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  1. The email I've been dreading has come through... the one telling me my pre-order is ready to be paid ha ha!

    I'm torn on this one. It looks like a fantastic bit of kit, but I really don't need another gaming system. And I would never dive into it to the extent that a lot of you are in this topic, having a play around with the innards and modding it to increase its scope (which I guess is a significant part of what it can offer). I'd essentially be using it for my Steam collection, and potentially for cloud Game Pass.

  2. Issue 7 of Ninty Fresh Magazine is now on Kickstarter! The main focus for this issue is Kirby and his rotund heritage of game releases. But there's plenty of other content too, including news, reviews and retrospectives "from NES to NOW". 

    Please take a look at the Kickstarter, and help support the magazine if you can! Prices for a print copy start from £7.




  3. Hi @Kirby if you missed the Kickstarter for issue 6, it will be available on the Ninty Fresh store a little later at https://nintyfresh.net/

    You have a rich Nintendo history! That Starfox edition of SNES must have been an exciting moment, after all those weeks of saving up. The SNES era passed my by; it was the Goldeneye N64 bundle that lured me in.

    Kirby is indeed the main focus of issue 61 of Switch Player, I think the cover is one of our best yet.



  4. 6 hours ago, Vorgot said:

    Fisr time I've seen this but will back in a bit for the digital copy. I have some issues with my eyes that means reading the print version would be almost impossible. I notice on the site you don't sell PDF versions of the older copies, is there any reason for this or will you in the future?

    An update: the digital copies being available when the Kickstarters are running is basically the process that we ended up doing (and got into the habit of), but we are looking into options for having back issues available digitally. Particularly in scenarios such as yours, in which the print version is less accessible. By the way, don't forget to have a read of the digital PDF of issue 5 (our previous issue) a few posts back :)

  5. I have only just discovered Beach House this week (it was the track Space Song from Depression Cherry which drew me in) and now I realise I've got a huge back catalogue to discover! Their music is so gorgeous, I pre-ordered their new album on vinyl, and bought DC on vinyl too.

    Do I basically need to buy all their albums?

  6. It's the last few hours to back issue 6 of Ninty Fresh magazine. I'd really love more rllmukforum members to have a read, and support the magazine if you can. Print media is a tough market, and while we try our best to raise awareness of the magazine, it's not easy. (We're trying to get a spot in newsagents...)

    Here's a FREE PDF of our previous issue (a Metroid special) to tempt you:




  7. Hi everyone, there are just a few days remaining for the Kickstarter of issue 6 of Ninty Fresh magazine. 100 full colour pages including a massive retrospective on the Donkey Kong series (including the DK Game & Watches and Kong's appearances in TV and Manga), an interview with Kev Bayliss, and further retrospectives on the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, and SNES release Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. More articles and retros are yet to be revealed.

    Plus the biggest Switch reviews section Ninty Fresh has ever had, Nintendo news, and lots of commissioned bespoke art from some incredible artists.

    PLEASE support Ninty Fresh if you can. Pledges for the physical copy start at £6 plus p&p. 


  8. I didn't listen to The Inevitable End as much as all the other albums, but I think that was partially because they had already declared it was their final album, and I found it kind of drenched in that theme of being a sort of "end of the road" release. I thought it lacked some of the "fun" of previous releases. But, now that I know it's NOT their last album, I'll give it another go. The Ladder is a gorgeous song; it reminds me of Senior, actually.

  9. My subs copy is yet to arrive; I ordered a replacement which I'm waiting on. And, to add to the fun, I ordered two back issues of Retro Gamer about 2 weeks ago, which are also yet to arrive. I realise the postal system will be under pressure at the moment, but it's nevertheless frustrating when I saw the latest Edge in WH Smiths a couple of weeks ago.

  10. 18 minutes ago, reef said:

    Mine hasn’t arrived either. I’ll hope to pick one up tomorrow when I head into town and notify the subscription service that enough is enough.

    I was really tempted to just pick it up in WH Smiths while it was staring back at me... if it doesn't arrive tomorrow I'll have to contact the subs company and request a replacement. I've been a subscriber to Edge for about 10,000 years and this is the worst the service has ever been.

  11. Came here to moan that my subs copy hasn't arrived yet... I see I'm not alone! Frustrating to go in WH Smiths today and see it on the shelves. On a related note, started a new subscription for Retro Gamer but that hasn't arrived either...


    It's that time again! Issue 5 of Ninty Fresh magazine is now on Kickstarter:

    So far, it's been our most successful issue to-date, and we hope as many Nintendo fans as possible can find space for it on their bookcase. Ninty Fresh is an A4 full-colour magazine featuring news, retrospectives and reviews (Metroid Dread obviously headlines this issue). Pledge option prices for the issue start from £5 for a physical copy.



  13. Just wanted to post this again because there's now less than 12 hours before the campaign ends for Ninty Fresh magazine issue 4. There's a massive feature celebrating 35 years of Zelda, retrospectives on some classic Nintendo games, reviews of the latest Switch releases, exclusive art, and lots more. 100 full colour A4 pages with no ads.

    Prices for the print copy begin from £5.







  14. Issue 4 of Ninty Fresh magazine (a Legend of Zelda special!) is now live on Indiegogo... please do take a look, because we've got some incredible writing talent and artwork in the issue. (It's also my first issue as Reviews Editor, so OBVIOUSLY that's a big pull too :)) Full colour, 84 pages with no adverts. PDF and print options available!


    If you missed the first 3 issues, can I cheekily direct you to a link for all 3 for £14.99:





  15. 17 hours ago, Fireproofradiator said:


    That's interesting! I supported this a while back, which I enjoyed. Are there any other general titles out or on the way via Kickstarter, @Pixelated Ben? I'm not so bothered about single system ones.

    That's a nice looking magazine - I hadn't heard of this one.

    Are you aware of A Profound Waste Of Time? There have been two issues so far (well, actually, issue 2 isn't out yet...) https://apwot.com/

    Ninty Fresh (which I write for) covers Nintendo "from NES to NOW". https://nintyfresh.net/ 

    [Lock-On] is a multiformat release, and issue 1 is available for pre-order here: https://www.lostincult.co.uk/shop/p/lock-on-gaming-journal


  16. It's sad to see the gradual demise of print media on newsagent shelves. I haven't bought the official PlayStation mag for many years, but I've subscribed to Play as I'm intrigued to see what the release from the "official" tag will offer. I've a complete collection of a few classic mags from the past, and I've recently started to dip into ebay for the odd issue here and there of magazines that I used to own. (And I've had a subscription to Edge since around the year 1832.)


    There are several other gaming magazines that don't benefit from shelf-space on WH Smiths that are also worth a read (and it's great to see more pop up recently on Kickstarter). I'm a writer for Ninty Fresh and Switch Player magazines, and we make the magazines with a real commitment to preserving print media. It's hard to get anywhere near the numbers that Future would get with their official distribution channels, but all the same these little independents can hopefully play a part in preserving print media.


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