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  1. I hope we get another mixed up year this year. Obviously would be better without the global pandemic, but I really enjoyed last season's rag tag bunch of circuits. Also has anyone seen any details on when/if Drive to Survive will be back? Isn't it normally end Jan/Feb?
  2. How is the 2 player on this? Is the 2nd player carried by the first (like Luigi's Mansion?) i.e. is it kid friendly?
  3. What's the general consensus on playing Lost Legacy before Uncharted 4? Thought I'd ask here given the chat.
  4. How's the covert dock @Spiceymike? Do you regularly use it?
  5. I'm getting ready to drop a month's worth of mortgage on a load of Nintendo 1st party Switch games that I haven't played. Marios Odyssey & Party Luigi's Mansion Some Kirby stuff probably Anything colourful and fun to play with the family Any other recommendations from Nintendo fans welcome.
  6. Did anyone else watch The Switch on Sky? Rossi and Hamilton swapping car/bike. It was a good watch.
  7. What a terrible race to end the season on.
  8. God this race is boring. Praise be for Gasly, he's the only interesting thing in this race.
  9. Base PS4 has HDR. Spider-Man looks glorious on it. Finally finished the DLC the other day. Might save NG+ for a PS5 playthrough (when I finally get one).
  10. It's taken me nearly 2 years to complete Spider-Man. I'm off to Google how much a years worth EA Play is, expect I'll still probably buy it. Thanks for the feedback all.
  11. I was thinking about picking this up as its in the sale on PSN at the mo. Is the combat difficult? Is that why people are referencing dark souls?
  12. Watched Autumn tonight. Only started the series last week and watched Summer then Winter. Sky have a 1hr 45min cut of Autumn available so grabbed that and watched it. Its not the sort of thing I normally watch but I think I enjoyed it. I definitely love the idea of the show. Distinct seasons (not in the series sense) with different directors and protagonists and a bonkers middle act. Would have loved to watch that live (can't believe it's a single shot). Would be hard pushed to recommend it and seem to bounce around between "that was interesting" and "that was gr
  13. It must be strange growing up having everything you ever wanted, nothing is out of reach. To the point where you end up doing something alongside the most talented people in the world. I have no idea if Lance is spoilt (he doesn't really come across as such from what I've seen) but he's obviously benefiting from his dad's position. Although he's still got to be pretty good right, just to hang with the other 19 drivers, better than I'd be at least.
  14. Which one did you use and are they easy to fit if you're a bit cack handed?
  15. It very much feels like they've stitched lots of specials, interviews etc together that they had on the archive and made a documentary from it all. Not sure if that's accurate but definitely feels like that, and given how difficult it is to make telly this year I wonder if that's what they've done. It's very different to Drive to Survive but has some good little stories in it.
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