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  1. Vaguely Heroic

    Settlers of Catan

    Thank you for thinking of me, I was outbid unfortunately! This is the version I'm after though.
  2. Vaguely Heroic

    Settlers of Catan

    Thanks for suggestion, I hadn't heard of adaptor kits. I'm keen to hunt down the Knights & Cities expansion, but it seems a real rarity for my earlier edition of Catan.
  3. Vaguely Heroic

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Good news everyone: my Nintendo Wii has officially found its way back beneath the TV in the lounge. No longer is it consigned to storage; it's sitting proudly alongside my PS4 and Switch. There's so much to love on the Wii. The Metroid Prime trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Excite Truck... these games have lost nothing with age. I'm also able to enjoy many of these games with my six year old twins. Tennis and Bowling on Wii Sports, Kirby, and Mario Galaxy are all big hits, and they're certainly getting more enjoyment out of Just Dance 2 than I ever did. Not only does Wii have a huge library of its own games, the GameCube compatibility adds another whole layer of potential gaming greatness. (Looking back on it now, it's something only Nintendo would have done... adding GC compatibility to their new console, with sockets for four controllers and two memory cards tucked away in the hardware). I've come to appreciate the Wii more as time has passed. There's huge potential for multiplayer (accessible) fun, and there's plenty of single-player action to get lost in too. Since transferring all my Wii game saves to my Wii U and - er- selling my Wii U, I've lost all my saves. But that's ok, because it gives me a good excuse to play through all these again...
  4. Vaguely Heroic

    Collecting old magazines

    Congratulations on getting a near complete set of Zero @Anne Summers, I have fond memories of that magazine. Although I've bought many gaming magazines over the years, the ones I've kept are a complete set of Amiga Power, Arcade and almost all of Edge. Occasionally I go through the mental turmoil of wondering whether I really need to fill my shelves with all these old mags, but having said that, I DO read the old issues from time to time, and so it's nice to know I have them. I agree that it's really only worth keeping magazines that cover periods you have a genuine interest in. There are certain periods of time in Edge's 300+ issue history that don't interest me, and if I felt compelled, I probably could trim down my collection. But then what happens when I want to read that random "Making of..." feature from 2010?!
  5. Vaguely Heroic

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    I was about to ask if there is an obvious way to tell if my model is the original or the newer one, but I guess the size of the charging port is an instant giveaway. Mine is wide enough to comfortably dock a Millennium Falcon so I must have an original Vita!
  6. Vaguely Heroic

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    How often do "older" games go on discount on Vita? I'm thinking specifically of Velocity 2X and Super Stardust Delta. I know the PS4 has sales all the time, but how often is it on PS Vita?
  7. Vaguely Heroic

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    Velocity 2X and Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed are both real gems.
  8. Vaguely Heroic

    PS+ February: For Honor, Hitman

    I nearly renewed my membership this month, as the idea of playing through Hitman really appeals to me. But then I remembered that the reason I cancelled my PS Plus is because I never have enough time to play all the free games anyway, and I currently have several unfinished gems to play through (Horizon Zero Dawn, BOTW, Hollow Knight, Steamworld Dig 2, Tetris Effect...) The moral is: PS Plus costs money AND time!
  9. Vaguely Heroic

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Ah yes, of course. I forgot that. My Wii tale is a sad one... when I bought a Wii U a few years ago, I used the transfer tool to grab all my data from my Wii. But I subsequently sold the Wii U (we never really saw eye-to-eye) and so I lost the games I had previously downloaded from the Wii store. I was hoping to purchase some of them again (especially Super Turrican), but I now realise that without any Wii points, I can no longer do so. To add to my woes, I couldn't even download any extra songs to my Just Dance game!!! What a cruel world we live in.
  10. Vaguely Heroic

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    This may have already been raised in the forum, but I thought I'd mention that the Wii shop channel is closing on January 30th, so if you want to purchase any software... now is the time to do it!
  11. Vaguely Heroic

    Settlers of Catan

    Another question... other than the name change (Catan rather than "Settlers of Catan") and the revised artwork, are there any changes to the rules of the game, following the 2015 revised editions of Catan?
  12. Vaguely Heroic

    Settlers of Catan

    I have a question for which I'm hoping the wise knowledge of rllmuk can bestow me an answer! I am aware that Settlers of Catan has recently been updated/revised to a version known only as Catan. I have an older version of the base game (code 3061 on the box), but my question is if I buy a more recent expansion, will it be compatible with my base-game. I would ideally like to get hold of the Barbarians & Traders expansion to match the version that I have, but failing that I'll buy the more recent B&T version... IF it is 100% compatible. I think the artwork is slightly different, but hopefully this would not be too jarring? Has anyone here combined recent Catan expansions with older print versions of the base game?
  13. Vaguely Heroic

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    I still find it odd that there are no Nintendo magazines on the shelves. Especially given the success of Switch, and the rich history that a dedicated Nintendo magazine could draw from.
  14. Vaguely Heroic

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    Unfortunately magazines (not just games-related ones) are often too expensive to be an impulse purchase, which no doubt contributes to a decline in sales. I'll occasionally pick up the official PlayStation magazine but it grates on me that the £5.99 includes "free" gifts. I'm a long-term subscriber to Edge, so I'm on a good direct debit rate (I noticed on this month's cover that the magazine is now "£SIX"). Sad to hear of the demise of gamestm; like others have mentioned here, the wealth of content reminded me of Arcade magazine.
  15. Vaguely Heroic

    PlayStation Classic

    This absolutely has to have Gran Turismo on it.

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