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  1. Based on what I've read I suspect a lot, if not all, 1st gen Wii titles were made with Gamecube development kits. This may explain the lack of impressive graphics to date. Certainly in the case of Zelda this seems very plausible with its dual generation status.
  2. Does Speedball 2 count? Track'n'field Hypersports
  3. Overall has to be PS1 for range, quality of games. Affordabilty, wow factor of games - remember the 1st time you saw Tekken? I was mind-blown that a console could achieve that quality. The immersive exciting world of Tomb-raider. The arcade thrills of Ridge Racer, Point blank and Wipeout. NO console before or since has had such an impact on me. The only rival would be a comp - the Amiga. :0
  4. Fisrt impressions are good. Remote is very intuitive and responsive. Won my first tennis game; 2 pasr out of 3 holes on my first golf game; and a 159 on 10 pin. Updated via wireless on first go but it took around 10 mins; I suspect many others around UK were doing the same thing at the time! More wii sports, zelda and wii play this afternoon with the family. The picture on my lcd via game's component cable is excellent.
  5. And so are both of them good?
  6. It's a bit like upping the res on a pc game - notice how much it slows down? In a similar way anyone who ran xbox at 720 or 1080 typically noticed jerkiness. Perhaps Wii - sports with its lack of texture detail might get away with higher res - Zelda wouldn't.
  7. Atheist: I don't believe there's a God Christian: But how can you prove it? Atheist: You just have to take it on faith.
  8. M.I.D. - What kind of tv have you got?
  9. Why are they so expensive? Sony's greed? Poor control of costing by Sony? Expensive components? Development of bluray?
  10. See - no-one's outside - they're all inside playing with their wiis.
  11. Anyone have both an RGB scart and component? Which looks better?
  12. Escape - Fantasy - Excitement - Twitchy Reactions
  13. I saw a demo pod in Virgin and the picture looked lovely - it was Wii sports. The girl supervising the queue had no idea what the connection was but my money was on component. This reassures me of the worth of getting component.
  14. Another indication of a rushed launch?
  15. Masters of Doom - about the 2 Johns (Carmack and Romero) who invented 'Doom'. It's very well written. Informative and engaging.
  16. This is one of my favourites this year. Think Nick Drake meets Leonard Cohen. In fact just get it and listen Bonnie Prince Billy - The letting go
  17. I see what you mean here but delivery is always 'intended' date unless it says guranteed. This note is just making it clear to slow-wits that when you pre-order you get the thing later i.e. we cannot give you the console on the 10th November even though that is the date on your receipt because it is not launched till the 8th Dec.
  18. I think this is clearly Nintendo's fault. The shops will have ordered beyond their number of preorders so that their should be some on shelves. Nintendo have simply not even supplied enough for pre-orders. I would doubt any retailer guaranteed anything in writing to anyone. This would be stupid given the troubled launch of almost every console for the past 10 years. If anyone thinks this is bad just wait till the fiasco that will be the PS3 launch. Jeez I think they're still mining the elements to make the components! The good thing is there seems to be a lot of confidence that all preorders will be fulfilled within the week. PS I'm still waiting on my pre-order!
  19. You did it again - this time I nearly sprayed tea on my monitor.
  20. Remember, around 20% of preorders will be 'doublers' and not taken up. If you are told you're not receiving on the launch day I suspect you'll get a call Saturday or Monday offering you a console.
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