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  1. I watched the Aurora concert thing they advertised and it was genuinely really great. It's repeated every few hours until the end of the year I think - definitely worth checking out if you're curious. It was cool watching a 'live' thing with loads of other people - the atmosphere came across better than I expected and everyone spamming emojis at the same time did make it feel like a shared moment. Actually good / 10 Bill Clintons.
  2. This was a great read, thanks for sharing! Mass Effect (1) was a really special thing.
  3. Just had a look at Wikipedia's 2023 list and it's not exactly blowing me away. I am excited for Starfield and I assume the console release of Darktide will actually happen, but otherwise it looks like a good year for working through some backlog. Perhaps The Game Awards next month might show a few things to add to that list.
  4. I haven't really watched much post-Gerstmann Giant Bomb, mostly because Ryckert, but the worry I have about a disappointed owner turning off Giant Bomb would be the loss of *that* archive of video content. I'd be so sad if that stuff went away.
  5. I've really enjoyed this. The music is glorious and I quite liked the art style in the end. Like the rest of the game, it feels like an affectionate riff on the rest of the series. It would be difficult for it to live up to the art in Curse, which was incredible, but this was fine. I have found it slightly easier going than I remember earlier games being, but that's probably just because I am now trained to look for for the clues and cues that the game sprinkles about. I did get stuck on a particularly poorly telegraphed inventory-combining puzzle later in the game, but that was the only fun-sappind dead stop I experienced. It's a lovely game otherwise!
  6. You can play anything you have installed straight from your own Xbox using the PC app (connect to console).
  7. El Stevo

    Boomer Shooters

    This one seems to be under the radar to an extent that's going to get the marketing team fired, but 3D Realms seems to have announced a sequel to Bombshell that's basically SiN: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c7Gwc1P4CkU
  8. El Stevo


    That Manchester show was amazing. Shout out to the guy behind me* who was so in to it, three notes in to every song he was like "IT'S THE PATIENT!!!" etc. and was practically in tears the whole night. *I might have just been having an out-of-body experience
  9. It's hard to recommend because of the issues like repetetive missions, long loading times, performance etc. etc. The player base seems to be very small now as well - I rarely see another player in campaign missions despite playing everything in public matchmaking. I mean rarely as in I've met one person out of the last ten or so public campaign missions. BUT. I actually am really enjoying it. There are some really sweet character moments in there (and plenty of bad ones). Even though you have to really dig to find it, the lore and stuff is pretty detailed and interesting. Constantly grinding for better loot is something I enjoy so it kind of gets a pass from me there. It looks pretty. Things like the bizarre design of Fort Tarsis (e.g. every shop gives you access to all shops and there's nothing good for sale in any of them, most interactive things just open the relevant page in the pause menu, etc. etc.) are more... amusing... than upsetting, and I don't really mind. The game it most reminds me of is Too Human - it has really similar strengths and faults but ultimately is kind of moreish in the same way (I loved Too Human).
  10. The Final Station is really good. It's a compelling little sci-fi/weird fiction/horror short story in game form.
  11. Oh no, Cortana got fired. Oh well. Shrugging ASCII art thing. The wish list is actually pretty useful for 'bookmarking' games that look a bit interesting, as they do tend to get lost in the churn of new games and then forgotten. Letting you know when those games are on sale is a great move. I hope they make it a bit easier to find and use the wish list too. .
  12. I like Matt Rorie, Boss of Bosses, because I'm an old man and he reminds me of the good old days. He's a fun live wire when he does appear and it's nice to have a very different personality on the shows. He's a well meaning guy, just very much in his own world and I am all about that. I like seeing him on. But then I also like Ben, so maybe I'm part of the problem here.
  13. I definitely feel that the more time/effort you put into something, the more rewarding it is. I recently played through all of Fallout 4 in Survival mode (no quick saving, no fast travel, hunger/thirst etc.) and it was AWESOME. Every inch of progress felt hard-earned and exciting, every new area was a terrifying nest of potential threats and successful dungeoneering really did require sensible prep. work beforehand. I wouldn't contemplate playing the game any other way, even though it was an incredibly slow grind. On the other hand, you're kind of describing the popular 'walking simulator' genre here - a story with no challenge - and I kind of enjoy these as well. I suppose they're written with minimal gameplay in mind so they still work, whereas if you turned Fallout into a walking simulator, well, I don't think the writing etc. would really hold up. I mean arguably it doesn't anyway. So in conclusion I would say that challenge adds to the experience. You probably wouldn't want to button through the hard bits in most games because what you'd have left might not be so great away from the context of epic battles etc., unless a game is designed to be played that way. You'd just have seven screens of Toad saying the princess is in another castle and then an eighth screen saying go back to screen one. Spoilers.
  14. I played through this over the weekend and really enjoyed it. There were some pretty ropey stealth sections and certain sequences that will probably put me off replaying it, but first time through you make the best of these bits I guess. The rest of the game I really enjoyed. It's not too far off a walking sim for most of it, but the atmosphere is exactly right and sense that everyone knows more than they are letting on is there throughout. The pace at which the truth revealed itself felt right as well, although I did not see a single gambral house during my playthrough. There were some good characters, though one felt a little out of place (Cat). The thing that surprised me most were the dream sequences/visions which had really cool effects in places. I don't want to spoil anything but they did some really cool camera work such as changing things just out of line of sight so when you look again it's totally different, or using draw distance as a hints for some environmental puzzles etc. I usually hate dream sequences but these were really good. I'd cautiously recommend for detective game types but it's actually pretty good if you like the source stuff I'd say.
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