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  1. weeksjh


    I think you mean "misremember": https://metro.co.uk/2008/10/17/man-convicted-of-lara-croft-style-child-porn-50668/
  2. Slightly late, but I think it was
  3. There were two published in Japan: https://www.otaku.co.uk/products/104832 https://www.otaku.co.uk/products/110472
  4. Youtube stream of the opening ceremony, if anyone needs it:
  5. Tomb of Sageras is now open. Is there any interest in doing a Muk raid sometime?
  6. If you must play this - use an autoclicker, e.g.: http://www.shockingsoft.com/AutoClicker.html
  7. I may or may not be around tomorrow. In other news - Blizzard have sent me some Heros of the Storm beta keys to give away. PM me if want one.
  8. I have loads, so I just put a stack of each in the gbank
  9. Hunters don't have cooldowns anymore, and pets automatically stop attacking their target if it gets CCed. Also, you don't need that macro as pets can now be set to 'assist' mode so they always attack whatever you do.
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