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  1. Wiggum - 'Ralphy what is ur fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery?'
  2. Have to say I'm finding this much easier than the PS2 version. The controls give MUCH more accuracy and quicker response. It makes it much less frustrating - I'm enjoying it even more!
  3. An absorbing issue. The shmups bible section is very interesting. I can see a few enjoyable hours reading through it.
  4. My favourite - which may already have been mentioned on pages I can't access at work! - is when Hank tries to get down with the Wu Tang clan. It's hilariously toe-curling. Just like ur dad talking to ur mates about music when u were a teenager - times ten.
  5. A lot of works went into that - impressive and funny.
  6. Well I succumbed to the temptation and watched this again last night - great fun. I agree some of the sets now look rather cheap but the story, dialogue and ideas are very entertaining. 'you've got anerve showing ur face round here' (mutant to Arnie) 'Look who's talking' (arnie)
  7. I'm now totally persuaded that Total Recall is the best film ever.
  8. Great film - very atmospheric. I can't fault it. I think Fincher is maturing. His distinctive style is intact without trying too hard. I was absorbed from start to finish.
  9. No footsteps noise is just wrong - ok they were nothing like footsteps but to my 13 year old brain that coosh-coosh sound will always be footsteps! Of course you had to do a jump at least once in the joining passages.
  10. Very funny. A bit cruel but definitely funny.
  11. My favourites: Theme Hospital Quake 2 Blade Runner Serious Sam Max Payne RTCastle Wolfenstein Not sure how many of these are on the list as I can't get by the works filter.
  12. I remember an indie in Rhyl called Joe Micro. When I was on holiday there in the early 80s I would regularly loiter. I very much doubt its still there. Probably 15 years gone! I haven't been to Rhyl since '86.
  13. Sabre Wulf Atic Atac Knightlore Manic Miner Jet Set Willy 3D Starstrike Starion Wheelie 3D Deathchase Matchday (maybe!) Alien8
  14. Interesting thread that makes me even less inclined to purchase PS3 in the medium term. It is quite mental that a product launched 12 months later should not be demonstrably more powerful.
  15. If you look at the multi-platform games 360 lighting effects frequently 'outshine' the PS3. This is no doubt due in part to greater familiarity with 360 platform but it generally indicates that the 360 can at least match PS3.
  16. What a fucking space cadet he is!
  17. I have to say I think the tracks on this are as good as it gets. They are long and sprawling and provide an almost infinite range of choices from getting from start to finish. No sooner do you think you've found the perfect route than you find an alternative which affects other choices later on. I can't wait for a follow-up - sadly at least 18 months away if it happens at all.
  18. Another tip: Do a turbo boost just before taking off - then a turbo boost after taking off - you'll find you soar much further. Key to success at the later stages is landing nice and flat to the terrain and therefore gain more boost. I thought excite was fast but super excite levels are insane. The new trucks you unlock are a dream to drive, drift, crash, fly etc.
  19. Tip: Use the Alpine truck for almost every track. Great balance for points of all kind. I only have 2 tracks left to 's' in the platinum cup. About 8 hours in now. Definitely the most fun I've had with a game since resi 4. It's so immediate and there are some subtle depths. Like every racer familiarity with the track is essential especially with these tracks that are very very broad with 2 main routes available for half of every track.
  20. Two very good movie platformers - both for the Amiga - were Hudson Hawk and Blues Brothers.
  21. Been playing for about 5 hours now. It's exhilirating stuff. When you start to chain moves together you get a real rush. Everything always feels as if you're on the edge of losing it. Vehicle selection is important for each track. Arcade thrills in their purest form. I also can't understand the complaints about the graphics. I'm playing on a 37 inch lcd via component and the image is lovely. Texturing is rich and the frame rate stable. For me it's this years Outun2.
  22. This is great fun - nuff said. £28 quid in ASDA. Very intuitive controls.
  23. First Samurai (Amiga) Dynamite Dan (Speccy) Manic Miner (Speccy) Rodland (Amiga) Rainbow Islands (Amiga) Alchemist (Speccy)
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