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  1. https://youtu.be/FihJNvzziXY New single "Burning the heather". Well this is PSB at their melancholy best. (Link to official video on YouTube)
  2. To be fair, the name of the level should have given you a clue.
  3. Just wanted to add my love for LM3 too... It's an absolute gem of a game. I'm playing through it with the help of my 7 year old twins sat either side of me, who LOVE the games humour and tension. The controls are a bit too fiddly for them to play themselves, but they're great at making suggestions when I'm stuck ("Try using Gooigi!" or "Shine your torch over there!"). It really fires up their imagination. After we've finished playing a session, before they go to bed, they like to re-enact the game in our house (lights off, torches in hand). Priceless. THIS is Nintendo at its most magnificent. EDIT: My children are FURIOUS at the 7/10 Edge score.
  4. Interesting seeing all the posts saying "I'm in Gamepass until 2022"... the thing is, if you're in Microsoft's eco-system now, and you'll still be in it come 2022, as your collection of games increases in size, I would imagine you'd be less likely to terminate your commitment to XBox. They're cunning like that. Basically, YOU'RE WITH THEM FOR LIFE.
  5. One of my favourite moments playing the original Half-Life was early in the game when the shit hits the fan and the science labs are falling apart, there is a set-piece moment when Gordon approaches a lift-shaft. A lift plummets past to its doom, loaded with about-to-die scientists but - hilariously - as it shot past me, one of the scientists said (in their deadpan voice), "Hello Gordon".
  6. I just want Half-Life 3 with exactly the same graphics engine etc as HL2. I'm happy with that. Keep it old school, thanks.
  7. Whoops! I didn't mean to open the whole "Mario Kart Double Dash Edge score" can of worms again! Love that image of the GameCube prototype @gone fishin', I've never seen that before. I guess what I meant when I said the Wii is a "radically different machine" I was referring to the appearance and the controllers, but I agree that internally the two consoles must have essentially been similar hardware beneath the exterior.
  8. I'm re-playing Luigi's Mansion currently, and also looking to finally make a purchase of Mario Kart Double Dash (need to see if it's worth that Edge 6/10 ). It's truly odd that Nintendo made the Wii backwards compatible with the GameCube, to the extent of putting controller ports and memory card slots on the hardware. The Wii is such a radically different machine; I wonder what the thinking was behind the decision? I mean, GC wasn't a HUGE hit for Nintendo - did they really think the Wii needed access to the back catalogue to tempt buyers to make a purchase? Not that I'm complaining!
  9. Fond memories of Tennis Champs! Amiga Power had some great coverdisks. Gravity Power was another legendary game.
  10. That's a great read! I'd like to add my thoughts on this when I'm not sat at work.... but just wanted to quickly mention that I have fond memories in my high school years, of ordering new Amiga games from Special Reserve (remember them?). It was a mail order club which - if I remember correctly - cost £6.99 per year. For your membership you got a bi-monthly magazine, and gained access to their ordering service, which had better prices compared to the high street (a taste of things to come...).
  11. My Amiga years were absolutely a defining era in my life (not just for gaming, but for the more creative possibilites on the computer too) and I have extremely fond memories of that time. However, I sold my Amiga collection in 2015 for similar reasons to those listed in the original post. Many of the games don't stack up as well today compared to playing similar styles of game on the retro Nintendo/Sega consoles (which I was oblivious to initially; they just weren't on my radar). To answer the questions in the original post, I wasn't jealous of console gamers because I didn't know any, and I had no idea of the gaming scene in America/Japan. I was in my own UK-computer-scene bubble. Looking at the Amiga games more recently, Zool or James Pond are sprawling messes compared to the tightly crafted levels of a 2D Mario game. Historyline 1914-1918 lacks the Chess-like craftsmanship of Advance Wars. Lotus 2 is an ageing vehicle compared to F-Zero. And regardless of the game content themselves, there is the complication of disk-swapping, and the added bonus of some games being incompatible with certain models of Amiga. It is easier for me to keep my N64 collection on show and play games with ease, compared to having an Amiga set-up ready for action, hence I sold the Amiga. Having said that, the Amiga has some gems that still play well today. Rainbow Islands, Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer to name just three. If anyone was thinking of collecting Amiga stuff now, I wouldn't want to put them off (the Amiga 1200 is a lovely machine, in particular). It's a shame that Commodore couldn't make more of a success of the CD32, which suffered from too many straight Amiga-ports and a truly awful gamepad. The Amiga CD32 was in fact my FIRST ever home console, but of course once I bought a PS1 and an N64, the writing was on the wall for my Amiga Power subscription. I wrote an article for Games You Loved about my memories of the Amiga years here, including some pics from my collection: http://gamesyouloved.com/blog/2018/big-box-amiga-gaming/
  12. Off the top of my head @ScouserInExile probably Vandal Hearts, Micro Machines V3, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, Worms Armageddon, Crash Bandicoot... but my preference is original versions rather than Platinum. There is no absolutely no logic in me amassing a PS1 collection - I don't have enough time to play the games I already have - but hey that's videogames for you! :-D
  13. I'm dipping into three retro Nintendo consoles at the moment! Wave Race 64 on N64, Luigi's Mansion on GC, and Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii.
  14. What would you say is the right set up? Is there a particular best option for connection to the TV?
  15. One of my biggest gaming regrets is getting rid of my modest PS1 collection. Now however, I've opted to correct that error! Mr Postman has just delivered this little collection of PS1 games for me from ebay (9 games in total, there's another layer underneath). I haven't got an actual console yet, but my plan is to mainly re-purchase the games I enjoyed back in the 90s, rather than trying to gobble up as many releases as possible. Overall, I think the PS1 is quite a cheap console to collect (perhaps one of the cheapest retro systems?) but there's the odd game that has still retained its value. Those game boxes are so iconic though: I love the compact manuals, the black discs, the PS logo. I'm most looking forward to getting behind the wheel in Gran Turismo again, although I now have GT2, which I have never played.
  16. I was about to post about Unbelievable, and then saw the post above! Yes, it's absolutely brilliant (if unsettling to watch).
  17. Series 7 has now begun on BBC4! (If you missed it, of course it's on iPlayer.)
  18. I'm thoroughly confused by the fact that two games coming out this month on PS4 are Outer Wilds and Outer Worlds. I saw a review for Outer Wilds which described it as a "non-violent adventure" and then saw on YouTube a video of what I thought was Outer Wilds (but was Outer Worlds) and found myself thinking: "Hmmm, this is about as non-violent as Mario is non-jumpy".
  19. I haven't played Excitebike 64, and I'm hesitant to add it to my N64 racing game wishlist because it's already stacked up with the likes of Wipeout 64, F Zero X and Ridge Racer! I think the N64 is unbeatable when it comes to local multiplayer racing games.
  20. Is anyone else a fan of the Super Pad 64 for N64? I tried it out recently, and found it great to use; certainly a more comfortable hold than the official controllers.
  21. That trailer looks INCREDIBLE. What a superb concept. I don't have HBO and I'm inexperienced on the high seas, so I'm hoping this surfaces on Channel 4 or something...
  22. Just reviving this topic to say that the new series of Sprial is "coming soon" on BBC4. It's absolutely my favourite foreign crime drama.
  23. Dreamland is great. BBC4 are broadcasting the "Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park" PSB concert this evening at 8pm, followed by a Top of the Pops special of PSB performances. I really hope they show their "Can you forgive her?" appearance from 1993... it's truly bizarre.
  24. Is there the option of viewing in-game manuals for the NES / SNES games on the Switch? I couldn't seem to find that option.
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