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  1. RPGs I want to play them, really I do. But who's got the time these days? I made an exception for FF7R and it took me 8 months to finish it. My PSN wishlist is full of RPGs I want to play but know I never will, Ys VIII and IX, various Tales and Neir games, the Mass Effect remaster. When people say they don't know what they'd do with their time if they won the lottery and could stop working I think of my wishlist and can only dream of what could be.
  2. That's why I was hoping for the Mario edition as I'm pretty sure I read yonks ago that the 3ds version didn't have microtransactions. Although it might have been @deKaywho said that
  3. Wasn't there a Mario version of P&D? I thought this might have been a Switch port of that. I am also aware that I have failed reading comprehension here.
  4. I thought was a Switch version of the Nintendo version of Puzzle and Dragons. On closer inspection I was disappointed to find it wasn't. Is the Nintendo version only on the (3)DS?
  5. I've just finished Cat Quest on the Switch. Picked it up in a sale ages ago and have played it on and off. I found I really enjoyed it as it was relatively simple mechanically and not overly difficult. It was a good way to relax and let my brain unwind, and I was constantly making progress and eventually finished it. I guess I like Diablo 3 for similar reasons. It's quite relaxing to just blast through hordes of minions and get that sweet sweet loot. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to play next. I've booted up Vostock Inc (for the first time in years) hoping it will scratch that mindless itch. What are your go to relaxing games?
  6. @Wipermentioned in the eshop thread that Persona Q is down to just under a fiver on the eshop. A few of the Etrian Odyssey games are reduced too. I might spend £9ish and get Persona Q and EO4
  7. A few of the Etrian Odyssey games are reduced as well. I think I read IV was a good starting point for people so I might get that too.
  8. Has anyone played this? The screens look good and the blurb reads like I'd have fun with it.
  9. Ys Memories of Celceta on Vita is the only Ys game I've ever played when it was on PS+ years ago and thought it was absolutely amazing. I've got VIII sat ready to go on my Switch. What are the Trails of Cold steel games like? I didn't realise there were so many of them!
  10. I've not got a Nintendo network id yet Wasn't sure if I needed to set it up with the same email address but it doesn't sound like it Thanks
  11. So I'm finally trying to buy some stuff off the eshop I need to create a Nintendo network id (on the 3ds itself) and then I think I can link that to my switch account Do the accounts need different email addresses?
  12. Is there a layman's summary for these modern consoles? I'm fortunate enough to own a PS5 and an LG OLED (E9 fact fans) but I have no idea what I need to have turned on and where. Performance modes, 120hz, 30fps, VRR - it's all lost on me. I've got game mode set on my PS5 input on my telly and that's about all I know. What else do I need to worry about. Also while I'm here asking these questions, is there a reason that sometimes my games are so dark? Maybe it's just ps4 games playing on ps5.
  13. I've never played OoT. Sounds like the 3ds version might be worth playing.
  14. I did end up having a quick look through the thread so got some ideas on bits to pick up. Think someone mentioned one of the Etrian Odyssey games being more welcoming to newcomers. Was it 4? Also when does the store die? Is it soon? Going to focus on picking up eshop games first. The solitaire jockey game sounds good. What other eshop games should I prioritise? (Other than Pullblox) I'm definitely going to grab outrun 3d also. The console arrived today. No stylus but seems in good nick. I think there's an SD card in it so need to open it up and have a look. Seems a lovely bit of kit. Not had a DS since the original silver brick so probably got some DS games to catch up on too. Then to try to add my Switch account to it.
  15. Well I stupidly bought a new 3ds despite knowing nothing about them. Going to give some 3d picross a go when it turns up. To save me trawling the thread what else should I be grabbing? Also can I log in with my switch account?
  16. So I want to try out a 3DS. I'm struggling to find a 'new' one that isn't an XL. What would I lose going for an original model? Apart from coloured buttons, better 3d and faceplates. Should I hold out for a new 3ds even if I don't really know what I'm going to play.
  17. I should probably research things before making statements! I'll keep powering mine down though. The boot and load speeds are still the most impressive thing about this gen.
  18. Given the cost of living increases and energy price rises we're all seeing at the moment I find it incredible that anyone is leaving their PS5 on standby. It's not as if it takes an age to start up from fresh.
  19. I watched an interview with a "whale" of a mobile game I've been playing for a few years. He's the first person I've seen be honest about his spending, well as honest as anyone is on YouTube. The host confirmed he spends c.$300-500 a month on the game. The interviewee was at about $3k a month before Xmas. Mobile gaming is nuts.
  20. The Lego HP game on Switch is a remaster of the original 2 games. The first game covers the first 4 years and the 2nd game covers the rest. It'll be chock full of spoilers. The years have about 6 levels each which don't take long to get through but you may see some spoilers around the Hogwarts and the unlockable characters you'll come across. (I'm not familiar with the books)
  21. Lucky. We've been quoted a 93wk lead time on a chip in one of our products. Not a good time to work in supply chain/manufacturing.
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