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  1. 93 on mine if anyone misses out else where.
  2. Thanks @Melon_Bread. That’s me hit the 10mil profit milestone so I can stop trading turnips for a while. Left you a skull t-shirt.
  3. Just spent the evening crafting Godzilla mountain to find that you can’t really see Godzilla I built a secret viewing platform round the back which kinda helps. I’d done nothing at all with that top right corner or the map so felt good to plan and execute something. Also organised my orchard as the jumble of trees and fruit types was doing my head in.
  4. @murray island is just 100% interference now (just trying to pop back for the second time to sell my last load of nips) edit: In now. I hope you enjoy your squat toilet
  5. I know I'm lttp, but @michael, if you're still open later on can I get a code too?
  6. Thanks weavus. Your island is incredible.
  7. Thank you. Availed myself of 700k.
  8. Just caught 10. Can confirm no bonus
  9. Just had the exact same thing! I will get 10, I willllllll!!
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