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  1. mr twig

    Rock Band 4

    Both the new songs are on the season pass, so I'll at least have a go at them. Although for the last couple of weeks, the season pass songs haven't shown up to download until Sunday night.
  2. mr twig

    Doctor Who

    It was pretty similar to the Red Dwarf episode 'Tikka To Ride', except instead of making sure that JFK gets shot, they had to make sure that Rosa Parks doesn't miss her bus.
  3. mr twig

    Rock Band 4

    For any worried bystanders, I'd like to make it clear that I was talking about his son. Not his penis.
  4. mr twig

    Rock Band 4

    I knew threats would work! You and your miniature drumming legend are safe.
  5. mr twig

    Rock Band 4

    That's okay, Young The Giant are awesome so we'll get that one. By the way I'm going to commandeer Munty's crew admin access and delete loads of slackers some time soon, so we can open the crew up again to people who still play.
  6. mr twig

    Jackbox Party Pack

    Actually Tee KO is pretty good, you can order the t-shirts too if you want something to really regret when you sober up!
  7. mr twig

    Jackbox Party Pack

    There's only one or two games in packs 3&4 that you can even play in 2 player mode; most of them are 3 minimum. I was very disappointed with that because, like you, I'm incredibly lonely.
  8. mr twig

    Rock Band 4

    Alright boss I'll get on it now! Munty's got a cough so she's next to bloody useless.
  9. I've been looking through the updates; just a load of smashed ball casings and knacked packaging from failed drop tests. At least the photos seem to be of the actual product, even if they do keep getting carelessly destroyed. Here's a sad comment from a disappointed backer:
  10. mr twig

    vinyl lovers

    Got one! PM me your address and I'll let Yodel do their worst to it!
  11. mr twig

    vinyl lovers

    Did anyone get hold of this for you in the end? They've still got it at Record Collector in Sheffield apparently - I'm going to try to pop in on my way home if you want me to see if it's still there?
  12. mr twig

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    I have claimed this, thank you!
  13. mr twig

    Rock Band 4

    Can't be bothered this season, I'm not going to buy the season pass and I'm only going to buy a spotlight song if I actually like it.
  14. mr twig

    Rock Band 4

    Drum scores are being set right now! Everybody needs to get some sweet xp tonight!

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