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  1. It very much feels like they've stitched lots of specials, interviews etc together that they had on the archive and made a documentary from it all. Not sure if that's accurate but definitely feels like that, and given how difficult it is to make telly this year I wonder if that's what they've done. It's very different to Drive to Survive but has some good little stories in it.
  2. My set up is the same. I think the PS5 looks ok, my problem is I can't fit a Pro on my shelves, let alone a 5. And even if the 5 could fit I'd need to find the details for the shelves as I'm not sure they could take the weight.
  3. Yeah that's what I was thinking. This could be the beginning of the end of F1.
  4. Man this save conversation is moving quickly. I just wanted to post (not sure if anyone cares/this is relevant/has been covered already) that I recently moved from a disc standard version of Spider-Man on PS4 to the all in edition (GotY edition?) digital on PS4 and the saves were fine. I did the same with Diablo 3 ages ago too. I know that some games don't do this (did someone say Bloodborne didn't?) but just wanted to mention that it does work occasionally on PS4.
  5. I've got one of the 8bitdo adapters and it works perfectly with my dualshock 4. Only thing is button prompts for those who don't play games regularly.
  6. What's the general consensus between this and Origins? The setting of origins is more appealing to me. I've not played an AC game since 2. Also I've not played Horizon if that makes a difference to what open world game to play next. Thanks all
  7. If everyone's talking about teams screwing drivers through pit strategy can we stop talking about Mercedes and focus on the real villains of yesterday, Racing Point. Poor Hulk.
  8. I loved The Ninja and I too remember it being nails. I'll need to watch a video though as I definitely remember being able to get to stage 3 or 4 (I can't even remember how many stages it has now!!) This thread is pure nostalgia for me, needs more Psycho Fox though.
  9. Mid season move for Vettel?
  10. Thank you rllmuk I practiced the stealth challenges and yep, once you get the route down they're pretty easy, also if you ignore the perch takedowns and just use the zip takedowns as suggested above. Just getting gold on stealth gave me enough for the suits I needed, although ironically I then hit an unexpected bottleneck with the base tokens so have spent a little while being pleased with how much I've improved at the combat over the course of the 20months it's taken me to complete. Now I think I'm going to pick up the DLC and then think about what to play next.
  11. I hadn't realised the unlocks carried into NG+ You're right I need to total it up, from memory I think I'm about 12~15 short. I think I'm doing something fundamentally wrong with a couple of them, the stealth ones for example, I'm not sure how I can increase my combo count, a few more goes might help.
  12. What carries over to NG+? Presume I'd need to play through to whenever the taskmaster stuff appears. Maybe I just need to spend the time to git gud.
  13. Finished the story last night - was good fun. However I think these Fisk challenges are going to be the end of me. I've got a handful of suits to unlock and I've given up even thinking I might also be able to upgrade all the gadgets. I don't know what's going to be more achievable, trying to silver rank some of the stealth, drone and bomb ones or gold rank the combat ones.
  14. Does anyone have any hints for the bomb challenges? I'm proper fucking shit at them and would like some extra challenge tokens. I've not been able to clear one above basic and it's beginning to spoil the game for me now. #shitoldgamer Edit Nvm: next attempt got a silver on one, I think swinging around was the problem.
  15. Any recommendations for younglings? I was thinking Yoshi - it has co-op right? Or that actually a bit tough?
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