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  1. Quite a cool narrated walk-thru showing the gameplay: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/explorat...lord-dark/49630
  2. new trailer released by Codies: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/45777.html And direct gameplay feed at last: http://uk.wii.ign.com/articles/955/955882p1.html
  3. Prox Ravenholdt Proxi - Lvl 70 Druid
  4. Some comic-con videos of a pretty recent build. Unfortunately the youtube vid has the demo'er running around an area which has already been completed so there's not much going on. Hopefully get some proper videos soon. http://uk.gamespot.com/news/blogs/preview-...mpressions.html
  5. are we still doing the attunement as a group before starting the raid proper? Will the attunement itself start at 9?
  6. Prox


    I'll chime in as well on that. In MMOs I tend to play hybrid classes that perform multiple roles and dabble in a bunch of different mechanics, as something too focused I get bored too easily. In WOW I've tried out most classes to at least level 20, and I can't imagine playing anything other than a Druid (well, maybe a priest or death knight). I love druid because they are very flexible, have so many options and stuff to do. DPS as Cat ... going wrong? ... switch to bear. Group needs a healer? You can do that too. Cat & Travel form give faster travelling before mounts are available (or affordable), as with Travel [flight] form. Extra flexibility, more stuff to do, more convenience. But yes, I found the teen levels somewhat tedious but TBH I was following the Tour Guide in-game-leveling-guide and belted through those levels in a few hours anyway.
  7. Prox


    @cowfields - awesome help, thanks. I'm going to spend some time this weekend experimenting with build options. I'm assuming that gear best suited to the balanced feral build is more STA focused that just exclusively STR and AGI? @rllAnt - I'm going to attempt to use those tactics next time I get collared by a roving alliance death knight!
  8. Prox


    Loving this thread! I've feralled my way to 70 and have just started knocking around Howling Fjord questing. I am so torn as whether to convert over to balance/resto now or just race to 80 as feral so I can join in far more of the guild activities. I'm liking feral so much I'm even reconsidering that original plan to convert to be a caster/healer, especially if there is a general lack of tanks around anyway. However I've only ever really concentrated on Cat gameplay, only once having played Bear through a level 40 instance as replacement tank... So I need to find out more about Bear usage. Is it possible to find a good character build which uses Bear for leveling but can also be suitable for some tanking in instances?
  9. Prox


    Fantastic post and very helpful as a Druid myself!
  10. Looking up BWL it had a recommended level of 60 ... is that true and would this raid be suitable for my level 67 druid (probably 68/69 by this date)?
  11. I guess I need to get into the mind set of pre-emptively attacking people. Often because I'm in the middle of something or just in heads-down-leveling mode, I'll avoid PVP entirely. Sometimes even to the extent of not attacking an alliance player who is in combat at the time where I'd have the upper hand... It's especially annoying when I've obviously left someone alone and they don't give me the same courtesy when they stumble across me in the opposite situation later on! Also, are Death Knights just massively more effective than other classes at the same level? I've noticed in PVP they crush me in seconds, and when grouping in dungeons DKs have consistently far and away the highest DPS/damage total.
  12. Hi, I've been in Muk since Xmas and am gradually making my way up the levels. In the last week I've been in Outlands where there are lots of Alliance tooling about. The main PVP problem I run into is I get stunned and before I can recover and react I've lost 1/2 of my health and don't really make a dent in the enemy before dying. Is there a way of reducing stunned time or breaking out of it? Am currently level 66 feral druid with pretty decent gear that is a balance of attack power, armour and health. advice sorely needed Proxi
  13. Prox


    Yeah I don't think that's real. The cloth, the lighting, the poly count + general smoothness... but mainly the motion of the pointer is far too smooth to be in-game, real people can't and wouldn't hold the wiimote like that. Maybe it's a target render, but could be something like a digital animation university project.
  14. Have bought a copy and i look forward to playing it on Xmas travels this week. If you don't mind me asking... How long did it take to develop?
  15. From what I know, a big reason is there just isn't much money to be made in DS games. The Return-on-Investment is quite low. Publishers look at a potential DS games they're considering signing, compare it to the performance of a range of similar games and work out best & worse case scenarios depending on it's quality/etc. Unfortunately for 3rd party DS games, quality and production values don't have much of an impact on sales And of course before long this becomes a self-forfilling prophecy; with few precedents existing to convince the people that write the cheques to splash out, they never get made in the first place. What's to blame? I guess DS owners at large, because unlike PC/console owners, they'll generally just by things a) from Nintendo b.) with a kids tv/movie/toy brand attached.
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