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  1. Well regardless of discrepancies between Motorstorm 'demo' and actual footage I think the graphics look gorgeous. Pity I have to spend £500 to get it. I would be very tempted at £300 but I suppose this gen I'll go Wii 360. At least for a couple of years.
  2. On a large screen hd lcd/plasma the difference is considerable. Let's put it this way, having prog scan could be the saving grace for such tv owners playing wii games. The wii can't compete on resolution but to further handicap the sd image is a joke. Hopefully this is not true.
  3. You need to improve your technique. Although I'm sure Zelda is stimulating.
  4. Adam - very funny op. I think you could string this out for a while. These nostalgia shows are rich territory for mocking. Awaiting your next post with interest. Could I suggest for celebrities Peter Kay, Johnny Vegas, Jordan, Scary Spice and Peter Ross?
  5. Christmas, 1983 - Got my first computer - a Vic 20. But I could only play games I typed in as there were no tape-decks to be had for love or money. (well I only tried the latter) Christmas, 1991 - Got my Amiga 500. Suddenly games were looking as good as the arcade version and I overdosed on Silkworm and Populous. Christmas 2000 - Got my Dreamcast. Spent the 2 week holiday playing MSR and Crazy taxi to death.
  6. Well it's clear they're both excellent games.
  7. Very well explained but it is all dependant on a generally unknown aspect - creator's viewpoint. Without a direct quote you simply have to guess based on the games themselves. Although would Barthes 'author is dead' angle not kick into play then. We must deal with the creation not the creator who can spout any nonsense about their work which is really no more valid than a critics.
  8. Well Miyamoto, Jeff Minter spring to mind. What about the Interactive boys who made Uplink, Darwinia and Defcon? Bitmap brothers must be 'auteurs'. Ultimate - Play the game and on to Rare.
  9. stefmcd

    New Kid Koala

    Ah - that's a pity.
  10. stefmcd

    New Kid Koala

    Whats the latest volume of solid steel called? I can't find any newer than 2005.
  11. At the moment things look pretty bleak for Sony - between bluray, PS3 and PSP. However, I suspect the PS3 will be a big success - not perhaps among the kiddies but among the 20+ group. If it delivers what it could then this group will dig deep and buy one. I can't help but think that thistime next year we'll be shaking our heads and saying "how did they get out of that hole?!"
  12. I suspect Ghostbusters would still be fun. Action biker? but the absolute winner.............. Spy v Spy
  13. The mag is generally a good read- as it has been since I started subscribing about 2 years ago. It's kept me entertained and well enough informed about matters gaming.
  14. Its refreshing to see such honesty. I suppose this statement is illustrating how much brand loyalty Sony can rely on. NOt just a normal amount they can actually gloat about it!! I bought dreamcast.
  15. stefmcd


    Did everyone elses authentication work first time? I';ve been trying mine since 8pm last night and still no joy.
  16. stefmcd


    Still can't get authenticated.
  17. stefmcd


    Ordered - what I can't wait for is the holographic game 'featured' in Robocop. The family are are round the table leering in towards each other in a threatening way - "You've invaded my borders" "Keep your hand off my stock pile" "That's it buddy" Cue holographic mushroom cloud "Nukem" from Parker Bros.
  18. I think we should all be glad of the extra competition Nintendo is giving the games market. Despite their low market share with the GC they are plugging away at the home console market trying to be innovative. It was a sad day when Sega pulled the plug on hardware development. When a player in such a small market drops out then gamers lose out. Although it was generally a disappointment the gamecube did provide some great gaming moments last gen. The Wii looks to promise more despite the relative lack of horsepower. I may not buy one immediately but it's likely, if it's all that's promised, I will. The DS injected a bit of life into gaming for me. If the Wii can do the same for the stagnant home market then more power to Nintendo. If nothing else it will force Sony and M$ to try harder. The price point is, I think, quite clever. They will capitalise on the new console launch period then price drop to somewhere nearer the profit margin point. It makes a lot of economic sense and I suspect their market share this gen will be greatly improved.
  19. Well theres no chance of me buying this if it does not come with a decent video connection. The Gamecubes output was bad enough. I mean FFS the DReamcast had the best of all until the 360 came out - an 8 year old console!!!
  20. It's no longer impulse for me. Plus if it does not come with RGB Scart or component then it's going to look shit on my HDTV. I'm certainly not paying another 25 quid to get a decent connection. Any chance it'll output vga? I can see me waiting till Argos are selling them for £100 .
  21. Atic Atac still looks and sounds great.
  22. I finally remembered what I used to balanced my joystick on. I knew it wasn't Guinness as it was too chunky. It was a Mobil road Atlas. Fairly helped my high scores.
  23. Holding my breath at the crucial point in the hyper-loading process on the speccy. Would the screenshot remain or would it return to Sincalir Research 1982 c ?
  24. Gridrunner (Vic20) - 1983 Atic Atac (Speccy) - 1984 Paradroid (C64) Impossible Mission (C64) Battle Squadron (Amiga) Doom (PS1) Goldeneye (N64) Metropolis street racer (Dreamcast) Advance Wars (GBA) Resident Evil 4 (PS2) My most enjoyable hours were put in on these titles.
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