMAME files and MRA files. Add the following line to the ini file to set a directory for MRA files: MRADIR=/top/path/to/mra/files Add the following line to the ini file to set a directory for MAME files: ROMMAME=/path/to/mame Add the following line to the ini file to set a directory for HBMAME files: ROMHBMAME=/path/to/hbmame
  4. I feel as though I can tell the difference, but I suspect that is just a placebo. For me the real difference is in the underlying system. I've had a retropie for many years, but I never truly felt as if I had a grasp of the retroarch settings, or other emulator configurations. It always felt as if there was a layer in between me and the games or that some well-meaning nephew was going to come along and break it all. MiSTer is a lot simpler, far fewer options, all unified in one simple interface. I can get straight into playing a game and not worry about the interface skin or screenshots or countless other tinkerable things in Retropie.
  5. Probably a good choice. You can always use the HDMI to send VGA output with a cheap adaptor and direct_video. Plus, it leaves the posibility of a second RAM board open, if any future cores need it.
  6. Don't know if anyone is following the PSX core development, but it's coming along really nicely. It's pretty stable now and will play about 90% of the games I've tried without errors. It has analogue support and memory card support, and a bunch of other options, including setting bios regions. About the only major thing that it's missing currently is sound, but Robert Peip seems confident it can be done on the one SDRAM card. It moves pretty quickly, and you currently need the latest unstable MiSTer main and the current Test Build of the PSX core. Both of which can be grabbed from the Discord. Don't even need to be a Patron.
  7. Best one I've seen so far is from this thread (first post): https://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=3751 I used the Comp Blend H 50 filter, and didn't bother with Gamma. Gives a lovely, understated and not too blurred effect.
  8. The MiSTer forums have a thread about how the retail price of the De10 is about to go up to $208. I paid about $180 ex-vat a few months ago, so that's a significant hike.
  9. The race hots up... Laxer3A, you'll remember is the dev who had been working on the PS1 core with another dev, only to run into a conflict of personalities and halt work a few months ago. I believe this was the instigating incident that caused Robert Peip to start development on his own core. Anyway, Laxer3A emerged yesterday to announce his core was dev complete. The caveat is that it runs on its own framework - still on the DE10, just not in the MiSTer framework. Presumably, it would boot off its own SDCard, have a different interface, etc. Interestingly. Laxer3A claims to have sound working off a single SDRAM module, which is hopeful. I've not yet seen any reports of how or if it runs yet. In fact, very little chatter about it at all. Be interesting to see how it all turns out!
  10. We also did the "Great British Ghost Hunt 2021" back around Halloween, in which crafty folks made ghost related things and left them around the place for kids to find. Great fun! My contribution was these glow in the dark oversized d20 ghost dice. Rather than leave large chunks of resin around for dogs and badgers to swallow, we ended up giving them away on Instagram to nerdy crafters.
  11. I've been quiet recently as I've spent the last few months on an ill-advised project to make dice sets to give to friends for Christmas. This was way more work than I thought it would be, and required lots of repours to get to where I wanted to be. Well, I'm done now and taking the rest of the year off! Anyway, here's the dice (apologies for all the images). This is a set for a pal who has a weird obsession with weather and a general sunny disposition. I wanted a set that looked like a sunny day: This set is for a friend who is obsessed with the colour orange. I tried to include as much orange as I could. And some oranges: This set is for a friend who is into Synthwave: This is a set for a Green Bay Packers fan. The colour matching was the real struggle here! Lots of "not quite right" attempts: Next, a set for a friend who is mechanically minded, always up to his elbows in car guts: Finally, and my favourite set of all, a set for a geologist. I was going for a kind of lava feel here: So, basically, if you know me in real life, you're getting dice for Christmas. Even if you don't play DnD. Dice for all! Oh, and the Christmas tree got a new bauble. Merry Dicemas, everybody!
  12. I normally swing between liking and not liking scanlines. I enable them, think they're the best thing ever, then decide I much prefer chunky pixels as god intended, then decide to expirment with them again... etc etc. In this case, it's not so much settings as which one to pick, and which filter file to apply it with.
  13. Can confirm that the PS1 patreon core works! It's a bit fiddly to get going and I only tried it with two games (Ridge Racer and Tomb Raider). RR worked fine, played seemingly at full speed or close to it, didn't spot any glitches. TR got through the menus, but black screened on load. At the moment, it only seems to load ISOs or BINs, not CHDs (as the MegaCD and PCE cores do), but I'm sure that'll come in time. And, obviously, no sound as yet. The guy is a legend! Also tried the shadow masks... does anyone have any preferred settings for masks and scanlines?
  14. Me too. I'd probably devote my second MiSTer to PS1/Saturn stuff. Not sure whether I'd get the digital IO board as well though... I do use the second SD card and it's a useful place to mount the fan. Oh, and the buttons are useful.
  15. A 2nd RAM module as in a completely separate RAM module. In this case, plugged into the GPIO pins that the analogue IO board currently uses. This obviously causes issues, since it means you can't use the analogue IO board with it. The issue is not one of amount of RAM available, but of contention for accessing the RAM. The single set of GPIO pins can't retrieve and write data fast enough to keep up with the demands of the PS1 (possibly, he seems pretty confident it may be able to work with 1 module).
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