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  1. Does anyone else here use their GameCube for its Gameboy Player skills? Not as portable as an actual Gameboy (of course), but its still fun to play the games on a big screen.
  2. Definitely the toughest boss I've seen so far, and I'm on the last floor now. Most of the bosses are almost a pleasure to battle, especially when you realise what's required. On the whole (as someone who doesn't enjoy "boss fights" I really liked them in LM3. Except for the one you mentioned, he was ANNOYING.
  3. I'm beyond excited to have TWO letters on the letters page this month. Question: Can I now put "Writer for Edge" in my Twitter bio?
  4. I forgot to check my number! I'll have to look when I get home from work. It's a nice little collection. EDIT: I've got number 82. I'm pleased with that: the ZX Spectrum launched in 1982, and that's when my gaming adventures began.
  5. These are gorgeous! Arrived this morning.
  6. Did this at the weekend! Made me laugh! (I was always against the idea of getting an Alexa in the house, but I'm warming to her now...) Decide and An open mind are both superb b-sides. Burning the heather is a lovely track, and Monkey business is an ear-worm. I'm looking forward to the new album.
  7. You have probably been asked this before @strider, and it may be one of those topics for which there isn't much information, but I'd love a feature on the Gameboy Micro. The thinking behind its inception and design, and an analysis of its relative success (or failure). It seemed to arrive at an interesting time, and it's a lovely machine, but I'm not sure it achieved perhaps what Nintendo hoped it would.
  8. I've ordered this but I'm weeping at the lack of a Speedball 2 stamp.
  9. I'm at work at the moment, so can't reference my Edge, but wasn't last month's tease in Italian flag colours, and this month's company review is an Italian company? EDIT: According to post above, it was India's flag, and the news feature is on the gaming scene in India. So.... ignore my comment.
  10. Oh good, this sounds like something I could manage!
  11. This is good to hear, because I'm torn as to whether - if I buy one - it would actually be a pleasure to play, or whether those C64 days are best left as a memory. The amount of games is a little lacking I feel, but I guess there's the option of modding it (although this is something that I have NO experience or knowledge of).
  12. https://youtu.be/FihJNvzziXY New single "Burning the heather". Well this is PSB at their melancholy best. (Link to official video on YouTube)
  13. To be fair, the name of the level should have given you a clue.
  14. Just wanted to add my love for LM3 too... It's an absolute gem of a game. I'm playing through it with the help of my 7 year old twins sat either side of me, who LOVE the games humour and tension. The controls are a bit too fiddly for them to play themselves, but they're great at making suggestions when I'm stuck ("Try using Gooigi!" or "Shine your torch over there!"). It really fires up their imagination. After we've finished playing a session, before they go to bed, they like to re-enact the game in our house (lights off, torches in hand). Priceless. THIS is Nintendo at its most magnificent. EDIT: My children are FURIOUS at the 7/10 Edge score.
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