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  1. And lets chuck in a safety car just for completeness
  2. Is it me or is the badly timed cut away getting more common?
  3. Yep helps when Bottas was sideways there!
  4. Well it was for a bit!
  5. Wait is that Alpha front wing deliberate?
  6. carred

    Formula E

    Agree with this - even if just muting the sound when they switch to the onboard camera, when it is most annoying
  7. Only a casual Ireland fan really but that was a particular good game i feel
  8. The first corner will be interesting
  9. Saw this and felt it could be a forum sponsored beer
  10. Yep hamilton kept on screweing up on the same corner Maybe , maybe not
  11. To be fair i think it was Prielli deciding which 3 would be taken, and the teams chose from there. Certainly would be interesting if the teams could choose in advance
  12. Pretty sure it's already there in the graphic that pops from time to time
  13. I saw that - that had to leave a mark
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