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  1. Perhaps my favourite show of the past year. Stories are meaningful - explore topical, important issues. The dialogue is very witty and, in the mouths of Spader and Shatner, it is made genius. The supporting cast is also strong. 42 minutes of tv heaven.
  2. The Choirboys was a very good film.
  3. I'm sure Nintendo had far higher hopes for it. Those would have been quickly modfied when the PS market fully developed. The market changed so quickly by having the entry of a conglomerate (Sony). We now have 2 conglomerates in the market yet, strangely, Ninetendo's prospects look better than 7/8 years ago. Appealing innovation is the key to their success - that's made the DS such a strong commercial success.
  4. I'm sure you know this anyway but I'll say it - Dickey plays the sheriff at the end. You're so right - it is a mesmerizing film. Easily Reynolds finest hour.
  5. Other than those mentioned I'll offer - McCabe and Mrs Miller (1971) - Great revisionist western from Altman. Parallax View (1974) - Paranoid, conspiracy delights starring Beatty. 3 days of the Condor (197?) - Paranoid conspiracy delights starring Redford. Cross of Iron (1977) - Peckinpah shows us the war from the German p.o.v. Jeremiah Johnson (1972) - A great yarn of adventure, discovery and bloodthirsty revenge. Network (1976) - A great commentary and predictor of what the media would come to mean in modern society with sexy Faye Dunnaway.
  6. Don't know about the complaints about it on a big screen. On my 37 inch lcd connected via component and xbox outputting progressive it looks totally lush.
  7. Anyone else still waiting on this? I'm pissed off with how late this generally arrives for subs.
  8. The slowdown that appeared in Outrun2 seems to be completely absent. Is it too early to use the word masterpiece?
  9. Interestingly it was another film game that exploded the c64 into massive sales - Ghostbusters. It was the game to have xmas '84. I couldn't believe it when you heard speech after pressing the space bar.
  10. This game is dire compared to the Dreamcast one.
  11. Darkseed was impressive. Gods and Walker stand out for me as did First Samurai (?) I remember being impressed by Syndicate.
  12. Have to agree - an improvement on the 1st episode which is saying something because that was enjoyable. Lovely shot at the street corner using the terraced ends to show the game. I love the householder's look straight at the agent just before he returns to bed - priceless! Keep it up guys.
  13. IIRC GamesTM gave MKDD a lowish score (6?)
  14. Loc'd after dark - Tone Loc Regulate - Warren G Kaos - Adam F (ok 2001 but perhaps the best modern rap album) Fear of a black planet - Public Enemy The Predator - Ice Cube
  15. I have to add to the disappointment of PGR3. It looked slightly next gen. Compared to some other titles the graphics are a real let-down. The texturing on PD0 looked lush but I didn't get a chance to play.
  16. They communicate their meaning clearly; vary sentence structure; describe in sufficient detail; use a variety of sentence types; use a reasonable range of vocabulary; and most of the topics are interesting to begin with.
  17. As an English lit graduate and an English teacher I have no problem with the quality of writing in GamesTM. Most of the articles are well written.
  18. I have a completely mint boxed Manic Miner. You can have it for 11 quid delivered. PM me your email if interested.
  19. It was funny - speech should be slowed down a bit. Even as a Glaswegian my brain had a time delay in hearing some of the dialogue but a definite thumbs up - what is the bbc feedback link?
  20. Demon Days - Gorrilaz The magic numbers - The magic numbers
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